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all views are things wot I read in the sun.

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@Dalycfc1 @AndrewBoyce2 Pingu will be tipping you to win @victodd Under esa you would be the very definition of a reg (29)(2)(b) unsafe to go to work which would then be a… @victodd So you would be an "ordinary" ssp recipient. @victodd Surely though your doc would need to give you a fit note if the NHS had sent you a letter saying unsafe to go in. @victodd Why oh why not just remove the redundant word and keep it to having words in the right place :D I told so… @victodd The redundant bit confuses me... If. Your shielding you just can't go.. My understanding of redundant is t…'m getting a pair of these off wish so when I go to Pittodrie and fir park I can see the game @Jordan__McL @DiffRep @PaulHeatonSolo @paulispaco @pabloamo99 @parkythejuan That's Paul Byrne I believe.
@Dalycfc1 @GillyBrigade Did he no steal your taxi disco :D @seanmcdonald01 @mark_ramsay12 I will stick to speaking slower, louder and asking if they know Jorge cadette @seanmcdonald01 @mark_ramsay12 Do all those questions relate to the nandos menu where you learned your Portuguese? @andypingu67 I'm amazed your cookies are targeting you with back pain devices rather than gambling, filth or food.BUT WHERE IS HIS POPPY @parkythejuan Come off private and tag a few celtic accounts. They will love this. @katmcgoldrick Can we get this guy to do a Q and A so we can find out who, what, where and most importantly why? @marc_ohara @RealCFrampton That fenian fucker Carol baskin @ChrisMcQueer_ I think you will find that's the Lord islay @nickyflynn__ Can't say you don't Iove a good four slicer @rdgass Unfortunately she's unlikely to find my arguments persuasive also :D I'm also curios to see what would happen if you did join in :D @jimwelsh7 @Dalycfc1 @smiddy3x3 @alexrae1969 Listen... He's put on the afterburner.
He also done a reverse charges call and said he was a family member calling ill from the hospital. What a top lad… got a phone call from Peter lawell where he asked me to put my season book money in my will just in case. He's a… @parkythejuan @Jordan__McL @paulispaco @pabloamo99 1. Too dear 2. Jordan is the opposite of you and always pulls ou… @cineworld @HeatherGW92 Are you topping up the 20%? Also, how are you treating staff on 0 hours contracts if you us… @SeanO1109 Cans are decent. Pints generally terrible.Tell you what.... I still couldn't go a pint of carling. @andypingu67 G is only acceptable to eat in yir House.
@GillyBrigade He tortures animals 100%. He's like a real life beavis and butthead character. @Rebecca43841936 Me reviewing your miming. @DarrenConnell87 Be class if your surname was fuckmate. @SeanO1109 @Dalycfc1 @manibhoy67 You belting out a tune on our summer friendly down south @lokiscottishrap Hapax legomenon will never be topped.I want to put her in the bin and stamp down on her so that she and Toby young both fit. The green bin, because the… know we are all stuck indoors and that but that's no excuse to be in yir 30's and making tick toks. It simply has to stop. @Dalycfc1 @SeanO1109 @manibhoy67 That's just going to depress me further. @Dalycfc1 @SeanO1109 @manibhoy67 Scrap that. Aw the grey comes through in it @NA_MoneyMatters @NeilCouling Though I have just seen elsewhere the issue being raised re cancelling direct debits… @NA_MoneyMatters @NeilCouling It would be good to have that and I'd expect it shortly. Given the circs I wouldn't b… @NA_MoneyMatters @NeilCouling carf seem to have got details from a local delivery partner @S_A_Somerville A previous secretary of state had agreed to halt scottish transfers from dla to pip for working age…
@toadmeister @TheCriticMag I'd like to make an argument in response... Your a fucking idiot who used his dad's infl… in tollcross Park seeing and having to walk past idiots a horrible day this was. I'd never seen celtic win the league and we went and blew that first chance to take i… @Dalycfc1 @jack97__ @darylbhoy No for us it wouldn't he'd sling us about nae bother it's the big dumplings he can't… @Dalycfc1 @jack97__ @darylbhoy Very harsh. Mostly been decent in Europe and in league games. Seems to be the big gu… @Dalycfc1 @jack97__ @darylbhoy See for all he's been bullied off some absolute dung, he's not half turned up loads… @andypingu67 Both were beautiful in there own ways. It's so hard to choose.Uefa: throwing things on the pitch... Thats a fining.... Racism....thats a fining... Being late for kick off? Oh yo… is class
