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She was used for everything. Used to promote everything. Used to make people look good and socially conscious. Used…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @dezinpub As someone consistently on both sides of the table, I’m so often confronted with peers who think editors… @kylepinion I’m in pure wide-eyed gimme more mode still. After such a long drought, I’m dancing in the rain. @kylepinion Cable has been a blast. Obviously X-Men is my sweet spot, but I’ve got no complaints on the line—gimme… @alex_abads MY PEAK OUTFIT POWER especially with my shorts that cover my knees!!Me thinking about X of Swords parts 2 through 22 after finishing X of Swords part 1 of 22. @ChrisMySass You think I didn’t seriously consider already??? 💀Watch, I’ve probably jinxed it and we’re going to find out these are made in a factory owned by Tr*mp’s Secretary o… rise of giant skeletons this season has been one of the only irrefutably good things about 2020. @Conortroversial Can’t wait to find out what Ewing Magneto is like specifically.Losing my mind at this cast and creative team, but especially at Frenzy getting the love she’s deserved since the M… be like 𝙅𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙐𝙨 in the battle to STOP US…
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Raising Coffee Money so I can make Toph Beifong for my Avatar Series! 🥰🌸🥰
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @vermissary It’s staggering to see that number shrugged off or deferred as the best case when a BAD flu year is abo…! We have an absolutely killer roster of guest artists for DoT. (Not that anyone needs additional reasons… @HassanOE I forgot that you become a spoiler menace during the season. @KimChi_Chic It’s where I got my man three years ago! @Adam_Cesare Thanks! Nintendo and I get along real well.If you’re a recent follower, surprise, I split my time between messed-up adult horror stuff and licensed kids books!!! 💀😈👻👶🏼👧🏾📚My comp copies (understandably) took a little while to arrive, but so charmed by this Pokémon ABC book I got to wri… @brian_level 🥰🥰🥰Just vibing
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Chester Cheetah is going to kill Mitch McConnell
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @Conortroversial THIS IS HOW YOU DO ITWe're hard at work preparing for a whole slew of October announcements. Now might be a great time to check out the…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃Hello! @Kishoremohan, @adityab & I are making a book! With @thevaultcomics! THE PICTURE OF EVERYTHING ELSE, a horr…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @phillipsevy @Treestumped Us: that THREE of my most-anticipated. Draw your blade for this one too, folks! IN CRISIS, meanwhile, is everything we love about superheroes condensed around a high-concept (but not c…’s the last day to preorder two of my most-anticipated upcoming comics! I’ve watched BLUE IN GREEN develop for a… @DiscreetLatino (But seriously—I like and understand the PS interface a lot better, and I don’t use PC or Android d… @DiscreetLatino But I don’t want options. I’m an Apple user. I want the benevolent all-consuming company to just te… @chocobohomo I hope you’re right—I don’t mind waiting at all. I just don’t want to buy two small tanks to park beneath my TV. @DiscreetLatino I’ve never been a PC gamer, though—I’m a dullard who just needs a Make Games Play Machine. Honestly… console wars...will never end... Maybe the best thing about gaming in the last gen is that I never had to thin… IN CRISIS #1 has its FOC today! @thesteveorlando and Davide Tinto have built a unique and thrilling supe…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃ICYMI! The FOC for Blue In Green is today. Which means today is the last day you can pre-order this book with your…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @Coelacanthkiss We own a few already, and I was browsing their sale today! 🖤 @Coelacanthkiss Love this sweaterrrrr @FirstKnivesClub TOO SOONPLEASE cast Katya in the next season of @theshadowsfx. We know it is NOT out of the realm of possibility. Also pl… the Goat. Which kind of witch are you?
