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Steve 🌺 @SteveOnSports Los Angeles, CA

Social Media and Marketing Director | Fmr: Immortals LA Valiant MIBR FlyQuest. Not like most people. ✉️

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Even if you think Tr*mp is "smart" for gaming the system to pay less taxes, you've got to be pissed at the governme…
Rams are a completely different team in the second half. They never showed this fire last season 👀The Broncos have the entire town of ‘South Park’ in the stands for today’s game and someone needs a raise
Retweeted by Steve 🌺As a political independent & centrist, I’ve voted for both parties in the past. In this critical presidential elect…
Retweeted by Steve 🌺Real boomer hours Millennial Twitter need you to help me win an argument: Better Disney Channel Original Movie?When your IG friends show you a post and you have to pretend you haven't already seen it on esports Twitter:
Good job Twitter Sinned @RonSwansonTrio Love that Corey Seager kid. Good guyAngels don't deserve to make the playoffs anyway 😭C'mon Dodgers, don't do this to yourselves passionate and talented video professional now available. Scoop her up or regret it ya dummies don't know you but it feels like I do’s that time for @Xbox Fan art Friday requests this one goes to @RdotChadha keep being awsome go drop a follow ev…
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@plantchlo Rondo™Oh yeah and it's only the first quarterOne of the biggest reason the Lakers lost the last game was losing the rebound game 25-44 Dwight is 4-4 with 8 poi…
@hiitsviper You're a baller man and everyone who knows you knows it. The mental is the most important part and just… @followdunc Once it was bought by Twitter in like 2011 it stopped getting any meaningful features @hiitsviper @GeneralSniperr Coach Viper buffThe week my aunt died of Covid, alone in the hospital, I took to @realDonaldTrump’s twitter for any sign of hope.…
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@BamUnderscore @WASHlNGMACHINE Air Bud: Golden Receiver would like to have a word with you
@Angels Hope we find a way to re-sign him. Otherwise, thanks for some incredible defense, Simba <3The real looting.
Retweeted by Steve 🌺 @100Thieves @RogueCompany @Rogue @JoeyARamirez @KidLiquid Mamba Mentality @FallGuysGame Fall Guys Season 2 is beating my In-N-Out order until TuesdayRETWEET COMPETITION 👌 RT this tweet 👌 Follow us 👌 Reply and say "Fall Guys Season 2 is " and then tap the middle bu…
Retweeted by Steve 🌺Democracy requires a team effort. Our house, our future. @SoFiStadium + Hollywood Park will host a vote center…
Retweeted by Steve 🌺Final Fantasy Sale via Xbox Live (Gold Prices). FF VII $7.99 FF VIII Remastered $7.99 FF I…
Retweeted by Steve 🌺 @Danny_Heifetz @ringer bruh that's a trampoline
@baymaxedTV I only approve bangers @jamiehan @MLB Angels fans before and after 2020 season @JoeyPoole12 Hi Joey, would you mind DMing me your email? I'd like to discuss an opportunity with a client of mine… knows some solid YouTube video editors for a paid opportunity in esports? 🇬🇧 UK Based 📺 Some experience creati…
Retweeted by Steve 🌺Me when Kalista tries to save me with her ult: @GotEm_Coach Are ya winning son?Mamba Mentality with that Kobe shit.
Retweeted by Steve 🌺HIS NAME IS ANTHONY DAVIS, SIR #LakersCaruso is a max player 🤑
@ZacCitron Underrated
@NaluKana Was laying in bed and Chelsea and I both got a notification on our phones. We thought it might be a group… an earthquake notification mere seconds before the earthquake hit 😳 only way McConnell isn't bringing Trump's nominee to a vote is if he knows it will fail. we need *unprecedented…
Retweeted by Steve 🌺 @JaredDudley619 @Lakers @DwightHoward Shoutout to Jared Dudley for being the ultimate hype man. Giving these guys p… Rondo and Dwight tonight 😳
😰😰😰 @SportsNation Dude owns his own smoke box at the Staples Center. He's a Laker @Joshuaminsookim @TFT I don't like how the skins look too much alike this patch, making it hard to differentiate un… @JaredWarnke @TFT It's just hard to find time to read the patch notes every week, especially for a new set, so it's… is a big reason why I stopped playing @TFT recently. The metas are so hard to keep up with and even if you bu… @RamsNFL but can you answer this: if you're clean when you get out of the shower, how does the towel get dirty? @portilho @JackEtienne @Cloud9 Grats dude! Not a lot of teams have made it to 1M on Twitter Maybe @RdotChadha migh…, if you need anything for Warner Bros. Games titles including: -Gotham Knights -LEGO Star Wars: The Skyw…
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@saydriscoll normally throw a piece of mail that looks like this in the trash and was lucky enough to read it. I'm not sure… READ: If you have moved recently or you get your ballot sent to your parents house because it's easier to p… you Gamers 2 for being the first to feast never disappoints with the Worlds song However, I will be disappointed if Worlds teams aren't smart enough to… @Santana_Proud @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT @Ortiz_Powerful
@GlitchxCity skorupi thief! @OvileeMay @TeamLiquidLoL @LiQuiD112's going to need to drink a lot of water to make this happen @Lazerchickenzzz Mixer
@Sabby @FlyQuest @phien_machine Phien Feasting @kstewturley @lolesports @LCSOfficial @riotgames @thestorymob @nicolapiggott @jacquicollins_ @BeccaCHenry Thank you…
@brutebrutebrute @KidLiquid Thanks but I'm not the one hiring. Just going to submit a few recommendations to a former client 😄 @darkcloudstrife Send me a DM for more info 😄 @jackiewolf24 @riacuro Send me a DM for more info 😄 @Zachh86 Send me a DM for more info 😄 @TheMasterKrook Send me a DM for more info 😄 @rache_esports @DelzakTV Send me a DM for more info 😄 @FakeAnimeStan Send me a DM for more info 😄 @AlyssaAmazon Send me a DM for more info 😄 @CentusMoon Send me a DM for more info 😄 @portilho @JackEtienne you might have a shot. this is the best strat you've had for verification so farAny social media friends looking for some part-time work? Want to pay something forward if you're interested.Appropriate year to buy this when we wanted to do this for Valla from LA Valiant @baymaxedTV ?"Offer me money Power too Offer me anything I ever ask for" "All that and more" "I want my father back you son of…
Mandy Patinkin is absolutely slaying this #PrincessBrideReunion 😍 @Cary_Elwes @PatinkinMandy @mirandatwork 🖤Wow
@lew_the_writer Kick it's ass Lew! Praying for a speedy recovery 💚 @PowerOfEvilLoL good
PLEASE OH BABY DON'T GO @holeymoleyabc Nefer-tee-tee was dope. Hope there's more of that and less of Number Two next seasonSo you're telling me it was never about kneeling 😱
@Angels still waiting for that ball to come down @JeremiahBonjean thanks 😮 @vmaun thanks damien chazelle and justin hurwitzI don't know if I have La La Land or Whiplash to thank for this... but jazz has really been helping me get through my work lately 🎷 @kjramming PROUD OF UI always dig when Riot does these "pull-the-curtain-back" type of articles. Great insight to their skin development… @RdotChadha Happy birthday my guy. Hope it was filled with the sickest kicks you could get your hands on
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: My dad in our fantasy football draft: 😂