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@PitchingNinja I love the compliment than the attack! Brilliantly done
@pulte 💯 @pulte $sascherTomorrow’s stream with start with Pokémon Hidden Fates opening! Packs are $12 each! DM me if you’re interested. 13…
@Leonhart54YT Can’t wait to watch the video! @Leonhart54YT Shaky hands? Usually you open them cleanly!💯 Announcement soon! beats breakfast out with the fam! @andrewute1 @AsiataFive4 💯 @TSM_Myth 😂Dear @ASTROGaming, I’d love a pair of A50’s in toddler size please! Love, Coop
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @StevenAscher Growing into dad's headset nicely 🥰
Retweeted by Steve Ascher
The road to a sub 6 minute mile has not been completed! Before my birthday on October 18 I will hit a 5:59 or lower… @ASTROGaming, I’d love a pair of A50’s in toddler size please! Love, Coop @AndrewOnyx_ Still sending young goatWhat is the ridiculous SBMM on Fortnite!! I'm playing pubs for fun. I'd go to arena for competitive!Pushing Everyone!
@MLozada Beautiful! @BISSELLclean @BISSELLclean help pleaseThis is my year! MUST WATCH**
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @Leonhart54YT @verified @Twitter @TwitterSupport @verified @Prestinni When’s the announcement @migu2k Waste of money
@migu2k Don’t own itHappy birthday to my beautiful wife! I love you babygirl ❤️
@thatdenverguyYT 100% I have the same lulu for almost 10 years. Doesnt smell or look old.’s Showtime!!! 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 -🎥 @chantheman31 #AmericasChamp #UFCVegas11
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @CouRageJD I’m sorry man! Anxiety is horrible. @garyvee 24-17 49ersNiggas be Whole NERDS when they playing the Game😂That Shit will bring the LAME out of you 😭😩
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @FaZe_H1ghSky1 🖐 @TThereclaimer How has apex been? @jayy_calle I don’t touch Warzone @SwordInTheD4rk Few months* @JayReeve_ @ThomasAscher Can’t afford a razor with his Benz! @riley_unroe Toxic but nasty!😂 @LANDN Sup @TThereclaimer what do you play @R3kluse Yea def not spending money on that lol @ThomasAscher Much love homie. Looks beautiful out! @iHATEpparkyy Idk! Not really vibing with any games is the other issueI need people to game with!
@jesslurvsyuu Let’s getit! @BISSELLclean It’s the turbo clean power brush let, and it’s putting water out but not taking it back up.SBMM does not belong in Call of Duty. There should be a ranked playlist for people to sweat in. I’m not trying to p…
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @DKarma The king is BACK! @Prestinni wanna run some Cold War?Who’s playing Cold War?!This is my year! MUST WATCH**
Enjoy the day at Disney with Coop and Steffy. Came home and crushed a 2 mile run at 6:51 pace! Time for dinner then… @TheAlanJohnson Wait... there’s a Harry Potter game?!? That I need!
@Fr0sty1337 Lol exactly @NZXT @AimControllerss @elgato @ASTROGaming @GTOmegaRacing @LogitechG @audioquest @gamergoo 💜Cleaned up and ready for games and streams! Huge shoutout to all of the amazing companies I’ve been fortunate enou… @JayReeve_ So only ps4/ps5 lobbies?When the PS5 comes out will playing COD with people on both PS4 and PS5 be considered cross play? @iHATEpparkyy @toastydeals Just bought a 1660 super before they released the 3000 series. Need to sell that. @TSM_Myth Did y’all vote him out? @toastydeals Is it worth buying a 3080 over a 3070?Logan Paul is fighting floyd Mayweather, prayers going up for Logan
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My last tweet before I finish this glass. They did vote they ain’t wanna play no more. . . But I didn’t think they…
Retweeted by Steve Ascher @Blastfully @ty_wolfel Ok. Send your team. @Blastfully @ty_wolfel linkGave MW a shot, not our game. PS4 AW $1000 Chall anyone?
@ChaR1smA_J Exactly @DezBryant Man that’s just childish @ASTROGaming Best headphones on the market! @KnifedByKang @AimControllerss @ASTROGaming Toy Story and gaming!Coop just took my controller and said “my turn”! @Blastfully @ty_wolfel @ThomasAscher alts adding wolfel now @Blastfully @ty_wolfel @ThomasAscher $100 a head. send it @Blastfully @ty_wolfel @ThomasAscher post it @Blastfully @ty_wolfel @ThomasAscher you got 2? 100 a head. @ty_wolfel @Blastfully @ThomasAscher @hitchariide @CMG_Esports still have room? @DashySZN run it up! 3v3 chall @ThomasAscher @ty_wolfel @FF_MuTeX @FormaL @ty_wolfel down? @DashySZN Down. How much?
@Huntsmen Batman = Bruce = @DashySZN !!! @pulte Buying at all time highs? Interesting @PitchingNinja That’s not missing by a little. That’s a cock shot @timthetatman lol
Back to Tarkov Dominance! <-- @bstategames @pulte $Sascher #TwitterFoodBankThe Call of Duty grind starts back up the second Cold War is released! @mdevine29 @Chosen1Nb @BuffaloBills That’s incredible! @AimControllerss having issues with my custom TrailMixx controller. Sent a DM. ❤️ @JKap415 Lmk next time @DylanCumming12 No ideaAmong Us seems fun! Unfortunately I realized I don’t have enough friends to even start a lobby.... 😐 @xDixieman Most are a waste of time.
@mediumhuddy @dakotaz @dakotaz DK the boss! @LANDN 😯 @snDELUXE Let’s be honest the turn on was worse than jumping off the map! @snDELUXE 😂 @Queenya_84 thank you @cloutonthest No shot. To what? @MintJordo @WatchLunr Good luck