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JUST IN: Greyhound says it will stop letting Border Patrol agents conduct routine immigration checks on its buses,…
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@evntdrvn no @ManishEarth congrats! @wycats @fwoaroof Heh, I probably shoulda been more clear but to be honest, this is a friend of a friend so I don’t… @fwoaroof @wycats They took a class on java but didn’t feel like they retained anything, so vaguely familiar but un… @zedshaw They had taken a class on java already but don’t feel like they retained much, and are looking to suppleme… you for the help everyone! @techgirl1908 thanks for the link! (I'm asking on behalf of someone, ill pass it along) @malk_zameth @pati_gallardo to be clear, this wouldn't be for me personally :) (and I agree paying someone for the… @BlueSpaceCanary hehe it's all good, lots of good jokes and folks being helpful @BlueSpaceCanary this isn't for me personally, i'm asking on the behalf of someone else, who is relatively new(this is a serious post) @wycats Someone has asked me for this advice and I don't know what to tell them. Jokes are fun but I am actually being serious :)If I had to learn Java in one day, what would you tell me to do?how will the US pay for universal healthcare? maybe they could use a portion of the money they spend on the more ex…
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Retweeted by steveklabnik @helenhousandi You’re not wrongI just was mentioning Turing Police out loud in a conversation and the person I was talking to thought it was a leg… Portland! I need a speaker for the next PDX.rb in a couple of weeks. Who wants a mic? If you make me give both…
Retweeted by steveklabnikIf Bernie wins, are his supporters prepared to organize & get in the streets to fight for the reforms he’s proposin…
Retweeted by steveklabnikI keep seeing this question come up: why does #rustlang have `String` and `&str`? So we try to write a few C progr…
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@AndreaPessino @wickerwaka 💯👍❤️ @AndreaPessino @wickerwaka I wrote a thread about this recently:, I did it, I tagged the 0.2.0 release of and published the very long tutorial:…
Retweeted by steveklabnikFriends! I usually kick these out in the AM PST, but I can't wait. It's Wednesday night and I have a new chapter of…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @wycats 100%, and that’s also why even though I ultimately disagree with Bernie/warren, still prefer either of them… @wycats 💪👍❤️ @wycats Yeah, I mean the leadership. And that’s slowly, painfully changing. Which is good! @xlerb We are interrupting @JoeBiden at the #DemDebate chanting #DontLookAway and #NoKidsInCages. We need a Demo…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @xlerb Couldn’t hereAh the Democrats, a party that’s largely not for democracy in the workplace, not democracy for deciding who is on t…
Retweeted by steveklabniki‘m not a plan, not yet a powerpoint
Retweeted by steveklabnik @jessfromonline Oh my god you’ve missed so muchjust going to pop in to twitter dot com to see what's going on real quick
Retweeted by steveklabnik(It’s true that the democrats aren’t gonna throw out capitalism) I'm late @steveklabnik
Retweeted by steveklabnikBillionaires don’t earn their money @2093bps @_timothee 🎉👏😊 @mostlysafe Yesssssssss @steveklabnik Ok I'm posting it
Retweeted by steveklabnikmust say The Comedy Central Roast of Mike Bloomberg has a real weird vibe. do they normally let 5 of the comedians…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @schneems Thank you! @ag_dubs ty bb <3 :* @NfNitLoop bloomberg's horrible response to the various allegations against him by women @quephird Pete said he was Microsoft Word @jkordish @nostarch I’m always happy to sign copies!... you may not know that Vegas makes money? Really? @AaronM Oh you’ve missed SO MUCH it started IMMEDIATELY @stahnchan Heheh it happens to me too man. There’s a lot of people there! @gesa 💪👍❤️ @2093bps Ah :( it’s like... real bad that this is the case @2093bps I’m watching on hulu, no cable here#DemDebate @stahnchan I barely know what’s happening at this point to be honesthe paid for this
Retweeted by steveklabnikThis is not news but Bloomberg is such a piece of shitAhahahahahahah omg Jesus fucking Christ @stahnchan I agree that that would be nice, I just never actually expect that these days and so I’ll take the theatrics @audreywatters It is so gross
Retweeted by steveklabnikSorry, two dudes who aren’t mayorsIt’s still so weird to me that two men, one of whom is not a Vice President and one who is not a mayor, address each other as such @TedMielczarek ForrealAmazing how everyone is just so thirsty for Democrats to give some sort of shit for real things rather than tax adv… is the only good debate that’s happened imho
@mountain_ghosts @ManishEarth @16kbps uses the "can", but doesn't get into it a whole toni did enjoy some commentor's suggestion of "ess que ell ee tay" though @theomn good guy dr hipp it's "ess que ell ight" and not "sequel lite" like a rock @maryloulenhart Put in less jargony terms, the rich encourage fascism because if you blame a minority/ethnic group… @maryloulenhart There’s an old saying, “fascism is capitalism in decay”. That is, when the going gets tough, capita… @wycats i can't imagine how hard this was to write, but i'm glad you did it. great job!I'll never forget the day I became a member of the Rails core team. I just published the first part of a 2-part se…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @etrepum @fogus there is a threshold, yes @cooper_kunz aw thank you! @fogus Any time! There’s even more, but this was already a bit long, hehe. @cpayan_ @fogus I am not familiar enough with the details to be honest. I would guess no.Social software engineering
Retweeted by steveklabnik @cpayan_ @fogus yes, i would very much agree with that also, the small wrinkle that in the US, you cannot declare… @casio_juarez 🎊🎊🎊 @fogus (Okay, so I should also mention for completeness: lambda school's ISA lets you "default" after five years, s… @aatxe @EyalL my also-uninformed take: we *could* do this, in the same way that we could say that all generics are… @fogus "I am no longer going to earn a wage" which uh, has problems. anyway yeah. i should probably write a blog post... @fogus that is, there's a problem with loans: the person taking out the loan can default. and you don't get your mo… @fogus if you take off your "everything is financial product" hat, of course, this is pretty gross: it's basically… @fogus why not cut out the middleman and just straight up say "i get access to human capital (aka, enriching myself… @fogus so the line of reasoning is "hey, students traditionally take out loans, in order to invest in themselves, s… @fogus human capital is the idea that i can do things that will increase my ability to make money in the future. so… @fogus "human capital" is like a loan, but also different. The idea with a loan is that you say "hey, I need $50,00… @aatxe but i am glad i figured it out! @aatxe i think one thing that really messes with the intuition here, and frankly, the only reason i figured it out,… @fogus i can give a shot at explaining it if you care, but yeah, the aesthetic says it all @aatxe okay so here's my take: the first call to f means that the lifetime has to be tied to z, that is, the compil… @aatxe oh i do *now*, actually, i think @aatxe i do not, personally