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Some nice rambling Thursday Thoughts--specifically about who gets a chance to do what in storytelling.
Cities of Magick #1 by @Will_Tempest, @20EyesBrad, @andworlddesign, and me is on sale NOW at @comiXology.…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️ @brian_level AW YESH
😍😍😍 @LonnieNadler @kale_satan Congrats!Art ft. @AsianReptar and @ kurotsukiclub on IG was very very cold. Here is a bts pic 🦋🦋🦋 My Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer. 🦋🦋🦋
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With my butterfly prince at #KatsuCon. @lawfulgoodbard
Me: “Are you going to post anything romantic today, my love?” @AsianReptar:
Updated my website with shiny new covers for eleven(!) upcoming projects! get that juried selection for a very popular con with a small support team would be challenging, but it can’t be… to suspect that this con that wants to try every method for selecting exhibitors that does not involve ac…
@AlexPaknadel @Marvel @alexlinsart @Al_Ewing YESSSSSDAMN DAMN DAMN #XSpoilers @kwprime @bkr0z
@kale_satan @EliotRahal This is glorious.
@therightram @Marvel AWW YEAHIt’s @EliotRahal’s birthday and as always, I must urge you to BUY HIS BOOKS. He is a hilarious, heartbreakingly cle…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️ @ChrisMySass @Christatos @Jakob_Free @benandrewmoore @Zannatown @heinyboii @AsianReptar @iamroyanthony If you swap me and Juni!! @AlexPaknadel @AlexPaknadel Still stuck on the platform, this test is too hard 😭 @JarettSays Me trying to watch any movie after 8 PM
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Oh, MTA.
@misterpatches Oh my godddddd I LOVED these. @brian_level This is like the opposite of a galaxy-brain moment. Black-hole brain.
@thecodystuart Pokémans @notstephcooper He’s not the strongest boy, but he is a good boy. And SwSh is a blast! Switch it, Switch it, Switch it!My kaiju empire, it grows! @treswritesstuff @phillipsevy Loosely* inspired by. @phillipsevy NOIt’s criminal that this season of Project Runway had a CATS-themed challenge instead of a Harley Quinn episode. fourth birthday to my best friend in the whole world.
As part of my move away from this app--and until I'm popular enough to justify a snazzy newsletter--I'm going to be… @thesteveorlando You'll always be a problem to me, Steve :)She had a feisty side.
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️Anddddd this bearded buddy, too. Not sure who’s next on the list 🤔
My G-Max family grows! Documenting this is now my only recreational Twitter use 🤗 always feel very weird and like I don't belong when promoting myself, but if y'all are looking for work by Black…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️The POWER of MARTIAN MANHUNTER 12...IT'S OVER 9000! Get it TODAY for NCBD! The final issue! From me @rileyrossmo1
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️ @Conortroversial I’m not competitive!! I don’t even fight against the goobers I live with. I’m just here for the st… up to one trillion P*losi memes. Finally set a very strict Twitter time limit on my phone. Direct correlation. @JamesTheFourth NoooooooCaught these babies in the past week, too—thanks, @AsianReptar, @ChrisMySass, and @heinyboii for being my raid part…
My 1st Audible Original is out TODAY & its FREE for @audible_com members this month. Beezer is more devilish than m…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️Happiest of birth celebrations to @Jakob_Free, who has many comics you should buy, to fund his dream of one day bei… @RoxieReads The media frenzy and the “narrative.” It’s not that Iowa is representative of the country—it’s decidedl… promised! 2020 has begun and I am kicking my ass to be the Steve Orlando of Comics, to innovate, push into new f…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️Gosh. It's ALMOST like the primary system and the electoral college are deeply flawed (and racist) artifacts from s…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️MY MAAAAAN 🥰
@Jakob_Free I know this all to be true about you, yes. @izag @crosberg Thank you for the recommendations! And I really just mean new—I have no problem sorting through mys… @xtop I find a lot of stuff that way but still end up feeling blindsided when I walk in The Strand and see books th… @TyleKurner @crosberg That’s me right now, was wondering if anyone knew of relatively consistent roundups. @crosberg But how do you populate it! I’ve become too reliant on Am*zon recommendations and I want less algorithm in my life.Book friends—what is your favorite way to stay up on notable new and upcoming releases? If you say G**dreads, I WILL have you arrested.Twitter, a place where I only share bad news, I guess? Comics industry LEGEND Dexter Vines got some shitty health n…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️Martian Manhunter 12 this week!
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@benandrewmoore To be fair, this is so frequently confused that a lot of usage guides will now recognize either.😍😍😭 love my boyfriends ❤️
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I pretty much came just for the Bourgeois spider 😍👨🏻‍🎨 @TerryBlas @AsianReptar
@stevewmorris GodDAMNIT I thought I was done then realized he went over to adjectiveless for another 8 issues. Steve in the low five digits for this assignment. @ZacharyRogerO You noticed it tho!! @BrandonTSnider Astoria boys doing our best!!!Not counting quite a lot of work on pitches, outlines, and revisions, I wrote 120 under-contract script pages in Ja… @ChrisMySass Direct intervention like this uses mass inconvenience to raise awareness!! @shempsen Fixed it!! @Conortroversial I was sad that Hop didn’t stick with his and that Nessa didn’t use one. Would have enjoyed seeing more of the lil’ puker! @Conortroversial Very bold choice!!Very, very excited about this!!!
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️ @HassanOE “So, what did the letterer add to this issue?” “A load of shit, that’s what.” @RoxieReads Oh no, sending love and doggy solidarity @mymonsterischic Le. Ah.
@cracksh0t @AshcanPress @shempsen 😭🥰😭🥰😭🥰In case you missed it, yesterday @mymonsterischic, Andrade & O’Halloran dropped an absolute master-class of a Docto… @erdna11 But affordable healthcare is an impossible dream, right?Bless @ChrisMySass (who was dual-screening with @heinyboii’s Switch too) for helping me catch this big rocky boi.…
@kellyunderwater HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!The absolute maddest of props to @rycady and David Baldeon for making *Brute Force* of all properties cool in 2020. @cpatrickdood @perpetua 👀👀👀 @slimyswampghost Loving this series.
@revel_nir @XavierFiles @maliciousglee Adding one to the Mutant X is Good, Actually column.Here’s some fantastic news! @poppy and I are at it again, with another deliriously delightful graphic novel! We’re…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️I've teased this series here & there, but the 1st preview of HEXAGON #1 is live, courtesy of @comicsbeat! I'm so e…
Retweeted by ❄️Steve🌨Foxe❄️ @FirstKnivesClub Dan your TASTE is just absolute murder. NFR is a slow start but then absolutely rips which means you’ll hate it. @ChrisMySass @DipsOff I’d be shocked if he wasn’t a big fan!(From Desert Island in BK—NYC comic fans, check it out!)Eternal gratitude to @DipsOff for pointing me toward shockingly well-priced copies of two of my holy-grail comics 🙏🏻 @kellyunderwater @CarrieMacWrites @little_corvus @reginaflath These covers are so cute and fresh! @JamesTheFourth @ErykDonovan !!! @grmartin Woof, Jesus, sounds like a perfect hell-condition. I remember a high-school ex moved to Kentucky and his…