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Steven Spohn @stevenspohn Pittsburgh, PA

COO @AbleGamers. Award winner: @thegameawards @SXSW, Motivational. Aspiring Iron Man. Guy trying to make the world a better place. He/Him

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@BloodyfasterTV @ark8net Damn. You make that jacket look good. @MitchyD The truth is out there @AndyLunique I'm not familiar with her but now I want to be @StarPanda_Oz Why would I laugh? she is cute as heck @Reniebots You are such a kind spirit. MVB 2020Spent the evening writing and watching @WavyOnTwitch beat GRIS - What a solid, nonviolent game about defeating depr… @Lowco2525 @BloodyfasterTV @JFirestaff Can I have s pony? @Unclean__ @EdgarAlanBro724 @AnnaBarlog That's a damn good pick @TrailerJones What movie was that @nickchester You enjoy spinning? @SkillUpYT Fair @MaximumCortez True story, I don't @ Amy Jo Johnson to try to make friends because of all the celebrities I have me… @garywhitta Oh hello @MaximumCortez YESNightly Question: Who was your first celebrity crush?
@mistermegative @GameOverGreggy ... @nerdist This just makes me miss Jet Jaguar @ChuckWendig Does it matter which one? @goss179 Thank you! @Tiger_Nemesis I meant to tell you that I did see the picture of you and your wife on one of my replies weeks ago.… @ChuckWendig *Slides an Oreo over to you*Update: Jonny is as wonderful as you would hope. I'm honored to call him a friend. Despite filming around a pandemi… @cypheroftyr Okay I got this one! I'm going to need you to get a telescope, 35 mirrors, $45,000 budget for lasers,… @ChuckWendig I BETTER GET TO BE A BEAR-WRANGLING, SWORDSELL IN THIS ONE, cherk @romscoutSDA @DirectRelief And now we are adversaries Onguard! one talks about the loneliness attached to being the “bigger person”. you’re silencing yourself and dismissing y…
Retweeted by Steven Spohn @still_vil Honorable, But the point is you build a network so that you can utilize it and be part of it. You should… @ZombaeKillz 2800 is a lot in just four months. Some people go years and years and don't even get 10% of that. You'… 2016 & 2017, SSI issued less than $750 per month to disabled people to cover food, rent, utilities, and bills.… @RockStarTragedy @JSniperton For sure. But what J needed to hear it was somebody saying "ignore the haters, just do…
Chase your clout. Ask your network for help. Promote yourself. Shoot your shots. Don't fear what others think abou… @accessiblegamer @nohandsnoexcuse @DaleCruse Yeah. It's a bit of a pain, but I have a mirror scene to my most used… @accessiblegamer @nohandsnoexcuse @DaleCruse are you using an extension? I use stream captioner. I just turn it of… thong is just a mask for your nether region, if you think about it.Teenage Steve (Thanks to my friend Nicole for finding this) @GabSmolders Congratulations on 6 years! I think sometimes we get caught up in celebrating how big our platform is… would like to see the baby
Retweeted by Steven Spohn @GamersHolyArmy @gloriousoprrah Ooof @AnneWheaton Yeah. Those big mile markers. Pictures from weddings, parties, big events, and seeing how many people… @AnnaBarlog That's a rough. I'm so sorry for your loss. So far, I've known about 30 people who have passed. Most o…'s a strange thing that happens when you get into your late 30s where people start passing away from your childho… @ObiCynKenobi @TheMikeRobles @steinekin
I would like to thank the social media manager of 2020 for staying on brand. @katestark As lovely as summer rain @EvenUneven @Charalanahzard I will never stop being her friend, no matter how many times she chooses a bad turtle <3 @romscoutSDA don't want to get in the middle of a twitter fight But I did want to echo it's silly to lose friends over which…' heck! Great job, little dude! @fisher_april BB you're a fireworkOkay. I don't read Twitter to be attacked like like this! @DanSlott 2022 here we come!
@PlayWithJambo @AnthonyUnderRev Question: If people were watching the comeback montage of your life, what song would be playing? Why does t… @AnthonyUnderRev @PlayWithJambo Okay you're both too sweet and it's making me sick. Get out of my mentions. Out, o… @GameOverGreggy This thread is nothing but Greg bragging about how great he is But you are pretty great so no complaints Carry on @PlayWithJambo @AnthonyUnderRev It's only the end of the beginning. @Dansgaming I'm sorry dude. Medical situations are so tough. Please know your family in my thoughts @HeyDmart Happy birthday @romscoutSDA @Alykkat Thank you for changing lives. Period. @Alykkat The King is dead! Long Live the Queen @agentbizzle Next time I'll share! @agentbizzle yeah well I... had some nachos... So there... ... @SamuraiCorgi @ResinatedOnRS @Twitch @RadderssGaming @Imperialgrrl I laughed inappropriately hard at "you donut" @CamCamCam81 It honestly gets tiring @Curvyllama I tend to try to look directly above the lens so it looks like I'm staring at somebody looking down at a photo @ObiCynKenobi @Girbeagly @RoryPlays_ When someone says "Steve, you idiot, she was trying to flirt with you" @Curvyllama Thank you <3
@hellonerf @Lewis5649 settings @Charalanahzard I'm sorry you had to find out I'm interested in your friendship and not your boobs this way. @JadedcatWylde @PezRadar Alternative suggestion: rename the category Loot Vacuums Way more on the nose for those of us who just want all of the loot.Muting the word S*mp has been great for my mental health. Helps filter out trolls who don't seem to understand you… @Cinemark You should specify that. Also, put out info about the HVAC and how that affects our safety, especially li… was rough - we try our damnest to get to every gamer, but life truly isn’t fair. 💔
Retweeted by Steven Spohn @DanGheesling Hey Dan, Would love to have a conversation with you sometime about championing disabled players. @Apocalypto_12 Hello I love you, friendo. @CarlosJmarenco @BlueEyedMinion0 @RadderssGaming @Imperialgrrl ...Wut?Who are two of my fav streamers? is an amazing woman who focuses on crafting & chat commun… my produced videos have English subtitles. Unfortunately this was off-the-cuff, unedited, unscripted. Apologies… @Tomasety All my produced videos have English subtitles. Unfortunately this was off-the-cuff, unedited, unscripted.… isn't fair @HarrisHeller It's what I switched to as soon as the DMCA came down. Really good stuff man.People can be mean, stare, gawk & make rude comments. But rarely will they give constructive feedback Don't treat… never opened Photoshop before that day. Those pictures looked like a donkey got into some paint and chased a chic… I started at AbleGamers, I wanted to do a fundraiser selling calendars. So, I drew up a bunch of pictures for… @ElyseWillems @MaximumCortez @ElyseWillems @MaximumCortez @ElyseWillems @MaximumCortez You're killing it, dude! @JellyRoll615 WALL-E?!? @tha_rami I would agree with your stance. I love using curse words for emphasis, especially because it destroys the… @Nicklas401 @Curvyllama AutoMod does a good, if sometimes overzealous, job of filtering out the words so that Chat… @Evaenil This is me muting your racist ass. Peace! don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're down followers after RTing calls for racial justice, you didn't… @Gothalion @NoMansSky Oooooooo?
I'm so glad @Cinemark is taking this seriously. We all know that the virus can only move left and right. So the per… @cypheroftyr @KyleThatKyle @CaseyExplosion That would be preferable. It always annoys me when I lose followers beca…