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@pulte I promise I wouldn't complain! @LogitechG i love you. That is all. @the_bw2 @TheGamerLang @bstategames @realbadbatman I haven’t killed myself... yet @TheGamerLang @bstategames Ohhh shit! @the_bw2 @realbadbatman @PitchingNinja What was the only other out? @TheGamerLang @bstategames Lol! I run pistol on customs a lot and go dorms hoping to pick up a kill on a loaded guy or two @YaBoyPenut @bstategames Ah sheeesh! I was like from 7 pm-11pm eastern I’ll be live tonight 8 pm eastern @Gigadweeb1 @bstategames Literally got all of it from a pistol run @pirateontherun @bstategames Picked it up from a kill. Lol @simone14__ @bstategames Solid. Ran it one game than switch to VAL and AKS @JasonMc11995713 @bstategames I agree. Got this gun during a pistol run so just ran as is @TheGamerLang @bstategames Went great tonight! @Lardo115 @bstategames Do you have proof of “dying to invisible people”? @mamba_ghost @bstategames Haven’t heard anyone else complaining about this. GGs @The_FortniteGuy No shot Clix can actually pay attention. @11Rocco27 I did! The self promote ones? My favorite ❤️ @PeRpLeCxx @NVIDIAGeForce You the man! @Niha_Gaming @bstategames I got it on a pistol run @AquaWolf03 @bstategames Great custom runs tonight @OpTicMaNiaC ps4 is my assumption @generator16 @AhabTheAyrab @bstategames oh god this Michael guy that was tweeting his stream in all my tweets... YIKES @itsYonske @bstategames Thanks!
Escaping From Tarkov all night! <-- LIVE @bstategames @DAntonio_585 #askAndYeShallNotReceive @The_FortniteGuy Switched to PC after they got rid of it. Is it worth trying? @santos_wallace @MKBHD Safe to say, stay away @_sevenchakras Gun... oops @_sevenchakras Sooo... we aren’t going to talk about the accuracy on that tommy fun? @x2Pac_ThuGLorD I’m sorry for your loss brother @tristin11_ ❤️ @CarlosR @G2esports Damn I need that! @FortniteGame Code TrailMixx #AD @MaryJLeeee Get back on the gym grind!
@duskin_bowman Miss you brother @HGaymet Yikes @CyrusHotchkiss Prob b/c all of your tweets are just your stream. No offense man @Mr_Positive_J I have no clue @iwiffkrakens Ight brother @priceline hello. I have major concerns about my last trip through Priceline. Can I dm? @realbadbatman Played one game so not sure! @iwiffkrakens Followed!Who needs the Battle Pass?! @Adam_m_93 Damn I hope a million people get my number and email then! @duskin_bowman You ok brother?My notifications are DEAD! Who wants a follow? @MicahJo64999416 Waiting to level 20 @The_FortniteGuy SMG > Shotgun @The_FortniteGuy 6 @The_FortniteGuy Way too early to say @hockeynutt811 Well that’s obvious! @HonestGaming3 Why @MicahJo64999416 No idea @Ovvergrown Neither yet @timthetatman Team Ghost or Team Shadow? @Winner_Stayz_On Worst liar ever!Team Ghost or Team Shadow?! @summit1g Well said! @The_FortniteGuy SBMM @realbadbatman Laying in bed and this one hurts... wow @elonmusk Will Tesla hit $1000 tomorrow? Asking for a friend.. @The_FortniteGuy @EpikWhale @UnknownxArmy1x @hootiednk @PulteDaily @pulte Yessir
@The_FortniteGuy What’s hybrid players? @Pineaqples @bstategames Me:) would love to run some! I’ll be live at 8! @FortniteGame Planes confirmed! @Ninja Well said Tyler! @Ewok @bradyz Not with height Ewok! @Gymshark Damnnnn! Brock is just trolling.. right? @SypherPK lol. TrollPK @dakotaz DAMN!! DK that troll was rough @PulteDaily @pulte I would finally pay off my student loans and credit card debt. Put some money away for my son an… @DhaSickest I wish the minor league salary wasn’t roughly 9-10k a season and that it paid a livable wage. @MLB @MikeTrout @Angels 76 @pulte Life changing money man!🦴 This is a good luck bone, retweet for good luck.
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @TSM_Myth I need all the luck! I'm going to like. comment and rt @NVIDIAGeForce @ThomasAscherIntroducing the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. We made 77 for our community. Want one? Here's how:…
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @bradyz @Ewok Damn... Respect for not giving yourself that extra 1/4! Most would blatantly lie
@Adam_m_93 See I’m not a fan of the words “try hard” and “sweaty” ... what do you expect people to do when you play against other players? @JanesWx @ThatGuyKerry @Mochila @Clayster What insurance do you have that it’s that cheap? Very intrigued @MarissaRoberto @verified SHE MADE IT!Not going to lie, I had no idea what to expect. The man walked in shook all our hands, took selfies, and whatever…
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @timthetatman @TTfue @NICKMERCS They need to float! There’s sharks in that water @GamingMania9 @MrBeastYT @Lazarbeam @Randumb @LukeTheNotable Why am I tagged in this? @TSM_Myth Well said Myth. If it was as easy as "be happy" mental health wouldn't be an issue.
@ty_wolfel Dm me the amount you’re willing to put down on this... @ImKiloPapa Just use your phone @ZombieRoca Issue is you followed him in the first place @GeN_Mello @OldManEffect Name of song? Good ole days man
@IAmHaxk 💯 @Gunfly Let’s see it!
@KLIKKZZZ That’s a lot of likes and RT! I ask for 1 @jamiemillmusic just watched all of your performances on The Voice! WOW! Incredible job manDay 2 without videos games..... As sad as it is I can’t wait to play tomorrow night! @brayf52764774 @NZXT @FNATICGEAR @elgatogaming @LogitechG @GTOmegaRacing @AimControllerss @ASTROGaming From what @matty_mastro That’s what Manfred is saying. @bradyz 5’9 @matty_mastro A lot of pitchers got fkd by it as well. Judge should’ve won MVP too @MatthewBetley Well said!