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@ifanmj Am aware.Interesting attempt to stress-test what the ceiling on Abolish's vote is, this: @simonk_133 @marwood_lennox The discipline's reaction to the inquiry, whenever itis, will be interesting. @Dave_Loren Politicos will hear it rarely, and no-one else will hear it ever. The Conservatives are not going to be… @HughRBrechin @deargodwhatnow @idvck @dmk1793 And you certainly don't decide that it's a useful arena to base your… @HughRBrechin @deargodwhatnow @idvck @dmk1793 One Conservative MP once likened it to doing Any Questions: you shoul… @deargodwhatnow @idvck @dmk1793 Yeah, sorry, I was agreeing with you: I don't think he is a counter-example. He tre… @scribblesscript someone who trusts Poe and has already become an actual hero. @scribblesscript The sad thing is, you could fix it by a) cutting the bit where he rams the whatsit, which I don't… @scribblesscript Wholly agree. I love the film as a whole, but the fungible casino planet (i.e. his whole plotline)… @deargodwhatnow @idvck @dmk1793 But his tweets are on-topic, largely in office hours - not like he is spending ages… @deargodwhatnow @idvck @dmk1793 Is he a counter-example? He's an MP with a huge grasp of detail communicating in a modern way, yes. @helenopinion @BrianMaudling @DaveScoff @jonlis1 Agree - think also they hve a broader vulnerability to being seen… @BrianMaudling @helenopinion @DaveScoff @jonlis1 And this is a ridiculous hypothetical, in which the Labour leaders… @helenopinion @BrianMaudling @DaveScoff @jonlis1 Exactly this.Given nature of objections some MPs had to Alton’s amendment, revised amendment *ought* to pass I think. @edvaizey Good point: having sudden flashbacks to the moment I thought I’d broken an MP’s risograph in the 2015 ele… @yasser_alvi That guy was not born in 1954. @ippikin @ECarlssonBrowne @simonk_133 Gaitskell doing it is one of those 'wait, what' moments of reading about the… @AytonRichard Home did v well given the circumstances in the 1964 election. @SAThevoz While I would think it was...heterodox to have Hague but not May I would at least go, ok, you're telling… @SAThevoz Wait, what, are the ones we can't see not Home and May? @AdamWisdish @TheWildeRobin There have been ZERO Conservative PMs since the war. The clock has been set back not on… @HarryBrighouse1 No, why would I do a thing like that? I have never consistently voted for them. And given the cont… @JonnElledge The USSR's relationship to the global system was not comparable to Russia's in 2018, come on! @LadyNowhere I think one way or the other I would take the photos down before appearing on TV as the sitting MP, for sure. @JonnElledge Nah. That May was still able to marshall an international response re: Skripal disproves that. @LadyNowhere I mean, I'd really hope not: your constituents are from all walks of life. @pennyb @chithecynic They can have two PMs, one Chancellor, one Foreign Secretary, a Home Secretary and a wild card. @pennyb @chithecynic Actually the more I think about this, the more I actually think we should *make* MPs Zoom in with a background palette. @pswidlicki @DavidHerdson I guess this comes back to the original sin, which is that if your heuristic for 'which P… @andrewadams99 @LonRomy Are we comparing party memberships with general electorates again? @chithecynic But that is just a display that says 'critical thinking? Not in this house'. @chithecynic Well, quite. I'd find it a bit intense for me if an MP had, say, Gladstone-Thatcher-Reagan up, or Attl… @edanderson101 Imagine having a wall that includes Heath AND Johnson but gets rid of the Labour ones and thinking t… @Bazinga_Bot2000 Any metric, including his own terms, that should have said. @Bazinga_Bot2000 His premiership was a disaster on any metric - you couldn't say that for Heath and Home damn near… @Bazinga_Bot2000 These people are there *because* of their time as Prime Minister, though. If you were just doing g… @DavidHerdson I get that it's all the postwar Conservative PMs, but why would you not find some way to hide the Suez guy? @CallKieth I damn near ruptured something looking at it. @ChinaStream That speech annoyed me, because if you want Parliament to be the thing that declares a genocide, fine,… @gabrielmilland @rcolvile It doesn't have the increasingly draining 'long goodbye' of Zoom, for sure. @ChinaStream At least you must have got past the 'we just need to free trade China out of genocide' speech by now. @ChinaStream You've got a delight on this vein from Gary Sambrook, using a debate over genocide to give a speech ab… @SecondInternat1 @ajwillshire So was Brown. The 'normal' pattern is one term more (Attlee 1951-55, Brown 2010-5, Wi… off: the 'knight Jonathan Djanogly' campaign is over. @ChinaStream There's a speech from Katherine Fletcher coming your way that is going to make you very, very angry btw. @ChinaStream His approach whenever he has a weak case is just to be snippy and a bit rude, which I just don't reall… @johnlappin @wallaceme @ConHome Eh? @RossMcCaff I don't understand how Westminster