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@Georgia_Roddy Was that this year??? @gilvalle3 @Matteau23 It’s actually incredible. To think 4 years ago he locked up precinct captains in Iowa to sec…
@GODJ2 @ShekBo @RealtorSteveNJ @JulianGuilarte1 With twice as many games as other leagues, you can get a truer sens…
@Matteau23 @Mr______Snrub We’re not gonna protest! @Jhoff10 @Miss90s @EmSheDoesIt @MikeB_923 You’re talking about the potential future owner of the Metsh @Jhoff10 @EmSheDoesIt @MikeB_923 Giancarlo @metsFanscotty @BonesofHoudini @WFANTrades Irar
@metsFanscotty RIP HomeGoods @gsteve27 Well done @Matteau23 Thanks. I’ll take it.I wonder if Bone & Harmony are at least staying out of trouble in all of this. @WFANTrades Appointment radio @NYMQnz @TheDietIsOff Wow. 😂 @Matteau23 @metsFanscotty More like 99 balloons that are red, no? @metsFanscotty Taylah Hamm ughkay @NJD107_ Miss sitting in restaurants
@Matteau23 @Mr______Snrub @MikeFrancesa Leah Guv @metsFanscotty @misslexxmarie @Matteau23 @misslexxmarie @metsFanscotty @Matteau23 & for whatever reason. When I goto 🚨 I think air horns @metsFanscotty @misslexxmarie @Matteau23 🚨 🚨 🚨. Neptune’s. Beach side. Let’s go. @Matteau23 So different now... it’s amazing. @tribros @TheDietIsOff @ChrisBiv Guess I associate with the right people. @ChrisBiv @TheDietIsOff I’ve never followed him and am blocked, in fact, I don’t really know who this clown is. I… don’t remember Derek Jeter whining & complaining that he got screwed and had to wait two months for a call up.
@Miss90s Papers aren’t ready to be seen. @Miss90s Lots of haters out there... they all have slap tears. @NJD107_ @metsFanscotty @steakhouseelite Burger looks good @Matteau23 @metsFanscotty 💯 @brianbuck13 Yikes. @tribros They did it to themselves @tribros Don’t worry, I have all the screenshots... or. I could just act like a human being & adult and sign off t… @GODJ2 Totally agree. Everyone else is handling this well, professionally. @GODJ2 Just wait until next Friday... until then, this is all noise. @free_dowlin_ @FranksYanks23 @MLB Their money runs out Sunday, let’s see how it goes. @brianbuck13
@metsFanscotty @Matteau23 There it is. @KellyAuCoin77 Three Families @Matteau23 @Matteau23 Ugh @daniNviolet @metsFanscotty No. No there’s not.
@Matteau23 @metsFanscotty Oh my @IL0VEthe80s Darryl JenkinsDarryl Jenkins @JoeBags720 @Matteau23 Big tobacco keeps telling me yes... so I’m sure, it’ll work @Matteau23 What about the ring finger? @Miss90s You’d think with such a box office winner like titanic there would’ve been a sequel. @Miss90s Damn typos. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @PRINCE_OF_NY @metsfanmurph2 Exactly. @Miss90s 🚨 SPOILER ALERT WARMING 🚨 @PRINCE_OF_NY @metsfanmurph2 Line of the day @Matteau23 @JoeBags720 Guilty as charged @brianbuck13 @JoeBags720 Ok Chad. @mikepac23 Remember it like it was yesterday.
@FranksYanks23 @metsFanscotty Are those knishes? @Matteau23 @gilvalle3 @sepinwall There was a lot to tie up in the 25 min finale. They fell short. @metsFanscotty I think it’s tomorrow
@Matteau23 @metsFanscotty @JoeBags720 Well played @GODJ2 @metsFanscotty Very nice @metsFanscotty @GODJ2 What’s under the foil? @mrsstealyobase Nice. Can’t wait for them to open back up! @mrsstealyobase How was the sea salt ? @metsFanscotty @Matteau23 @JoeBags720 The original “in the heights” @free_dowlin_ 👏 @free_dowlin_ On fire with the pizza. From the oven? @metsFanscotty Got petty on axs in the background @FreddyJ_23 Always @ShekBo Chuck was spot on with Jimmy a screw up, but seemed to hold it against him at every turn. I was happy they… @FreddyJ_23 @FranksYanks23 Nice @ShekBo The breakdown came and unraveled quickly. I don’t think it was by accident though @FranksYanks23 Son opting for just ketchup on a potato roll again? @slaw12345678 @free_dowlin_ I’m not sure many people ever saw it. Thought it was very good @vicdamone1979 @YESNetwork Me too... loved watching Rickey playWill #ChandraLevyJustice be next @brianbuck13 @brianbuck13 Haven’t seen that episode in 20 yrs and it’s still all very clear @brianbuck13 Two beldings in the building with one balding @FreddyJ_23 🍻 @tribros 😂 @tribros Doesn’t twitter ask you if you’re sure you want to use that strong language prior to tweeting?I miss the simpler times... when I looked forward to @tribros positive Monday vibes full of hope & energy. @BluEyezMess @TheDietIsOff @hotdogsandbeers Actually stopped watching breaking bad mid first season. Went back way… @tribros First two losses on yankees classics for the bombers. @vicdamone1979 @YESNetwork An incredibly mediocre late 80s/early 90s display of yankees futility. I’m not sure any… @vicdamone1979 @YESNetwork Looks like Andy Hawkins @free_dowlin_ @NJD107_ Nice job
@Miss90s @tribros @_nictro 😂 @Miss90s As well as annoying Yankees Sports & Entertainment commercials @mrsstealyobase @OpenGateBrewery Lol. Enjoy! 🍻 @mrsstealyobase @OpenGateBrewery That’s awesome youre so close. At least there doing pick up! @mrsstealyobase @OpenGateBrewery I wish I lived closer. Love it there @metsFanscotty @WFANTrades Outlets I guess. Right? @Matteau23 I was thinking how it could play out. I had some ideas, but this wins. 😂 @JonKalnas I expected a larger collection of data @PRINCE_OF_NY @WFANTrades He pressed on air for the move to happen.Sew @JonKalnas 😂 @JonKalnas What’s your response @Big_Steve89 Possibly