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Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. (William Gibson)

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@StillLangdon photovoltaics on every new & rebuilt roof. period. how hard could that be? @chaoticgaythey @Delafina777 People who believe/practice the religion itself are "Jewish." People born into the t… @Marketeer2u @BernieSanders If more democrats vote for him than any other candidate, maybe the party should think a… @WFKARS @Philip_Ellis @1881bhx laudanum cocktail sounds kind of dreamy, tbh @dcherring Why is this risky for him? Where is the potential cost? @arlenparsa 1) Have an actual job for income. 2) Make an LLC 3) LLC leases vehicle. 4) Deliver some stuff & gene… @MMineiro_CNS thanks for the blow by blow from the Stone trial today @SenSusanCollins how do you sleep? @asvokos or even better, by never using Apple products at all @arothmanhistory Shows, yet again, that this douchebag has absolutely no idea what actually happens in American schools. @WFKARS She's just mad the whiz kid came in and stole her "aw shucks faux midwestern white bread" lane. @OsitaNwanevu I think the latino community sees the Mayor for what he is: an arrogant asshole who looks down on the… @Rolling_Drone GOAT @arlenparsa That's what happens when you call assholes on their bullshit. @TravisMayfield No. No. God no. @john_overholt one word: capitalism @wwredpepper @ewarren Liz crushed it last night. @NursePatMacRN @NicholasFerroni Nothing personal dude but you'd never be cooler than Snape @rrtfb Dude. Yes it is indeed. Listen to live stuff from same era. Scary good. @chopaganda fucking genius...well done @WFKARS Liz is kicking the shit our him. It's glorious. @cjane87 100% dystopian nightmare....holy shit I really think his media people are kind of evil @beanbrightly MAD MEN RIGHT NOW
@dansinker who knows? those 1000 networks probably have about 50k total listeners @RadioFreeTom I wasn't around in the 1300's. I hear the Plague wasn't really all that bad. And afterwards...housing surplus was SUCH a perk! @rubbinisracing @barstoolsports safety tech in those cars must be fucking incredible @darrensgibson ColdPlay @RiffChick @Delafina777 Oh gee you're right! It's basically exactly the same to expect military service from adults… @DonCheadle come to Mass...nice & legal. @a7_FIN_SWE who would anyone buy it? is it significantly cheaper than Boeing & Airbus options? @ChristLawmakers lol...classic...if you're not pro-christian-government you're automatically evil and godless. OK boomers. @mrotzie @Delafina777 You're obviously a vicious, ignorant, Israel-hating antisemite communist troll bot Russian Pu… @arlenparsa Comey wasn't even in the FBI when this happened. @ElSangito Phish @pashulman Is there an oversupply of STEM PhD's in the UK market? Will this lead to a shortage? @purplechrain I have both. It all good tho @pashulman Seriously. As a Jew, how can you possibly be surprised when one of us gives you grief? It's what we do. We air our grievances. @hazydav He doesn't need to blackmail him. The Cheezit gives pardons away to complete strangers, just for the lols. @john_overholt fucking fantastic, if i may say so @karengeier @brandocalriss11 that happens...they will give you a new one if you bring it back @KatrinaPierson Fucking criminal, just like your orange daddy. @mattyglesias Nope. They remember 2016. Don't you?
@barstoolsports They need to go to Maine. Just sayin'... @amandadeibert Taylor Swift "should've said no" rocks pretty hard. @EWErickson Nothing like a nice clean pet scan is there? @TragicAllyHere @ramblinma yes @ChuckModi1 national or NV? @AudleyZDarke Fuck her. She loves this shit. She can walk away an time she wants to...she's only famous on Twitter.… @pmakela1 Yet we have Sputnik TV & radio in major US media markets. Odd... @mvvmay fucking socialists @ianbremmer Very underappreciated fact: many US colleges & universities are kept afloat in part by rich Chinese kid… @Khanoisseur Also funded economic expansion & reduced unemployment through massive deficit spending and manipulatio… @alixabeth They'll show up for the free food, and work for the 6k/month then vote for someone else, if at all. @HC_Richardson US? Other? @mashable or people could just not be assholes @DrRobThompson hahahahaha she googled the WRONG Pres. Johnson omg that's fucking priceless
@miniver @daveixd OK then let's move on. For the record, I grew up on Macs. My first computer was a Mac Classic tha… @miniver @daveixd Macs lol... Speech to text @miniver @daveixd I see dozens of kids every year who get Max with never owned them or even used them before. They… @miniver @daveixd Because Wonder bread sucks and sourdough is great. For the kids I work with every day it's more l… @miniver @daveixd Yes that's exactly what I'm saying, for sure. Is it really impossible for you to admit this could be true? @miniver @daveixd The gigantic gap in capabilities between a Chromebook and a MacBook are completely irrelevant to… @daveixd @miniver not my question...but whatever @miniver @daveixd Tell me what they are, please, for that 12 year old I mentioned. Please. @miniver @daveixd My point exactly. The 12 year old only cares about image and status. Practical value irrelevant. @dcexaminer It is. But your readers may not like the fact that only 35% of the new book will be white. @miniver @daveixd For a 12 year old who does nothing but stream video and google docs? Where's the 1000 dollars of extra value? @Toure Better if he did it without running himself. @TwinklingTania Pete Joe Mike Straight guy here too. @miniver @daveixd Agreed. But those reasons are irrational, emotional, based on image, social approval, etc. Not pr… @jazzmom98 Campsite for sure @BenHowe Lol... loser @TravisMayfield City by the bay. @daveixd @miniver At least half from brand image, status. I teach in a USA high school. Airpods are essential statu… @Margoandhow Alaska just got billions in transportation Dept funds, courtesy of Mitch McConnell's witfe who runs dot. @Inc Fucking propaganda. Billionaire douche club, founding member. @miniver @daveixd Apple is about profit. Period. Their bullshit ethos is just another part of their media strategy. @noonanjo Indeed. Nothing hotter than proper south Indian food. @car_nove Lol @JLa_NYC @mrs_lerner Fucking right @mrs_lerner That's a lameass grilled cheese either way. And if you need ketchup, the sandwich sucks anyway. @BenHowe Ok Boomer.
@pashulman I call it "Shhhh...don't tell them she's a pretend Jew." @LauraWalkerKC Agreed @RealTimeWWII don't forget their treatment of the nurses @pmakela1 my guess: very difficult, very slow @CopelandColette @JadedCreative No Europeans actually
@bizarchive Trey seems to really love that tune these days. @mcnees greatest work pic ever, dude...rock on #NASA @Margoandhow double secret reverse tricky switch...Bloomberg's people plant the fake to story to drive the narrativ… @MyLaredoTweeps very Laredo thing to say, if I do say so myself @lisamurkowski @USDOT @SecElaineChao thanks for not trying to hide this stuff any more @DerekAndSusan indeed...none better @arlenparsa It's almost like they actually care what the candidates believe & stand for. Strange! @mattyglesias Irony alert: those invaders became the nations of Europe that are now (again) dealing with waves of i… @WFKARS Careful...I hear there's no cure @Home_Halfway Dude. What a douche he was. @redeemedrachel turn em all off except your texts @MaxHomo lol....what a bunch of clowns @miniver Nah. They'd just rather eat & smoke than fuck is all.