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Burnley captain Ben Mee: “Jordan Henderson might be the captain of the European champions but he is also a working-…
Retweeted by Steve FosterCOMPETITION- since this covid-19 everyone struggling so I’m giving 10 free bottles of CBD oil tonight, to enter si…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @piersmorgan People blaming the government when from what I can see the country is full of idiots who can’t follow… someone please let Matt Hancock know that Jordan Henderson was organising this BEFORE he got on his high horse!
Retweeted by Steve Foster @ESmyllie Cheers @ESmyllie If you are a football person please join the challenge of posting a football photo. On… you go @JonWagstaffe is this the festival you are currently practicing for?
Those pesky professional footballers, donating millions to the NHS while simultaneously paying £1bn into the excheq…
Retweeted by Steve Foster😂😂😂 is shining! @KissFMUK is on the radio! Ready for a night of delivering Dominos Pizza to Gloucester!!! Let’s go #kisstoryAn Emergency Services Football League has been set up.🚨 For the first time, teams from the NHS, Police, Fire & Pri…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @empireofthekop Empty stadium would surely just be the same as when Kompany was lifting it for Man City so people h…
As a major UK taxpayer and one of the biggest employers in the city with a staff of around 800, FSG felt it was ent…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @Football__Tweet’s isolation going? Me:
Retweeted by Steve Foster‘It’s worth bearing in mind when we talk about immigrants in this country, these are the immigrants currently savin…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @Serge23 @_HusseinAmir4 Surely you miss Voke more than anything else in relation to Uni football Serge?
US indictment published tonight says in black and white FIFA execs were PAID BRIBES to vote for RUSSIA and QATAR Wo…
Retweeted by Steve FosterWritten up the interview with former Super Welter English champ Adam Harper. He’s had a surreal 18 months, but is b…
Retweeted by Steve Foster"I didn't really get the chance to leave on my terms." Adam Harper made an unexpected comeback - and now targets Britain's biggest names.
Retweeted by Steve FosterLiverpool ownership deserves plenty of credit for reversing decision to take advantage of the government furlough s…
Retweeted by Steve FosterJurgen Klopp once said it's better to change your opinion than to not have one at all, and today Liverpool have adm…
Retweeted by Steve FosterThe @ESFL20 would like to thank everyone for the kindness having been featured on todays @SkySportsNews Not only h…
Retweeted by Steve Foster🗣"We're very quick to judge, there's a myth football clubs have hundreds of millions of pound they don't…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @btsportrugby @GRMsportx @GRMshawn your turn......#LFC chief executive officer Peter Moore has issued the following letter to supporters.
Retweeted by Steve FosterBREAKING: Liverpool announce U-turn and will not apply to government scheme to pay furloughed staff
Retweeted by Steve FosterMassive difference between footballers taking a pay cut and just donating the money instead....if they take a pay c… @scotty_wils @JonWagstaffe @MickeyPreedy6 Always knew you were a team players mate! @scotty_wils @MickeyPreedy6 To be fair I didn’t even know they were giving them away to a group of people saving li… @MickeyPreedy6 @scotty_wils Someone is clearly bored and going fishing 🎣 @ChampionsLeague Buffon @TheKop_com @petercrouch Sounds like he is after a taking part trophy here @Chris_Stark 😂😂Footballers getting all the stick - has the Queen put her hand in her pocket yet? Her £70billion fortune would go a long way.
Retweeted by Steve FosterHere's Wayne Rooney - absolutely nailing it ❤️
Retweeted by Steve FosterA picture paints a thousand words. #StayHome #SaveLives #Please
Retweeted by Steve FosterThe Virtual Grand National - 4.8 million watched on tv - £2.6 million raised for the NHS - some v funny posts o…
Retweeted by Steve Foster
@MCTommiD Yea mate. Need £££ as I haven’t got a job so got this for now! @MCTommiD Paid for what mate? Advertising or driving? @MickeyPreedy6 Easy work to be honest! @MickeyPreedy6 Fuck mate!! That’s horrible!! Thoughts wit your family!Just delivered 30 free pizzas to Gloucester Royal Hospital just to say thank you for everything the NHS are doing f… @MickeyPreedy6 That’s fucking horrible to think about!!! Fingers crossed he is ok mate!!!GOAL OF THE CENTURY. CHOOSE YOU’RE FAVOURITE GOAL!
Retweeted by Steve FosterLots of people asking if this was from today, yes: we can (unfortunately) verify this was Richmond Bridge this afternoon. 😕
Retweeted by Steve FosterThis is just staggering- Richmond Bridge, 3pm yday. (Nb. Surrey Police have confirmed the time and date after some…
Retweeted by Steve Foster#LFC record an annual net profit of £106m, Mcdonals record a net profit of well over £300m just in the UK. Both use…
Retweeted by Steve FosterThere is no sugar coating this. Premier League football clubs using tax payers money through the governments furl…
Retweeted by Steve Foster‘Sunbathing is against the rules that have been set out for important public health reasons.. to save lives & help…
Retweeted by Steve FosterThe PFA say that a 30% wage cut for Premier League players would cause a loss in tax contributions of more than £20…
Retweeted by Steve Foster#LFC confirm furloughed staff will be paid 100 per cent of their wages.
