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@justinongisrad @fladamd 😅 @jsjoeio @rustlang 🎉 glad to lend a hand! Happy to help with anything else if the need should arise 🥳 @carols11cents Good call!
@heinz_gies 👍 @heinz_gies (I don’t use clippy let alone pedantic so yeah, this is very interesting!) @heinz_gies This doesn’t mean they’re wrong! The feeling is the same either way. But I want to know @heinz_gies I have a hypothesis that folks conflate ecosystem packages and language @heinz_gies Yep! Exactlyeveryone talks about markdown and markup, but what about markstrange and markcharm
Retweeted by steveklabnik @kornelski I should be capturing this! @heinz_gies I am not sure that we reported those in the release notes but I’ll check it out, thanks! @__anp__ @andy_kelley i thought maybe! this popped up like a month ago. very interesting! @__anp__ @andy_kelley ... if this is a joke tweet, may i introduce you to ? @mgattozzi close hahahhere are my categories, what do you think? @andy_kelley 1. you're not wrong 2. i *was* thinking about doing this anyway, so... 3. it's pretty decent anyway.… @Lokathor Oops I didn’t paste the screenshot @pineal_servo ... fuckholy shit google image search
Retweeted by steveklabnik @Lokathor I currently have std/core as one thing @Lokathor See the follow up screenshot with categories @turbo_MaCk thank you! fixed! @noneisone whoops! thanks! @vghaisas yep, plus open sourcing my data @vghaisas i have wanted to do this for a while, but yes, this thread made me finally do itcurrent status @willmanduffy ......... the internet is such a wonderful place.... is this some sort of weird scam @MikeHommey maybe. been doing this for so many years i don't know how to not do it @MikeHommey there are thousands of readers for every writer @stymaar @pcwalton I used to do it all the time, now I only do it every once in a while @thedjrenren @rustlang great glad to help! :D @thedjrenren @rustlang ah okay! so i dont know a *ton* about this, but i think you want to change this line in con… @thedjrenren @rustlang how about: ❯ rustup target add wasm32-wasi info: downloading component 'rust-std' for 'wasm… @thedjrenren @rustlang does $ rustc --print target-list not show it for you? i didn't do anything special in my… @fivetanley i am an atheist so i always argue in bad faith @FRIdSUN due to the way the american electoral system works, it will only possibly be one of those two @FRIdSUN i am not in any way identified as a democrat @_zanellatoa oh, heh @_zanellatoa maybe it got better in the last houranyway, levine is such a good writer god @chimeracoder @mikrobak @buildsghost correct!like, "oh they already decided that .await was the syntax and so it was all a show" motherfucker, some of us ran f… some things grind my gears morenothing grinds my gears more than people assuming bad faith for absolutely no reason at all @porglezomp (we aren't switch friends yet but i want to start making some in the next few days :) ) @porglezomp i don't :(tellingly, hacker news is mostly arguing about this rather than like, the main substance of the comments hereI can't speak to most of this article, but it is another instance of "open source is more than just a license", whi… @theevocater sick. i bought digitally, sooooo oh well @theevocater oh shiiiiiiiiit did it come out early?!?!?! @_morbidslug even meaningful variable names is subjective. #![feature(non_ascii_idents)] fn main() { let подс… @tef "I am the only person that exists, I did not see this coming, nobody saw this coming, qed" @ManishEarth @mgattozzi @hdevalence @__anp__ yes, this was supposed to be implemented correctly but is a great exam… spectulative #rustlang blog post: Library-ification and analyzing Rust
Retweeted by steveklabnik @SawdustAndSugar Yes, I think that you’re right here. My goal is to try and tease this out. And, maybe to get folks… @Lokathor Alloc being stable doesn’t significantly change how folks write Rust code. Is it nice? Yes. Not a language change though :) @buildsghost Because &String is also a type. I’ll think about how to try and incorporate this... @hdevalence @__anp__ @ManishEarth I don’t mind this but 100% get that it’s probably Actually Bad @cr1901 @mycoliza @__anp__ @ManishEarth There was, but iirc it’s fine at the moment. Never hit stable @theomn Yes @NoraDotCodes @mycoliza @__anp__ @ManishEarth if you want a blast to that past... @NoraDotCodes @mycoliza @__anp__ @ManishEarth ... oh wait i mis-read your ask and am talking about something related, but different my bad @NoraDotCodes @mycoliza @__anp__ @ManishEarth the idea would be that box could be the "we guarantee placement new"… @NoraDotCodes @mycoliza @__anp__ @ManishEarth box was originally more than a keyword, it was a built-in type, that… @znmeb Latter @16kbps I am a bit wary of this one but you have friends in high places for sure! @mycoliza @__anp__ @ManishEarth the box keyword has been juuuuuuuuust around the corner for 6 years nowmaybe i'll write this blog post tomorrow instead of working on the not-book @__anp__ @ManishEarth I'll start: String should have been called StrBuf @ManishEarth Memes anway. Rust isn’t perfect but it’s bad in ways folks don’t tak about, not ways they do @theomn I’m guessing you don’t have ideas on how to fix that? 😅 @ManishEarth Yuprust doesn't change that often @Lokathor Could you say more? Thanks! @adam_n_p @myrrlyn @steveklabnik @Sunjay03 @mycoliza the stdlib needs to start lifting versions so it can become Buf
Retweeted by steveklabnik @thedjrenren Hm, maybe it is! I thought it was still in there. I will have to investigate, thank you! @sgrif @spacekookie just buf then you have bufsliceokay so I don't like this *as much*, but here's chapter 2's first draft it's about ten pag…
every time you hear about the COBOL programmer shortage please mentally substitute: "We were too cheap to pay for…
Retweeted by steveklabniki like the idea that a biden nomination will determine who replaces the husk of ruth bader ginsberg as opposed to t…
Retweeted by steveklabnikcw: uspol took what, a whole hour and five minutes after bernie dropped to announce this
Retweeted by steveklabnik @XaiaX @ejpbruel we'll just have to see. i don't think it's about my personal support, as i've said on here many ti… @XaiaX @edropple @ejpbruel ... maybe there's a reason most people don't vote? (there's a few, and they all have to… @XaiaX @edropple @ejpbruel we'll just see, wont we @XaiaX @ejpbruel (biden is *also* a genocidal maniac. unless you don't think the iraqi/afghani people are people...… @XaiaX @ejpbruel i am not an accelerationist. voting is a tool. give me someone to vote for! if they're somewhere v… @edropple @ejpbruel @XaiaX bernie and ~6 months ago warren were just barely tolerable to have gotten that vote. the… @edropple @ejpbruel @XaiaX and yes, it is warren (and bernie!)'s job to get me to vote for them. in a very literal sense. @edropple @ejpbruel @XaiaX yeah i mean, warren was fine until she decided to abandon a lot of her supposed principl… @XaiaX @ejpbruel maybe not literal consent but i just really dont care to argue about it. @XaiaX @ejpbruel in our political system, that is true, yes. that is why it's a bad one. @XaiaX @ejpbruel there is no vote that's not for the status quo... @shawn_tax @grubernaut @code whatever the default is @YoanDieu @espadrine @bodil sorry, we're in agreement. given the way my political system works, i don't think anoth… @fivetanley (lol) @fivetanley ... i thought this was funny when i typed it but i now dont know why it was. sorry.