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Jerry Jeff Walker has left the building. Damn. RIP. @sarahcpr trump releases more footage from his 60 Minutes interview...
Retweeted by Stephen King.@maddow: "Let history note that this is what the president of the United States did, today, on the day the county…
Retweeted by Stephen KingNO CONFIRMATION BEFORE INAUGURATION. TRUMP AND HIS CRONIES ARE PACKING THE COURT.By refusing to insist that the people at his rallies wear masks, Trump is spreading the disease. It's criminal behavior.I'm loving UTOPIA, on Amazon Prime. Might not be everyone's cup of tea, given the times we're living in, but it has…! Glad it still works.
America, it's time to rise up and kick some ass. #VoteBlue"People are committing suicide, there's alcoholism, there's depression," Trump says, providing everyone with a pret…
Retweeted by Stephen KingIn other words, a vote for Trump.’s the fly?Trump is really parnoid.
@PenmarkFem Yeah, absolutely. The weight wears the tires.Let's be perfectly clear, as JFK used to say: I love my Tesla and I can say that because I've owned it for 7 years.… @elonmusk Yeah, how about a model where the tires don’t wear out after 7500 miles? Great car, but that’s just wrong.Damn right. The torch-waving folks don’t get to win. Carlson. hey, ho ho, Butt kissing Lindsey has got to go. @lessbarb Chirpy-chirpy-cheep-cheep. Now it's back in MY head. Thanks a lot. @ZippyPenguin_ Thomas Cullinan. THE BEGUILED is the best-known. You'll have to troll the second-hand shops and sites.
The Republicans in many states are actively engaged in voter suppression. My suggestion is register Republican, then vote blue.Nobody—NOBODY—deserves the level of humiliation that Jeffrey Toobin is being subjected to. I don’t even think Trump…
Retweeted by Stephen KingI wanted to be Florida for DUMA KEY, but as the Stones so memorably said, you can’t always get what you want. ACCURSED, by Joyce Carol Oates: Wonderful gothic novel which includes searing portraits of Jack London and Upton Sinclair. @TinaJordanNYT @SaRoseCav Did you read CARRION COMFORT? That's Dan's best book.
PPS South Carolina: I won $50 on a scratch ticket there. Think it was Alcolu. I never won jack shit in Georgia.PS< South Carolina: I-95 sucks until you get to Georgia. Sorry.Dear South Carolina: Love your state, love the Little Pee Dee, and I've got a rooting interest in Jamie Harrison. L…
I suspect that readers have a tendency to hate the ending of any book they loved. They just want it to go on...and…, Donald. car looks evil.
CNN at 9 PM. See what people who worked with Trump as President have to say about him. Get your Trump-supporting fr…, rationality, facts Trump=Superstition, rumors, conspiracy theories shouldn’t be a hard choice.Tonight with @jaketapper ⬇️. We’ve lived it. Grateful for the solidarity of fellow patriots who have put everything…
Retweeted by Stephen KingLeonard Cohen died the day before the election in 2016. He left us this song, though. And @swinkymusic breathed th…
Retweeted by Stephen KingGermany has some strange ideas for business names. For example:
Retweeted by Stephen King @chrisswartout That's fucking hilarious. Like a WWII movie.Donald Trump is no patriot. When he said he "didn't want to panic people" about COVID-19, he forgot the most salie… is Nazi Party shit.
New @StephenKing short story "On Slide Inn Road" in the October/November issue of @esquire magazine.
Retweeted by Stephen KingIt’s in TROUBLED BLOOD, by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). Looking it up was a mistake. My bad. Now I’ll go ba… straight. my God, I’m stuck with the mother of all ear worms: ”Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep,” by Middle of the Road. Apparent… story isn’t even close to done. exciting news for all you faithful GWENDY readers: @StephenKing and @RichardChizmar are hard at work on the th…
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218,000 Americans dead of COVID-19. ‘This didn’t have to happen. #TrumpVirus
5 words Savannah Guthrie must be prepared to say: ”MR. PRESIDENT, THAT’S NOT TRUE.”