Retweeted by Steve Foster @GRMshawn Thanks for the nomination mate! Next up: @brelsfordd @AdamTedstone @TomBlanchard3 @Ryan_williams8 for the nomination @robwillo72 & @KevMarshall84 Next up: @Stevefoster187 @DavidRaybould1 @gazellis12
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@ThomasThrowin @dessipinkman Come down to Tewkesbury and take a session @ThomasThrowin @dessipinkman Thoughts on coaching an U10 training session or two when we are back up and running? HahaJoe Cole and his wife have set up a charity. 300k raised. - Bought 50 3D printers to print thousands of medical vi…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @GRMshawn Here you go
@Al_Stany @LFC @Carra23 @JHenderson @JamesMilner @VirgilvDijk @JamesPearceLFC any chance you can help out?A letter to @LFC , @Carra23 @JHenderson @JamesMilner @VirgilvDijk
Retweeted by Steve Foster @S88Griff @LFC @Carra23 @JHenderson @JamesMilner @VirgilvDijk @petercrouch @GaryLineker @GNev2 have a look/word please @S88Griff @LFC @Carra23 @JHenderson @JamesMilner @VirgilvDijk @PeterMooreLFC have a look at this please?Anyone and everyone please retweet this, see if we can get their attention 🤞 @LFC @Carra23 @JHenderson @JamesMilner
Retweeted by Steve Foster @Lee_Cartz_ @MickeyPreedy6 😂Jordan Henderson is organising a Premier League coronavirus crisis fund for the NHS that will run into millions of…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @sagoo182 English teacher as well! Let it slide haha4 years ago I slipped into my wife’s DMs! Since then we have gone onto have our first date, 2 children and a marria… @Sean_Kennedy25 Haha amazed I haven’t made the forgotten list yet @Connor9759 Currently on Boardwalk Empire and rewatching Ballers so might get on it after them! @Sean_Kennedy25 Bloody hell you got alerts set up for me or something ;)What is this Tiger King? Is it any good?Please give the ESFL a retweet and a follow. Help us spread news & updates about the football league for Emergency…
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@davlar1978 Cheers mate @MartinSLewis my FTC came to an end last week and at the moment out of full time work due to the market. Despite me… runs out at work last week so last night I went and got a job as a full time dominos delivery driver just…
@AnfieldEdition Linked with Raul for a number of seasons @Chris_Stark I got ran over by a tractor right outside my secondary school when I was 14. Cracked my head open and broke 3 ribsIncredible goalkeeping @markgoldbridge news this morning coming from @AEFL_Evesham is that with the current situation Bredon U10s are Joint AEFL Pla… surely can’t be true?!
@mrjakehumphrey If you exclude them what happens? Do they have to go to the garage or shed?!The Premier League faces losses of £1.2billion if the season is cancelled, compared to £169million if games are played behind closed doors.
Retweeted by Steve Foster @TomGloverComedy @JonWagstaffe 100% it’s real! Keeps getting arrested @JonWagstaffe Goldberg is also now a meth addict
Anyone fancy a song about Fred West sung in the style of The Fresh Prince?
Retweeted by Steve Foster @jando9910 Belarus are still playing football! Could always bet on that
This is extremely encouraging. A new study from Imperial shows the total deaths could be lower than 7000 - less t…
Retweeted by Steve FosterI saw Karius hand Real Madrid our Champions League, a beach ball slotting one past Reina kick off our banter era an…
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Calling out any University, during these times of uncertainty, we as a football club know one thing for certain, we…
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The #ClapForCarers heard out across London 👏👏👏👏 #clapforNHS #clapforourcarers
Retweeted by Steve Foster @ChefConsultant Done! Thank youCan someone check on @Ryan_williams8? First he is playing as Everton on FM20 and now he has shaved his hair off!! G…
This fuckwit licked a toilet bowl as part of a Coronavirus "challenge". He now has Coronavirus. The other beaut,…
Retweeted by Steve FosterRe fuckin tweet. Almost 6 years working for this company and friday is my last wage. Genuinely never felt so let do…
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@SStaniford @romankemp info from the government. If you and your partner are not together, any children under 18 can travel between th…
Retweeted by Steve Foster @ChefConsultant Yes, please post it to meARE YOU READY FOR HOME BAKING?? 🍞I am giving away 200 Dry Sourdough Starter! All you need to do is to RT and comme…
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So there. In the end you had to be told. Now listen. STAY. AT. HOME.
Retweeted by Steve FosterFucking idiots