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Steve Benko @SteveBenko North Side, Pittsburgh.

Sports Producer @KDKA • former newspaperman • opinions = mine • native Arizonan 🌵• @StJohnsU alum • 🏁• union @WeMakeKDKA

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Bet. I’m pullin up with the fellas
Retweeted by Steve Benko @SteveBenko I saw you too
Retweeted by Steve BenkoI saw Pittsburgh’s monolith tonight.'m thinking @SteveBenko is extremely happy about this....
Retweeted by Steve Benko @PaulZeise You bet @krishansonRCF @eboldy Kris, is your home chaos
@LeighMayock I think they have vet emergency hospitals. Google and call them. They should be able to take it if you call to bring it in.@MankFilm time.NFL should follow suit. @SynonymForWet Right @rvlad22 Yup. Bad engineering that never gets fixed.Just a little perspective.Friendly reminder for folks who use the “99% survival rate” argument. There can be upwards of 20,000 planes in th… @jaxel222 Oh god no... just when I forget about it @pinksparkleyums Or better yet INSTAGRAM LIVE @pinksparkleyums Thank you. I should make a YouTube video.F-R-E-E that spells free, credit re-port dot com bay-bee @lachlan Oh no, it’s a grift. @JGBasile When I think marketing gimmick I think pyramid schemeIt’s almost like it was a scam from day one @Espo WOW. AWESOME. the deadliest crash in the history of US aviation happened with a plane that later became a model of reliabilit… @jordancicchelli I liked this specifically because I was the 69th like @RJPase @espn @AtlantaFalcons @haydenrhurst You’re stronger than you think you are. Hang in there.BREAKING: Jason Derulo falls down the steps at the Met Gala after seeing a monolith appear out of nowhere! @IOnlySayFacts Damp x 3 @CHREEZUSCHRIST You know who else is? One Robert Matthew Hurley.BOBBY F*****G HURLEY @JamesSantelli Bringing their total donation amount to ..... $5!Wikipedia: Please, we’re starving. We need two dollars. Or .. one dollar? We helped you get through school. Whateve…
@chanelly37 @SynonymForWet If I have to....... @chanelly37 @SynonymForWet Ugh both of you tweeting at me at the same time? How did I get so unlucky. @CraigMeyerPG Probably but still what a bummer.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @krishansonRCF About the same chance of two cars I’ve owned getting broken into in two years @DrKJStanley That’s not the argument, though. And also they beat Tenn already.Garbage**Mike Tomlin coached a team with two backup QBs as starters to 8 wins last year, and has never had a losing season d… isn’t a Big-10 school playing Southeastern Indiana State for 11 straight games. This is NFL football. Teams do…’m not really a Steeler fan but this type of stuff is so bizarre to me. You don’t get to 11-0 by being an average… @Aar0nNicholson 😂 on Alex Highsmith who takes over for Bud Dupree. “I’m just as comfortable as I was with Robert Spillane”
Retweeted by Steve Benko @pinksparkleyums Does that sound familiar?Xfinity is above and beyond the worst customer service of all time. And a lot of the time it’s not even the fault o… @WestBoiseRoyZ Thank you. It’s not going well! @LA_Broadus Getting close!Anyone wanna take a stab at how long I’m gonna be on hold with xfinity? I’ll put the O/U at 15 minutes.Bud can have mine, I don’t need it anyway. @protectedpick @MikeLisboa @Chris_Coffel @mikenothum @IncredibleKulk7 Mike I love thisHappy birthday to the legend @MikeDSykesPulled an Alonzo Harris in Training Day like “You wanna go to jail, or you wanna go home?”😂 @pkrenek @SnottieDrippen This crossed my mind more than once... and I kid you not this is how close they are to eac… @Geostrophic It was a good bad choiceBREAKING: I went with Taco Bell. @Grander944 Never had it @BravesStats I love the double quarter pounder. That’s my go-to McDonald’s meal. But the McRib is back... @AllifKarim It may happen Allif @BC28_ You should know by now I hate myself and this is representative of thatI have an important question. After i leave the station, should I go to McDonald’s to get the McRib, or Taco Bell…
It's a Festivus miracle! @AlexaRossTV not with that last name! @AlexaRossTV if you want jamie to lose and get embarrassed.... Benko is perfect. @AlexaRossTV Jamie what. we need a last name.Benny Snell is effective catching passes out of the backfield. The Steelers will just take what they can get right now. @AlexaRossTV who has a twin brother named Chase McSorely and they're both villainsoh for crying out loud
Retweeted by Steve BenkoNobody: Kawhi back in SD while the Clippers having practice:
Retweeted by Steve Benko @seanjlongley Is that good? @eboldy Just a drop in the bucket to the top 7 people on the Forbes 400 lists worth 500 billion dollars!$85 million over two years is $518,293 per regular season game. this is all accurate, and I suspect that it is.... crazy. @kmhoulis Starting on January 1 I’m going to keep track of every single song I listen to. Take THAT Spotify. @kmhoulis Like how am I supposed to know what I listened to the most? How can I be cool? @SteveBenko Hahaha, same!
Retweeted by Steve Benko @SynonymForWet, a non Spotify user looking at everyone’s posts @SnottieDrippen I bought a PS4 in April. I used to have one but I got rid of it. Forgot how much fun it isLove it @FitzyMoPena @FitzyMoPena I saw Coldplay in 2016 at The Linc. Best concert I’ll probably ever go to. @FitzyMoPena Love it @catmsilverman Check DM!Ending my night with a little Parts Unknown. Man, I miss Anthony Bourdain. @SteveBenko @Vernon_Martian @hmfaigen @DuncanSmithNBA 😭😭 @ WHERE
Retweeted by Steve Benko @JasmineLWatkins @Vernon_Martian @hmfaigen @DuncanSmithNBA Wikipedia said @DuncanSmithNBA @Vernon_Martian @hmfaigen I guess to give him the benefit of the doubt, I can’t say whether it is o… @Vernon_Martian @hmfaigen @DuncanSmithNBA He claimed that Kobe said he was “the best player never drafted” and Wiki… @hmfaigen @DuncanSmithNBA I got blocked because I called him out for lying about stuff on his Wikipedia page that w… @AlexaRossTV @chanelly37 I also keep @SynonymForWet humble. @scooperhoops @maxhodder @chanelly37 Can’t have you thinking you’re a BIG SHOT NOW. Even though you are!!! @chanelly37 😂😂