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ugh. luke warm sports takes at best...

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@GODJ2 There’s a few out there @xiggy89x @JulianGuilarte1 Better than what... better than now? Better than last year? If Tanaka was the game 3 o… @xiggy89x @JulianGuilarte1 I like Castillo, but to give up those assets for a postseason unknown and go over the th… @JulianGuilarte1 @xiggy89x If you’re going over the tax threshold why not keep your assets and resign Tanaka?
@Matteau23 @metsFanscotty Just once @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 Lol @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 Mapquest directions too??? @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 Exactly. @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 Also eff dr Rick @daniNviolet @JoeBags720 Cheaper to buy a new one than cartridge replacements. @metsFanscotty @rreagles20 *tamper @rreagles20 Tweets from 1966 @yanksfan109 You won’t care when chiefs are up 38-0 @daniNviolet @Danno2430 Well that’s creepyWe’re back! @daniNviolet @Danno2430 Worst sopranos finale remake ever @daniNviolet @metsFanscotty Sonofabi.... @NJD107_ Awful fios too @verizonfios what’s going on? @LevityNYC @FranksYanks23 @NJD107_ @JForma Brooklyn square? @Matteau23 He already cost one GM his jobDid @WFANTrades go to Costco today? @BobbyMilone29 I’m not saying he’s horrible... but why give away assets for a guy who has underachieved since he’s…’m unsure what’s more alluring about the obsessions with Joe Musgrove, his losing record or his almost 4.35 era @brianbuck13 @PRINCE_OF_NY You forgot gym rat @PRINCE_OF_NY Only explanation is they don’t want Miguel/Clint around @LennyMelnick Very tough. @LennyMelnick Only DH... never healthy.... Giancarlo Stanton. @rreagles20 Ahhh the good ole days @FranksYanks23 Someone took the over @dtrainn77 Im surprised it took so long @FranksYanks23 Tonight
@LevityNYC Good rationaleAnyone with any good parlays tonight? @Poulos Pics or it didn’t happen! @AJ07966315 @Yankees @Matteau23 @metsFanscotty Absolutely @GODJ2 @Henry_Hill8 It’s great that they did something, but I feel like Kluber is going to be lights out or a disas… @GotNoSperm 😂 @Lisa6264 @SBNYMNYJ @JoeBags720 He sure did... and that damn it’s snowing in April thing always gets stuck in my head. @SBNYMNYJ @Lisa6264 @JoeBags720 Between RR/RR there are probably 10-12 people who made it.... crazy seeing them adu… @JoeBags720 @Lisa6264 @SBNYMNYJ Stephen and the slap?So they took videos and did nothing.... sad! @JoeBags720 @Lisa6264 @SBNYMNYJ I’m a coral fan. She’s all business @Lisa6264 @SBNYMNYJ Beth is the worst @FreddyJ_23 LFG @NJWeedStocks @NJWeedStocks Started drinking early? @FranksYanks23 @Timbo55081 @gilvalle3 Post. Top article. Nice job gil
@ScarRaid3r Not even that close @daniNviolet @Matteau23 @metsFanscotty Matthew is the super fan. I donate my floor time to him. @Matteau23 @daniNviolet @metsFanscotty 62 on Sunday @daniNviolet @Matteau23 @metsFanscotty 60.... @GODJ2 @EvanRobertsWFAN They’re now almost the same as last year. Lots of work to be done @kimlaurenn__ Not his best work. @GODJ2 Agreed, but I’d like to not use him at third unless it’s an emergency... he’s not strong there. @GODJ2 His game can hold up @daniNviolet It’s 10am @daniNviolet This felt too heart warming for a second. #WelcomeBack @NJD107_ @LevityNYC @JForma Ahhh. Well. See it paid off @LevityNYC @NJD107_ @JForma Oh @daniNviolet @NJD107_ @LevityNYC @JForma I didn’t know what that meant
@NJD107_ @LevityNYC @JForma Smoking thing? @CHSHS1967 @ColoniaHigh @coloniahssports Tiz!
@MetsWes @StevenACohen2 You’re giving him an entire bathroom? Not just a toilet? @AJ07966315 @Yankees Forgotten Yankee hero @LevityNYC @JForma @PressSec @NJD107_ But is it untrue? @FranksYanks23 That’s pretty funny @Matteau23 @Matteau23 Last, last chance.... we mean it @Miss90s @Matteau23 I just did. Can’t argue that @Matteau23 @Miss90s 5 days.... @FreddyJ_23 @kimlaurenn__ Half way there Kimberly @SteveDietrich13 @SBNYMNYJ Although to be fair, regardless of how pompous they may have come across, his cooking tw… @SteveDietrich13 @SBNYMNYJ He believes a follow equals support Steve @Matteau23 So no hair? @Matteau23 Insert awkward & attempted funny comment here @metsFanscotty @Matteau23 Alabamer @metsFanscotty @Matteau23 The Dutch have a deepah bench
@Matteau23 Bro @daniNviolet @gilvalle3 @MikeFrancesa @metsFanscotty @Matteau23 “My girl” @Matteau23 Thought da same @SteveAGardner Did you know that’s code for a throw down?
@_BigSteve89 ?? @_BigSteve89 ?This games feels like it’s in its 6th hour
@Pappa_Stu To divorce @Alsboringtweets No Buzz @juice33nyc @dtrainn77 Solid