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If voting didn’t matter, voter suppression wouldn’t persist.
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@TheRochaSays @Shudder To clarify: I’m a guy saying that talking about movies is less important than talking about… @TheRochaSays @Shudder If you want me to delete my tweet I will, I wasn’t trying to upset you or be provacative @TheRochaSays @Shudder I don’t write articles John, I work for a game company as a storyteller. And again, I’m not… @TheRochaSays @Shudder All this is to say: I like you. I’m not telling you what to do. I think your twitter feed h… @TheRochaSays @Shudder Hell, doing my fucking day job has turned to ash in my mouth. How do I get excited about wr… @TheRochaSays @Shudder I also understand that while there is a crisis is going on people still need to make a livin… @TheRochaSays @Shudder I’m not telling you what to do with your channel. Diversions during dark times are important… @TheRochaSays @Shudder Maybe this isn’t the best time to promote your channelOh look, another instance of a peaceful protestor getting arrested for no fucking reason. to really stand for racial justice? Change your name.
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @m1kashida Hit me upA black family tried to get the attention of the police to protect a neighborhood store in Van Nuys and were immedi…
Retweeted by Steve Jaroswhat the fuck is happening WHAT IN THE FUCK
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @chetfaliszek ChristWHOEVER THE FUCK THIS IS, YOU DROPPED THIS KING 👑
Retweeted by Steve JarosA lot of my “so called fans” are asking why I don’t just shut up and make you laugh. My Grandparents were Jews. For…
Retweeted by Steve JarosI keep seeing news anchors say "It's unfortunate that the looters are taking attention away from the real issues" w…
Retweeted by Steve JarosSen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on the president’s photo op at St. John’s last night: “Didn’t really see it.”
Retweeted by Steve JarosThe cycle of protesting police violence will be endless until people are held accountable.
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @chetfaliszek Where was this?
@ToksOlagundoye Fucking get ‘emIf you live in Seattle and are frustrated, can't make it the protest or worry for you safety - that's cool. You ca…
Retweeted by Steve JarosMay I suggest celebrities call for a day of donating large sums of money to community organizations that are combat…
Retweeted by Steve JarosDo not black out the election!! Today is Primary Day in Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota,…
Retweeted by Steve Jarosthis website allows you to split your donation to multiple services and centers across the united states. very help…
Retweeted by Steve Jarosthere’s always a mysterious call for silence as a form of demonstration whenever the protests don’t die down lol
Retweeted by Steve JarosThe freedom you speak of entitles you to speak your mind all you want. I’m not here to argue that. I just really ne…
Retweeted by Steve JarosThe President had peaceful protesters shot with tear gas and rubber bullets so he could get his picture taken.
Retweeted by Steve JarosAnderson Cooper, at the :45 mark, speaks for all of us.
Retweeted by Steve Jaros
Oh look... someone acting presidential officer disciplinary records should not be kept secret. They deserve public scrutiny. State and local gove…
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @GDoCExpo I’ll help
@rickfuss 100%Required viewing. Please.
Retweeted by Steve JarosTruly horrifying clip that proves every point protestors are trying to make about systemic police violence.
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @rickfuss It’s so gross“Here’s a quote from a book filled with values we Trumps have chosen not to live by”
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @BrianWFoster If only us Christians had an example of a Brown man unjustly murdered by the state for us to look to... @Anim8der The mayor later said all the people arrested weren’t outsiders.Unfortunately they killed him.
Retweeted by Steve JarosShare widely: National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own fro…
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @PersonalBeavis I think that’s totally fairI’ve seen a whole lot of people talking about infiltration in protests. This is not the story. The story is about… @PersonalBeavis I think in times like these it’s ok to take this at face value. We can’t believe that every act of humanity is a trick @MontezFordWWE @BiancaBelairWWE it’s awesome that you guys put together - congratsLegit question: did I actually hear @MayorJenny categorically deny that the police did anything wrong during the protest?In today's criminal justice news, a SWAT unit in Salt Lake City UT deploys And decides one of their top prioritie…
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @chetfaliszek @matttwood @marc_laidlaw Police chief said there is another gun taken from a police car that hasn’t been recoveredSeattle needs a killer mike @samred @marc_laidlaw @matttwood Like he moved like a copSeattle protestors have taken over the freeway #seattleprotest
Retweeted by Steve JarosThat’s impressive watching him get the gun, drop the magazine and clear the chamber so quickly
If you’re talking more about the looting than you are about police brutality there’s a decent chance you’re part of the problem.The oppressor doesn’t give you time to talk about self love before they shoot you. Wayward individuals speaking from comfort. We SEE you.
Retweeted by Steve JarosRemember that one time when cobra commander threatened to use vicious dogs and ominous weapons? Oh wait. That was… @onekevinmiller Oft I wonder how sick someone is. Now I know.1/ The CBC needs more Black producers. And to cut the crap. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForRegis I was tapped yesterd…
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @MikeWehner Sleep apnea? @PersonalBeavis Spoilers...Wise words from killer mike
@aaronlinde 100%. It’s cool if you don’t like something, but it’s even better to learn why other people like things @warrenhyman That assumes that democrats get their shit together and mobilize the vote... trump losing the 2020 ele… non racist police brutality news: our president has decided that the US won’t support the World Health Organizat… So much support from all over the country + the world! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has…
Retweeted by Steve Jaros“To my white brothers, I love you. Every race here, I love you. But it comes to a point now, where if you love me a…
Retweeted by Steve JarosFAMILY STATEMENT: The family of #GeorgeFloyd and I released the following statement in response to the arrest of De…
Retweeted by Steve Jaros @chetfaliszek Root and stem, man. This dude is acting like he’s shooting silly string at a graduation partySo fucking gross. @WorstYearPod hey can you stop using your fucking Monkeys Paw to make this the worst year? @Atheris @chetfaliszek Are you fucking kidding me? I havent dipped my toes in that water @courtenaytaylor @AttorneyCrump This is all I could find. @chetfaliszek So do we have it? Does the programming appear on comcast? Do I have to download yet another app? I… @chetfaliszek I wondered the same thing pointed out to me “this country exists because white people stole tea”It’s like they don’t realize that it was live on air and people saw what happened.... woke up and saw that our president advocated for shooting civilians and state police arrested journalists live on… is disquieting to watch @chetfaliszek I’m not sure it’s possible for that lady to have a worse take
@aaronlinde Yep. You’ll basically only see me talk about things I like rather than things I don’t @aaronlinde ...and THEN they have to sell it. Promote it. Try to get it on the radio. Etc. it’s an insane amount… @aaronlinde Like: that musician you don’t like? Think of all the work and hustle that goes into writing a song. W… @aaronlinde It like people think people want to work really hard to make a product that folks don’t like, when the… @SorcerersArena this frozen event is super predatory and not fun. It’s just “buy shit”. at least the incredibles e… @BrokeAssJedi It was a warm hugI discovered Master of Orion 2 was on steam yesterday, and in true master of Orion 2 fashion I accidentally ended up playing until 345 am @donlemon giving Cumo the business on CNN is something to behold.
@RDLee Did you like morta? @RDLee Shit. What about wizard of legend?Does children of morta support online coop on Xbox? @ZLow4sho @YuriLowenthal And would have a dope AF logo @ZLow4sho @YuriLowenthal That would be so good @ZLow4sho @YuriLowenthal Dude. I have like 3 different games that I want to make with you @Flargenstow WHY WAS THIS NOT EMAILED IMMEDIATELY
Im starting to feel like wrestling has jumped the shark and I’m not sure how I feel about itThis match should have ended after the poison rana on the apron. What does it take for someone to stay down in wre…