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Stephen @Stephenlough95 Donegal, Ireland

Are they from Dunnes those Vans ?

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Mayor Jacob Frey: Justice for George Floyd - Sign the Petition! via @Change
We should be at Forbidden Fruit, queuing for 20 minutes to get a rotten pint of Five Lamps that you don't really want but have no choiceTogether is how we move forward. ⁣ Together is how we make change.
Retweeted by Stephen @imgrandsure Thats a paddock to be proud of @dvvidmurray I was watching it with my friend and I noticed that too hahah
@Murray_Kinsella Wheres Adeolokun going?It's only right I can donate something to help, sincere apologies once again. You can donate here… @puca1000000 Already on itAll I can do is apologise for my two tweets last night, they were completely in bad taste and I shouldn't have made… @thisisnotem Sure while you're there haha @Ciaan_ @ByrnesOnFire Yeah Nick, your silence on the issue is deafening
@MiguelS51987798 There are one or two in Dublin but they are shite, it tastes better in Galway @ThePeterBoyle1 Have a level 3 helmet for the Brendan Greene weekend in Ballyshannon @eojeepers I'd replace it with my own on the sly @KeyinKenneky I'd love a go of a Monkey @dgahk You had me at pegging @dgahk Well played @dgahk I have been thinking about your bike, I am going to steal it @Luhluhleopold I'd go in with a hose and make a direct line to my house @BigDirtyFry We need to put our heads together and figure this out @Ciaan_ Do you have Warzone @jtheindustrial I'd make BT base camp, then hoard everything in there and make a shop @KeyinKenneky What would you steal? @Kainyewest That would look so nice in my bedroom @MegaD3ltaUK_fan Unreal munch @BigDirtyFry "hello it's Plunkett talk, with me Michael Plunkett" *Swat team outside ready to break in* @Ciaan_ I meant Lots of Lyons @Ciaan_ Lol @Novelist PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE @dvvidmurray I have been trying to let it simmer down so I can release it as a classic tweet in 10 years to come for Money @punchedmonet_ I'd love a chicken wrap and garlic cheese chip, but, we must fightCulchies having to stop eating Supermacs because Pat McDonagh
My Tesco Meal Deal probably think I'm dead 😔😔 @dgahk Unreal, I need to get me a good bike, where u get dat from? @Brown_Sauceee HAHOOOOOOOOOODon't know where to buy those boxers can't believe the Teletubbies got their driving license before I did.... enough Gabagool
@dbJurns Double or nothing Markell baby @loverinhfk Ahhh ok, when I went to purchase it gave me an option of a few sizes so he may do, thank u @imogenfalafel Ahhhh sound, I wasn't doubting the seller or anything I've just never bought off depop before so I h… @imogenfalafel PayPal! @Andy_smith909 Tony take me back, I can change @EoinPal_ @Ciaan_ A home from home @Andy_smith909 I love myself, you should Tony, except you're replying to every Normal People related tweet of a Tue… @Ciaan_ What's Burgess park like ,m @Andy_smith909 Tony I think I love you @Andy_smith909 I think he's doing very well, it's the annoying fans that are ruining him, more power to him, shut up loserWhite Claw in Ireland, good thing we can't go to pre drinks anymore so we don't have too hear people who did a J1 b… you're all tapped, he is literally dressed like he's walking in the campsite at Electric Picnic @FLAMESSSSSSSS Shampelligrino @35mmBuzz Cod Warzone @say_naaaatin Thank you so much 🥺Listen to this if you're working or just want to listen to my sweet soft voice X
Found a loop hole with the cops, they can't arrest you if you have ice creams in your bag, I shoved an old lady out… @dvvidmurray I want to discover you @dvvidmurray We all have discover weekly bro you aren't specialIt's all "sure I'd spend that on a night out" until you have to spend €65 for a doctor to call you to give you a pr…
@Call_Me_Ciaran My biggest fear is falling asleep before I delete a tweet, so I took it down early @EoinLuc @LenrightJourno @CanonCanada The camera one @supermathskid @Brenners95 @say_naaaatin Make it 30 mins and I'll buy the doughnuts @say_naaaatin Can you pick me up and we go Krispey Kreme @MegaD3ltaUK_fan Are they playing fan noise over speakers, good idea haha @clouterparts because if you're a pro gamer and want to win and not be a LOSER then you sit up right and not slumpe… queuing to get into the shop fine, I'll admit it, I have an irrational fear of putting my hand into a tub of grapes incase there is a black w… @theduaine I miss us @theduaine Ask your gfI was gonna watch Normal People but you're all being creepy with that guy so I'm not going to now @saiberbully_ @iPaulie "why don't you have any clothes ??" "This won't take long." @saiberbully_ @iPaulie Neither of us have a fancy washing machine hahabab @iPaulie @saiberbully_ no fuckin way @heyhana_ It's a slow burnerShould be in a hot country at a waterpark and getting the nod to go down the slide, now I'm getting the nod to be a…
@dvvidmurray Tchami never adapted with the times, rip @dvvidmurray Hahaha no way @LenrightJourno Oh good shout will give it a look @dvvidmurray Haha how you know @leem_murfy I hate you @Ciaan_ @ByrnesOnFire It's their Christmas tradition to watch it every Christmas morning @underslut_ I hate to be all man splainy, but it's a Kaws figure, think the big ones cost a hape of cash 🤑🤑 @theduaine Welcome to Liverpool @kieranuzaj @theduaine Cuz Ur cute @kieranuzaj @theduaine Proper Ibiza lad you are pal 😎😎😎 @say_naaaatin Sorry, I'll try better, it's the staying inside everyday, it's ruining my brain @saiberbully_ I'll shout it from the rooftops @duainehaha Oh thank god because I was about to say that is the stupidest thing I've ever read @duainehaha You think you make friends because you think you're good looking?
@imgrandsure When you bring all your washing home to your mamThis is the best video on Tik Tok @EvilStephenBot You're gonna say something stupid some day and get me in trouble @CsabaGolya @yvqc1 @CallofDuty Same for me, I don't know how to fix it, so annoying @josephineexotic Happy Birthday7 of these are the same person @alevicencio @dadimakesmusic Newcastle is a citySo you're telling me an Ox bowed this Lake ? @BradleyWalsh0 What he say lol listen to the lads new Ep out today @LiamKDoherty it's actually very good house music and… @ConanGShore But she's a country girl, she can do what she likes