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NFL/MMA writer and podcaster for @philadelphiaSN. Views and opinions are all my own!

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@Infante54 His PR team did
I like to win... a fair game. And this is not. Starting tomorrow all stream donations for the month will be goin…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderAdd 2 more 2nd places now, I'm going to cry my last 3 Hearthstone Battlegrounds games I've finished 1st, 2nd and 2nd. I'm getting consistently better and I… @ItsSpaceMacka you should have done it like 2 weeks ago, tubs were buy one get one free @ETDesigns_ @ItsSpaceMacka yeah, but it does work @ohlivyas @ItsSpaceMacka what me and Kenzie would look like doing meditation @ItsSpaceMacka gfuelGreat morning delivery today! I FINALLY HAVE GFUEL AGAIN! @GFuelEnergy @Castro1021 @FaZeClan technique here, brilliant head movement, unfortunate to miss with the big left hook but takes the inside…
After doing two shoeys last night and bottling a pair of races in front of way people than i ever thought would car…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie Wonder @ETDesigns_ but you just said itI can't wait for my Dad's birthday on the 11th, gutted that the golf we always go to is cancelled this year but I'v… white people, For days you’ve asked me what you can do to help. I’ve finally found an answer. Let your guard…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderMy Club💙 training today, players knelt and formed the letter, B, in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. Enough is enough.…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderLook at this cop forcing the weapon into the protester's hand to create cause.
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderStatement from Jeffrey Lurie, Chairman/CEO
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie Wonder @BCameronPSN & I recorded @FlippinBirdsPod last night. It is a quick 18 min episode on our thoughts and feelings ab…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderI urge every single one of my followers to take the time and watch this, it's absolutely fantastic!… FUCK HOW STUPID CAN ONE PERSON BE, HE ACTUALLY JUST FUCKING SAID THAT
Going live on twitch for a lil while if anyone wants to come and hang out and unwind for a bit!
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderKOLN TAKE THE LEAD OH MYBrown, Kanter, and Smart couldn’t represent the Celtics any better ❤️☘️
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderLETS GO #PS4share it's anything but Nuka Cola I'll be disappointed
Sounds like an excuse to duck a guy you lost to in, what could be, your last UFC fight“every cop isn’t bad” we all can agree to but I want the same energy and attention given to every BLACK man is NOT a threat!!
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderNow would be a good time to remind Everyone that this happened earlier this month. No tear gas. No bullets.
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderOr we’re publicly standing up against the oppression of our black community instead of remaining silent. Not everyt…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie Wonder
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie Wonder#BlackLivesMatter will be something @PhiladelphiaSN is active in helping raise awareness and funding for in any way…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderJesus Christ Dortmund turned up in this second half, Sancho with a hat-trick in his first start since the restart,… anyone saying "All Lives Matter":
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderJadon Sancho showing a “Justice for George Floyd” message under his shirt for his goal celebration. Respect 👏👏👏
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderSancho scores and makes this:
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderDortmund finally score after so many missed chances, bit of a mistake by the keeper. Dortmund may need to invest in… @Frosty_Potter89 yeah he is, Lillian @Frosty_Potter89 Yeah it was shocking to see, Thuram and Plea have formed a great partnership though this season, h… Berlin's defence is awful, cough the ball up 10 yards outside their box, one ball splits all 4 defenders from… @ItsDrakeMedia Ahhhh so you're blaming the monitor for that, yikes... @ItsDrakeMedia Imagine not having 3 monitors and 2 TV's already#BlackLivesMatterOH AND ALL MY UFC STUFF FFS THIS IS GOING TO TAKE AGES TO DOI was going to quickly update my portfolio with everything I've done and then I realised I haven't updated it since… defending from Union Berlin but a quality header from Thuram to put Gladback 2-0 up, really like the look of… @PodStreetBobb you love me really @PodStreetBobb Have 2 as a treat💙 with a beauty of a goal for Gladbach#GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor #AhmaudArbery #TonyMcDade #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderShare widely: National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own fro…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie Wonderracist white ppl be like “burning possessions won’t solve the issue” ....didnt y’all burn Nike products when they e…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderAcross parts of America, police and protesters have been clashing. In Flint, Michigan, something else happened. T…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderNY COPS DONT GIVE A F**k! Cop pulls down his mask & pepper sprays him in the mouth!
