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@larswillighagen @zkat__ @dignifiedquire Awesome! Email me your github handle, and we’ll go… @zkat__ @dignifiedquire We have the parser passing 100% of node-semver’s tests IIRC @zkat__ @dignifiedquire 👍👍👍👍👍 @zkat__ @dignifiedquire It’s very close to being finished, life just got in my way! @zkat__ @dignifiedquire I would be happy to work together to get things across the finish line @zkat__ @dignifiedquire I actually have a complete re-write in a private branch 😇 it’s just not quite done yet @steveklabnik YAAAAY
Retweeted by steveklabnik @tef - your buddies say hi!! cc @emilywithcurls @steveklabnik @aanand
Retweeted by steveklabnikIronically, this would also be an art to surprise hang out with @aanand and @emilywithcurls 🥰🥰🥰GOT TO MEET LEO OMG
Double dry hopped juicy lager @selbyk It is!New brewery opening up near me; @HoldOutBrewing ! This is a Blue Owl collab.Sour dry hopped coconut milk stout shot and killed an unarmed man, lying on the ground, this morning in the Mission. A construction worker who wi…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @treekisser Fuckthis one is one of the worst takes
Retweeted by steveklabnikIt’s chocolate milk, how much could it cost? $9,970 for in-state tuition and $25,620 for out-of-state tuition, not… and again, we let our nation's poilce get away with carelessness, with cruelty, with negligence, with shootin…
Retweeted by steveklabnikInfosec is tired of the confusion between cryptography and cryptocurrency. To rectify this issue, I propose that we…
Retweeted by steveklabnikHi I’m Pete Buttigieg and this is Jackass
Retweeted by steveklabnik @lindseybieda I think about this all the time, fuck that was such a deal in those days @fivetanley
┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ In this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we love ▔▏┗┛▕▔ & appreciate ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ firefighters and hate cops ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲…
Retweeted by steveklabnikToday we launch an early alpha version of Makepad basic! Play with Rust+Wasm live. Compile and run the makepad desk…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @chimeracoder know, I’m almost smiling about the plaintext password drama. My brain has now adjusted to the “large corporatio… Wilson Gilmore: "Philanthropy is the private allocation of stolen social wages." this is the most important…
Retweeted by steveklabnikExtremely proud of the work my team is doing. Got several great things in the pipeline that are finally coming together, and it’s awesome! 🥰I genuinely feel bad for all of these social media interns forced to interact with each other as brands on twitter…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @iximeow you’re upset with Horny Brands on Twitter, just wait until Incel Brands on Twitter begins @Argorak Erinthis is it. this is the end of twitter.
Retweeted by steveklabnikAre you using @nodejs with large heap sizes? The V8 engine is working on a feature that might affect you, and we’d…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @penelope_zone it's not a super big drama but a little discussionKeeping tabs on this discourse, but not gonna participate. Need to give it some space @penelope_zone i'm not even sure i know tbhJSON: it's good the cops shoot you dead in the street your boss will thank the cops
Retweeted by steveklabnikcheck it out y’all, i wrote some node a couple weeks ago
Retweeted by steveklabnikDo u even verification-oriented lift, bro? @zackbloom @jgrahamc i am okay with this @jgrahamc @zackbloom ... I never used a VPN in my professional life *until* I took a job at cloudflare, where does that leave me? :P <3I have finally figured out the real way to categorise dog breeds
Retweeted by steveklabnik @casio_juarez In my experience this isn’t a generational divide, it’s the “my first tattoo” vs “all my other tattoos” divideDoes anyone know if there's a way to run the c preprocessor for only an ifdef/ifndef for a specific variable?
Retweeted by steveklabnik
WebAssembly 1.0 is now a W3C Recommendation! 🎉🎉 Huge thanks to everyone who has worked to make this happen! Can't…
Retweeted by steveklabnikHow will web applications in 2025 be different than the ones we have in 2019?
Retweeted by steveklabnik @nullarity Sadly I cannotI continue to think "Dynamic Inference of Static Types for Ruby" is an extremely cool paper that deserves more atte…
Retweeted by steveklabnikstand back everyone, i'm writing sql @hirojin @mandubian not getting close enough to tellChrome DevTools is getting better at debugging WebAssembly! By using DWARF debugging metadata, we now support: ➡️…
Retweeted by steveklabnikSomeone in downtown Austin keeps putting condoms over the handles of various scooters @johnwhitley i saw the headline but didn't actually read it yet! thanks! @DRMacIver @urschrei for a brief tl;dr of this, the index is stored as and each package has… @DRMacIver @urschrei ooh yeah, that might get you a bunch of the way though. @DRMacIver @urschrei oh twitter @DRMacIver @urschrei yep, this is the core reason why cargo ends up being so much faster than others, and it basica… @urschrei @DRMacIver yes. technically what this translates into is that the dependency list for every package is st… @pgermishuys thank you! @Gankra_ @theevocater Sounds like a really key resultA #rustlang blog post about improving *PRE*-RFC process
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@mycoliza “Have you tried turning it off and then *not* back on again?”i'm just trying to do some light reading while eating lunch, come onoh look another one @moonpolysoft (I am only half joking and dear god i hope i don't give anyone any ideas) @moonpolysoft i think at this point sites like this would do the same thing, but with a full page re-load to close each individual ad"To help illustrate these difficulties this post is going to focus on what it would look like if borrowing were add… still mad about this sort of thing @lynnvfrank @kerrizor They were super awesomein case you missed it, i launched a website with diy electronics tutorials! the first tutorial is a resin rfid tran…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @_honza @zkat__ @natfriedman it's all good @zkat__ @natfriedman imho, there are none. the ones that are good enough are also terrible ethically, and the ones… @Jarsen Yes so much this! @ComradeEevee @rit the issue with star wars is that its morality is too clear the cool thing about the 40k cannon is it's presen… @ComradeEevee hell yeah @kerrizor i had 3000 points of necro i also had tons of space marines. and tyranids i was so broke in collegei love the 40k lore because it's so unreliable and terrible i hate how reactionary nerds treat the cannon @anplolol basically priests in warhammer 40k friends: Please reach in your wallets and support the family of a dear friend in the Ruby community, Prakas…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @anplolol so i always read it as just regular old programs, not AIs. it's just telling hyper religious people "oh y… @anplolol oh yeah i knew you meant unix daemon, sorry. terminology conflicts, haha @modernserf A combination of a variety of things @juliepagano @lindseybieda I tried this, didn’t work either @anplolol It’s “sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” but on a totally different scale… @anplolol I don’t even think it requires a daemon, but yes @lindseybieda Yeah maybe I should give it a more serious try @Argorak Yeah, people often do it to demonstrate they knew a thing at a time but not prove it till later @lindseybieda I’ve tried, my brain just doesn’t respond in the same way. Twitter has just totally rotted it.I should make more use of tweeting hashes of stuff, so that I can get things off my chest without actually saying them publicly