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I’m other words rich brutish people annoy me. @CatholicForLife I guess the third ingredient is some wide eyed innocence.There’s a certain kind of pretentiousness I enjoy I think it’s the kind where the person is genuinely excited about… haven’t exactly mastered it but🤷🏻‍♂️There’s a difference between “moving the goalposts” and “bringing up objections one by one” @StanBobOP BasicallyLet Platonic Monkey ask you questions. a competition show where they only have one hour to cook a PAELLA?!anyway, abolish the death penalty ✌🏼
Retweeted by Steve the @robertjdenault 🤢🤮 @_kisstheblade Wait. Are they playing the banjo ...during? @_kisstheblade all that time I spent perfecting mine!? @MtKeppel THEY GOT RID OF IT! @netflix you cowards! @StanBobOP @FrTimGrumbach @FrScrap Hmmmmm, how do we only explode this half of the moon? @FrTimGrumbach @FrScrap There’s gotta be a way to blow it up that also kills the demons. @noordinarysocks These people need to stop making trump sound cool @goingblondzo Creed is goodMy d-in-law has fallen ill like my son who is sick with COVID. They have 5 little boys. Jen is unable to move from…
Retweeted by Steve the @go_oat Hobbits are already dead @goingblondzo for my husband, please
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I will be releasing 4 new fully produced tracks of Psalms 23, 33, 103, and 118 for #Easter - to Patrons only! Follo…
Retweeted by Steve theJudas (Edward Okuń, 1901)
Retweeted by Steve the @MtKeppel The greatest low-stakes British reality show of all time @MtKeppel I love that showCupich STEPPED UP for this crisis and we need to acknowledge it. Side of the Mountain > Walden @TaraAnnThieke Do ittttttt @16bitCatholic I....never saw that @ewpvt @BernieSanders This is a beautiful tweet.All over the world nature is returning. Truckers are doing 60 at 5PM in Atlanta. We are the virus.
Retweeted by Steve theHonestly, at this point, I’m thinking the next Mass we all have together should just go full Easter vigil mode and…
Retweeted by Steve theThe Death of Stalin is a great movie. @FrDanFolwaczny Can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. @repreaux Good idea. @repreaux Writing in a friend or something so that they KNOW I didn’t votereal but for wales hours
Retweeted by Steve the @go_oat Not even the ASP is ready for the ASPI’m not saying Bernie’s loss is a direct result of his refusal to answer my DM but here we are!
Retweeted by Steve the @DerBisonBaer So I can actually learn something while my mom is hogging the tvWe should not settle for T**mp only PARTIALLY blowing up the moon! HGTV version of Alton Brown @theghissilent Doooo itttttt!Friends, please say a prayer for me and for everyone who is sick right now with any kind of illness. I started to…
Retweeted by Steve theGonna write in Jeb! to own the libs
Retweeted by Steve theAll I want is for voting to feel like a choice, not a hostage situation. @ZacMabry Is my governor HIGH rn??just saints hanging out with saints no biggie
Retweeted by Steve theGov. Newsom has that glassy red-eyed stoned look. @TaraAnnThieke @mattyglesias @NathanJRobinson this really takes the pressure off the whole “voting” charade
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Retweeted by Steve the @Pontevedrian I’m doing it. You should too. @nunblogger Sister Ann, stay inside!Started watching a hippy-dippy herb gardener/wholistic medicine dude on YouTube and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.Please pray for an ongoing and very important special intention.
Retweeted by Steve theThe biggest argument against adjunct professors of all time miss my dad. He died in an accident and today is his birthday. He was my best friend. He was a Deacon and wonderf…
Retweeted by Steve theYou go to the doctor and find out that you have coronavirus. Your last saved meme is your reaction. I’ll start:
Retweeted by Steve the @uhactually Beautiful face @JakeOfOnline There was An old tweet On Here that went something like “As a kid you think that when you’re an adult… work/life decision to make in the next day or so. Please pray for me.
Retweeted by Steve thePro tip: If you hate your therapist, replace them ASAP. You never know when a pandemic will hit and make it impossible to shop around. @CatholicDrinkie 😂😂😂It's probably a me problem but,,,,i don't respect people who cry at marvel movies“A Hidden Life” (2019, dir. Terrence Malick)
Retweeted by Steve the @fightygee they went to highschool together but actually met at a party a year after graduation @FrScrap @noordinarysocks Set an alarm for 3 am and say an out father @joe_pescespada It was....enlighteningOk so it’s possible that Low is a band that is good at making music.
Retweeted by Steve theSt.👏🏼Francis👏🏼wore👏🏼grey👏🏼so👏🏼put👏🏼the👏🏼color👏🏼somewhere👏🏼else👏🏼Bayern State Ipera showing ya exactly how NOT to stage Messiaen’s Saint Fraçois @looksbizarre FJohn Prine died RIP was like I was in the end of AnnihilationThis is a 17 minute video about how to grow, thresh, mill, and bake wheat. At the end you see the guys face and he… I don't see why Rome doesn't just adopt the Orthodox method of computus to get a shared date for Easter, how ha…
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The point of life is to pray.Today’s White House press brief is fascinating. Who lotta “not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning” energy.Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of my Mother-in-Law, Margaret, who died in the night. Requiescat in pace. + Amen.
Retweeted by Steve theOne of his bro’s came too! H to say hi to the mallard that visits our backyard @TeresaHFerrara1 @RepentSubmitCTV Hey little man! Thanks for watching. Our friend Jake likes to tell people to Rep… day 3. Please pray for me.
Retweeted by Steve theIf you ever ingested this, your immune system can handle anything.
Retweeted by Steve thelots of terrible things trending rn'm a mess & grateful for your prayers
Retweeted by Steve the @HelmickeyMouse rory is a genius @joe_pescespada @favourite_uncle @thymeIord @SteveMissionary
Retweeted by Steve the @mgearthman @FrAndrewHart @joe_pescespada @favourite_uncle @thymeIord @SteveMissionary It’s a great act of humility to become a meme.
Retweeted by Steve theIf you're struggling with porn, make that initial admittance to God. Admit you're powerless over pornography, and a…
Retweeted by Steve the @Roman_Quev lolHow does Joe do it? @D_Glaze i still stand by my answerone time when @SteveMissionary and I were visiting the @DaughterStPaul in Boston, @nunblogger pointed to something…
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