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Have an EV & feel like an early adopter? This is serious early adoption! Actually, more like proof of concept. Zero…
Want to learn the principles of the classical orders & proportion and how to design classical architecture? Our…
Retweeted by Steve MouzonThe Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @NewUrbanism @jeffreytumlin @MRC_SLCI knew nothing about this, even though it’s just a couple hundred miles to the south. Anyone have any insights?
Excellent piece, especially if you have friends or family in danger of buying into any of 2020’s rampant conspiracy… Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @TreeHugginVamp @humantransit @lloydalter
The Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @hborys @serenbe @blackurbanistEach winter, fresh snow supports a great conversation about how much we’ve over-designed our streets & roads, & how…
Retweeted by Steve MouzonWe have so much surface parking in downtown Salt Lake City. What I've highlighted in these four images is more than…
Retweeted by Steve Mouzon
@AlexFischCC Is this another empty Black Friday shot? Might need to blog about this again. @exhibitcolumbus @lesuerg Is it just me, or does growing up in sprawl predispose us against sprawl? Not sure if thi… @Zecca_Lehn @shervin @brianbreslin @venturehive @LoveKairos @emrosario @SmartupCapital @Markis @tuskventures @jeffjarvis @TheMinimalists Well put... thanks! Toward the end of his life 6 years ago today, Dad said "I'm happy t… @jeffjarvis @TheMinimalists This bears repeating today. If you can tear yourself away from shopping, go have some family time instead. @jenny_bevan @CharlestonArchi Thanks!!The Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @kenf @ehooge @archpaper @jeffjarvis I am thankful to be extending a lifelong string of years where the day after Thanksgiving is spent NOT… @DegreaseNeil Wow, I have NEVER seen a shot like this! Makes me wonder about Photoshop but I’ll take you at your word. @CharlestonArchi @jenny_bevan I hope you both had a wonderful day!
@clayforsberg Yes. @michaelpollan's Omnivore's Dilemma was an eye-opener. I've never thought about corn the same way since. @clayforsberg Deeply agreed, Clay. As you probably know, I've long been an advocate for local agriculture, at least… piece on Texas Donuts and by extension podium buildings by @jenny_bevan & @CharlestonArchi. After Thank… Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @DonaldShoup @serenbe @TinyHouseTalkSimply put, focus on red-blue and it’s gridlock & nothing changes. Buy if we focus on things that make for a better… “focus on patterns,” I mean that if we focus on individual patterns of living, like making a living where I’m li… are also less important than whether you bought into Mad Men siren calls for radical over-consumption, or… excellent point in the article is about the Nebraska farmer engaging in sustainable practices even while not ac… piece isn’t totally wrong about everything, but it’s another case of “it’s their fault” instead of “it’s our f… @nancercize And there's another angle: with a bit of public education as to the benefits to everyone of gifts to th… front gardens reduce physiological and psychological stress via @TC_Africa
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@hborys Thanks, Hazel! I re-shot Mooresville a few years later with a better camera, but it's no match for my camer…, Jason!! Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @StreetsblogSF @StreetsblogNYC @SmartGrowthCEO @ashleycaryn Sometimes The Meal can have good results. Gorging 40 years ago ended up changing my career in ways I c… trip to Mooresville, Alabama 40 years ago on the day after Thanksgiving changed my career in amazing ways. This… on, @hblackson!
The Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @anthonyflint @CPEX_LA @aarieff @1000yearhouse From time to time, the system experiences a “recall to order” as @andres_duany calls it, such as the… @1000yearhouse Over time, each generation seems to want to put their own spin on things. Some is in response changi… @createstreets @JonnyEcology I have a pretty good shot from about 2014. God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. Tide walking costs you $1, we all pay $0.01. If biking costs you $1, we all pay $0.08. If bussing costs you $1, we al…
Retweeted by Steve Mouzon @leecalisti @antijenic Roll TideAmerica could alleviate (not solve, but make solutions easier) many major, intractable problems if we could find a…
Retweeted by Steve Mouzon @1000yearhouse “Territorial” has a defensive meaning. The Good Samaritan was certainly not being territorial; he was being neighborly. @MattRobare @profmusgrave Hilarious and sad at the same time! Or maybe instead of "hilarious" I should just say "well-played."
