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@thecommonbreath You really need a leopard skin topAngel and star #illo_advent2020 #illo_advent #Christmas2020 #illustration #angel
Retweeted by Steven L @WallaceWylie @WallaceWylie haud yer wheesht#Christmas2020 #angel and star #illo_advent2020 #illo_advent #Christmas2020 #illustration #angel
@FizOsborne @benjamintmills @Handsome_Frank Thanks 🙏
Lord of The Rings A4 Art Print | Etsy #LOTR @sacha_coward for sale
Retweeted by Steven L @GetMeADragon Thanks , that’s very kind of you to say ❤️ @Handsome_Frank This simple little drawing of a happy Universe @DKeith0904 @spacegirlgail Great song though @Busydrawing Yeah that happened to me, it’s all a con Laurie! 😛It is happening again #Christmas #illo_advent #christmastree #illustration #illo_advent2020
Retweeted by Steven L @papasmurf82 Yeah it probably is a mixture of both of those things, it just gets annoying, especially when I first… @CraigActually I know, every week I see this 😤Will never understand the -"x amount of people have this in their shopping basket" on Etsy, but then they....never actually buy anything.It is happening again #Christmas #illo_advent #christmastree #illustration #illo_advent2020 @colinbell Is it on the ‘flix? @colinbell 😄, I actually really want to see thisBook for sale the 33 million people who’ve lost their lives since the start of the HIV epidemic - friends and family…
Retweeted by Steven L#Christmas @nmjcoveney Chunk it up 👍
2020🧡 @DKeith0904 Thanks Dave 😙#phoebebridgers @TheGarethConway you were my enabler 👌Bit obsessed with Phoebe Bridgers right now #phoebebridgers #punisher #illustration #music @beatonna Who says you can’t have it all? @WallaceWylie Such a prude @DrewMillward Pretty good, just had a nap @Damian_Barr @RSLiterature Congrats x @PaulMHD Reminds me of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick , if you know that bookBlue Monday #MondayMotivation #illustration #blue #pattern #procreate
@DeborahMcDaid 😭Found this abandoned toaster on my walk today @GraceSandford Happy Birthday super-young Grace :)Sunday Birdday
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@queenoftartan Your tweets are better than watching the show 😄Your molecules are screaming!!!!!
Retweeted by Steven LCrows in Winter (1941) by N. C. Wyeth (American, 1882-1945).
Retweeted by Steven LThor
@brianjoralvarez The first step to connecting to source ✨ @creativesojung This is so beautiful @markbradleyart Spicey!John Bauer
Retweeted by Steven L @MegfaceMcLaren Thanks Meg xMy last set of Xmas cards - half-price, are you dreaming of a cheap Christmas? #BlackFriday could be crashing into your life today for half price! Happy Meteor square art print by ArtbyStevenL… mean.......Cute Living Room A4 Art Print by ArtbyStevenL via @Etsy Half-price! #sale #BlackFridayOMG how cute! Get it 50% off right now! Cute Kitchen A4 Art Print by ArtbyStevenL via @Etsy a cute print! Half-price now! Happy Moon Art Print by ArtbyStevenL via @Etsy #Etsysale #BlackFridayGoing to do some last day tweets for my etsy sale, then i'll let go. @markbradleyart No apologies necessary @twiterney thanks kitten xCats! #cats #CatsOfTwitter #illustration #cute #FridayFeeling
@LynzCrichton One more in the cabin by Jim & Jennie and the PinetopsHere’s the art for my B&W Blade Runner print.
Retweeted by Steven L @kerrymcdaid1 @DeborahMcDaid Get Dan a bonnet for ChristmasUpdate: me and Phoebe Bridgers are getting on just fine @DeborahMcDaid The black cat looks like Dan @PaulMHD You’re my favourite everyday @torpordust Oh I googled it, it’s what I thoughtMy Doctor Who print is half-price this week as is everything else in my shop #DoctorWhoDay #DoctorWho #etsy
Retweeted by Steven L @danmcdaid You can take him @torpordust What does it mean? I’m never up to speed with this stuff. @PaulMHD thanks Paul, you’re my favourite x @TheGarethConway thanks GCLooks like i've got Rocasea, just keeping you informed50% off in my Etsy, dive in! #etsy #sale #blackfriday Trick @tommmoore @ElliotCowanYes coloured paintKeep calm and Carrie on #illustration #cute #carrie #horror #StephenKing
@grendelmenz @owlyjules Beautiful work, molly’s speech always brings tears to the eyes @owlyjules That part of the story just kills meThe Group of Seven is where it’s at, Joni , Patti Smith, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Dolly, Aretha, John Lennon, EltonAll my rock star doodles from today #illustration #doodle #music #eltonjohn #illustration #music , Aretha and Patti #JohnLennon #arethafranklin #pattismith #illustration #music it out @Karlwheel Magic, Scotland, ChristDolly, Prince, Bowie and Joni #illustration #music @MatPringle @moodysson Fleetwood Mac and Mary kinda girl 👌The Mac #FleetwoodMac #StevieNicks #illustration
@WallaceWylie Well it’s to raise money for charity, DP can just write a cheque and save us from this horror @WallaceWylie Dolly needs to intervene @sacha_coward I wasn't going to steal them one at a time @sacha_coward Jealous of those teethWoah #TwinPeaks art print is 50% off, would you like it? @DianePodcast maybe one of your followers would. #etsy @katealizadeh Here maybe ? @markbradleyart Don’t worry, I’m usually right about this stuff