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steve locke (he/him) visual artist/educator/herald of Galactus (ret.) the views expressed are my own

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@TheFreedomTrail This is why I love you. XoI love this song. or Trump. This is a good ad. @nhannahjones He really feels like he’s the voice of a generation.I doubt you understand what those elderly leaders endured so you could fix your face to say something this stupid a…
@pzhary09 @hfpreston If you really think there is some equivalence to being bullied in school for your name and bei…’m sorry. I’m sorry that I actually have to write that being bullied in school for your last name is not the same… have ⬜ "progressive" VULTURES in the streets vandalizing shit for Black folks to be blamed and they are on Twitt…
Retweeted by Steve Locke @imarleneking Devonte Hart was murdered by white women who starved him and his siblings before driving off a cliff… @BrandonMCapps That used to be my drag name.White folk: Come. Get. Your. People. @NYYMichael @melodyMcooper Again... the dog.
Mrs. Gardner’s house. “Pieta” by Rafael-A mother mourns her murdered son. #BlackLivesMatter @ Isabella Stewart Gar… you see Black struggle as ancillary, I'm tired of you. #ImTired.If you see Black movements, neighborhoods and people as sites you can enter and leave as you need them, I'm tired of you. #ImTiredIf you will endanger the lives of Black people to get your agenda in front of TV cameras, I'm tired of you. #ImTiredIf you think movements for the lives of Black people are for you to use as a cover for "anarchist" activities to di… you think Black people do not have a sophisticated critique of capitalism, I'm tired of you. #ImTiredIf you think that Black protests for justice are the shock troops for your white "Socialism 101" agenda, I'm tired of you. #ImTiredIf you think that somehow your whiteness excludes you from being able to understand the situation of Black American… you are white and you think your affection for Black people in your life is enough to protect them from the stat… you cannot see the obscenity of quoting MLK's stance on anti-violence in light of the fact that he was murdered… you think that people need to protest being murdered by the state in a way that makes the state comfortable, I'm tired of you. #ImTiredI'm tired. If you think damage done to property is somehow equal to violence done to Black people by the state, I'm tired of you. #ImTiredA Partial List of Unarmed African-Americans who were Killed By Police or Who Died in Police Custody During My Sabba… @MassAGO Thank you.You have people throwing bananas at soccer players from Africa and murdering Black exchange students in Greece, but… he was murdered by white supremacists for it.
There is no need to keep showing this man being murdered. ⁦@MSNBC⁩. Stop it! ⁦@chucktodd⁩ ⁦@KatyTurNBC⁩ how is this… Hampton Morgan suffered from anxiety and fought for justice her whole life for Black people until racists… @chucktodd and @KatyTurNBC, please stop playing Mr. Floyd’s murder on a loop as people talk. @MSNBCListen when people tell you what is happening. is a lie. It was on live television. people are often shocked that their tender feelings for the Black people in their lives do not protect those… saying that @OmarJimenez was arrested for “doing his job” when’s white man doing the same job is not arrested.… King is not in communication with our members. DO NOT give money to him to support on the ground organizing.…
Retweeted by Steve LockeA lot of people-mostly white and white adjacent-have been emailing me and asking what to do? I have said before tha…
The hard truth is that this crisis didn’t have to be this bad.
Retweeted by Steve LockeI don’t think he knows the meaning of any of the words in this sentence. @charliekirk11 Boston Tea Party.There are moments in our history so grim, so heart-rending, that they're forever fixed in each of our hearts as sha…
Retweeted by Steve LockeFauci would not be Fauci without Larry Kramer kicking his ass every day.
@elizabethaxtman You hate to see it.I don't retweet the President as a rule. This screen capture is here because his tweet just encouraged me to pay $5… @prcboston Someday, this man is going to take my portrait. He's brilliant.I'm enjoying @NYGovCuomo speaking from his chest and calling out the GOP on withholding funding for states who have… god this reporter picked the right kid to ask this dumb ass question. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Steve Locke @r0bwatson That your spirit will have access to the power it was denied in this life.We are not a threat. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Steve Locke @CrystalsAct1 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Thanks. @karaswisher Why? @audubonsociety Thank you. This is so kind. Thank you for seeing and saying something.Even the @audubonsociety is asking white people to stop harassing Black people for being Black.,000 dead Americans. One wrong president.
Retweeted by Steve Locke
@LizivonTeig Make certain to write your correct title and styling on the thank-you note you send them for the gift. @RandyRainbow Your makeup is fucking flawless. @NYCParks Thank you for this vital service. @jemelehill #FACTSShe ain’t lying. officer of the Minneapolis police sent me an email about #ifitthedescription back in 2019. It made me wonder abo… by @BreeNewsome: AmyCooper is still lying if she claims she isn’t racist. What she did is a textbook example… powerful. I really hope @jack is moved to act. @BreeNewsome @threadreaderapp please unroll. ThanksShe wanted him punished because he, a black man, called out a white woman for ignoring the law — in this case, a le…
Retweeted by Steve LockeThread by @Karnythia: Amy Cooper made a choice. Not a mistake. Not an error in judgment. A choice. She chose racism… @KarenLouise1142 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Never sent for you, sooooooo I won't miss you! @LauraEatsVeg @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper If you watch the video, you will see that white women are often a threat. Y… @KarenLouise1142 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper @LauraEatsVeg @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper I'm good on how Twitter works. BTW did I tag you? Do I follow you? No. But… @KarenLouise1142 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper You tweeted me. I don't know you and I don't follow you. I didn't reach… @LauraEatsVeg @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Then maybe I am not talking to you? @KarenLouise1142 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper I didn't. I replied in solidarity to the original poster whose brother's… @KarenLouise1142 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper I think I told you I’m all set. I’m able to read and comprehend English… @WoolyGreg Thanks, man! @mckinley0930 @MiaMBloom @Harvard Me too. @moonIightjins @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Then maybe I am not talking to you? @ElieNYC According to my mentions, the REAL victim is her dog. I’m so tired of these people I can’t chew my food. @reneeygraham Child, my mentions are full of people upset about how she treats her dog. You hate to see it. @acidsaltydame @RyanzDesignz @finaldaft @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper And I’m not “starting” anything with you. You tag… @acidsaltydame @RyanzDesignz @finaldaft @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper My point is that treating animals well is not an… my friend @waitmanb reminds me, the Nazis had extremely punitive animal cruelty laws. But y’all go ahead about h… @acidsaltydame @RyanzDesignz @finaldaft @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Stop. The Nazi murdered 6 million Jews for being… @DebbiesDown1 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper And some people clearly can’t-especially people who value animals over Blac… @acidsaltydame @RyanzDesignz @finaldaft @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper The Nazis had very punitive animal cruelty laws. So yeah.And yet people express shock that George Washington traded Black people for molasses.... tell you who they are. Believe them. is fucking brutal. I don’t trust white “progressives”: A story in four parts. 🚨 👀
Retweeted by Steve Locke @AshPh @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper I’m good. @AshPh @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper She not upset about both tho.... that’s the point of the tweet. @ananathemadevic @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Videos all over the internet of Black people being brutalized and killed… @KarenLouise1142 @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper I just saw that your a copywriter so I understand why you are trying to… @1Josiem @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Yeah. If only...New Work. #thedailypracticeofpainting #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting daily practice of painting
@WeCatsCorp @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper The tweet I was responding to MAKES NO MENTION OF THE MAN. People are not con… all over the internet of Black people being brutalized and killed by white supremacists. White people are qu… @anderson_sheree @finaldaft @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper Of course you did. @finaldaft @eethiel12 @melodyMcooper I understand that some people think dogs are more important than Black people I get it.