Whenever I say EVs won’t save us, that they are still cars, I get called an extremist and worse. That’s why…
Retweeted by Steve MouzonFriday is the 40th anniversary of the day after Thanksgiving 1980 when a trip to Mooresville, Alabama with 3 others… Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @aaron_renn @JeffSpeckFAICP @PPS_PlacemakingAmericans have a knack for taking lovely downtown streetscapes and ripping them to shreads! Hardly anything remai…
Retweeted by Steve Mouzon @CharlestonArchi Do you mean at some point in the distant future? Seems like you're young enough in your career to… @ROAarchitects @ROAarchitects how did that happen?
The Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @Sustain_Urban @gensler_design @jmassengale @buttermilkyway A Butler building is a pre-engineered metal building.
Interesting to be listening to the Hamilton audiobook while Trump is trying to steal the election. Interesting that… Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @smartcitiesdive @ninaignaczak @createstreetsButler buildings are the Pampers of architecture: completely necessary, utterly non-sexy, and stinky most of the time.
The Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @gensler_design @BrentToderian @HalburDoes anyone know how to access Facebook Notes? From what I'm reading now, it seems like FB might have deleted them…
In finding strengths in colleagues, we all become stronger.Hey @Uber_Support I somehow got snookered into the the Uber Pass monthly subscription, but haven't taken an Uber ri… Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @humantransit @NatureSacred @APA_Planning @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi Traditional Construction Patterns is on principles of traditional detailing; 1001 T… @BrentToderian Brent, I am so very sorry to hear this!It is radioactively cheesy to build your own Wikipedia page, but if Everyone in Tommy’s orbit built 1 page for just… I think the online library likely to last longer than most is Wikipedia. Take the passing of someone like Tommy… If a great one has passed who you value there will be no time where the hive memory is so strong as now to find… they’re useful enough, maybe a university might take them on. If they’re online stores for e-books, images, and… Consider your gifts’ life after yours has ended. If it’s web-based, it could die whenever your hosting contract… still publish paper books, but the most-used media are now digital: video, still images, and words. Choose accord… Consider the medium. For centuries, scrolls & then books were the most durable ways of giving gifts to the futur… Those too modest say “I have nothing worthwhile to give.” While that can sometimes be true, ask yourself “what p… few thoughts from last night’s Zoom on Tommy Pacello (@tpatch22): for those interested in giving gifts to the fut…
The Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @StreetsblogUSA @NEXTSTL @DunhamJones
@ponjeters @CharlestonArchi I did a couple jobs on a BIM precursor in late 1996, but hated it because it thought fo… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi I did an internship for 6 months in 81/82 while still in school, then graduated in… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi My key point is that my career as people know it now would not exist without my Mac… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi That was my first foray into authorship, and led to Traditional Construction Patter… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi ... but I won’t guarantee I’ll look at them.” So I FedEx’d them for 10AM delivery &… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi PowerCADD actually was responsible for me getting my first book deal. I bought a se… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi So I went with PowerCADD, and soon discovered that it was the closest analogy to dr… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi Later, Intergraph came out with Microstation, which was the early CAD leader for a… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi Few companies even responded; the only big-name one was Intergraph, which was found… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi I was a brash young guy partnered with one other guy and with a couple employees, b… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi The guy was a master of lineweights, of course, and many other finer points. I said… @Solarchitects @CharlestonArchi I was fortunate enough to begin my career sitting at the desk beside an older fello… @timbihl Yes, and that’s likely the sum total of the good it accomplishes for anyone who’s not a stakeholder in the building. @JillMirran @sascrutcher @wrathofgnon @clmarohn That’s certainly not my intent, nor do I believe it’s @clmarohn’s e… Original Green Daily is out! Stories via @StreetsblogSF @GreenEnergyNews @jeffreytumlin @CharlestonArchi I steer away from self-promotion most of the time, but my own work clearly disproves your assertio… @CharlestonArchi But you don’t care about what started the decline, and accelerated it through those decades? This… @CharlestonArchi Christopher, you can claim whatever you like. But you haven't even responded to my pointing out th… @CharlestonArchi Car designers vs. auto mechanics is a classic example of where the designer has far more stature t… @CharlestonArchi And the 50-year gap between the beginning of the decline and the Apple II, plus the 60-year gap to… @CharlestonArchi Correlation proves nothing. C'mon. This is what they teach on day one of Logic 101. And I'm guilty… @CharlestonArchi As for "CAD technician," is that slur really necessary? If a person is just a CAD technician, they… @CharlestonArchi You're confusing correlation with causation, possibly the most common logical error. The Great Dec… @CharlestonArchi It seems to me that maybe you've been working with the wrong tools. What CAD software have you tried, for example? @CharlestonArchi The value of a tool is in how it is used by the craftsman. I was drug kicking & screaming into CAD…