@JamieR_ENABLE @lesleygold1 Hhheeeee I think it goesAny of the advice people who follow me know of any good apps to help people budget? @lesleygold1 I'm standing up like Harold steptoe after half an hour sitting :D @JJWhitesnake The viral loadHas to be a netflix documentary in that armed roll van heist: At first we all thought it was a typical armed roll… @lukealbarran @micagbdav A neverendum addendum @andypingu67 Chocolate milk?I've had to put a cushion on my desk chair cos my backs getting sore when I'm standing up. I fear this is another…
siberia only has two cases of covid 19. looks like your man from scooter was right to declare it the place to be.… @1Fubar I'm hearing the war starts tomorrow at ten past nine. Everyone look out their best vests and meet up at your local spoons. @pfinlay32 Ourselves alone right enough @jfwfc @jollygasman @GanglSepp "yeah yeah but what about... Insert more drivel" Rinse and repeat. @GanglSepp An ni veteran telling lies..... Who would have thought it. @talkstough @flashgrim @GanglSepp @PoliceStateBrit And today Graham learned not to believe everything he reads. Un… @jfwfc @jollygasman @GanglSepp Just wondering if stuart wants to confirm this answered his query and he's no longer angry.
@parkythejuan @pabloamo99 @CK67_ Stabbing pants @LindsayGrahamUK For christ sake don't throw that to the ducks @joe_averagejoe Typical shite from a comfortable old man who doesn't want to rock the system that's served him well. (him. No you) @BrianWilson1967 Agreed. Before that there was no division. It was a time of peace and joy and happiness did rain a… @Dalycfc1 Ha aye it was just the first article that popped up. Thought it would just be him getting interviewed fir… @Dalycfc1 @Dalycfc1 Mind he went shoplifting.The big man ensuring its not just arthritis making judy go weak at the knees. @fay_costello Fay exotic right enough @fay_costello And when you did he was gay. He later discovered he had made a mistake. @fay_costello What about a mullet? @marc_ohara Join us for live coverage of a snoozeThis is brilliant man. That last line is dynamite @pfinlay32 @Dalycfc1 Everyone having fun and not a toastie in sight.
Get Carol Baskin running the louden. Joe running a pub down the Gallowgate is the show we all want to see. @seanmcdonald01 Here kitty kitty is a classic. If he gets out graces should get him inOrdinarily I would spend my weekend with degenerates drinking cans then have a hungover existential crisis wonderin… @ludovicodarko @DwayneMuffin @takeawaysecret @SeanO1109 Going to send Paul the Tim round to update yi on all things celtic when you come out @NeilCouling @Salientwork @billwells_1 @leoringer Yes. Because uc is the only benefit that could have benefited fro…'m using this period to offer square go's to people that would otherwise leather me. Safe in the knowledge by the… hello there. @Chrisjmc67 @marc_ohara That's the one.
@marc_ohara The daughters like that thing off the sugar puff packet. Only after a weekend on ibiza. @parkythejuan @Dalycfc1 @GillyBrigade Who's got that Andy walker clipTories today: “aww #clapforourcarers, we support them 💖💖” Tories recently:
Retweeted by Steven mcavoy @NedcabPaul @sarah_batty @victodd Some of the pay offered in debt advice, advice in general but debt in particular,… didn't hear this as it was drowned out by all my neighbours racially abusing morelos. @sarah_batty @victodd No one new is going to want to come into advice work are they :DTake nothing away from the NHS but it's also really important people like this are recognised. It's even more impo… dear oh dear oh dear @NedcabPaul Hoping this new found realisation the welfare state is there for all of us and needs funding lasts :D @victodd @MikeBrewerEcon Be like the disability test in tax credits. Never applied in practice (nervously touches wood) @NedcabPaul