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I have extended the closing date for the 'My Town' art competition until the 31st July 2020. The entries so far hav…
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Petition: Extend the Gambling Act to cover Loot Boxes
@williamrlward Don’t care - always PlayStation! @DrKnockers05 Yesssss!!! @Valerxus Is this what fun looks like? 😂😭 @LolliStark MOVE OUT @jhnlwls Me too, I love Christmas.How is it half way through the year already? Before we know it, we will be arguing over console prices and early Christmas tree posts. @Waynelittlewood Haha someone else said this. I’ve played it :) @LolliStark @jhnlwls Yeeeesssssss :) @bobbydazzler500 @Cilllah That’s brilliant 😂What do you call a magician that’s lost it’s magic? Ian.
@blaenboy87 Haha I have played it! @LolliStark @PROJECT_MPR_96 😂Is it just me that thinks the xenomorph is hela cute? @LolliStark Hahahah omg. @MatthwDayton I voted yes and I meant no 😭😭😭😭 @Richard73298383 Haha yes she’s a Syrian hamster :)
@Richard73298383 When they have a sand bath you only need to spot clean most of the time :) @games_nomad Thank you :) @gtaspec Thank you!! @FernandoM76 Thanks! @LolliStark Hehe I will! @LolliStark It’s just the birthday cake coloured kaytee clean and cozy 😍 Kaytee Clean and Cozy Birthday Cake Super… @jhnlwls This is so cute 😍Holly is all settled into her new mansion! Made the lid myself :) to see our MP @SKinnock at the despatch box today 👏. @DooberryWosit It sucks! @bobbydazzler500 Morning!!! @TimeisRudy I know right?! @LolliStark I played a demo of that and didn’t like the art style.Weekends are going so quickly at the moment. All the days are blurring together 😂😭. Monday is here to torment us yet again. @garrett_emery I mean HE is, but real ones aren’t. @garrett_emery Nooooo I do not
@MatWBT I haven’t seen the film either. @Flipendo64 All very good books! @ColonelGarroway It’s such a good film! @katie_buttercup I’ve not read either of those.Charlotte’s Web for me. @SaintlyStuart So true. Also I love that wallpaper. @Patient62482 Ooo be careful with chocolate!
@LolliStark Uh oh :( Try drinking some water maybe? I know the sickly feeling you mean though. @zita_zebra_ That’s a good one. @Guillin 😂😂 @Captain_Revo @xcarolinas The Master’s wifeOh god 😂’ve never known a cat to be THIS obsessed with food. @modsoulshop It’s huge 100cm long and I can’t remember how wide. I’m a campaigner for proper hamster cage sizes. @LolliStark She must have been relentless! @zita_zebra_ Oh no!! @bloggingdragons 😭😭😂
@Moonfog_PSN She’s a silly hammy. @RattyCuties Yeah she’s fine. It’s going to be a restless night until I can get a replacement tomorrow. @GameDadVII They’re so naughty!! @kitty__komplex My exact reaction 😭So this is how my night went 😭 with the state my local beach was left in after yesterday. Heartbreaking. 💝 @LolliStark @Marcusio74 @duhproject @naria1122 @Jetjaguar67 @gimmethefife @Kyle_Levey @MadameBaz @ChrisOfGilead @lowlvldemon @LolliStark It’s a shame there was only one but teachers like that can make such a difference
All of my college teachers were amazing to be honest. Without the support of my college teachers, going through my… @jhnlwls Yep! @jhnlwls I don't mean from them. Your MP's caseworker can make sure everything is done properly and you're not being taken advantage of. @jhnlwls Ring your MPs office and see if the caseworker will go with you.Glad to see @Keir_Starmer doesn’t mess around.
@mandlecreed I had pizza today too 😍 @WestonHasty I loooveeee rabbits. @LolliStark I’m going tomorrow now, apparently it’s even warmer 😍I wonder if ther will be any questions from children in #Aberavon today. Great to see @wgmin_education engaging w…
Retweeted by 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Stephanie 🦄Morning everyone!! Picnic on the beach after work. So excited!
@Captain_Revo 👏👏👏 @LolliStark This is soooo cute. @DrunkenHuntress I completely agree.
@Tikes_Toons 😂 To be fair I don’t like chocolate so 🙈This old lady loves her chest rubs. @Tikes_Toons Strawberry sensation without a doubt @comtar 😂I hate this sort of thing. So what?! It’s still a game 🙄 Stop being so superior. @devilddr @Tesco Yeah haven’t been able to get a slot in any of the main superstores yet. @devilddr @Tesco The slots are still chocker block round here.Going to @Tesco at 9 o’clock at night because they won’t enforce social distancing at busy times is ridiculous but got to be done 😭. @mattfinalfantsy Nope. @DamonAlfero It was weirdly thick... 🤢 @xakiorage 😂😂😂 @Lozzykinz Yeah 😂 I was fuming!!! @Jellyjeellyy Oh my god how?!I just died on the Sims 4 of laughter 😂 @JonesWRU I was nearly sick 😂 @JonesWRU Tasted like sugar and sick 😂 @DevonShearer9 I expected it hahaSaw this in my local corner shop and just HAD to try it. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted 😂🤢
Hoping that #4thJuly is our reopening day! Planning lots as well! 1v1 Gulag. Fortnite comps. FIFA. Retro game days!…
Retweeted by 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Stephanie 🦄 @zita_zebra_ It keeps ignoring me when I’m asking my sims to do things and takes ridiculously long times to accomplish tasks. @DooberryWosit It feels so much worseWhy is Sims 4 completely broken? 😂😭 @Maud_Dib_UK I’ve never actually played a battlefield game. @AndysDiaryy @XbaHype I love Destiny 2. What do you play it on?