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Steven Spohn @stevenspohn Pittsburgh, PA

COO @AbleGamers. Award winner: @thegameawards @SXSW, Motivational. Aspiring Iron Man. Guy trying to make the world a better place. He/Him

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I'd love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. We have some great video content with a new video release ever… @ONLYUSEmeFEET I'm so sorry for your loss @TheOnlyRyann Hmmm. Tossup between 3 & 4 for you, Mr. extrovert @DiGiorno You are definitely 2For those confused by the natural order of twitter: 1⃣2⃣ 3⃣4⃣ @AstroKatie I kind of picture you more as #2 tbhWhich quokka are you? I'm #4 @chrissyteigen Yeah... The Facebook groups I'm in that have people with the same or similar disabilities as mine ar… @DokterBeefcake
@DGuckenheimer @verysmallriver I do not personally find this ableist as all parts of the image are jokes. But that's just my opinion.Leia and I deny these allegations @Jack_Septic_Eye I'm in! @McJuggerNuggets Wow. Look out YouTube. Grats man @ChuckWendig I can't go back to jail man. Not again. Pretty boys like us who like bees don't do well in prison @ChuckWendig Are you hiding a copy of the Constitution in your house again @ChuckWendig This isn't a Nicholas Cage movie @ChuckWendig bold of you to assume I'm not already bees @ChuckWendig Listen, Wolverine @ChuckWendig gdi - Now Gary will be calling me spoon forever34.2 million people 10.5% of the U.S. population have diabetes 121.5 million in the U.S. have cardiovascular disea… of April fool's jokes, which are arguably distasteful any year, let's do something more fun this year. Rep… @Mascott @crecenteb TWITTER POWER USERS UNITEStarting next week, I'll be resuming my 'Ask Steve' life advice sessions. If you have a question about life, love,…
Retweeted by Steven Spohn @Seainsideher @cherryrae It's a good charity name with no space. :) @jacquicollins_ Yes.The @stevenspohn episode of We Have Cool Friends by @KindaFunnyVids is above exceptional. As a MH/IDD/PD profession…
Retweeted by Steven SpohnStarting next week, I'll be resuming my 'Ask Steve' life advice sessions. If you have a question about life, love,… @ResFernMusic Have fun @jumbonionga
@ItsLadyJadey @Chris_Meloni Yes! So good! @dominickevans Easy on the spoilers budPublic to disabled people: MAN, I wish the government would pay *ME* to do nothing but watch TV all day. You're luc… cool is this - @Chris_Meloni returning to play my favorite fictional cop (Don't tell Ryan Reynolds) -- I'm supe… @JanetteKirchner @TEDxLancasterPA @TEDxPittsburgh Holy F*ck. I just saw the cartoon! "Midget" is a horrible ablest… Rejected. This year's theme for @TEDxLancasterPA was "making a difference" -- I can't think of a better TED… @nerdist @nerdist I see you watching my twitter for cookie-based post ideas, Nerdist. @therealcliffyb @BangBangClick Insomnia is actually a side effect of SMA (my disability) so I'm rather use to stayi… @EscoBlades HOW DO YOU KEEP MAKING ME HUNGRY AFTER I JUST ATE?!This is America, btw @Curvyllama Same @therealcliffyb My insomnia has insomnia. @AgentTinsley I miss bread @BloodyfasterTV Take my fossil! Wait @JakeBaldino I've never understood why anyone he would mount a blade. That just seems painfulWhen filling out census data, there seems to be a direct correlation between how long I have to scroll down to sele… @willsmith @andrearene This is also a good point I didn't think about. I have played 5000 matches of Fortnite, but… @andrearene You know I've never really understood hard-core games until Tarkov. I absolutely hate the idea of perma… @andrearene @TheHashtag0nist, an offhanded comment by a friend gave me pause. He said "you go above and beyond for your friends. You t… video from @DrNerdLove on friendship for men, loneliness, and sad reasons many shy away from being close to e… @Strippin Same. But in real life. And cookies. @otnotes @allencognitive @_allisulli @frankaota Sounds like fun :) @alexmonney You mean tiny bananas? @Girbeagly @ girboogle Hi @aannggeellll it backOh, and Celebrities - it's really cool that you can use videos to sing to us and make us forget about our fears for… seeing people assert social distancing is a "blue thing" and "republicans don't care about the hoax." Don'… @GameOverGreggy I'm so sorry. I know this must be devastating for you. @ChuckWendig Oh... .... carry on @ChuckWendig Who told you my family recipe, WENDIG?! @ChuckWendig I mean Oreos @ChuckWendig The blood of my enemies
DO YOU WANT 167 GAMES? Buy this bundle (some Steam keys, some DRM free) for whatever price you want and help a bun…
Retweeted by Steven Spohn @DiGiorno @RockStarTragedy @CrankGameplays Tom asks investment banker to reopen a hospital he closed a few months ago That could treat as many as 500… @DiGiorno @CrankGameplays Hey Tom @RockStarTragedy - is that allowed? @ImKatastrophe fuck. I hope it clears up soon @AstroKatie @Logitech @LogitechG Sent you a DM @AstroKatie @Logitech I don't speak for Logitech but I am partnered with @LogitechG -- they got slammed by all the… @MsMinotaur Yeah! Get you some more thin mints!Just said to a friend, "If life is actually just a simulation like SimCity, we've reached the point where the playe… @MsMinotaur Good news! my friend Anne taught me you can still order them from the national website and it redirects… @Rondeau04 @Kintinue @Rondeau04 @Kintinue Oh, nice. Twitter filtered you out as a spam DM. GG @Kintinue Hmmm?I'm sad it took a global pandemic to bring these accessibility options to life and teach this lesson. Then again,… fringe reality that "only a few players" (46 mil, btw) experience is suddenly everybody's reality Now, people…, @NianticLabs announces a new game mode that can be played from anywhere in the world, 0 km needed to get obj… 2016, AbleGamers EIC @Brisaac & I launched a campaign to get Pokémon GO dev @NianticLabs to add accessibility op… @CrankGameplays @elgatogaming It does! It's available on steam. Highly recommended. You can do things like make ran…“The terrible, fantastic life of @AbleGamers COO (and winner of @sxsw “Game Industry Champion of Change Award”) Ste…
Retweeted by Steven Spohn @CrankGameplays @elgatogaming I can't actually use GoXLR or StreamDeck because both are designed for able-bodied pe… @OMENbyHP Frogger @Girbeagly Buy me a Switch. I won't be able to play but it will be a very nice coaster @TheOnlyRyann PizzaKindness begets kindness begets kindness begets kindness begets kindness begets kindness begets kindness begets kindness
Let it be heard, far and wide, persons with disabilities are not a burden to society Our value as human beings ext… @TheRealGuyJudge No, you @CrankGameplays So, Fortnite this week?Almost at 1000 views for my first inspirational video. Have you seen it yet? Let me know what you think. Next vide… core mission to "combat social isolation" is at the heart of what we do. We are thrilled to see WHO recognize g…
Retweeted by Steven Spohn @mikegaboury @Darshelle Happy birthday Darshelle!! @ErikJLarsen @GailSimone Ah, I feel that on a spiritual level. Same reason I watched Titanic, 21 dresses, etc. Wha… @pjheric1219 @OneArmedWonder7 @ErikJLarsen @GailSimone Not a fan of pop TV?Giveaway Alert: I'm giving a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to one lucky gamer at midnight Eastern! Don't m… @JoeZieja My friend @yashar is running a million-dollar charity campaign to fund front-line workers, gig workers, e… @MissAliCatt Whoops