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Card-carrying library card owner. A shining wit, or something like that. Author of 'Paperwork': 'I couldn't pick it up' (Abu Hamza, Times Literary Supplement).

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If you are worried about if your child will get food in the half term, whilst the MPs go into hiding..visit your lo…
Retweeted by Steve Payne Ⓥ🌹✡ @pedalsingh Sat sri akaal 🙏 (no offence - I hope I have that right!). Beautiful and generous offer showing the true… @jaymundaka @TheReal_JesusC This is why punctuation is so important! I'm in, Jesus. @Malloid @TheBeigeSirKeir @TheReal_JesusC Bossy letters. @Dickysparks @MsMariamR @marie_kate2 @doonthevalley @BenJolly9 + don't 🙄 @ReadParenti @BenJolly9 Exactly, but you have to remember that to these types, there's no concept of starting out r… @doonthevalley @BenJolly9 That's because they give a tupenny toss about children or even foetuses; it's about exert… @milliebananas @MarieAnnUK FIFY: @FelicityBuchan @Keir_Starmer @AGFitness_gla @HovellingHermit @marie_kate2 Banksy's gone off the boil lately, IMHO. @freyarussell6 How it started v. how it should have started: @AaronSlack01 @freyarussell6 @Conservatives This is how tolerant this lefty is: Get fucked, you witless gimp. @AaronSlack01 @freyarussell6 @Conservatives @BenJolly9 Better than any of his. occasionally you find something useful in a sewer. This is going to choke me so if I asphyxiate any minute no… @Gary_J_G @ItCorbyn @helenmallam Not while there's Cushelle. @antony_hig @AngelaRayner Grow the fuck up. @neilhdg @JoePorterUK @flojack300 @gerardmccloske3 @TyburnMartyrs @sdunne45 @tomhfh @Shaun4WBW Double standards seem to. @willhuw @GerardBattenUK @RichardBurgon @UKLabour Ex-member of UKIP. Ponder no more. @HHepplewhite @tomhfh @Shaun4WBW These fuckers and their barking seal supporters vote to deny kids food, get called… @KEdge23 @HHepplewhite @tomhfh @Shaun4WBW It's how angry, betrayed people act. Better get used to it buttercup, be… @PMcf12 @tinkernurse I never get tired of posting this famous image. I get so, so, so tired of having to. @1CraigMorris @gletherby Not just me, then. @gletherby Tamping. @invitinglydiff @Mr_ReadingTown @MyArrse They'll be lucky. @slimslimwino @MichaelRosenYes @cernusson @invitinglydiff @Mr_ReadingTown @MyArrse ... and before anybody starts bleating about my giving away the address, d… @invitinglydiff @Mr_ReadingTown @MyArrse Westminster North Conservative Association 209 Shirland Road London W9 3JP @KEdge23 @HHepplewhite @tomhfh @Shaun4WBW Act like scum, vote like scum, get called scum. That's the way it works. @TyburnMartyrs @sdunne45 @tomhfh @Shaun4WBW She should have told Clarkson to fuck off and especially told Starmer t… @2ndvisionsage @Prisoner0071 @ghost_wales Oh look, another tabloid-believing cretin. @rhwwarren @Prisoner0071 Not everybody grew up when Pitt the Younger was PM, Bob.Seeing some here defending Tories, pontificating about 'responsibility' and calling feeding children "a handout" ma… @Ross_McDonald25 The flag was the first giveaway ... @happyjack1981 I aim to please, apart from in the bog. @happyjack1981 Frankie Boyle copped some flak a few years ago for saying something along those lines 😉 @pgd_22 @LouiseRawAuthor Time to watch it again! @AliceLi1308 @carmel_prescott Pick a name, any name. Don't tell me. Remembered it? Good. It was that one. @JohnWinstonOno3 @carmel_prescott It *was* 6 billion; I gave up drinking in July so it'll be down to about 400 quid per annum by now. @LuckyHeronSay If I had a quid for every time I've been called a Marxist, I wouldn't be one. And always by people w… @soopagaz 1. Got to be his personal decision alone, and I wouldn't criticise him for accepting. He is after all a h… it may as well be 1880, not 2020. Are there no prisons? (Not enough, apparently). Are there no workhouses? (No,… we've learnt nothing else in 41 years & especially in the last 10 it's that the party of tradition & conservatis… @kieronfinn @jrc1921 Butbutbut kids tho 🤔I forgot to say: Wolfie (@Tpopularfront: do give them a follow) said that the local MP voted the Tory way - and is… @montie @Aitchlone @Eades_Tweets @helenmallam She reminds me of the sort of person that Joe Lycett describes as so smug tha… @jaxd38 @helenmallam 'Buy cheap, buy twice', is my motto. (Or one of many).Morning all, and by the way don't forget that today, October 22nd, is #ToryScum day (like every other day). @Apathy_R_US @Trailer_Swift69 @AngelaRayner @UKLabour @Carti_Mandua Yep, not at all predictable. @Apathy_R_US @Trailer_Swift69 @AngelaRayner @UKLabour @Carti_Mandua Didn't expect you to be able to answer.
