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Proud of my country, and will defend it. Right or wrong. Chap, bounder and all round scallywag. if you have FBPE or a red rose in your bio, instant mute.

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@FlashMuellerF30 @necrophage32 @crisp_les @VeteranIrish @Daddy_Chloe2u @OwenReuby @RJH_397 @InspAshBrice @crisp_les @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @Daddy_Chloe2u @FlashMuellerF30 @OwenReuby @RJH_397 @InspAshBrice @crisp_les @glorytotheboys Make sure it doesn't bounce this time..😁 meant all that I said though. @glorytotheboys @crisp_les Well done dave, Les is a top bloke..10/10 recommended a follow @0_politics2 Yes. Good job I got a haircut today then!!! @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @RenownVet @RJH_397 @Pusser14405122 @crisp_les @Steve5_0 @Nitromanuk @2019Bestie 3 tits… @NobbyPompey Tv still here so we good... @Steve1Sandwich @theboysmum1 Yeah am following this thread..... @necrophage32 @RenownVet @RJH_397 @Pusser14405122 @crisp_les @Steve5_0 @Nitromanuk @VeteranIrish @2019Bestie Ever been the chernobyl? 😁😁😁 @NobbyPompey Not going anywhere mate...anyone welcome to my gaff. Just don't piss on the tiled floor or nick my massive TV all is good.. @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @crisp_les @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @2019Bestie @Nitromanuk @FlashMuellerF30 @necrophage32 @NobbyPompey Cheers mate, appreciate that. I really do. Top man 👍 @Melissa5857 @BorisJohnson You know he had no other option. And yes, we know who got us to this stage. @NobbyPompey Yep, they were warned but said its fake or they are not doing this or that. Now look where we are..and… Not seen the Italians get a kicking like this from the English since the Battle of Taranto @jamesinsurrey When the PM announces that those on lockdown take one pace forward and then he says 'stand still edu… @jonstone731 Ah the 'should have joined the RLC' though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Andrea62928413 Pics or it didn't happen 😁 @crisp_les @necrophage32 @PDevonian @DominicFarrell @NobbyPompey @RenownVet My Father, a near on 30 year RAF office…
@FlashMuellerF30 @necrophage32 @crisp_les @Pusser14405122 @RenownVet @RJH_397 @VeteranIrish @jonstone731 3 16... @violetpilot1 Oh you know how yo get me going!! Love the A6. @necrophage32 Thats what I said..🤣 I dare not put up his reply 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣My reaction on WhatsApp when he text me before lads section is in isolation due to someone in his plt testing pos for corvid. Week stood in block. Out Monday.…
@jonstone731 @PrettyBubbles65 Agree. Get it down your neck.... @shazWeb44 Prepare your anus.. @jeremycorbyn @theradgeygadgey @ChiOnwurah Mine also. Think we would all like this question answered... @UKRebel69 @dn1772 @2019Bestie Doing ok lads.and I will heed the warnings from you all. @dn1772 I am D. Pushed to hard yesterday so know my limits now.How is everybody today? 3rd day back to work a month after heart attack. Tired but feeling good. Not on tools yet,…
@exRAF_Al A fancy egg banjo. @Andrea62928413 @FactualRP @CAnt70 OK then, corned beef? 😁 @Andrea62928413 @FactualRP @CAnt70 Does it matter? 🤣
From the lad at Catterick 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ah the memories 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @VeteranIrish I remember that, bawled when I saw the little coffin. And god damn it am bawling again...😪 the bunch… @NobbyPompey Only a Para, 'right mate, you jump out the helicopter ok?' 'Its at 40 meters height' 'and you have no… @necrophage32 @jonstone731 @JKing1874 @RJH_397 @Pusser14405122 @RenownVet @2019Bestie @OwenReuby @crisp_les
@RJH_397 @necrophage32 @Nitromanuk @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @jonstone731 @2019Bestie Sin away my son. Sin away...… @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 Granted... @dn1772 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @necrophage32 @Nitromanuk @RJH_397 @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @jonstone731 @2019Bestie Nah...lifting mate.. @Nitromanuk @RJH_397 @necrophage32 @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @jonstone731 @2019Bestie Lifting biscuits AB.....rank...