discourse has gone from 'unlock by mid-February' (?!?) to 'mebbe not… @wallaceme @ConHome Because I was sufficiently tired that I didn't have the presence of mind to actually *count* yo… @DarcysMick You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like."Why what's the time? Well, it's a little bit after Angus Brendan MacNeil."Parliament's 'have your own annunciator at home' service has a little ticker above it going 'six minute speaking li… @ElliotBidgood @wonkishscreams And then the attack was 'you're a flip-flopper', which might, I would suggest, work… @ajwillshire @SecondInternat1 Intriguingly, the 'normal' level of ex-PMs hasn't changed all that much, in that you… @curious_cat20 @jonlis1 And it will work as well as this line has worked for every party that has tried it, that is to say, disastrously. @Bonnie_Chuck If there is a point in time where the Conservative Party feels it has to try to share around blame fo… @LonRomy He's wrong! @wonkishscreams The matter simply would not arise. At the point where the other lot have a line that is 'why, yes,… @juliablunck1 Indeed. And am still not certain that the fact you can add free movement back into the agreement v ea… @seandw14 (Apologies) @DaveScoff @jonlis1 Labour were *in office*. @seandw14 They were right to vote for it for the same reasons they were right to vote for Article 50. @WarioArgento I think you can reasonably argue it either way. @jonlis1 There is never, ever going to be a situation in which the Conservative position is 'Brexit: it's terrible… @jonlis1 It will be neither, for the same reason that Labour did not go 'well, you also voted for light-touch regul… know, I somehow doubt that 'Labour voted to end free movement' is going to become a Conservative attack line an… @MatthewPWoods Keeps getting scalped by bots/all the good-honest made in the UK private provision in it.Really someone knight Jonathan Djanogly for services to being the only damn MP to keep his mask on while addressing the House.It's been a banner week for 'oh god, that's a horrible wicket. Send the junior minister out' in the House of Commons. @antoniabance Yes! And not thick at all, solely a term I invented there and then, my fault for being obscure. @dlknowles @AntBreach @OnTheWoolsack @ECarlssonBrowne @JeyyLowe @MarketUrbanism Also that development benefited fro… @AmIRightSir @0Balaam Truly, if you're not a peer, you should be made one. Really appreciated! @AntBreach @OnTheWoolsack @ECarlssonBrowne @JeyyLowe @MarketUrbanism There's one nearby with a restaurant, a Sky pu… @AntBreach @OnTheWoolsack @ECarlssonBrowne @JeyyLowe @MarketUrbanism And the urban cousin of this is the 'lovely es… @OnTheWoolsack @ECarlssonBrowne @JeyyLowe @AntBreach @MarketUrbanism I do think the handbook actually gets this abo… @OnTheWoolsack @ECarlssonBrowne @JeyyLowe @AntBreach @MarketUrbanism But broadly, there's a bunch of stuff - light,… @OnTheWoolsack @ECarlssonBrowne @JeyyLowe @AntBreach @MarketUrbanism My original point was about 2000s developments… @OnTheWoolsack @JeyyLowe @AntBreach @MarketUrbanism It does, but it doesn't come from a list of state-mandated palettes and styles. @JeyyLowe @OnTheWoolsack @AntBreach @MarketUrbanism Also ultimately your local character comes from the quality of… @JeyyLowe @OnTheWoolsack @AntBreach @MarketUrbanism It's a really good point. I become v grumpy v quickly about thi… @iainl7 @JZDurden And the overall level is too low anyway. @willcooling It's also a mistake that, e.g. the Onward-adjacent people, Nick Timothy etc. make I think:they really… @JZDurden Reducing the taper rate is not a tax-cut! Would be a good thing in normal times. @roreiy Politics in 2015: 'as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted...' @karlusss Ozil at his peak much more skilful than either of those, but equally I can't recall Assou-Ekotto ever giv… @matty__ldn “Overnight” anything always fills me with unease. @ChuggerPhoenix Doing the same in the LDP leadership election, I started to get sponsored tweets from restaurants i… @AstroRJS “Drops” was the particularly perplexing one. I picked “mist” in the end.Perplexed at the number of these adverts which don’t include a “none of the above”: you’re literally paying a websi… @ColinYeo1 Oh, I’m so glad! @ajwillshire But seriously, no worries: what I didn't get into in the piece is I sort of *assume* this will level o… @ajwillshire Yes, as I say in the piece, the parliamentary party has less opposition experience than the governing… @ajwillshire The ex-ministers point is actually pretty overwritten - one reason why the 2005 Labour majority and th… @ajwillshire The 1992, 1997, 2010 moment where a bunch of MPs (both permanent backbenchers and former/current minis… @ajwillshire Yes: but (and this is why it helps to read the piece and not to ascribe a value judgement where none e… @ajwillshire I wasn't comparing ministers in the piece, just tenure of MPs (and candidly I have to say I think you'… @0Balaam No idea, I’m afraid. But older than that, I’m fairly certain there’s a Crossman reference. @AmIRightSir might know.