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Steven Ward @stevenbward Santa Monica, CA

CEO of, & Author of 'Crash Course in Love'. Host & Executive Producer @Vh1

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Joined Twitter 7/10/08 wants to democratize verification for all! my.
Retweeted by Steven Ward @streak69 We're here to help!Tough day for us at Twitter. We all feel terrible this happened. We’re diagnosing and will share everything we can…
Retweeted by Steven Ward @kvlly It's restored. :)
I tweet, therefore I am. @thekenyeung Can you share the unlocked article? @davidu As long as the résumé details are accurate! According to HireRight's 2017 employment screening benchmark re… @BUSlNESSBARISTA Good References @mattdizwhitlock @Folesylvania Pretty weak clarification. @CharlizeAfrica Really enjoyed the movie. Great work once again. @dcseifert @backlon Isn't the purpose of the vacation in the woods to escape technology? @davidu I think there will be a greater emphasis on rewarded travel as a job perk because we'll welcome the respite… @MKrinsky @bryce a long time, the question I get asked the most Specifically for people looking to _start_ something has been: W…
Retweeted by Steven WardSessions was Trump’s 1st Senate supporter, lent him legitimacy. In return, Sessions gave up his seat. Lost his cabi…
Retweeted by Steven Ward @alexrkonrad But is it? 🤔 @kvlly This applies to spin bikes too. @chadloder That's so sexist. ;)Sometimes I come across people on Twitter explaining something so remarkably brilliant it boggles my mind. Then wi… @kevinleeme @firstround Do you mind sharing the Notion page?
@ProductHunt @netflix Dark @briannekimmel Crypto exchanges. @Jason Actually, these days (even before COVID-19) The Promenade has become so overpriced and touristy that small b… @jaminball @seandougfan But consider how much services revenue they're already doing as a proportion of total reven…'m halfway through this season 2 of Dark on @netflix and my mind is blown. This is a great show. @chadloder It's mind boggling that they had to be closed in the first place! We've never experienced anything like this. @jaminball @seandougfan Conversely though, don't you like the fact that $37MM came from revenue other than subscrip… @pitdesi Is it entirely electric?Bronco or Rubicon? @jonbirger1 Romance scams and confidence fraud are the number one source of cybercrime outside of Business Email Compliance. @JoshConstine @nikillinit Matchmaking is more popular than ever. Any matchmaker will tell you their business is boo…
@laughridge @threader_app please compile @TaylorLorenz @buzz Same thing happened to me. I think it's because @chrissyteigen chimed in. She definitely will h… @semil @davidu Social and professional networks are widely distrivuted these days and meeting virtually is often ea… are two types of people in this world. Those who brush their teeth with the water running and those who don't. @domm @fast Why have you been separated so long?
@perlmutations C'mon Ron, we all know these guys are gonna get away with everything. We just won't have time to dea…
@Acosta And Trump was impeached too. None of which means anything. It's so sad and disheartening to see how patheti… @MittRomney @chrija And nothing will be done about it. It's an absolute joke. @realDonaldTrump has made a complete… @erikziegler @onepeloton Believe it or not I actually put the pedals in properly and half way into a ride they were… just want to say to @onepeloton that swapping out the stock pedals you ship with SPD pedals is unnecessarily difficult. @dierken @peteskomoroch @dberkholz @jason is all about microschooling.Am I the only one who questions how some people on Twitter can find the time to be as active as they are?How many days a week do we really need to shower? Really? @stevenbward Brother—there's a whole *chapter* just for Stone.
Retweeted by Steven WardTrump pardons Stone. I've seen it all now. Why wouldn't he pardon everyone he knows once he's a lame duck?… @SethAbramson Brah, you need to add pardoning Stone. 🤪
@thejasminediaz Link please!So apparently Johnny Depp divorced Amber Heard because she literally shit the bed. I'm not making this up. @TaylorLorenz Um, if you live in LA and you don't live as close to the water as possible you are missing out. That'…
@MorganCheatham @PitchBook This looks like a great deal. I smell a merger opportunity between @onemedical $ONEM and… @MorgLiv @chriszeoli @BUSlNESSBARISTA @web This is existentialism at its finest.
@helium @pharkmillups This should bring a nice little bump to the HNT price. I've got my second hotspot on its way! @PhillyInquirer That sucks @bgussoni7 things every kid needs to hear: 1. I love you 2. I’m proud of you 3. I’m sorry 4. I forgive you 5. I’m listening…
Retweeted by Steven Ward @msuster But do you also believe he deserves some form of discipline? Or is his contrition enough?Watching this show Dark on Netflix. Crazy show. First time I watched a foreign show dubbed and subtitled. @balajis I'm pretty sure this is what every major actor and musician does already. 🤷‍♂️There are very few things more anxiety provoking than when my wife puts me in line in a grocery store and then leav…
@pitdesi @BobbyThakkar This is quintessential @VCBrags ;) @chrija This was ridiculously useful.From the archives: A sales team hiring plan template for sales-driven SaaS companies (free)
Retweeted by Steven Ward @domm - - Identity Authentication and Background Verification APIs - - $1MM
@arlogilbert @davidu That must be tough. What field does she want to go into? @danprimack There's a lot @Uber can learn from @Postmates. As a power user of both, I'm excited about this acquisit… @katgleason Have you met your match? 🤔
@balajis @chr1sa @migueldeicaza @mateusjatenee @RulesByCam @dhh But is it fair to expect that open air conversation… @SInow @ConorOrr They should back him up with Kaepernick.
Fireworks aren't cheap. Whatever assholes are setting them off at all hours of the night gotta think of better thin… moon is absolutely amazing tonight. Just sayin'. @nikillinit Against who though? Who should the computer be mimicking? A stranger? Someone you know? Someone you don't? @rsg Use caution. You're being recorded! @linzlinzlinz How about Upwork for music composition?
@balajis I think any lawyer in CA would say that it's reasonable to expect that you would be recorded on a public s… @ItsDanSheehan @supremeL0ner That's a good rule of thumb. @Austen And I'm just happy with my 2.5x return since I bought in! @chetanp I think revenue per employee is a better metric. @lpolovets Florida: 10,109 : 21.48MM CA: 9,352 : 39.51MM Relatively speaking, CA is doing much better than FL yesterday. @Bighugh53 @Redskins How about calling them The Generals? @ProductHunt Fantasy Finance. Basically a Draft Kings for equities. @bgussoni I happen to know on good authority that 90% of "recycled" garbage is incinerated because it's not sorted. @latimes @latimesopinion As seen on @SHO_Penny! @patio11 This might be a boon for companies like that provides identity authentication for… @jmelaskyriazi CC: @derekcollison @danprimack Great scoop!Ok, who is making this into a movie? Anyone? You can't make this up! @benedictevans @VCBrags @stevejang Thank you for this.This just made my day. I love the Interwebs. @abarrallen Sent!If you’re currently in the process of raising $1 to $1.5M & have a Product live, I’d love to see your deck. Send me a DM. 😊 🙏
Retweeted by Steven Ward @dunkhippo33 The biggest problem in this country is its persistent tribalism. @AdamSchefter Generals @jimsciutto That's pretty wild. That means out of the 3 1/2 years he's been President he's literally spent an entire year of it golfing?