🤣 @dn1772 Someone get Gordon Ramsey here... @Nitromanuk @RJH_397 @necrophage32 @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @jonstone731 @2019Bestie Christ garibaldi? What the h… @RJH_397 @Nitromanuk @necrophage32 @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @jonstone731 @2019Bestie Keep attacking!!!! @necrophage32 100% upholding the standards expected of the loon plt. @RJH_397 @necrophage32 @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @jonstone731 @2019Bestie @Nitromanuk I expect best effort. No exc… @RJH_397 @necrophage32 @RenownVet @Pusser14405122 @jonstone731 @2019Bestie @Nitromanuk A few more of them and tou w… @Pusser14405122 Absolutely!! And complete with RAF tache as well 🤣 @Pusser14405122 Oh just a bit!! And I got to sit in plenty aircraft 😁 used to listen for hours with him telling my… @Pusser14405122 While my father never served in 6 sqn, he did do a tour on jags. He always said it was an unforgivi… @HelenTBracken Well that went well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @SeanLaPrawn @ktgwaye Love a bit of corned beef mate. @leearncafc @SeanLaPrawn Got bacon grill in cupboard and had some last week as well 😁 @SeanLaPrawn I love spam 🤣😁😁😁 @necrophage32 @RJH_397 Happy birthday mate!! 24 hrs and the piss take restarts!! Have a good one 😁😁 @necrophage32 @giant_jay @crisp_les Heard he has a massive credit limit and next day delivery..biggest customer apparantly.. @necrophage32 FFS!! Though Johnny Mercer was all over this like tramps on chips? Should be automatic for anyone who served. @necrophage32 Why not both? 😁 @NobbyPompey Stowaways 'let's takeover this ship 15 minutes flight time from the HQ of the SBS' The SBS Job done… @Andrea62928413 Tell them to lick their own balls. Cant abide tossers like that. I find your posts funny, rude and…
@Andrea62928413 So the usual then..🤣🤣🤣 @flyingvisit_ @necrophage32 Always the best humour @necrophage32 You are Never worthless mate. You are my brother. I always pick you up when you fall. And I know you… @necrophage32 It is a brilliant speech isn't it? Can listen to it everyday. @Andrea62928413 Nice..hope it is well filthy 😁😁😁 @necrophage32 @tfgr_t @affable_andy 😁 @tfgr_t @affable_andy @necrophage32 Never did any of us harm mate!! @affable_andy Consider it done.. @Andrea62928413 lucky number... @affable_andy @tfgr_t @necrophage32 Nee botha!! 😁 @tfgr_t @affable_andy @necrophage32 Hey, fair point! The RE would teach him and qualify him in gas as well, my lad… @affable_andy Champion. Will put the word out on Tuesday for you then mate. Will add you now and keep you informed.… @MarcherLord1 I think I just cum.... @necrophage32 @tfgr_t @affable_andy Messaged him mate. Let's try and get him sorted. If not me, I will still put th… @affable_andy Right, what area of Newcastle mate? He want domestic or commercial plumbing? Would advise domestic an… @crisp_les @Pusser14405122 @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @jonstone731 @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @BillWilson65 @necrophage32 @jonstone731 @Pusser14405122 @crisp_les @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk @Pusser14405122 @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @jonstone731 @crisp_les @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk Indeed!!! Very nice @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @jonstone731 @Pusser14405122 @crisp_les @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Pusser14405122 @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @jonstone731 @crisp_les @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk Jesus!! It looks angry.. @VeteranIrish @necrophage32 @jonstone731 @Pusser14405122 @crisp_les @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk D… @necrophage32 @VeteranIrish @jonstone731 @Pusser14405122 @crisp_les @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk @necrophage32 @VeteranIrish @jonstone731 @Pusser14405122 @crisp_les @PDevonian @2019Bestie @RenownVet @Nitromanuk P… @KamTsang5 @necrophage32 @JokersWildUK @RAFpolicedog I don't think even a police dog could eat all that...🤣 @crisp_les @necrophage32 And to quote the film. 'Nice. Very impressive' @necrophage32 @JokersWildUK Thanks, already had a heart attack 🤣 @crisp_les @necrophage32 Cheers mate, and one of the first things bought shopping yesterday..always a winner in my book. @necrophage32 Can't have potatoes because of the high carbs mate, Dr's orders. Otherwise a hash brown would be made… even @necrophage32 would approve of this breakfast. One of the reasons why I love a Sunday and breakfast with… @cjcheesecake A massive high performance TV, virgin installed and full package included and currently it is paw pat… @cjcheesecake 6.46 the kids got no...I didn't have to worry..... @necrophage32 What a wake up!!!!
@2019Bestie Yeah doing good mate 👍 @JohnnyMercerUK Take no shit from that turbo twat Johnny. Get him told @RJH_397 @JohnnyMercerUK @OwenJones84 He hasn't got the balls to do that @OwenJones84 You're a right Cockend Owen. For fucks sakes you go on like a child. Grow up you wankstain. @Wigwamjam Ah hell yes.....God's own scoff....... @Tampax @gobeeharris