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@sci64 We’re they talking about the bezos part? I read that take. Agreed @sci64 It is hard to convey how good it is so I kept it simple @QuietMisdreavus same @theomn Maybe it’s exactly because I bought a bunch of equipment and started making videos during the pandemic that… @_alex_strand Right?!So glad my friends see energy generation memes and immediately send them to me. 🥰
Retweeted by steveklabnikfinally watched 'inside'. it's good😱😱😱😱
texas: not enough power to keep people alive in freezing or scorching temperatures, but apparently plenty for minin…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @BlueSpaceCanary Can’t post this enough times folks, I've been sitting on a new GitHub organization... Rust Cloud Native! I'd like to find out: should w…
Retweeted by steveklabnikAmericans will be like "it's a good thing we don't have propaganda like those other scary countries" while the medi…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @yoshuawuyts another good comment about provenance and why it exists: (I know it's hn but t… factorio guy melted down today and one of the things he said was "if stalin had good write-ups on programming-"…
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this... broke my brain @mycoliza @sgrif @jckarter @mgattozzi @__femb0t Close second is the “is abstract art a valid Perl program” one @mycoliza @sgrif @jckarter @mgattozzi @__femb0t My fav is the NES video game playing AI one @mycoliza @sgrif @jckarter @mgattozzi @__femb0t Every SIGBOVIK paper is beautiful @BlueSpaceCanary ah you met someone who practices CBT too? /me ducks @myrrlyn @eevee damn if only there was a way to only get the parts of the insurance that i would use but noUSER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST @mycoliza @zombodb @__femb0t Peter Gibbons : What would you do if you had a million dollars? Lawrence : I'll tell… @mycoliza @__femb0t society if unix had create(2) @myrrlyn @eevee yeah the joke is that i don't have a car so, *that* is useless for sure @nathandotz something something "but you can't take the shitpost out of the boy" @eevee my take on this: it's on purpose. the repetition is the point. means you won't forget it. i know what insura… @SeanTAllen you've got the better planif i get access to a time machine the first thing i'm gonna do is go back to 1982 and make some USENET posts about… @__phantomderp @jntrnr @nicolas09F9 Hahah @sgrif 😂Apparently HBO max is well-integrated into the lot of you. Test passed. @fogus @planet_lisp @planetclojure yeah :/ @fogus @planet_lisp @planetclojure LtU isn't *exactly* this but sorta kinda, in some ways? @adr I remember going to Singapore and turned my boarding card over and there was a huge in red all caps “DEATH TO… Men’s health awareness week! In celebration, I’ve made this song to make you all feel ATTACKED (Accessible to…
Retweeted by steveklabnikCryptocurrency
Retweeted by steveklabnik @myrrlyn actually not this time @adam_chal 😭😭😭 it'st he wrost @helenhousandi i have it, but only because at&T gives it to me for free with their internet @adam_chal it's a USA problemif you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say…
@palvaro Jesus @Carols10cents heh @mynameisharry yeah i mean, they do some good things too. but more and more lately i am less likely to forgive them for the bad things @mynameisharry ah yeah! they've actively done it for a long, long time. everyone's gotta learn sometime :) @WriteToRebel > Local legend states that to counteract this resistance, Bowman ordered tha… @NireBryce @BlueSpaceCanary i always hate being like "fuck off" because in the end, they're just volunteers, and it… @mplewis @mynameisharry also, skokie, etc @mynameisharry what about which part, the volunteer or the nazi defendingthe closest thing i'm aware of is the decision after charlottesville to stop defending nazis *with guns at the time… the aclu decided to categorically stop defending nazis or was i just lied to by a volunteer? @PsyMar @gmz_dev @humankauffman"code is law" @evntdrvn @jaaaarwr @deepinthebuild @ekuber @EllenNyan0214 😅 @lindseybieda brutal :( <3 @lindseybieda or less commonly, i am watching a youtube video where the publisher accidentally forgot to mute their… @lindseybieda i've had this. it usually means i've forgotten to mute some random discord i'm in that has very low traffic @evntdrvn @jaaaarwr @deepinthebuild @ekuber @EllenNyan0214 they would find something else to wring hands about. but… @evntdrvn @jaaaarwr @deepinthebuild @ekuber @EllenNyan0214 alas, i did not succeed. in the end i don't think it mat… @bitshiftmask Rust 1.1 was the first to release on a thursday @bitshiftmask (for those of you who weren't around then, originally we released on fridays, but people complained e… @bitshiftmask a minute. Rust 1.53 just came out today. That means Rust 1.69 is 16 releases away, at 6 weeks a release, whic…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @bodil hey this disappointment was outsourced to the unicode consortium, be disappointed in them 😋 @emilywithcurls im so sorry <3
@midnucas (I wonder about Puerto Rico, yeah) @midnucas It’s supposed to be a map of Latin America interventions, hence Hawaii. @a_giorgio it's not my map, and it's on an article about latin america, so that's why canada isn't highlighted :) t… @yoshuawuyts 👍👍👍 @yoshuawuyts Ralf has a blog post for everything @ANARURE @necrosofty Sure. I mean it does say “claims,” not really taking a position on if it was or was not an actual one or attempt @ANARURE @necrosofty (Yes, among other things. Can’t link to a heading on Wikipedia mobile) @rkh_popcorn @konstantinhaase Hehe it’s true @ANARURE @necrosofty I am guessing this is referring to Operation GideonOh huh weird what would that be like @weinzierl 😱😭🤣For those interested in learning more about the story behind our recent redesign, the folks at Pentagram published…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @PraveenPerera Also, the governors of those states are assholes too. But you’re not actually interested in anything… @PraveenPerera (also, abbott's approval rating is negative currently, so...) @adr in the US you often have places that... bring in packs from states that have lower tax. so like, in NYC, a pac… @PraveenPerera how does moving to la, sf, or portland help the homeless people of texas? @adr it can be if you know the right guy @workingjubilee @hipsterelectron @ekuber @zombodb @bascule @rustlang luckily: 1. you basically never need to think… @hipsterelectron @ekuber @zombodb @bascule @rustlang lifetimes do in fact have variance :) @PraveenPerera why would i do that @arjenroodselaar @oxidecomputer <3 <3 <3
@robdaemon @BrianTRice right?!abbott is such an evil, evil person @caraesten yeah, fuck that. i have second-hand experience this with pen needles for insulin; 100% legal to buy OTC,… @Lucretiel it was what that part about bam reminded me of. @Lucretiel it's worthwhile, but will also tug at your heartstrings in the same way (and with a healthy dose of nostalgia). it's pretty short @Lucretiel yeah. did you see the steve-o documentary?dang this takes me back @jessfraz @NickPinkston @oxidecomputer hahahah :D @NickPinkston @oxidecomputer @jessfraz yeah it's been great! @AL74926547 @oxidecomputer In what sense? There’s a few different things you could be asking about @modernserf @c_pick @brianleroux @reconbot it doesn't matter if ten people are all doing "Here's how to hello world…