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@inclcore @martiaIant ?? @SamManlol @maids ok? @martiaIant @inclcore i didn’t mean it @inclcore i hope her phone dies @Moristiko @Abzorbb grinding @shajim_ @issa hey @Moristiko @Abzorbb i’m about to 4 stack wif some people @Moristiko DUDE I WAS NERVOUS THERE WAS A GIRL IN THE CALL
@xHitan 43 years old can’t afford $20 game sad! @xHitan ur a bum @yakioff what does this mean @Abzorbb ironic @diamnnd @evolutiol i see my bad @martiaIant thx @evolutiol W @evolutiol none of this even relates to you bro you don’t even talk to girls to begin with @marcusy_ not even true? @marcusy_ you haven’t felt the touch of a female in your entire life @Moristiko @Abzorbb stoyp @notchaselyons @bellzmi @ROCKSTARBELLZ @Moristiko dude @Moristiko @Abzorbb it’s bedtime i have work at 6am but after work sure @Abzorbb dude stop what the fuck @Abzorbb u play fall guys the girl you like falls into another guys bed @CafcAlfi3_ this outfit cost 5 crowns ur just broke 😭 @CafcAlfi3_ i had 7 but spent them all🤨🤨 @Abzorbb ironic @nate_tidal @dn who’s dn @ECCO2X ascension to heaven dt @inclcore yes @Abzorbb LMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF @monty_zek i have 6 wins why doesnt she want meit hurts so bad’re playing fall guys every night while she’s falling in love with another guy @Moristiko deserved @moyabtw wtff @may_wedda LMFAOOTIWOAOAOAO @freekooolaid @Moristiko dark souls @Moristiko yall: @Moristiko LITERALLY SECONDS BEFORE LMFAOOOO @Abzorbb @Huntrelol @KnownAsLit LMFFFF @may_wedda @annamei_ @Moristiko @inclcore @annamei_ @Moristiko @may_wedda @Moristiko @annamei_ its mroe fun @BigDaddyShrimp2 thanks @oFabz sheesh @Niggatoee coins i think @sensrie @Moristiko i blocked you by accident oops @phobvbn @Moristiko yes @_skag this guy using battlepass skins 😹😹 @Moristiko idk im in 2 discords since new disc acc @Moristiko waht @1ghjk5 @Moristiko ??? @ugghmm hidden @marthgrabrange catch up pal @Niggatoee @kingpin_UwO proof @Moristiko @_skag lemme see @Huntrelol ill fuck you up dumbass @blindmanwalkinn .... @_Nalian 1v1 me rn ill roll you @_Nalian WTFFFF NOPE @_Nalian yupppp im a grinder 😼 @blindmanwalkinn master ninja it costs 5 crowns
@Niggatoee my jaw dropped at the end @Niggatoee SHEESH @koordell LMFAOOOOO @cornh8ers i can @41gatos plug me under the tweet 🤝 @41gatos got u man
@Ultra15151 9 pst @ErycTriceps hey @Ultra15151 if ur still playing @Ultra15151 i am at my dads but perhaps when i get home i’m down @scobesx @notchaselyons you deleted 😭 @scobesx @notchaselyons almost there @TaZeify dude stop @azeritealt lemme see @macawcaw123 :( @shroud LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO @KendallJenner sheesh @Darkpitqwc @notchaselyons darkpit check disc @marcusy_ @Mako stfu @Huntrelol @Mako perhaps @DestinyOfZero @Mako @NorthernlionLP fr @DestinyOfZero @Mako @NorthernlionLP yea i choked that round i cant lie @DestinyOfZero @Mako @NorthernlionLP WAIT LMFAO WTF very right @DestinyOfZero @Mako @NorthernlionLP wait huh show me @MEGASASUKE_ sheesh @Mako am i allowed in @said5q me @ripxRain happy birfday
@UziLordofCinder @MyFavsTrash ???? @MyFavsTrash @yakioff this guy actually playing persona 😹😹 @valentinabtw my bad @flttn @Baby_Giorno this seems familiar.. @teenzlul sounds like ur having a blast @0_When_He_0 @dnrsd tf