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderWho is this serving? Who is this protecting?
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderHere is the overhead...
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderOh my god. What is the @NYPDnews doing?
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderThe worst thing about this is the fact that its not like they've learnt from the past and actually care about justi… if they actually have the backbone to put this statement out after everything they did to Kaepernick. Goodell an…
The game I'm currently playing in Hearthstone is the exact reason I left the game a couple years ago, taunt druid i… year is 2020 and somehow I managed to use Alexstrasza and Deathwing in the same Hearthstone game @EricReesePSN doesn't surprise me, they tend to lack brain cells and understand how society works @EricReesePSN funniest thing is, he blocked me instantly after hahaha. I've lost like 20 or 30 followers since I se… like I'm becoming more like you each day @LiamJenkinsPSN😂😂Got my first ever stick to sports comment today, proud moment for myself in my career!After watching that opening goal for Munich, its pretty damn obvious they're winning the league😂😂😂 @Squid_GG Yeah, I haven't looked too much into Biden but from the things I've seen he isn't the best answer to the… haven't said much on the situation and I probably won't because I'd say some things I'd come to regret but if you… happened to George Floyd is unacceptable and SOMETHING needs to change #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie Wonder🚨New video is out!🚨 With the NHL playoff format officially decided, which teams are the best bets to make it out…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderBe. An. Ally! Here is an example on how to do it properly! Streamer: @DrLupo
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderThe whole country needs to stop right now and listen to Killer Mike. He’s verbalizing what a lot of us don’t know h…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderOh wow
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderI'd say put a knee on his neck and see how he feels but I don't think you'd ever find it anyone knows of any gaming news/reviews websites that are looking for writers, preferably paid then please let me know
Streaming some iRacing over at our Twitch channel! Come hang out for tonight's super mega race!
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderLast night, Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz made statements on the George Floyd injustice. Philadelphia is lucky to ha…
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie Wonder @ElevateRoux appreciate the kind words mate, its just I've been grinding for 3 years, got to a place where it seeme… @GodkuTV Appreciate that mate, just feeling down atm @ETDesigns_ Thats where I'm coming from, you can't drop Bobby, imo he's the key to that system being a success @ETDesigns_ Not doubting that for sure, just the fact that Werner and Bobby are completely different forwards and p… @ETDesigns_ I don't see how he fits your system tbh @JDotRell I appreciate it mate but its down to financial circumstances and pressure from my parents. I won't be mov… the year with 3 writing roles, not even halfway through and I'm down to 1. Looks like I'll have to start th… @WaterChickenn @ItsDrakeMedia @ElevateGG appreciate all the support man @ItsDrakeMedia You too mate!I have officially left Elevate today. Had a few good months with them and want to say thanks to @ItsDrakeMedia for… won't have a preview out for tomorrow's UFC card as my PC has decided to delete everything off itself… some late night research for a project I'm launching soon and my god do I love Leipzig and have done for some… live for some iRacing chaos. Another big race tonight with a couple of warmup races. Come hang out pls WATCH
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What Does the Future Hold for UFC’s Flyweight Division
Retweeted by PSN | Stevie WonderThe first part of my new UFC series is out. The series is all about me looking at the future of each division, star… I've decided to set my Xbox One up downstairs so I now have a £2,000+ gaming PC with 3 monitors, a PS4 with a TV… @LiamJenkinsPSN @kurSeGG @Phizzyy_ I used to run a freeze mage deck all the time, had a totem shaman deck, a quest warrior and a quest rogue deck too @kurSeGG I did aswell but I left because you constantly have to spend money to have decks, its annoying af @kurSeGG RIP to your bank account