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@scillaowusu Accurate😂 @scillaowusu She'll be 3 times her size the last time you saw her 🥵 @scillaowusu Lol I'm out of town. She misses you too.. I know you miss her too 😂😂 @norbertkdadson I no dey town lolI miss my dog :(
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.This is Honestly Me. Not Kidding. an ad: MacBook says "get a Microsoft Surface". If you're a copywriter, study this ad. Don't just watch it, s…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Back in lagos. What to do what to do. @Gafacci Oh gaf, @kemistgoldSo BET wanted to add a new category and couldn't think of anythinggg else but to create a category for "flow" I'm really confused.🤷🏾‍♂️Can someone please explain to me what "Best international flow" means. And why it needs a category. @passiboo Nbs lolThis was written for me, this is Golden. @rebelllefleur_ Congratulations babe x @passiboo Miko won't even pick this kind of stick in the first place loool @oswaldtheson Lmao @burnaboy please look at this. @_ohemaa That you kiss* @IamRvdical Awkwardd lolSophomore project, first anniversary.🎈 Thanks for receiving and sharing all the vibes. #asweblossomandwither
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @DesouzaHenry Ask and it shall be given. @joseph_nti LooI i know better to not hurt people's feelings like that.Dating someone that supports your creativity is a huge blessing. Not everyone understands creatives.
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Owerri-imo state, - Nigeria 📍
@iamdanielobasi Bruhh of war, specifically designed to kill human beings en masse, should not be available for purchase.
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.A good product ≠ a good business; and a good business ≠ a good VC investment necessarily...
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @DesouzaHenry Hm okay IL confirm. @DesouzaHenry so you wont tell me you received the 10milllionthousand I sent to your Mobile money last night? @madjetey Lol @ Explore Accra @ChrisSamurai7 Yikes. Il be neck deep in work by then. But congrats man. Proud of you💪🏾 @siidn3y Okay I'm just gonna stay single then. Thanks babe! x @mooserman Just doing some work brethren. @MissEssah Wonders shall never end. @TheBENYIWAinMe Aha.. Reason, got it. @siidn3y What I if i add my reason. @Mis_Damptey On If she already maybe fancies me? @wend_o_lyne That's the name that popped in my head loool. Also sounds like the name of someone that would lie. Lmao @MissEssah WonderfulMany times people will lie "we don't have a budget" my brothers and sisters Issa lie. They doo! Lmao Charge them… not message a freelance artist that depends on shoots and try to underpay them like this. We face this way too m…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Imagine someone telling you $37 an hour is "a lot for you". Wow. @visualsbygabe I'm so sorry Gabe. You dervse so much better. A little advice. It helps sometimes to ask what the p… @S_tage @madjetey The messages shocked me so much it's begining to be funny. I understand/support your point. But… @MissEssah Saved? Don't you "babes" like the smell of penis?Is it offensive if I dm a girl and politely ask to see (more) photos of her?Man I'm soo far from home lmao.Akwa ibom, Nigeria 📍 @MissEssah Can you imagine. Changed my life tho 😂It's bothers me so so much when people don't wash they hands after peeing.Burna Boy is coming, look busy.
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.If you're a writer, endeavor to read. Read voraciously. Read everything. Pay attention to how words are used and se…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.No matter how hectic and frustrating it may get, I LOVE MY JOB.
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Twitter is truly a knife.
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @b3rima ⚡️ @KojoIbadin E enter you? @mivic_o That's a dope setup 💪🏾Akon explains Eminem’s process in the studio. This is hilarious lol
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.
@KojoIbadin Not on the first listen like many of his songs. Il try again tomorrow. In like one month e go don enter well 😂Most things are actually not "feelings" Human feelings are not reliable. @KojoIbadin Yes Bro 😂 @KojoIbadin Since morning lmao @KojoIbadin It's already dropped boss @IamRvdical 😂😂NEVER FORGET: This emotional video of the September 11th attacks including actual audio/video recordings reminds us…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @Joey_Chase Oh yes. LolMy #emPawa30 entry. @empawaafrica #empawa30usa #empawa30 kindly tag all stakeholders. 🙏🏾❤️
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Lol @norbertkdadson Lool @mistameister Angel 😍Market women will call you anything to persuade you to buy from them. My lord, Oko mi, My boyfriend, Fine boy, make I give you my daughter.Looooooooool @sollo7music Do an EP first. @The1TheyCall_E You are the guy Egyir @S_tage Too good
Dead script 😂 @azeaa_a Send me your address and see if I won't do same 🙄 @iamasephua Indeed! I supportPleeeaaeeee and Thank you! do we get water into everyone's hands? 💧🤔 Three experts joined us in Cape Town yesterday to discuss solutions…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @rodneyonit Praise God. @afro_ditee They didn't use to. But that's not what I was referring to. I'm more concerned about the messaging/wording. @ShutUpKecy *Deletes all my lagos tweets*I have waited a long time to share this with you. My new album #LUCID out October 11. Preorder now :…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @oanl__ nice hair and waist x“Difficulties strengthen the mind as labour does the body.” Seneca the Younger, Roman Stoic philosopher (4BC-66AD.)
Retweeted by Steve Morris M.Big ups to everyone with a dream! God in his infinite mercy will answer all of us IJN! Never stop believing. Miracles are real
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @xynxy_b Lol buts it's very clear! "Stop my data" @tchapss Are you sure? Lol @youngelder01 Broo @ChrisSamurai7 Shucks you didn't tell me you were getting married lol When is itWhen you realize hurt people hurt people you’ll take care of yourself first. Self love is not selfish. I can only b…
Retweeted by Steve Morris M. @ChrisSamurai7 To be very honest I'm not even sure... But it's very limited time.Can't wait to return to my "posh" life in Accra. @KOJO_Cue I havnt listened, but I will when I'm not distracted.