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@JaneMoss08 @painterkathy Baseball is in season so we went with that... @Krispikritters Paul Harvey was the best and my name doesn’t belong in the same breath as his. But I love that you… @jkbjournalist Actually started with moose burgers in MaineTonight at around 11:40 our Road to Miami tour hits Maryland, my Maryland. Come for the crab cake pictures, stay fo… past primary cycle is a great template for analyzing the present and they all have some value and plenty of limi…
@amyewalter Agree. Also my own guess is that the audience for the first night will be larger than if that same grou… @arnonmishkin @JoeLenski @GovernorBullock @sethmoulton The problem with rogue debates later on is that they won't b… Bullock can definitely make the CNN debate next month. But if he doesn't, the thresholds for the next wave… agree it's early and obscure candidates can still break out. But I also see a giant field and a process that is m… 56 minutes to tonight’s Road to Miami pit stop, live from a landmark that’s distinctly Delaware. Tune in! @M_M_Harden Ha, no I’m sorry, I just got this same message a ton of times here and got frustrated that my attempts…
@M_M_Harden Yes. I said NJ is the only state where everyone has to get full serve, which is...accurate. @M_M_Harden Nope, the law has changed. @conorsen Yeah it's a small sample, under 100, so let's see. But if Warren has legs with black voters, it changes her prospects dramatically @AndrewSolender Cautionary note is that it's a pretty small sample, but yeah significant if Warren does prove to ha… @TeresaMarieEspo "Asian/Pacific Islander"LINK to full poll: Biden 21% Warren 19% Harris 15% Buttigieg 13% Sanders 12% Latino Sanders 32% Biden 25% Warren 10% Harris 9%… @dcg1114 @Graniteprof Right, and even in '88, the chaos sorted out very quickly after that and Dukakis ended up wit… @arnonmishkin Ha! Well, could certainly argue that it had ultimately helped build the party in ‘80...Ronald Reagan’s famous “I am paying for this microphone!” moment was made possible by an FEC ban on the Nashua Tele… @RaySteeleRTV6 No need to apologize, I understand! Also I get called much worse on here @thigginshawk It's one of favorite traditions in sports. You have my respect. @ChrisGaldieri Easy to miss! And I am wondering if I've missed one/some hereCalifornia Dem WH poll (Cal-Berkeley/LA Times) Biden 22% Warren 18% Sanders 17% Harris 13% Buttigieg 10% O'Rourke… Dem candidate Larry Agran -- a former mayor Irvine, CA (a city larger than Pete Buttigieg's South Bend) -- was… March 1996: Alan Keyes is led away in handcuffs after being barred from the stage at a WSB-sponsored debate be… @ChrisGaldieri Yep, he's on the list...buried after a long description of his past offices/roles @lophus89 No Dem debates -- Clinton was incumbentFor the generation or so before that, the process was much more decentralized with local newspapers/TV stations hol… thing you realize looking back is how the nationalization of these campaigns has changed debates, with TV netwo… Bullock, Seth Moulton, Wayne Messam and Mike Gravel all appear to have fallen short of qualifying for the fir… it is @LJWalker53 Ah, but the Hawk does both men's and women's games! @RepBrendanBoyle @nick_field90 Not to late to meet us at The Palestra! @arunwithaview We are committed to following 95 in its entirety! @nick_field90 Different bird!I completely forgot that I-95 actually goes through PA, so tonight's Road to Miami will take us to the heart of Phi…
Bullock remains one poll short of hitting the threshold to make the debate stage. Unless there is a DNC-approved po… Nevada poll *Counts toward debate qualifying* Biden 36% Warren 19% Sanders 13% Buttigieg 7% Harris 6% Bo… @TheForeverReno Almost like I did check it out.... @crackedwindow Oregon does allow self-service in some areas after the law was changed last year. This is why I said… @mikeburk Not all of Oregon - law was changed last year @IHeartLesbians Not a statewide prohibition there anymore @wash_gton There is self-service in parts of Oregon. The law was changed last year. @DavidJTerrell Nope, you can do self-service in some parts of Oregon. The law was changed last year. NJ is the only… @Phoenix2020T You *can* in some parts of Oregon. The law was changed last year. NJ is the only state with a complete ban on self-service. @renegadegreg83 @11thHour Oregon allowed it in some places starting last year @lpc_1123 It's not a statewide ban in Oregon anymore @Jebbo101 Please please please see the tweet I sentAnyway, we’re on to Delaware... @AVAFields31 a bunch of responses to tonight’s Road to Miami pit stop at the Vince Lombardi Service Area, so it’s easier… @BeckyTeberg It does now. Law changed. @queenofmidnight Nope. Oregon has changed the law. No longer a statewide banWe battled our way through the Cross Bronx Expressway and have made it to the Garden State. Tune in at 11:30 — ther…
