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Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. (William Gibson)

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@Kris_Sacrebleu made my fucking day
@JesseLehrich They don't care. They're girding their 30% for the fight post election. @miniver American Taliban. @nealstephenson @chopaganda Old 97's should be on that list, @LauraWalkerKC That's just computer programs taking profits. They'll be back. Bank stocks are like heroin for those motherfukers. @afrosypaella Not to mention the ridiculously awesome fantastic almost unbelievably good authentic food court they have in the H Mart @afrosypaella @LauraWalkerKC gee that's like 1/5 of this quarter's profits for them. Whatever will their shareholders do? @juliaioffe Obviously worth it to keep somebody's Saturdays from being boring. What are you some kind of commie? @afrosypaella Frozen bao bao ftw @alixabeth I guess. I just know that in the case of that Boston conference previously had no cases in Massachusetts… @alixabeth @wendyleaps Oh my God my voice to text thing always puts in a, for her name @alixabeth @wendyleaps Come on you know she's right. Badass women like, scare the f*** out of fake alpha douchebags like him. @afrosypaella I'm so jealous. H-Mart is one of the few things in the world that makes me wish I didn't live on an island. @alixabeth Well politics obviously. But also in all three of those cases you mentioned there were two really notice… @gregdickerson13 you're
@AuthorLMurphy We're back in-person next week. I give it a month, max. I live in Mass, a good-numbers state, and we… @AuthorLMurphy Still remote here. Working in my classroom alone. Kind of dreamy, to be perfectly honest. Quiet. Focused. Strange. @AuthorLMurphy Ew. I mean I get it but that sucks. @DrRobThompson Hue fucking right. Full budget, 12 hour no holds barred. YES.
@pashulman I'm Gen X... Went to college in the mid-eighties. We had a Facebook. We called it the Facebook. It was a… @pashulman Markets don't give a fuck. Commie cuck. @AuthorLMurphy Shield required? @Kris_Sacrebleu sorted by cases/capita, yes? @JoyAnnReid Do these idiots think that 100% of the population of those cities are Dems?
@AshleyNY2LA @Sherribells1771 @davidfrum If the Republicans install a new Justice either before the election or aft… @SenhorRaposa Space force is the stupidest f****** thing in the world. Seriously. only a childish simpleton like Do… @KimberlyNFoster As a high school teacher let me promise you and encourage you that you can definitely still do bot… @noonanjo Yeah especially if you're a really rich old white dude like Rob Reiner. I mean I'm pretty horrified by ev…
@zzyzx We will get by.
@DR0girl Use butter you fool @arthur_affect No. That means you need to go somewhere else not that you need to put a f****** bubble on your head. @CAFinUS I loved Canada until I saw this tweet. Not even universal health Care and unlimited incredible natural res… @LauraWalkerKC @VanityFair This isn't even about the bad decision or the heartless attitude or the general sociopat… @zzyzx Happy New Year brother. Better times ahead for sure. @SarahClaudine02 Voodoo Chile, Stevie Ray Vaughan version @SarahClaudine02 Miles From Nowhere by Cat Stevens @mashable Bug? Hahahahahaha. @pashulman @alixabeth Meetings are totally different. Yeah I want headphones and a really comfortable chair on my deck for meetings. @Fellwater @miniver 12 Monkeys. brazil, blue velvet, repo man @alixabeth @pashulman I find that I need the structure. I have difficulty putting on my teacher persona when I'm in… @robgreeneII @arothmanhistory I teach high School history here in Massachusetts. really what I find most laughable… @seanhannity Fuck off Sean. The grown-ups are speaking. @zzyzx @432hz__ @sugarmaggzzz seattle ftw @KimberlyNFoster Lol...Trump's idiots have lowered everyone's expectations. He just needs to be coherent to look like a genius. @itsJeffTiedrich He's just rational and reasonable and not batshit crazy. What's jarring is the contrast. He's just…
@ComplexSports @Revis24 Bill Russel won 12 rings. GOAT. @reinemoreads You stole my advisee. @SOFFru1 30% of adults don't believe in evolution or dinosaurs. They have children.
