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Iconoclast writing on strategic futures, insurgency, foreign and defense policy. Realist/moderate. Big on character and integrity. Tweets my personal opinion.

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@NoahShachtman @seanlawson Presidents don't have to.even a faux populist to scratch out a win. That said, there is a need to address the dilemma of blue collar small… given that the demographic they appealed to--white, blue collar, rural/small town--is a declining segment of th… have said many times that I consider Trump a faux populist who plays on the cultural and racial fears of his blue… seemed to be a third tier national issue. But then I came to understand that its importance to him and his base… racial motivations by focusing on immigration and hostility toward Muslims. This sugar coats fear of people with… third dimension is racial. There is no doubt that a good part of the anger directed at Obama was racially motiv… plutocrats so he doesn't do it. But despite not being religion or a shooter, he can talk religion and guns e… his fellow plutocrats like he would have to to address the economic dimension of change. For instance, i… second dimension of change is cultural. It's actually very complex and broad based but is often distilled into… deindustrialization or, more accurately, the diminishing need for industrial labor given automation, is irrever… an industrial pipefitter, one a truck driver. Union membership allowed them to have pretty good lives, with hom… economic reflects the deindustrialization of America, the decline of extractive industries and the decline of u… those disadvantages to more easily coalesce into political movements. The change underway has three separat… economic, demographic, cultural, or social change always advantages some groups and disadvantages others. It… want to capture some thoughts rattling around my head on the phenomenon of blue collar rural/small town anger. As… @RonaldJMoeller Trump’s cultists push the false and venal narrative that any opposition to him is unjustified "dera… @RonaldJMoeller I try to treat him fairly and push back on people who assume everything he does is venal, everythin… @RonaldJMoeller I said in 2016 that I could understand the anger of people being left behind (parts of my family ar… @RonaldJMoeller But in my opinion he's scamming his blue collar, small town/rural base, saying things that mobilize… @RonaldJMoeller Alas there are people who do assume anything the President does is venal but the "TDS" phrasing is… @RonaldJMoeller Many businesses across the spectrum have integrated political principles, normally when it was good… Founding Fathers disagreed as do people today who value the Constitution over the cult. @david_darmofal The incumbent grew up a few blocks from me but didn't go to the same high school -- he went to what… @JimMWeber't feel obligated to exhibit a pretense of balance, but are organized solely by loyalty to one man.This is, of course, part of a bigger phenomenon where previously depoliticized entities like government agencies an… who are not Trump loyalists. I know business owners always have expressed political feelings but it seems…'m beginning to see a new and, I believe, very dangerous tendency in the American political landscape: businesses,… @EdwardHBOh Some people simply have a psychological predisposition for cultism.Juvenilism. America deserves better. @NoahShachtman @seanlawson Yeah but the president can unclassify anything. It's still sleazy, but legal. @queenofthinair @queenofthinair @JimGoldgeier Just to be on the safe side, address your application letters to Georgewashington Town.