@NWJK @RichardBurgon @TheBeigeSirKeir Getting the homeless off the streets ... temporarily, as they're now back on them? @earthygirl011 @DawnHFoster @AngelaRayner Bet it was bossy.Turning in, tweeps. Mood: @logical4ever @Keir_Starmer It's gone over his head faster than hair gel. @Normanjam67 @FlewNest When your memoirs are published, let me know.Keep in mind the people in Parliament debating whether or not to let children go hungry have awarded themselves a £…
Retweeted by Steve Payne Ⓥ🌹✡ @deb1712 @SpringBank77 @PaulDodds @eliistender10 What about when they can't? What happens then? @Tpopularfront @drcarolinej I've heard of so-called split personalities. I've heard of compartmentalisation. I've h… MP @drcarolinej, a consultant paediatrician would you believe, voted to deny children in poverty free school mea…
Retweeted by Steve Payne Ⓥ🌹✡ @joliddle4 @PatHarkin7 @RedLozB Wanting to know facts before committing to anything? Commie swine. @Whistle58058322 @SocialistGeek I'm on a follow limit or I'd be one of them 🙁 @peparkin @GeoffNorcott @UnleashedComedy Shame it's not this tosser. @milzybristol @DawnButlerBrent At least let people only *think* you're a cunt, don't use Twitter and confirm it beyond all doubt. @Apathy_R_US @Trailer_Swift69 @AngelaRayner @UKLabour @Carti_Mandua Such as? @ChildrenOfFire @EmmaKennedy @jrk47 Some have been wonderful but some surgeons/specialists have been some of the bi… @KS4P45 Who's the scum standing next to the scum with the dark hair? @RobinFlavell @Kate_M_Proctor @notlistenning1 @Tpopularfront of people followed me and 15 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @Ellieflower12 Jesus.'s get this going. My MP (unfortunately), LUKE EVANS (Bosworth), voted against feeding hungry children. @SHADOFPL Oddly enough, you do. @SHADOFPL Fucking hell Ed, let's just cut the crap and say you were beaten to death before you were born and had to… @SHADOFPL Did you grow up in a hole in the road by any chance? @AvpdIsapain @SHADOFPL Perfection. @ayeshahazarika @rowan9sam @TomLondon6 @id27101954 @TomLondon6 @gletherby You could remove the word 'clear' and be as correct. @Philsbodydouble @baratheongirl Boak, as I believe our Caledonian chums are wont to observe. @howdyandy @LouiseRawAuthor @AndyPeacock999 Well, quite. @David__Osland No mushy p ... I mean, guacamole? @BarnesDavey @ramsay53 @AngelaRayner Have you not heard of not being a knob? @saramj78 @AngelaRayner Kids'll have to eat that, then. @AngelaRayner It's like déjà vu all over again:'s their new policy for vulnerable and needy kids Keir. Eat nowt to help out.
Retweeted by Steve Payne Ⓥ🌹✡ @AngelaRayner You can leave conscience out of it, Angela. Doesn't apply. @mouldman3 @StuartJDawson @AngelaRayner @sweeneycolin28 Close.... but because there's a certain 'look' about kids who either go hungry or are eating the wrong sort of food; a so… time ago I knew a struggling single parent with two kids. Friend of me and my wife was a teacher. She said tha… @ToryRebuttal @AyoCaesar It takes a special kind of scumbag to not even consider that the parent might be a single… @windygas @AngelaRayner @BorisJohnson @Conservatives Len McCluskey yesterday (day before?) said in an interview tha… Shytehouse-Doore (C), Cashe-on-the-Brayne, Oxon: "Hungwy? How can they be hungwy? What about gwavel?" @Roots_Maneuvers @tomhfh He's got a degree in ology from Frances Weetman University. @windygas @AngelaRayner @BorisJohnson @Conservatives Antisemite. Apparently.