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Local hands building local networks. Fellow @mozilla. Collaborator @nsrcworld. Founder @villagetelco #africa #telecom #access #spectrum

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MTN Ghana posts profits of USD311M Guess they can afford that new 800MHz spectrum. Pity no one else can.
Facebook bans "inauthentic" accounts targeting Africa
The Long Night Of The Phone Booths @sutherla my thinking exactlyConsumer Advocacy Centre in Ghana sues regulator for failing to enforce SIM card registration… @valanchee Interesting that it hasn't fallen prey to the typical security concerns about publishing this sort of in… a great example of openness and transparency with regard to national infrastructure. Now if could only be app… becomes second African country to sign up with OneWeb all open internet engineers!The @mozilla Fellowship is looking for people dedicated to increasing connectiv…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦✨ panel on Innovative Approaches to Access #SIF19. @OsamaManzar @KarlaVRamos @lilicharo @jossiemiliza @CreyM
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Ghana regulator considers selling remaining 800MHz spectrum to MTN, who already have 2x10MHz… @mozilla Internet Health Report is now available in Spanish ¿Qué tan saludable es internet? Sharecroppers #fauxtomation @astradisastraComparative demand-side analysis of mobile internet usage in 10 African countries. Essenti…
#Governments should be bold and consider working with non-traditional groups like #communitynetworks to extend acc…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦"[Online stores] are comparison shopping us." The balance of power has been tilted the wrong way. Great article in… won! The UK Supreme Court has ruled that the Investigatory Powers Tribunal is subject to judicial review before…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦I can’t believe what I’m seeing! While running a facial recognition pilot, one man (understandably imho) covered hi…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦FCC considers 5.9GHz for unlicensed use Open Internet Engineers, a new fellowship program from @mozilla with @nsrcworld and @isoc likely to mess with weather forecasts, but FCC auctions spectrum anyway
World Bank-funded, Huawei-built expansion to Uganda's national fibre optic network in West Nile.… Practical Assessment of Competition Regulation as a Viable Option for Protecting Net Neutrality in Nigeria… California jury awards historic $2 billion verdict to Bay Area couple claiming that Monsanto's Roundup herbicide…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦In some parts of the world people with albinism are hunted down. Retweet and share the story of Tumeliwa, a human…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦WhatsApp discovers 'targeted' surveillance attack
This year, the Forum on #InternetFreedom in Africa (FIFAfrica) will take place in Addis Ababa, #Ethiopia🇪🇹 on 23 -…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @wirejames @valanchee @NITAUganda1 @kyleville @Samwyri affordable rural access to broadband is a challenge in all c… @valanchee @NITAUganda1 @kyleville @Samwyri @wirejames At the moment there aren't any obvious examples of good prac… @kyleville @valanchee @NITAUganda1 @Samwyri @wirejames Indeed, it was NITA that inspired this article @valanchee What is it about fibre maps that make people want to leave off the legend? Is the Facebook fibre on the… @valanchee @NITAUganda1 @kyleville @Samwyri @wirejames surely it has been leasing capacity to the private sector all along?
State of net neutrality in Malaysia
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦'Doing no harm' in digital age means privacy & security can't be ignored. We must explore how humanitarian orgs & t…
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Zuckerberg: To rebut the claim I am too powerful, I will have the former UK Deputy Prime Minister publicly disavow…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @GiveMeInternet The older a man is, the less he gives a shit about your opinion.
According to Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes... It's Time To Break Up Facebook net profit climbs 15% to 635 MILLION dollars. #Kenya Google to auto-delete the data it keeps about your online behaviour Options are manu… @Etulain @vanuinc Are you there? Would love to get a debrief. 🙂
If Facebook took privacy seriously, it would co-operate with our Privacy Commissioner and Mark Zuckerberg would app…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @blongwe Open APIs would solve a lot of problems but they may be fundamentally incompatible with end-to-end encrypt… @blongwe Pidgin (originally GAIM) evolved as a multi-protocol client that did a pretty good job of integrating ever… up for any wireless geeks heading to @rightscon. Don't bring your RTL-SDR dongle. You may be arrested if you… @etaylaw No indeed, except that it seems worse now as virtual has become so central to workI'm having a flashback to the days of managing individual ICQ, AIM, MSN, et al account but their names have been ch… Check part of international group that wins ‘Google AI Impact Challenge’ Kudos to… @3g4gUK Good question. Vanu have been building 2G base stations for years but this deal may be related to a new gen… @vestager proposes arms-length regulation of Big Tech 'like a sports union' - they would organize the to…
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ICYMI: @nomadnico's talk on community networks and interview with @KiraAllmann as part of the Global Media & Policy… @RACHEL_Offline Nudge?Vanu partners Africa Mobile Networks (AMN) to deliver mobile connection services in Africa "Race for 5G" Again, I Dare You @ThatEricAlper Wonderwall by Scary PocketsThe #IPBES7 report pulls no punches. Once you get past the truly terrifying stats (biomass of wild mammals down 82%…
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Song et al. (@stevesong, @CreyM, M. Jensen) are out with a new paper on how innovations in #spectrum management can…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦Less than 10 days to go to get your applications in for the Catalytic Grants program for Community Networks. We str…
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Quadratic voting. Perhaps a means of addressing @nntaleb's minority rule?Love these #B4RN -themed scarecrows at the @WrayScarecrows this year (turns out fibre ducting is good for more tha…
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The children of #Principe Island are learning how to 3D print, what GPS tracking wildlife tells us, have decorated…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦All free speech advocates should be livid about Ford’s cuts to public libraries - which are a corner stone of the p…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦Uganda, allow me to sound the alarm on the complete destruction of our wetlands. Nearly every piece of available we…
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In Canada, a doctor is treating poverty as a disease — and prescribing money to patients.
