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Please give if you can. It's time to retire the woman who voted for Brett Kavanaugh and has kept her silence in the… You’re going to be super upset when you hear about this
Retweeted by Stephen KingI just don't think it's useful—or good journalism—to endlessly repeat Trump lies, accusations & conspiracy theories…
Retweeted by Stephen KingYes. Not a sandwich and not a taco. A hot dog. @Gabino_Iglesias And when you aren't poor, but have been. Once poor, at least in your mind, you are always poor.
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Assuming GOODFELLAS is #3, what are the other 7 best gangster movies?Here's a question: Assuming The Godfather and The Godfather 2 are the best, what are the other 8 greatest gangster movies?Wear a mask.
Retweeted by Stephen King“The President of the United States has taken something that does not belong to him — the memory of my dead wife —…
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In all my years in law enforcement, I constantly heard this loathsome axiom repeated: “Better to be judged by twelv…
Retweeted by Stephen King @brithume Trump doesn't wear a mask in public because he's afraid of what the press might say. That makes him a cow…
The last time my intelligence felt this insulted was when Oscar Pistorius expected us to believe he thought his girlfriend was an intruder.
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@trumpanhator2 What you said.Note: 1. Good-looking mask. 2. David Ortiz cap. 3. Cyborg eyes. @SkinnerPm @StephenKing’s The Outsider, if you haven’t hit it yet. Amazing in both written and viewed form. Also Ch…
Retweeted by Stephen KingAt least 96,000 dead from coronavirus. That's enough to fill 2 huge stadiums to capacity. Trump is playing golf. @joe_hill Noah Hawley, yes. @ManohlaDargis Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one. FWIW, I thought that was a good movie. Little slow.Dear White People; Gonna need y'all to sit this one out. Black folks who have been black for long enough can identi…
Retweeted by Stephen KingTruly Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. - Qur’an 13:11
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@ManohlaDargis Just reading this, I got that Barton Fink feeling.Susan Collins voted along party lines to confirm Trump pick, arch-conservative John Ratcliffe, as Director of Natio… @Simon_Barrett THE MEANING OF LIFE: "Bring me a bucket, I'm gonna puke.".@jack At what point is @Twitter a part of this? TAKE DOWN TRUMP’s ACCOUNT— the world world be safer. Retweet if you agree
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@arkhamlibrarian @joelansdale THE BETTER TO EAT YOU is an incredibly cool title, right up there with Frederic Brown’s HERE COMES A CHOPPER.
@GroundWriter Mosquitoes that you have to take down with a bazooka.My mom lived in Maine her whole life but was no fan of the climate. She used to say that each year we got exactly o… needs TP for his bunghole! He is Cornholio! Heh-heh, yeah, yeah.Ted this morning.. “Where did that clown with the balloons go?” Me: “GET AWAY FROM THE FUCKING DRAIN RIGHT NOW!”
Retweeted by Stephen KingIt’s a scary time with so many things to worry about. Here’s hoping a new book is a great escape, a perfect distrac…
Retweeted by Stephen KingOut today! PLUNGE #3 and the finale of DOLLHOUSE FAMILY. Thanks for hanging in there with Hill House... hope you enjoy the new chapters.
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@JanetMaslin Maybe Samuel L. Jackson?
Dear South Carolina: Lindsey Graham is a dork. I think you know this.BREAKING: The United States has now had 1,500,045 confirmed coronavirus cases, and 90,190 deaths. At this rate it i…
Retweeted by Stephen KingHey, MAGA fans! Almost 90,000 dead on your boy's watch. Is it enough yet, or do you need even more?
It seems the way to get fired by President Trump is not to commit wrongdoing, but to investigate it.
Retweeted by Stephen King“The opposite of play is not work,” the psychologist Brian Sutton-Smith once said. “The opposite of play is depress…
Retweeted by Stephen King @CharlesFinch No.Obama’s on now. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what a REAL president looks and sounds like.The firings of multiple Inspectors General is unprecedented; doing so without good cause chills the independence es…
Retweeted by Stephen KingCAPONE (Amazon, iTunes): "You know, this is what happens when people spend too much time in Florida. They turn into fuckin' hillbillies."
Marijuana is legal and haircuts are against the law. It took half a century but Hippies finally won.
Retweeted by Stephen King1820’s largest donor is New York billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of international investment firm The Blackston… is a political action committee backing Senator Susan Collins. It lauds her for bipartisanship and independen… @metaplexmovies DOUBLE INDEMNITY. @geoffistheone What do you want? Egg in your beer? 😀 @ghpanousis Thank you so much. @Kitsune2221 Yeah, my mother used to say that. The rare example where our mothers were wrong.
