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@OmG_Itz_Ace Lololol! @BEtheBestJJ My bias is Jimin, because I have to go to the store and get some rest.I'm hoping against hope that this dude manages to torch the Saints for two reasons: 1) He's playing the Saints 2) W… @peoplegetready He has always had a monstrosity of a truck. He sold his truck and an SUV and went for it. @GoAwayWithJae I just now found a pack of these that I hid in the cabinet MONTHS ago. I wasn't looking, and then wh… don't think I could've asked for a better day. I saw my brother for the 1st time since March. I had a delicious w… @kim_yonju Thank you! @tackysuetoo 😘 @elizamalteser 😊 @yajumma You and me both!My son came downstairs for breakfast and wants to relive the opening title sequences for all the I am… year, especially, sometimes you want to focus on the positive and sometimes you just need a power cry.… @MondayMarionJ Thank you!!! @anyaklee 😊 @LoveYou52536050 Thank you! @BTSArmyMom3 Thank you!! @BestOfMeBestOfU So are you!! @j4msim4nyo I've never described myself this way, but I like this word. Thank you. @hilarialexander Awww! Thank you! @SaraxBTS7 😊 @UnsinkableAmy @GoAwayWithJae Hahaha! See my pic? We have the Wasabi ones. My daughter likes those. @UnsinkableAmy @GoAwayWithJae We don't have an HMart near here. I've never seen any of these special flavors before! @BestOfMeBestOfU And because I don't want to use one: Thoughtful @BestOfMeBestOfU Photographer @kilmyana THESE are where it's at. Or the honey butter ones! @TheFlipAdik07 Because mama doesn't want to share...7 Interests 7 Friends 1. BTS 2. Language Learning 3. FOOTBALL 4. Reading 5. KDramas 6. Writing 7. Cooking Any 7 (o… @UnsinkableAmy @GoAwayWithJae I've never seen these flavors! My daughter likes these, too! @GoAwayWithJae They look a little strange, but they're yummy. The tiramisu ones are my absolute favorites, though. @DonnaKennedy63 They're delicious. The honey butter ones are amazing and the Tiramisu flavor?! OMG. I've never seen… a good hiding place for these before I open them... @MakalieD screwed their names up. When I asked, "Do you prefer me to call you your given name or your American one?… @MakalieD I think the teacher in the video irritates me because she glosses over the girl's pronunciation and doesn… **hate** the stupid Etsy commercial with everyone mispronouncing the girl's name. It's not that difficult to le… @_RainEdition_ Sure! I thought it was difficult, too! I wasn't able to do it. 😬🤔
@modooborahae Nope. It showed up out of the blue @UnsinkableAmy It's from a reddit post @ImperfectpoetTG I had such a hard time summing up my thoughts about this interview. I appreciate your ideas. 💜 @sara_bangtan07 Thank you! 💜💜💜💜 @sara_bangtan07 Btw: thank you so much for such an interesting and thoughtful discussion this morning. I'm so thank… @sara_bangtan07 Exactly. And your phrasing of this made me spontaneously burst into tears just now...especially in… @AirfryerSweet @BTS_twt What a lovely metaphor! 😍💜😍 @sara_bangtan07 I agree that the "beauty of pain" narrative can be extremely dangerous ... as in my opinion, it hel… @sara_bangtan07 But this is in no way comparable to the occupation of/attempted erasure of another culture. That's… @sara_bangtan07 I understand. There is an element of "righteous anger" mixed in here for me personally, as well...m… @AirfryerSweet @BTS_twt I understand you. Thank you for responding. I'm always hesitant to post things like this b… @sara_bangtan07 But recognizing that there is beauty and grace to be found in hardship and that even when there is… @sara_bangtan07 I'm not referring to "failing a class" hardship...I'm talking (in my case) as a child, watching my… @sara_bangtan07 Thank you for keeping with her definition of han, but not being Korean myself, does th… @yajumma @BTS_twt I understand you completely! @id2two2 Cultures & language are my life's work and what genuinely bring me happiness. Humans are humans everywhere… @id2two2 Thanks for saying that. I just wanted people to understand that I'm not some Koreaboo who thinks she's Kor… @cyj_kim I was afraid people would misinterpret my thinking as psychoanalyzing him... @sara_bangtan07 Why did they say they did not have