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steve locke (he/him) is a visual artist and educator. the views expressed are his own.

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HARD CRACKERS- Rest in Power Noel Ignatiev (1940-2019) gets old. @ Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn @VZWSupport FYI. I still don’t have cell service. When I turn the phone off and on I will have LTE for about 10 min… maybe you should run for the Republican nomination?
@badnewswomen Whoops....The best thing about having to drag my Black ass to Williamsburg when I’d rather be in the studio is this incredibl…😳 father of Atatiana Jefferson, a Black woman who was shot dead by police inside her home in Texas, has died from…
Retweeted by Steve LockeI just learned tonight via FB that my former MassArt colleague and friend Noel Ignatiev has died. He was a force. H…
@VZWSupport When WiFi is off, I have no service. LTE drops in and out. And I often cannot use FaceID because my phone says it has restarted. @VZWSupport When LTE is not displaying I see .... and a WiFi symbol. @VZWSupport I recently moved from Boston to NYC and I very often have no LTE connection.A short play about care: Doctor: Did you get the job? Black Gay Guy in Boston: Yes. I’m gonna be moving to NY in A… Kozak consistently and lovingly created and maintained a living artwork in the heart of Boston for years. H… City votes overwhelming to remove Martin Luther King Jr.'s name from historic street
I’m glad some folks are willing to engage this history. I wonder why this is happening in Boston? @Samantha_Clause @metmuseum So excited for this.This may be the best #MetGala since Catholic Imagination. 10 women and keep it going: @Jasmyne @badnewswomen @K_JeanPierre @miraschor @DrKellieJones @rgay is a species of man who, upon seeing an equal or better qualified woman or group of women attempt to access a… cannot understand why @msnbc and other networks are broadcasting the President when all he is doing is lying abou… @karmakid1_diane @TayAndersonCO @RachelRGonzalez @PeteButtigieg Doesn’t doing public service on a school board coun… @MittRomney Are you still mad that Senator Warren has the job the people of Massachusetts denied you back in 1994 w… story: Mittens never got to be the Senator from MA because Ted Kennedy beat him like cake batter. The fact th… love Elisabeth Moss.
I wish @nysdmv had told me that I needed my driving record before I spent the morning at the registry. Also, I coul… that or I can come and apply in January after I have had my MA license for more than 6 months. /6They tell me that I have to contact MA and have them send me an original of my driving record and I have to come BA… look at my MA license and begin sliding everything back to me. “Your license is less than 6 months old.… ask for another proof of residence because one says Apt 2 and one says 3rd floor. “Which is it.” ‘It’s both,”… get my photo taken and sit. I have been at the @nysdmv for about 18 minutes. I am stunned that I do not have to w… the huge line it moves really fast. I have all my documents and proofs because I reviewed the @nysdmv websi… I go to the @nysdmv in Brooklyn at 815 am to be there when it opens to trade my MA license for a NY one. Super l…
So you can stop acting like you don’t know, because @SenKamalaHarris told you. (I’m looking at you, @BoyGeorge and… anyone looking to get rid of a flat file? I am looking for one that will accommodate 22x30 sheets of paper. Thanks!The past is always with us.
It’s still amazing to me that people think that their HS and college literature classes were supposed to be organiz…’s your monthly reminder that some Black people are gay and that some Black people don’t like Mayor Pete becaus… all those “think pieces” about the alt-right, the “fashie” haircuts, the tailored suits, the mainstream ap… Now do the older white voters.’s amazing that so many people think that their HS literature class was reading for enjoyment. @paulha365 Paul, take off your sunglasses. Xo
It’s clear that I am going to have to repaint this entire fucking painting and I am really just avoiding the inevitable. @PGHomes @Tereneh152XX If I DM you my contact information, would you mind sharing it with interested parties? @TiffanyDCross Over @r0bwatson You’ll be dead to me. Well, not dead, but like, kind of in a coma and somewhat unresponsive. @PGHomes @Tereneh152XX Thanks Tim. I am prepared to bring the work to whatever city has the moral courage to install it. XoA public memorial is a living indictment. more do you need to know?’s not just 45. It’s the entire GOP. They aren’t interested in people-they are only interested in maintaining pow…
@bmarsalis the war on drugs Legalize sex work #gadse @ Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn’m about to find out. @ Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
A timely reminder. Shannon’s testimony in the MO Planned Parenthood trial. She showed what it means to be a soldier in the fig…’m good.
This is barbarism. communicates with her father on this platform? Isn’t she an advisor? HS, we read books, saw movies and art by people who do not look like me, live like me, or think like me. That shit was helpful. @daemonsanddust Oh my sweet, fat, Renaissance Baby Jesus, is that @Lin_Manuel?If @CoryBooker spoke to and interrupted this white woman the way she spoke to him, she would call him threatening,… @MBrodeur @MeghanMcCain It’s not you.
Oh my g-d, I think they think that both clips are dancing. great #thread. Thanks for breaking this down, @glennkirschner2’m not a Boomer.
@Duffy4Wisconsin @Chris_Meloni Oh my g-d this man sounds obsessed and unhinged. @tressiemcphd you were thinking that the GOP would not try to slime a decorated war veteran you were wrong. @chrissyteigen Peaked? Child, y’all just getting started. Congratulations!
@MrJonCryer Barron’s father took children Barron’s age and younger from their parents and put them in cages. @HubWeek @masscultural Hi HubWeek! I did read the piece. And selling art in a coffee shop is a myth-it rarely if e…’s sad when a state cultural council promotes an article about artists hanging their work in coffee shops for fre…’s a thought @HubWeek and @masscultural: instead of using art to “decorate” maybe coffee shops could actually b… @Morning_Joe @JoeNBC Stop it. #thread is why, if we ever have a functioning republic again, @waltshaub deserves the Presidential Medal of Fr…
Pete Buttigieg hires former Goldman Sachs executive as national policy director Folks, if you are missing the sound of my voice, you can go to the Gardner Museum and listen to my tour. Yes,… a tour of the MassArt Art Museum and it’s sublime. Plus some dope @maamboston socks. Thanks Lisa, Chloe, Darci,… Linhares @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Bloom @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Vicuña @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Neel @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston nice to see the majestic work of @therobpruitt in the mfaboston. #skowhegan #skow2002 @ Museum of Fine Arts, Bos… and the built form. @ North End, Boston @jaketapper Reported.
Jill Stein got a great makeover but someone needs to tell her that HRC is not running for President. Gallagher @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Binnon @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Ontiveros ❤️🙌🏾#WhenHomeWontLetYouStay @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Attia #WhenHomeWontLetYouStay @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Kahraman #WhenHomeWontLetYouStay @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Hatoum #WhenHomeWontLetYouStay @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Piper #whenhomewontletyoustay @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Halvorson @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Jenkins @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston Fahandej @ The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston dear tiffanysheayork gave me a copy of the book documenting the history of the residency program at…