Quinnipiac Dem WH poll Biden 30% Sanders 19% Warren 15% Buttigieg 8% Harris 7% O'Rourke 3% Booker 1% Klobuchar 1%… gender: Men Trump: 37-53% Warren: 37-55% Women Trump: 23%-68% Warren: 54-37%Favorable/unfavorable ratings in Massachusetts (Suffolk): Gov. Charlie Baker (R) 69-15% Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D)… @jim_newell I love a good origin story!I've also always been struck by this moment described by Richard Ben Cramer in "What it Takes" of Biden in that '72… is terrific tried to re-create the Cross Bronx Expressway in Studio 3A last night: 2020 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY (Suffolk University/Boston Globe) Biden 22% Warren 10% Buttigi…
Retweeted by Steve Kornacki @EsotericCD You don’t have to pump your own gas! Also the NJ version of the Sloppy JoeTonight's Road to Miami installment takes us through a small but densely populated stretch of New York state. Check…
What I am thinking of here: 2004, when the Dem appetite to beat W was enormous but the field heading into IA was ve… the high number of Dems citing "electability" as their top concern doesn't say much about who their first cho…
3/10/82: “In the middle, Biden of Delaware – probably influenced, he acknowledged, by 12 years of Catholic educatio… Biden has traveled a long way on the issue of abortion: myself for not getting a coffee milk reference in for the RI leg tonight, but at least I got to tell a Budd… @ethanfletcher He was a gov and seen as his own brand, separated from the baggage of the congressional GOP. All the…, I've been thinking about this a lot today after reading @RonBrownstein's piece. He's truly one of the sharpes… it left the GOP Congress in a bad spot. A 3/99 poll had Dems up 9 on the generic House ballot and the Dem Party… the impeachment process itself, which lasted just over two months in late '98 and early '99, didn't change anyon… the GOP's decision in late 1998 -- after the blue dress, after the Starr report, after the nationally-aired g… distinction is between Clinton's behavior, which dominated all of American news and culture for 1998. utterly s… me, there's a much stronger case that the Republican Congress impeaching Bill Clinton in the face of strong publ…
@david_darmofal Per the Politico story, all Americans: @EdAsante77 0% in this oneThis is a blow to Steve Bullock, who needs to hit the 1% threshold in another DNC-approved poll after this ruling b…'s certainly possible Pelosi and other reluctant Dems are looking back at Clinton and overestimating the risk imp… Reuters/Ipsos Dem WH poll [Counts toward debate qualifying] Biden 30% Sanders 15% Warren 8% Harris 6% Buttigi… @BlueNGoldJoe @blankslate2017 But that's the thing: The Starr report was separate from impeachment. It came out in… R's need the Clinton *scandal* to help them win in 2000? Very possibly yes. Did they need the politically unpop…, that once the Lewinsky affair was revealed, Clinton's behavior was always going to be the major x-factor in…'s an argument that defying public opinion and impeaching Clinton helped Republicans win in 2000 by making the… provides long overdue debate qualifying clarification to @ZachMontellaro, which — at least for the moment — kno… @RalstonReports You were great. Also, that backdrop in your shot is somewhat mesmerizing...White liberals "spend significantly more weekly hours on the internet; are significantly more likely to list the in…
@henryolsenEPPC Yeah the initial NYT story was in March: @theclevertwit All my idea and I actually liked it!As @ArgoJournal points out, this should say *all adults* and not all voters. @ArgoJournal Good point! @BSull106 Thanks on the election night stuff, but honest question: What partisan spin do you see in these numbers?Biden is at 46-38% favorable/unfavorable with all voters in the the new CNN poll. Comparing his trend now with Hill…
The Tribes of the Republican Party (TIME, September 1984):*Great* nugget from @ForecasterEnten: A couple of CNN poll respondents: 1) said they had never heard of Michael Ben… makes 20: @ZachMontellaro, who's been a terrific resource on all things debate qualifying, with the most impor… numbers can jump around - here Biden is running 4 points better w/ white voters than nonwhite, a big depar…