2020 It's always a thrill to see your characters come to life. @TonyAtamanuik @LovecraftHBO It’s great for sure, but have you seen The Shield? best show ever in the history of ev…
Retweeted by Stephen King @snopes He does have a dog. A poodle named Rudy.Visited the Suicide Stairs. Aptly named and daunting. Met some townsfolk, too. Weird old hermit named Otto Schenk a…
Retweeted by Stephen KingSaskatchewan, Saskatchewan! Show me an itch and I'll scratch-a-wan. Classic poetry from Roger Miller.
GOP CHEATING on Display: 1. Texas gov only allows one drop off box per county for ballots and 3 Trump appointed Ju…
Retweeted by Stephen KingThis #Springsteen piece is going to hit 2 million in minutes. I can’t tell you how humbled and grateful James and…
Retweeted by Stephen KingOne beneficial side-effect of the pandemic is that it has provided an infallible guide to spotting a total fucking…
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She's "upset" and "concerned." It's what she does. and an evil sidekick. Thanks, Funko! need a new sheriff. The old ones keep dying. No doubt. The narrative version of meat extender.
3 more things to know about TO THE LAKE: 1. Think spaghetti western, only with snow and plague-infested killer Russ… Biden was Chairman of the World Food Program,... which just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Eric Trump, Donald J…
Retweeted by Stephen King @thelaceylondon Too drunk to see the ramp.TO THE LAKE, a pretty darn good Russian series on Netflix. Four things to know: 1. There's a plague. 2. There's lot… @StephenKing Trump’s evil shadow will harm people for generations. He has devastated far more than the deceased US…
Retweeted by Stephen KingI went to the movies last night. First time since February. No problem social distancing. Saturday night, 7 screens… stunning, 42% of Americans favor a corrupt/criminal/deranged/deteriorating minority President who has achieve…
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Why politicians generally avoid balconies, especially for speeches:
Retweeted by Stephen KingHey hey, ho ho, Susan Collins has to go. She has willingly voted for Trump-nominated judges as incompetent as Trump is himself.I like and respect Bill Green--hell, he's a fellow Maineiac--but his ads accusing Sara Gideon (although not by name…
New teaser...
Retweeted by Stephen King @LindseyGrahamSC I’ve taken 16 Covid tests just to finish a television series I have been working on and I’m taking…
Retweeted by Stephen KingJust received my first published copy of #TheIckabog! The winners’ illustrations bring the story alive even more be…
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@donwinslow @VP No.THE LORD OF THE FLIES, starring Mike Pence! Coming soon to a streaming platform near you.Hey waiter! I’ll have the soup. Mike Pence will have some shit for his fly.The fly knows.
2020 Play it. Sing it. Share it.
Dear Texas: This is what you get for re-electing Ted Cruz: a Supreme Court-stuffer with a merkin on his face (thank… @realDonaldTrump were my patient, in unstable condition + contagious illness, & he suddenly left the hospital to…
Retweeted by Stephen King @RichardChizmar GOOD NEIGHBORS, by Sarah Langan. Looks like my cup of blood.
A Walter Reed attending physician 👇
Retweeted by Stephen KingTruth.
Retweeted by Stephen KingGoes to the top of my want-to-read list. risked the lives of the Secret Service personnel who were in the drive-by SUV with him. Lives risked for a pu… friend and collaborator Rich Chizmar sent me this. Made me think of the foolish people who STILL refuse to wear…
@RosienKC I’m so sorry to hear it.Trump's first order of business when he gets out of the hospital--or while he's still in it, via Twitter--is to iss… some get-it-together music this afternoon. Starting with Van “the man” Morrison: Tupelo Honey. @GovChristie @maddow You’re a dipshit for not taking precautions, but I wish you well.For those who've hunkered at home and behind masks for 7 months, the spectacle of all these White House people fall…
Retweeted by Stephen KingSomeone please set this to the #CurbYourEnthusiasm music...? #WearAMask
Retweeted by Stephen KingThe Trump mafia: I'd like to knock their stupid, maskless, superspreading heads together. You bought it, you paid f… to admit it sounds like one of mine. Except where are the tentacles? There should be tentacles. golly, Trump and his fearless band of goonies spread that shit everywhere, didn't they?Secret Service agent: “Trump has never cared about us.”WH officials have serious concerns about Trump's condition tonight and his symptoms are worse than those of the Fir…
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My mother used to tell me when I was a kid: “Stephen, if you keep looking for trouble, you’ll find it.”