@realDonaldTrump How long did it take you to read it before you arrived at these conclusions? @CurtMills @DamonLinker @PeterLucier @DoyleKHodges That's my go-to move.I think he should have a ship named after him just for being a warrior named "Doris." @notabattlechick @Strategy_Bridge @DivergentOption @WarOnTheRocks @War_Room_Eds I'm in.Hey @Strategy_Bridge @DivergentOption @WarOnTheRocks special issue? @MiaMBloom @monaeltahawy The arc of history is long but bends toward justice. @AmitavAcharya Overachiever. @HerbCarmen Perhaps under this administration senseless babbling will be recognized as a handicap as well. @Eric_M_Murphy a bad cigar is like a woman but a gland is a gland --ee cummings @PeterLucier We should debate whether we want to cling to the 18th century distinction between commissioned gentlem… @robertcaruso @JasonFritz1 With grinch cluster. @JasonFritz1 I've nominated myself for a War on Christmas campaign ribbon.At least the President hasn't worn a tan suit or asked for dijon mustard for a hamburger. @lldzne And a fascination with the weird and bizarre. They no longer have wolfboy and the two headed calf at my local fair. @lldzne And I try to keep my finger on the zeitgeist (mostly because it makes me giggle to type that.) @lldzne Probably true. I've known Mr. Steele for decades so things occasionally pop up.This is, umm, entertaining.'m counting down the seconds until one of my military buddies tells these guys what "decimate" actually means. @shifrinson The application fee was $65 at a time when I was making $4K a year. @shifrinson I'm still peeved at UVA for saying they couldn't process my application because they only received 2 of… @ajitmaan3 I was surprised to learn while at African game parks that grazing animals know when lions are on the hun… @david_darmofal Hey--that's my old district! @lldzne I don't think Tannehill can take over a game. On the running game I think the Chiefs will be OK if they pre… are the chances this story is taped to the wall in the Chiefs locker room? @prchovanec A clip of him saying that might end up in campaign ads.I'm certainly not defending Rosenstein but there is no expectation of privacy when you use government IT. @DamonLinker I got the same and had the same reaction. @JeffreyGoldberg As a graduate of JHU whose kid was waitlisted but not admitted, I applaud this. @Hadtwohurt Growing up in Myrtle Beach I knew a guy who surf fished for sharks (since it was prohibited on piers) a… @lee_grubbs @smallwars I agree with Lee.Hard to imagine President calling our nations military leadership “dopes and babies,” but multiple confirmations.…
Retweeted by Steve Metz @EvelynNFarkas I wouldn't make that analogy since communism altered reality to reflect an ideology rather than the… @BlackKeynDagger @Strategy_Bridge No dramatically new ideas (other than his analysis of Trump) but as always, gorge… @PDWilliamsGWU Perhaps Marmite is hallucinogenic.Understand how the U.S. exit from the nuclear deal has impacted Iran and the regime's foreign policy calculations.…
Retweeted by Steve Metz @Strategy_Bridge @realDonaldTrump @RudyAtallah A majority of Americans support common sense gun laws rather than NRA extremism.Regime change without an effective stabilization plan in place. Iran would be this X1000. suspect the phrase "Today isn't about me--it's about you" has never passed his lips. via @usatoday @AkiPeritz @SpyTalker COA 3Sean Duffy is ethical slime. America's greatest need is to once again value character and morality. don’t we ask under oath Guiliani, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Bolton to confirm or deny what Parnas said. Easy day !
Retweeted by Steve MetzAt least on an away team.And let me offer a recommendation for Space Command guys--never wear the red shirt.I'll admit I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure there are no forests in space.'m installing an orange filter on my computer. he doesn't take his salary. (Only a tax write off for donating it). @DenisonBe I voted for him twice and Casey the third time. I like Casey. @MK_Milligan The little ones in the plastic container. They're South Africa peppadews. I use them a lot in salads.And, to clarify, that was in two separate elections.The two votes I cast for @RickSantorum remain the greatest regrets of my experience as a citizen. don't question their motives--I think they're perfectly obvious. @CIAspygirl Word on the street is that he's more of a mahjong kind of guy. @MK_Milligan I'm addicted to those South African peppadews. I'm looking into rehab. @KrisjandR @misscherryjones Miruvor @KrisjandR I'm still proud that I taught my daughter math by winning the tooth fairy money back at blackjack.Reposado only, please.I've discovered that tequila and jelly beans makes an excellent post workout recovery. @KrisjandR Sell it to them as a character building experience.As is the United States of America. @KrisjandR You can still crawl can't you? @SeanDunn10 @josephcollins77 Did he buy?If Trump were to drop dead this evening, who do we think would be the first Republican, or Fox News pundit (I find…
Retweeted by Steve Metz @TyrellMayfield @ToriLeeThomas @AF_Academy @ddayoverlordweb @usairforce @Team_Tinker But it makes perfect sense. Af…