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Artist + Technology Prototyping Researcher @Apple + AR/VR software developer + Creator of @cyberpaintapp + @matucsb alumni he/they/them

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👀 @BrittneyBush @kbeninato @GreatDismal Volcanoes are fierce carnivorous jaws of the earth destroying life, but also… @MajorMcDoom arrange fruits in decorative patterns on themselves and one another @MajorMcDoom 😭😆 I really appreciate how weird this whole thing is getting @MajorMcDoom .................. What are you doing!!!! 🤣 @zenalbatross Big this thing energy, just awful garbage @zenalbatross It shows! I'm frantically trying to find that viral beer pong table with the worst garbage on it, thi… @zenalbatross Hahahahahahahaha hahahah WOW DISGUSTING! @jilnotjill A classic. Totally nutso movie
@jeffball I think caring about ourselves the most and other people, animals, the environment in a descending fashio… really just wish people could extend the compassion and empathy they feel for their close family to all people an… @ryanlcooper Also, after market lifting makes them deadlier, the National highway safety standards regulates the bu… @maxwelltani Sounds optimisticThese virtual festivals / DJ sets and events in Fortnite remind me in 2001-2004 I played this MMORPG called Anarchy… @inspired12 Some of these anti-retro frames are cool, this brand is wild @inspired12 Wow some of these are extreme! Probably not exactly my style but fun to see @renatalemorais For some reason I didn't think he made eyewear, this style from 2016 is awesome, there's a bunch of… @cnqmdi I've been pouring BBQ sauce on spicy pickle spears and eating them it's a guilty fridge snack so good @robwormald I've got through a few clubmaster's by Ray Ban I want something louderMen's fashion is like: Welcome to the future, get in loser, we've got 750 styles in stock.... oh wait did you say… weird
@marmishurenko If you're accumulating many math operations line by line into something you can write that out as an… @PatrikSandberg @SafyHallanFarah I'm going to turn this car around and just drive home if they two of you don't sto… @marmishurenko I guess I'm just trying to say they're great for art but also super cool in VR and it's possible to… @marmishurenko I spent a ton of energy optimizing it so it could work on 4k textures on 2015 era smart phones doing… @marmishurenko I made a VR painting app that's basically just a big multi-compile compute shader that you interact…'s a useful framework for understanding people's motives, perspectives, generally what kind of headspace they are… I'm reminded of the book "Finite and Infinite Games" A finite game is played to win, with a discrete endi… @permutans @SimonDeDeo I mean, yes you're right, I was speaking more in prose than literally. And for every time GP… off the protest tag #BlackOutLoud to focus on Black liberation for mental health. Share your brave story of…
Retweeted by Sterling Crispin 🕊️ @510home @SwiftOnSecurity "It's not a cyber attack unless it's from the cyber region of France otherwise it's just… @snorkreloaded @_EricHu Never go full goretex @_EricHu Have you seen it's a rollercoaster of shame and normie ideals @pixlpa @vgr lol wow glad I'm not the only one, I have like six routers/modems I should probably get rid of though
@taylorbaldwin Right?! I have a couple of these cups and I love them but their newer work with all the textures rea… of my favorite ceramicists just relaunched their website and its full of stunningly beautiful things that are v… @artnet Garbage click bait " this series, the gallery notes, can be installed in either direction, per the collector’s wishes." @ctrlshifti This whole thread is terrifying both in the worse-code-joke-responses and the humorless grammarian literalists losing their mindThese are awesome, like cyborg gender bending handbags @pat_wilson ♥️ @CenterLeftChris yes but it does fall under the category of anecdotal evidence @SimonDeDeo People love a good story often more than they love the truth and GPT3 is both a good story and good at… @_tlr_ there's also the First Person Character Controller and Third Person Character Controller in "Standard Assets… @_tlr_ this might be in the package manager by now but I'd look at
@nick_mcco @unity3d Im upset that Unity doesn't explicitly say "you can't use our software to kill" in their licens… @maximeferrieu @JayMFernandes @unity3d It's routine for the developers of software to set out the terms of how it c… @Petsofwarcraft @soylentgraham @maximeferrieu @BanjoCollie202 @JayMFernandes Unity is used by something like 60% of… @HeadcaseGames @unity3d Unity should explicitly forbid the usage of it's software in military systems full stop, in my opinion @Warriormonk88 @pictureplane @DaveFalch I want hard evidence not anecdotes sorry unless a craft lands in the rose g… @david_edelhart @Cabbibo @unity3d Do you not think I also am opposed to that? Please go away @jeffschmidt @unity3d You're somehow implying I'm supportive of the drone strike program? Please go away @jeffschmidt @unity3d I'm not a big fan of violent videogames but playing Fortnite and operating a real tank are no… @justinsimoni @unity3d that's why I made the simulation so I could come up with other uses besides policing, it's b… @Akido37 I'm sure a lot of them are into VR and games to avoid shit like this, I would be furiousIt's shameful and grotesque that @unity3d is being used to control an armed vehicle for combat in Israel by their m… @simulacracid this does suck, I wish that Unity had explicitly forbid this in their licensing agreements. I always…