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@Kick_Assidy Channel Zero! It’s all on Shudder, highly recommended. @Ssnyder1835 @JamesTheFourth Thanks so much for saying so, and for being a part of our launch! James and I are go… niece’s FB posts are always...a journey 💀 @marcformarc Apparently only during chewing! @ANTFERNY @Conortroversial I would define my default as “vice-like.” @Conortroversial How do yours not!? I’m clenching like 80% of the time these days.Can’t stop thinking about that dentist who said our top and bottom teeth shouldn’t even touch during the day... @AlexPaknadel @AlexPaknadel You’re going to have to be less stingy on the spiders if you want to stand out. @AlexPaknadel I told you to *email* us your RAZORBLADES ideas, Alex. @juni_omg YOU ARE NOT DUMB
MY ELEMENTAL KING 💦🌏🥰🔥💨 GIGA Also the cat is me on this blurb roundup. @princess_jem4 My heeaaarrrrrtWhen you’re smiling (the whole world smiles with you). Or not... #TheDepartmentOfTruth
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Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @Waxenwings @kylepinion We’re also already living a situation where the value balance is shifting but the electoral… @Waxenwings ...both. As someone with very conservative extended family, they spend a shit ton of time fretting abou… @Waxenwings There isn’t, because the conservative position is that laws and the actions of others must reflect thei… @kylepinion @Waxenwings Too bad the tipping point will probably come riiiiiight after Manhattan sinks. @Waxenwings They...already have! I think there’s also a Reservoir Dogs situation where the state to genuinely try i… @kylepinion @Waxenwings We can hope! @Waxenwings As frustrated as I am to be shackled to the EC and nonstop conservative minority rule, I also hesitate… @Waxenwings That either of the two states that have somewhat considered it leaving would drastically reshape the el… there are replies to this suggesting this guy is running interference on McConnell’s behalf really sums up the… @kwprime @benandrewmoore Fingers crossed for DUO still!!!This is a great thread on where to put money that ISN’T the McGrath race if campaign donations are a thing you’re i…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃On one hand, Dems committing now to stacking the court will energize all the awful anti-choice voters against them.…’m the first to admit my knowledge is limited outside of like, X-Men facts, but don’t see any possible outcome bey… @MDesaad Yup, it’s feeling like the BEST-case scenario is Biden stacking, and I have a feeling the current Democrat… politics alone aren’t going to save us no matter what, but this is a particularly grim feeling. Especiall… just got “suck it up and vote for Trump and we can get rid of abortion and gay marriage within the year…
Twitter is about to get extremely bad. Try to log off and be with a friend tonight if you can.
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @Nosocialize @leekassen @JamesTheFourth @ReadRazorblades The long journey of the USPS! @leekassen @JamesTheFourth @ReadRazorblades Thank you for saying so! @j_partridgeIII I can already tell I’m going to regret not having bought it for a buck.Deep cut at the used bookstore—didn’t know they even did a prose adaptation of this! There’s a better world out t… @ANTFERNY You playing MK with Hein afterward is the final order cutoff for COMMANDERS IN CRISIS #1, the new @ImageComics superhero book from…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @rycady I press the wrong stuff there constantly, including accidentally video-calling people I don’t even know irl. @JamesTheFourth @AlexPaknadel @DanPGWatters @PMBuchan @brian_level @notsarahgordon @Supermegabot Devoured it on Kin… spookier: the curses I put on Jake’s package specifically as an exclusive bonus. 👻 @Conortroversial Nooooo, not active shade. I just don’t care about live-action adaptations ever. Give me comic page… @Conortroversial It’s so good! I didn’t expect to love it. If you haven’t given it a shot, you need to!The only multimedia superhero news that matters. a morning reminder that we're near Final Order Cutoff for COMMANDERS IN CRISIS - the next level of the capes c…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃I wish Democrats were half as ambitious as McConnell fears. @benandrewmoore @Jakob_Free They’d make beautiful babies.
@slimyswampghost @ZacharyRogerO I can enjoy III and I like H20 more than most. IV is a lot of missed opportunity. I… @ZacharyRogerO One of my absolute favorite movies with the absolute worst franchise. Friday the 13th is a much more… @JamesTheFourth I “liked” that Peter Pan movie as a queer preteen, too. Many times.It’s happeningggggg 👀
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃There's still time to pre-order COMMANDERS IN CRISIS #1! The last survivors of the Multiverse live among us under…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃Tweeples! The FOC for Blue In Green from @ImageComics is on Monday 9/21. @an_anandrk @adityab @JohnJPearson
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃BLUE IN GREEN, a jazz-inflected cosmic horror by @therightram, @an_anandrk, @adityab, @JohnJPearson and…
Retweeted by 🎃Steve👻Foxe🎃 @DanPGWatters @Casparnova @adityab @hellomuller The Ramones do NOT suck and I can’t fucking wait to read this.Here's what @Casparnova and I have been working on this year with @adityab and @hellomuller. HOME SICK PILOTS is c…
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