I have 2 questions about the new Defending Jacob. 1. When Laurie realizes she's being followed by a car while joggi… waiting (and hoping) for Dick Wolf to get going on LAW AND ORDER: VAMPIRE SQUAD.HAPPENING TODAY at 1p PT / 4p ET - Don't miss my @shadowandact live Q&A on FB: I'll talk about horror, Horror Noire…
Retweeted by Stephen KingMr. Cooger is, too. @StephenKing I miss the scent of funnel cakes and powdered sugar, and the joy of a root beer float on a hot summer’…
Retweeted by Stephen KingLook at this pair of morons. Literally defies belief that this is where we somehow landed.
Retweeted by Stephen KingNot heartbroken that the county fair has been canceled, but sad. I miss the doughboys, sausage and peppers, but mos…
What Fred said. claiming thatSusan Collins wrote the Paycheck Protection Program Act are wildly exaggerated. She has to go.
Trump+Trump Library=oxymoron Trump+McConnell=moron @ManohlaDargis My favorite outfit was the one Larry McMurtry wore to the Oscars when BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was nominat…
How would you know, dipshit? You didn't even know that India has a border with China. sorry to hear that Carolyn Reidy, the CEO of Simon & Schuster, has passed. I've known her--and respected her--… know fettuccini, but who was Alfredo? Isn’t he the guy who lost his head in a Sam Peckinpah movie? @linwood_barclay @TheOxfordBar1 @Beathhigh Sometimes dead is better.There’s nothing better than BOSCH (Amazon Prime). The story is engrossing, the cast—led my Titus Welliver—is superb…
A great book about A great movie. women reporters @weijia & @kaitlancollins just scared @realDonaldTrump off the stage.
Retweeted by Stephen King @ManohlaDargis I know a lot about food. I eat it all the time. @PressSec @SecPompeo It’s called cherry-picking. Trump does it all the time, and so do you.Spring in Castle Rock country. Silent, upright, austere. And--to me, at least--beautiful. @StephenKing You want surreal? I started to suspect that I had quarantine cabin fever when my cat started to sing s…
Retweeted by Stephen King @donwinslow Trump + library = oxymoron
This afternoon I heard Mel Torme singing Donovan's "Sunshine Superman." That was surreal. @KathyJGoodman Thank you!!!Thanks, man!
“As fatalities from the virus continue to increase daily, never in recent historical memory has there been a more u…
Retweeted by Stephen KingI just heard the news about Little Richard and I’m so grieved. He was my shining star and guiding light back when I…
Retweeted by Stephen KingDefending Jacob: Not sure what the deal is, but that boy is kinda spooky. @blankemon I love the story of how, when Little Richard had a bad car accident in the 1980s, Dylan visited him in t…
Retweeted by Stephen KingA big men to that. served soul food brunch to Little Richard every Sunday for a year while waitressing at Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch in…
Retweeted by Stephen KingA-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-lop-bam-boom. Gone but never forgotten. A rock giant.
Worst jobs report in history, but the Dow pops 500. The fat cats are doing fine, ‘cos that’s life under Trump. @ghpanousis Yes. Craig stop.
@JanetMaslin @YouTube Fucking incredible. Made my night. THANK YOU.What American-International movie started with "Jim Dandy to the Rescue?" Something like COUNTY LINE FEVER. It was…
Nicky doing the splits as part ofbhis exercise program.
Retweeted by Stephen KingStupidity, thy name is Trump.I love how Stan Lee always buried a moral in his stories. Hulk - weenie, gets exposed to magic energy source, grows…
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To sit beneath the man who was assassinated trying to hold our Nation together and say you’ve been treated worse th…
Retweeted by Stephen KingTrump just said the Spanish Flu ended World War I in 1917. I've said it before: if brains were black powder, Donald…
@RockyMntnMike @d4v1de1115 Can't spell my name so maybe didn't read the books, anyway.I live in Maine. HEIST Part 4, Episode 1 (Netflix): More excitement and pure daffy fun than in the whole season of most shows. What kick this one is. This pretty well nails it.Give your healthcare heroes some goddam protection. Korea killed Otto Warmbier and Trump praised the guy who gave the order. That sucks like an Electrolux.
You will not be sorry., how I wish I could go to a movie tonight. Popcorn, Junior Mints, big old soda, sitting in the third row and wa… down on the Union
Retweeted by Stephen KingTrump never seems to express distress, sadness, or any other emotional reaction to the deaths of 64,000+ people. He…