@JamesParisot @trevorjtweets @ecmaEditors Because economics is 95% bullshit so nobody cares. @zzyzx Hey if you ignore those 7 f's my average is a 93%!! @edutopia @KatieNovakUDL @balancedteacher Lol. Doing acts of compliance is all we do, and every student realizes th… @KeithOlbermann Wait. Is the baseball season happening? Really? I just assumed it wasn't. @elonmusk @boringcompany Wow. Elon musk just invented the subway. F****** amazing. How did you think of such a thing? @frain @_holdmycheeks It's not about the black people vote. Biden and Kamala know they have 90% of that already. It's abou… @bizarchive @heyscottyb @JamBase When is the release? @zzyzx No he shouldn't. It's perfect. And I love Set Your Soul Free. @diacanotom @Pamela_Yap permanently put in corner @michellemalkin a loser says what? KEEP THIS QUEEN'S NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH YOU PATHETIC WANNABE. @AuthorLMurphy Man. You guys in Canada are SOOOOOO much better off than we are. I live in Massachusetts on Nantucke…
@ImJohnEli @MagicLady3 N95 @JasonIsbell kind of blue is the greatest album of them all @chopaganda Never saw it. Should I? I feel like I need to know. @DrRobThompson ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… @alixabeth Seriously. What's with the rabid right and its newfound pedophile obsession? Methinks perhaps they doth…
@asvokos No. The answer is no. @DrRobThompson A thread too far? @chopaganda I'd go
@literaryeric Great list. Might I also suggest: don't touch the rice. Leave it the fuck alone. @GOP @GOPChairwoman Rank bullshit @chopaganda Who's close? @chopaganda Who then? @jedediyah @mrscottbot Some teachers are starting to deal with it and some are not which is the worst possible case… @mrscottbot #foology @chopaganda Is there a better young jam band out there than goose? Do me a favor and let me know cuz I want to hear them. @chopaganda Excellent show tonight. Such a solid band. So good to see live music.
@alixabeth What kind of phone do you use Android or Apple @chopaganda Do they play any phish? I haven't heard that . I might like spontaneously combust if they break out some phish tonight. @chopaganda Ahhhhhhhh I'm in a s***** motel room in Yarmouth right now and I'm going to Goose in about 3 hours holy f*** @afrosypaella Why choose? Make a mix. @LauraWalkerKC Kids at my high school were showing me that trick in October of 2001. Side note: 911 conspiracy theo… @alixabeth I have gotten in the habit of always opening a brand new window to use for nothing but whatever meeting… @alixabeth What kind of computer are you on? Apple or PC? I use a PC and sometimes a Chromebook and I have found th… @10milesbadroad @RYP__ I lived with a family on a small farm compound on the Kenyan border of Uganda in the late '8… @simoncholland Suburban soccer dad says what? Ever take that truck off pavement? The real flex is to do that while… @sogandjooon Really no idea what you're talking about but yeah I feel you @chopaganda @AndrewJStone Goose is killing it tonight as usual @zzyzx Fuck it. Yellowstone supervolcano. @LiberalLab @JZMesser @DWUhlfelderLaw Silly girl. Don't be ridiculous.
@SuzybooLasVegas @msmiles13 @RadioFreeTom @SpiroAgnewGhost I'm no fan of hers. But saying it's an American to have… @chopaganda @adamicculus Same. Generally speaking I kind of think that you shouldn't have to work to love some musi… @mrs_lerner You thought wrong you commie beta cuck libtard antifa Blm terrorist! Nice try!
@chopaganda All of fall 91 was f****** gold. My last six shows of about 125 were the Boston garden run that fall. @Margoandhow There's nothing wrong with that definition period homicide just means that somebody died as a result o… @Margoandhow Part of malignant narcissism is often a fawning worship of celebrities. It's that projection thing...… @MIT_SHASS @CDCgov Yeah they've been saying the same thing since June. @TheStalwart They did foresee it, and they said the House would then choose the president because the House is the… @asvokos I love this tweet. I don't know why but it's f****** perfect. @_dennis_system Yeah that sucked. A lot. Kemba's drive at the end of regulation should have been a flagrant 1. Two…