@timoni Totally can relate to this, makes me think of Nietzsche's eternal reoccurrence demonI tweeted negative things about someone recently who is getting cancelled for abusive behavior but I regret dog pil… @RonenV @codybrown You forgot to include "Socrates shifted in his chair and pursed his lips seductively" in the prompt @codybrown @RonenV Quite a load of nonsense I'm surprised they didn't start making out @pixlpa Cooool! I fidgeted with all the values for a while it's pretty awesome. @MajorMcDoom I know you're doing it your own way but have you seen @MattScalici @_EricHu Consider getting some plants even fake plants in the mix they're really good for you even the fake ones @pictureplane I'm not doubting people saw crazy unexplained stuff, I'm doubting the explanation is aliens. I just w… @pictureplane Sounds like they're identified as glares or anomalies or that the DOD doesn't care @pictureplane "the authorized release of these unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or sy… @pictureplane I bet aliens do exist, but they're probably microbes half way across the universe @pictureplane we have SO many systems for monitoring the sky and the airspace around earth I don't see why nothing… @pictureplane it could just be a glare in the thermal camera too pretty interesting video c… @yuekit_leung you should check this out and look for debunking arguments there's a lot of stuff out there @yuekit_leung My point is that people were capable of making hovering craft 70 years ago and if they secretly impro… @pictureplane I think its possible that autonomous probes are out in space looking for life sent by an alien civili… @pictureplane why would you build a craft and travel thousands of light years to visit a planet with intelligent li… @pictureplane have you read / watched anything about the fermi paradox ? the universe is so sold and there are so m… @pictureplane maybe the USAF didn't make them and China or Russia did, or maybe the USAF made them and have been us…'s been tons of UFO hype this year, and so many people jump to the conclusion that they must be aliens. But co…
@digitalcoleman I've always driven mine from a Mac but that's a possibility @digitalcoleman I've had 8-12 hour plots go through fine, sometimes I've seen it just bug out and need to be resume… @pixlpa "the distance between this sentence and your eyes is a sculpture" is one of my favorites @spencerlindsay Have you heard of "international art English" there's a pretty serious linguistic study of how and… @spencerlindsay Well it's about art but it's expensive to make art, and it's expensive to buy art, so it becomes ab… @glorbis @lorenacupcake +1 for otherwise sober solo MDMA journeys only done a few along time ago but it was arguabl… who want to classify gender algorithmically need to try a lot fucking harder to find real problems to solve.…
Retweeted by Sterling Crispin 🕊️Like literally if you're in my way I'd rather wait ten minutes until you're done than push you out of the way to ge… @josephtsukka Just replied elsewhere but I think that actually increases your chance of catching covid because the… @JENNORDHEM Ive considered it but I think grocery delivery workers are extremely over exposed to other people and s… @rms80 @maciejhalber @ddiakopoulos Also, After effects has a cool "brainstorming" mode I wish 3D programs would do… @rms80 @maciejhalber @ddiakopoulos Even if you wrote "UV unwrap" and it pulled up the menu for that with little ill… @maciejhalber @ddiakopoulos @rms80 Natural language parsing into commands would be an amazing improvement for all t… @rms80 @ddiakopoulos For what it's worth my gut reaction was "hey meshmixer doesn't belong on this list" @jeffbigham Totally, doing the same here, also blocking out lots of reoccurring 45 minute working time moments othe… have an uncomfortable micro-confrontation or experience someone's full blown freakout every seven feet. There's a… grocery shopping is an emotional rollercoaster of social anxiety, personal space violations, and existential… @glorbis It's okay to be human ✌️👍🙏
@Nullsleep The worst is when they're like "does anyone have this same problem? ... Nevermind fixed it!" With no sol… @jilnotjill what do you think about art desk (an insert in the NYT) got this photo from my mom, an Oklahoma oil… @hragv I just want to thank you for speaking up so much about the Armenian genocide I think I had only heard about… @JuanVer83746302 Ended up rendering as bitmap and image-tracing in Inkscape using the centerline option