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@paulsbruce @nayafia Ah my copy should come soon!!! Very cool! @Lokathor ❤️ there’s always next week!
okay well today sucks but let's look at some code or whatever (compelling pitch, i know)I unfortunately have been laid off from Mozilla. I am taking some time to process this, but will soon be looking fo…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @Sunfishcode :(((( really sorry to hear that @locks @ChevyRay yeah, post to twitter, or use is helpful for post… @theevocater @jcdavis @hyperfekt specifically? no. generically? sure. like, i don't know how that plan will be executed but it makes sense as a plan @MikeHommey <3 i'm doing it an hour late today because i have some work stuff running lateeveryone QT'ing to dunk on the new QT feature is really bumping up those numbers @Lucretiel <3 @hypirlink @MylesBorins hrm? you can click on "with comments" on myles' tweet and it shows yours @jfbastien tried to come up with some sort of isomorphism joke, but my humor is a partial function, apparently @jfbastien lollol today is just really, really really just uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggggggggh… @theevocater @jcdavis dang this makes me miss new york :(really friggin sad day for mozilla, that honestly, has been a very sad 2+ years
Retweeted by steveklabnik @BlueSpaceCanary TypeError, "clear, straightforward" and "DNS" in the same sentence @SimonSapin :( <3 @boosty rust will be fine @JessKlabnik aw i think that looks great!!!ffffuuuu @hdevalence @workingjubilee i somehow split the middle; i think said gesture would have been nice as the beginning… was one of the 250 folks at Mozilla who got let go today. Looking for full-time remote roles where my PHP+Python+…
Retweeted by steveklabnik @lastontheboat <3 :( @hdevalence i am too :( @asajeffrey sorry alan :( @hdevalence sorry this tweet is like, half incoherent because i am doing like 5 things at once @hdevalence more like "more than 15 but probably less than 20", and yes, this is true. the disparity in personal… @lizardlucas42 Ty @steveklabnik I quoted part of it in a thread just now but here's the link to her full answer:
Retweeted by steveklabnikWOW am very sorry to hear about the layoffs at Mozilla. I'm also actively hiring Rust developers. If you were one o…
Retweeted by steveklabniki had to modula-te my response to this tweet @ct_serathiel mozilla is a corporation owned by a foundation, and most employees are in the corporation @_catte_ i dunno this whole situation is wild lolthis is WILDIncredibly sad to hear about another round of layoffs at Mozilla. Does anyone have a #MozillaLifeBoat thread going…
Retweeted by steveklabnikso uh @d0m96 i don't :/:((( @fitzgen <3some more details, apparently shuttering Taipei, some more direct explanations of the various bullet points, and wh… @dylan_hardison @TedMielczarek someone asked them for a cite and they said they were confusing drupal with mozilla but uhhhh(apparently he was mis-remembering the drupal thing as mozilla)Back in January 2020, over 70 Mozillians were laid off. People supported them with #MozillaLifeBoat hashtag. Toda…
Retweeted by steveklabnikPlease check out #mozillalifeboat in the next few days. A lot of brilliant people will be looking for a job. ❤️
Retweeted by steveklabnik @iamed2 Yeah I’m not sure because they didn’t say who @mx00s Maybe; the problems here are non-trivial @hipsterelectron Hm maybe @retornam Oh it’s.... a long story, if you don’t know about the drupal situation. This framing is... yeah... does this person think Mozilla makes drupal? It is there some story involving Mozilla I’m not familiar with uh, feels weird to tweet this now with the moz announcement, but i'm gonna be doing my stream an hour later toda… @ZackMaril its not that clear-cut; google does good lobbying sometimes too also, google needs mozilla to exist. no… @ZackMaril They’ve been doing lobbying for a long time, and honestly I think it’s one of the better things they do @evntdrvn I don’t really know except the “changing economics” one @sh1mmer Yup! @artiegold @SeanTAllen Edge is chrome these days so @cr1901 I mean we already basically do @antumbral @artiegold @SeanTAllen This is an amazing way to put it @badboy_ ❤️❤️❤️ @DeMarko Yeah :( @ScribblingOn Yeah :( @artiegold @SeanTAllen I don’t know I use chrome at the moment @SeanTAllen Yeah :( @xlerb :(I notice none of these points involve “reducing executive compensation”, I wonder if anything is gonna change there… @loggedtheFUCKon Yeah :( @mountain_ghosts Right? :/ @nbelanger99 I was wondering if it was too obscureSorry to my ~250 former colleagues :( @steveklabnik It’s a Fyre Sale!!! 🔥
Retweeted by steveklabnik @ahl Hahah @amanjeev HahahGonna start a new thing where when your tweet does not go viral you reply to it with “wow this really imploded”🦋is this a bit coin is what you'd expect from this, i think)heh it would be kind of funny to have a hat wait what omg US Marshalls are auctioning off all the stuff from Fyre Festival lol @TSPMP2 I’ll get there! @hiptobecubic i don't know!ITT we post about If-Then instructions @antumbral yeah, i just made some very noob mistakes! but i got there Guild of PIttsburgh members overwhelmingly vote 88-31 to strike the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Retweeted by steveklabnikSo uh @cloutintheear :) @cloutintheear I think for a lot of people it’s too new an idea; we’ve only done one so far! @modernserf Hell yeah- quieres pagar la edicion de tu podcast? aplica - necesitas una suscripcion de zencaster? aplica - te sirve un dom…
Retweeted by steveklabnik🥟 @theEmpanadaFund está buscando proyectos comunitarios de software en América Latina para patrocinar 💵 Si produce…
Retweeted by steveklabnik
In free market terms, the post office is a more profitable enterprise than Uber
Retweeted by steveklabnik @thephantomderp @__anp__ @jfbastien 👍 @bcantrill @kc8apf 🤣❤️ @bcantrill @kc8apf thanks for the moral support, sorry you had to run to a meeting before success happened :)I had made a few errors in translation and with some math, but it’s going now!!! Now I gotta really study this online assembly better hahaSoooooo thanks to cliff and @openlabbott taking some time to help me debug today, my task switching code works ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!