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🔥🔥🔥🔥 the full 62nd GRAMMY nominees list! 🎉🎵#GRAMMYs
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Gokada actually tried to come to Accra last year, but it didn't work out. are changing and it's all fun to watch. @selasie_afi @_najasworld AG Care/Lifeline CentreThe contrast is usually quite crazy high for me. Today I’m shooting a family of five that sleep outside, tomorrow I… is just one girl. One family. There are probably 200 more like her/them in the same vicinity.- the room downstairs where she stands is another tenants. So the "ladder" takes them to their room. They can't sl… is the home of one of the girls that was groomed and is now out to work for herself. The area marked sleep is… job takes me to all kinds of places. Today I went to places that I never thought existed in this ACCRA. Place… @zeezippy Bruhhh you know this from time!Damn I'm so pumped! I feel like I’m on his team and was part of the process 😂⚡️Everything was just beautiful to watch In real time! @AyoJaguda It’s was amazing to watch and see everything unfold my bro.BORNAA BOY CALLLL MEEEEEEE! @burnaboyApart from the album being a great album, Burna Boy's team did everything right! From PR to strategy to collaborati…! I'm pumped! We all saw it coming. NOMINATED @burnaboy!!!!!!!! LET'S GO!⚡️ @MsBawoni That’s awesomeThese are young girls. 13,16,18A lot of good things are actually happening around us but they just don’t get talked about as much.They are thought how to care for themselves, hygiene, cooking, saving and all sorts of life skills. Isn’t that amazing?I’m shooting insoiring stories today. So there’s an initiative that picks up girls from the streets, teach them a… I’m around The Korle bu hospital I can’t wrap my head around how it still looks the way it looks.Lmao A Mess. @_ohemaa An innovatorI saw these boys discussing stuff and laughing at the hospital-TTH. Apparently the boy in Red was knocked down by a…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @Kharamel_Dip So you see? People are fund of taking things from my fridge when they visit me. @Kharamel_Dip If you follow reviews you may never use any service or buy anything @Kharamel_Dip I use/trust GodaddyA huge congratulations to myself for being so strong because this year wasn’t a walk in the park.
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.We are all a work in progress, but we are perfect in Gods eyes.Im very dependent on God especially with work. Everytime I'm about to do some work I ask that he takes control and…'re a loser if you don't like to share opportunities with your friends because you're insecure they might level up on you.
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I love Ari Lennox and I love that she’s speaking her shit. People always want to make you look crazy as an artist w…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Sis, I feel you @AriLennoxI'm in my mixed feelings tonight. I'm feeling sad, happy, nervous and tired all at the same time.💞 rest my case
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Justine Skye x HM drops this Friday, get into it ☁️ #JustineSkyexHM #selfmade
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.ENERGY GANG ! LETS GOOOO 🤞🏾
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Developing good habits is the key to being a good cook
Retweeted by Steve Morris M."We are not only interested in the length of life but the quality of life"Love is contagious.Oh is it? it builds into it, if you constantly only have negative shit to say about someone then you hating and you…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.One good year can change your whole life
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.'JESUS IS KING II.' KANYE AND DR DRE. COMING SOON. [per @kanyewest]
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @officialKWAME @offthetopgh 🥵Shrimp dumplings for dinner 🎎 @oanl__ Dance for me @Roselyn_Ashkar @Midichi_ Hmm no comment @Ayigbegirl Neighbour!!! Are you with me??Oh happy Day. @passiboo Looool Sister Akos Me sr3 wo @Midichi_ Always Repping! ⚡️ @aku_komoshie How much you got ?Hmm @offthetopgh Fans and "Chemistry" 🤝 @Ayigbegirl Oh neighbour, you too? @Gospel_Official @_shorshor Rolls well on the tongue please @Gospel_Official @_shorshor SurelyIt’s important that you know God is real.Jesus is King.Absolutely.! I have ideas. I will also script them into TVCs, radio spots, break it up into copy for print, I will do your…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Kanye West’s #SundayService at Pastor Joel Osteen’s church is happening now. Livestream it here:…
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@MsBawoni @annertey_ 🥵Pretty Women with chin clefts are top 3 my weakness.One of the worst forms of disappointment is finding out someone you care about, lied to you. We all make mistakes,…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.My Dog won't even look at the TV for 3 secs. @DesouzaHenry Do give me. “CHEMISTRY” @DesouzaHenry Me since yesterday @afro_ditee @willhem90 👼🏾 @KojoIbadin 😂❤️ @KojoIbadin 👀 @fauxdenzel @Ammaa__ ❤️ @90sReject BrethrenIve been explaining since last night 😂See how God is using Kanye
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @tobbinator It's the music!
@annertey_ Herh 😂A whole OloniOkay lol @Gi_Gi_ Lmaoo @MutomboDaPoet @AyigbegirlIt's funny how you can go through a traumatic experience, and you don't even realise how traumatic it is till one d…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.When your reunited with your ex barber.
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @francissovic Hmm imagine.Motorola is really trying to sell us the new RAZR for $1500??The lighting 🥵"Why does everyone want to kiss six"OTT Xtra Amma & Steve
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @Ahomka_Ginger @Ahomka_Ginger That's my normal eyes and voice please. @Ahomka_Ginger Market that i don't already have you want to spoilt it totally 😭Eiii lmaoooooooo @MissEssah 😂😂😂 people starting agendas that can't stand babe. Don't mind them 😘