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@ShannonBream Look what showed up on my timeline. @PetiteNicoco And by “suicide watch” does he mean they will watch her commit suicide?
@heckyessica I’m here for the “what in tarnation?” @DEADLINE And in other breaking news, Trump announces he will not be voting for Biden. @PetiteNicoco And right above this on my thread @donlemon is telling me BLM is solely focused on protesting police brutality. @benshapiro So what does “disrupting the nuclear family” (stated on the BLM site as a part of their mission) have t…
@mrsnethsclass 10-year extension .... total of 12 more years according to sources!! @andreaholzwarth @mrsnethsclass About the only town farther west in Kansas is Kanorado, where my Mom’s uncle had a hardware store. @nypost To be honest, we have no idea how the virus transmits in China because they have been lying about it from the beginning. @realjuliasong Vile @LifeofFitz Nino was a legend in Kansas HS sports at the time ... I graduated Olathe HS in 1972. Saw he just passed away recently. RIP @RealJamesWoods @ericbolling @milesfisher He runs much more smoothly than Cruise. @LetItFlyTom I’ll never forget the day I drove on 119th Street from State Line to Quivira without hitting the brake… @TomPelissero @AlyTrost “Asking for a friend” apparently. @codybtapp “Asking for a friend.” 🤷🏼‍♂️
@seattletimes Why did they ever allow that? @mrsnethsclass @iFit Hope you have a medal ceremony!! @savedwretch113 I love reading your quotes from the giants of the faith. @bennyjohnson @Undoomed #Science @PaigeSully88 🦗🦗🦗
@SorenPetro 🐐 @TRHLofficial Well, Communism has produced an idyllic paradise in .... um ... uh ... Well, it just hasn’t been done right yet. @ElijahSchaffer @MrAndyNgo @ProjectLincoln Did you think about Googling images before saying something stupid? Or nah? @REDROMINA Christmas party in high rise goes wrong. @TRHLofficial Real stupid, that is. @SorenPetro Nothing would surprise me in this environment. @PhilipWegmann @MZHemingway @jaketapper That’s a little sensitive. @DailyCaller The surprise was CNN reported it.
@heckyessica Golden Oreos are not Oreos.Nike is going to remove all their Redskins merchandise, but, in a gesture of goodwill toward China, they will conti…
Retweeted by Steve Adams @jbbrisco Nope: @bzbergmann And it fits their corporate partner FedEx ... @AGHamilton29 And this surprises anyone? @jbbrisco A mere $16.1 million ... @FlannyMLB Rusty will NEVER be replaced!
@Julio_Rosas11 @redsteeze @emzanotti @emzanotti Please, I beg you, don’t share it. @GovernorVA @AsaHutchinson Even better, @AsaHutchinson , wear it with black face. @Rondo2 @paulkrugman Oh, he will suddenly understand it if Biden wins. @MZHemingway Listen to the WHO, they said! @MZHemingway #DefundTheWHO @KCStar I’d love to have someone defend the exemption for the Legislature. @PeterBurnsESPN @MZHemingway @seanmdav The rule holds ... if the Dems are accusing you of something, you can be sure they are doing… @caroljsroth Security camera malfunctions coming in 3...2...1.... @BowenXiao_ @EpochTimes Security camera malfunctions coming in 1... 2...3... @benshapiro How many days before she “commits suicide”?
@KSeaboldt That is a remarkable stat ... @everywhere1968 You might be right ... I haven’t seen what action he took against Iran. @everywhere1968 @CBS_Herridge @realDonaldTrump Nice! So what did I lie about? Did the Iranians not offer bounties… @everywhere1968 @CBS_Herridge @realDonaldTrump So, nothing? @MZHemingway Not sure he was ever part of the conservative block. @CBS_Herridge @realDonaldTrump While we’re on the subject, can someone point out how the Obama/Biden team responded… @LifeofFitz Thank you from a fellow prostate cancer warrior. I’m one of the lucky ones that caught it early before… @JackPosobiec Where is their warlord? @edwest That’s certainly compelling evidence of the value of a college education. @TRHLofficial Protestors should have left her house alone. @ByronYork @MZHemingway I would love to have someone ask him about the Obama/Biden response to reports Iran was pla… @emzanotti It was truly a magical time ...
@ChuckRossDC @MZHemingway Maybe it is just me, but I detected a different tone from the press today compared to Trump’s press conferences. @bobsperronus @shawniedw2 @AriFleischer Well, besides THAT! @shawniedw2 @AriFleischer So I’ll take that as a “no” on the request to provide information on the Obama/Biden response to bounties. @eschermond @shawniedw2 @AriFleischer Is that for the drone strike on the mastermind of the deaths of multiple US soldiers? @shawniedw2 @AriFleischer Can anyone point me to the Obama/Biden administration response to Iran placing bounties on US soldiers in 2010? @AriFleischer @MZHemingway Is it just me, or was there a different tone from the press compared to Trump press conferences? @KatiePavlich Someone please ask him “How did the Obama/Biden administration respond to Iran placing a bounty on US soldiers in 2010?” @nypost Seriously ... isn’t the Trump response completely “on brand”?
@EpochOpinion @EpochTimes @ZwaagstraM My son had the “pleasure” to teach freshmen who had experience the Discovery… @IgnotasArtes @RyanTAnd A much more accurate headline. @JDaniel_Davis @RyanTAnd He apparently wants to be invited to all the good cocktail parties. @JulietHuddyTV What kind of filter is that? @JaniceDean @NYGovCuomo He’s hoping we forget about the nursing homes. @jbbrisco But he said “I’m not threatening it” ... as if that somehow makes it OK. @snacksnolen Seems like an upgrade in equipment. @KSeaboldt She handles stress with such grace ... @AbeGreenwald Some people did some things ...
@PaigeSully88 That’s different 🤷🏼‍♂️ @SteveSchmidtSES @JaniceDean “If you are at home, you do not have other residents brought to your home with COVID 19.” @PaigeSully88 It is a very selective virus ... @KUHoops
@RyanGirdusky @LisaMarieBoothe OK, @washingtonpost , you’re right ... only 95%, not all. @emzanotti This is the classic “I don’t have a rational argument so I’m just going to yell” strategy. Always persuades me. @_sagnikbasu I don’t know about you, but I always find it persuasive when someone is screaming irrationally in my face.
@MZHemingway @Heminator Shocking!! @justinamash @RepPressley So, are you saying @SpeakerPelosi and the House are not bi-partisan? I thought that’s wh… @RealMNchiefsfan Pay the man.
@ChuckRossDC @MZHemingway @BretBaier Welcome to the party. @TRHLofficial Will you do 10 more questions on Parler? @RameshPonnuru Conservatives learned from the masters of that technique. @geo_hazel @ScottAdamsSays @ragtimeranch @DailyCaller @LisaMarieBoothe Someone finally said it ... thank you. @EpochTimes The Summer of Love ended quickly ... @DBLesky @jbbrisco I hope fans realize by going to games they are supporting the owners’ duplicitous behavior. @JulietHuddyTV I guess it depends on how you use the word “Wow”. As in “Wow, that was really incompetent.” @EpochTimes @WhiteHouse @NIH Google “gain of function” .... @cdotharrison I’m sure they are planning to share that additional revenue with the players. @ChrisCuomo The family members of 6,000+ nursing home victims would like to have a word ...