Han? @modooborahae I only have Apple Music. I think the issue, still, is that people buy or download to their phone and… @luvmusicVA @sara_bangtan07 I hope no one misinterprets my post...just after @mihailan3 posted this Reddit thread… I am not meaning to appropriate this concept or say that non-Koreans experience this in the same way or for t… makes me wonder if I-Army are made up of individuals who may not share 한 in its original,true cultural context,…'m obviously NOT Korean and cannot possibly EVER totally understand this concept. But this is something I've discu… have no doubt that they're very honored and genuinely happy that Dynamite's done so well/made their fans happy. B… @mihailan3 I agree. So many of us have already been through (and conquered) periods of introspection and uncertaint… 한 permeates and colors everything he creates, but he doesn't see that underlying quality reflected in what's pop… deleted my earlier tweet. But this post shared by @mihailan3 totally makes sense in what I was trying to convey.… @mihailan3 YESSSSSSS.... It absolutely encompasses what we were talking about! Thank you for sharing @yajumma @BTS_twt I so wish I could read and understand the Korean version of this completely. It's what I first th… @_RainEdition_ I see that his interview has caused many of us to have a stream-of-consciousness Ted talk this morning!!!! 😂 @YCantwell @cyj_kim I have so many thoughts about what he wrote. I typed them out to a friend this morning. I've tweeted and d… @oldnavigation @GnetArmyMom Racists seem to have become emboldened lately. @GnetArmyMom No husband. My brother deleted the messages and I unfriended him. Not wasting energy on him. @theGeekOutGirl 유자차 is my absolute favorite. But I like ginger tea, mint tea...etc. Really, any tea! @btsfanmomma Sorry you're having to deal with this on top of other things. I am think positively. You will do well. Be vigilant and rest.Having a lovely cup of tea courtesy of my friend. I love ginger tea.
@tamlovesbts_23 @BTS_twt Congratulations!!!!!!! He's absolutely beautiful! @katie_osbornexx I think you could've used these study guides while you were taking your anatomy lab. @Krissydoll21 I hope that you find a method that works for you.💜 @Krissydoll21 I speak Spanish and I'm learning Korean. I have found that thinking about my feelings and current sta… @Krissydoll21 I'm sorry you're feeling awful. I wanted you to know you're heard. What is one positive or improving… @tamlovesbts_23 I couldn't care less who my kids date as long as the person treats them well. My son has a GF right… @tamlovesbts_23 My daughter's last boyfriend was a black guy. They dated for over a year and half. A "shame" this m… @tackysuetoo Absolutely says me. My rational mind says a video such as this is wholly unecessary. But...but...he's just irresistible.맞아요!!!!! 😂 @AirfryerSweet 제가 가장 좋아하는 사진들 이에요. 이 남자랑 꽃들은 너무 예뻐요. 😍😍😍맞아요 . @ImperfectpoetTG 우리는 선택을 수 없어요! @ImperfectpoetTG Good work! I do the same thing. I read and see what I can understand first before I translate anyt… @MomBunsareCool Exactamente!꽃이나 이 남자... 어느 것이 더 아름다워요?💜💜💜 @tackysuetoo This was unnecessary. Very unecessarily necessary. @sbaumgartner94 I was being figurative...but WTF? It's seriously creepy behavior, IMO. You've never met my child. You're a CREEPY WEIRDO @id2two2 Very. And I already did @id2two2 A. Freaking. Men. I haven't seen this dude since **I** was like 13After my dad died, his family forgot we existed...but he can show up out of NOWHERE to make a comment about my chil… the fvck?!? 1) My daughter is an adult who can choose her friends 2) My daughter HAS parents...who WHOLEHEA… I just found out that a distant relative's husband (that I haven't seen in ALMOST 40 YEARS) has been messaging… @st1ckyfngrs @BTS_twt You're planning for someone else's happiness and excited to see their faces when they get what they want! @st1ckyfngrs @BTS_twt Yes! It's fun to set a goal and work for it. I think there's something even more fun sometime… with anything else, as long as one is not neglecting their responsibilities, or giving/spending money that shoul… @RafranzDavis I agree with you. This album came about because of 2020. It's a happy accident, and that it's able to…