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦Watch Civic PHD candidate, @AJLUnited founder, and overall rock star @jovialjoy's speaker highlights from the #AI
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦We are happy to announce the appointment of our new President, Dr. Martha Suárez. We strongly believe that her lead…
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@NiNanjira how do you nationalise a trans-national corporation? more interesting (to me) would be to regulate a bo… Interference 64: Community Networks by Interference Archive Interview with… there a country in Sub-Saharan Africa that doesn't have operators that off social media bundles? #zerorating
@DougMadory @David_MSullivan @lawyerpants @LaserGabi @RonDeibert @HSGResearch @SNISGeneva @accessnow @ElCalavero I'… @LaserGabi @ElCalavero @David_MSullivan @DougMadory @RonDeibert @lawyerpants @HSGResearch @SNISGeneva @accessnow Li…
@DougMadory @lawyerpants @LaserGabi @RonDeibert @HSGResearch @SNISGeneva @accessnow My inclination would be to focu… report from @ISOC on 'Consolidation in the Internet Economy' (via Charley Lewis)Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malko… you want data prices to fall, give us spectrum: Vodacom That's right folks. No rent-s…
This is your regular reminder that facial recognition systems are more likely to misidentify women of color than an…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦Dutch Gigabyte prices have stopped falling after the unconditional approval of the merger between Tele2 and T-Mobile
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @Mat0a @stevesong 🚢CS Teliri landed Ace segment-4 🇸🇹Sao-Tome to 🇿🇦ZA on Duynefontein BMH 27DEC2017. The planned…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @stevesong @KiraAllmann I fully agree!! Now more than ever, it is critical to address issues of #privacy and…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦What a great doctoral thesis project. Literature review with gusto, Potted case study, pre-baked policy relevance
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @stevesong 🇨🇩DRC connection to submarine cables is a sad tale of funds misappropriation, project mismanagement and…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦Hey awesome @RACHEL_Offline folk. Has anyone developed a lusophone Rachel distribution? @Mat0a Wow, I assumed from this notice of construction from 2017 that something would be li… @mhmtkcn Sadly no detail.This is the best thing I have read all month: Great African explorer discovers ‘River Gulu’ in London – Nairobi News
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦I love that 90 percent of the comments recommend River Gulu 😂
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦Hey undersea cable tweeps. Can anyone tell me the month/year that ACE went live in #DRC? It is live there is it not? #Muanda #DRCongo @ntnsndr Uganda at the moment but have also heard echoes of this in Kenya. Found this useful history of cooperativ… @stevesong You may appreciate this new report by UNHCR on the impacts of SIM registration and KYC rules on displace…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @stevesong Also note: Tanzania to limit SIM cards to one per network; subscribers will be allowed to own multiple n…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @stevesong and costly too I guess, see
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @ntnsndr one thing you don't mention in your book, that I am encountering in East Africa, is an antipathy to cooper… regulator introduces biometric SIM card registration Evidence of the impact of ma… regulator pilots biometric SIM card registration Evidence of the impact of manda… Earth Day! To celebrate, we're announcing *free editing services* for submissions to Issue 17. See details i…
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@hichrisfabian @tmsruge I don't think it is nearly as expensive as that. Regulators have the power to do this and good practice exists.For all the women and small business entrepreneurs who have been doubted or wondered whether they can succeed again…
Retweeted by Steve Song🇨🇦🇿🇦 @blongwe @FrankHook @RIAnetwork my point is that some regulators do publish this information. collecting examples… @blongwe @FrankHook @RIAnetwork In the Netherlands, Vodafone published their rates in order to avoid a one million… @blongwe @FrankHook @RIAnetwork Botswana regulator publishes a public rate card @tmsruge This is why we need more transparency in the telecom sector. Bypassing happens in countries as well as be…