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Local hands building local networks. Fellow @mozilla. Collaborator @nsrcworld. Founder @villagetelco #africa #telecom #access #spectrum

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Kenyan science teacher Peter Tabichi wins global prize @fallmakhtar sure DM me your email and I'll send a spreadsheet
@BBSimons more at “Leapfrogging” in Frontier Markets Isn’t Working by @bbsimons (via @amunyua) @BBSimons there is no logic Few Simple Steps to Vastly Increase Your Privacy Online"For Facebook this isn't just a technical mistake, it is a social-economical one too.” Our response to Facebook’s p…
Retweeted by Steve Song @baozhong6 I'm in Canada
In African countries surveyed by @A4A_Internet, new data shows 1GB mobile data now costs 9.2% of average monthly in…
Retweeted by Steve SongOrange deploys two IP PoPs in Nigeria got a review request from an Elsevier journal. I wanted to tell them I don't provide free labor to predatory publ…
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What Google Stadia will mean for broadband and interconnection (and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo)… Resolves White Spaces Issues Finalizes tweaks and changes, responds to recon petitions, to White Spaces order Democracy by @OxbloodRuffin of murdered Mexico journalist was surveillance target days after death #opengov
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So much work done last year, and so much work ahead! Here's everything the APC network (staff and members) did in…
Retweeted by Steve SongLet me say this: (1) the case for undoing Facebook's anticompetitive acquisitions of Instagram & WhatsApp, is, in…
Retweeted by Steve SongGoogle Station runs afoul of the regulator in Nigeria Stadia's Grand Vision for Gaming Clashes With America's Shitty Internet"Google for a time prohibited third-party sites from using rival ad services + required prominent placement of its…
Retweeted by Steve SongBBC News - Cyclone Idai: Mozambique survivors desperate for help Case for Investigating Facebook. By David N. Cicilline, member of the House of Representatives & chair of the H… makes Africa’s largest e-commerce platform African?
#CommunityNetworks quickies: shapes of POE Injectors @ZenzeleniNet shares with some of the many POE Injectors that…
Retweeted by Steve Song#CommunityNetworks quickies: getting higher voltages on a Solar node Thanks @ZenzeleniNet for sharing your setup o…
Retweeted by Steve Song#CommunityNetworks quickies: Wireless Solar node Thanks @Zenzeleninet for sharing with us the solar installation i…
Retweeted by Steve Song#CommunityNetworks quickies: non-reflective screen @dagelf shows us how important is to have a anti-glare screen,…
Retweeted by Steve SongCongratulations to Liberia on the establishment of their National Research and Education Network (LREN). @pranesh a better take, minus the bit about 'FreedomBox is the answer'
Land in Australia and this is what I see coming out of customs: AU$10 for 2 GB of data + unlimited calls here and t…
Retweeted by Steve SongWe're seeking engineers, activists, policy experts, and scientists devoted to building a more humane digital world.…
Retweeted by Steve SongMore than half of Facebook Instant Articles partners may have abandoned it secures $1.25bn funding after successful launch @doctorow @GreatDismal Thinkpadbenders!This is the badass #cyberpunk future I want, but it is not evenly distributed (yet) /cc @GreatDismal
Retweeted by Steve SongRutger Bregman... more of this please's @Bendineliot: "The fact that these websites . . . can’t comply with this basic requirement shows that the curr…
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@YaguraStation Possibly but things are pretty broken at the moment and it may be that a "level" playing field isn't… @YaguraStation Would have been great for 2go, for example @mhmtkcn @Turkcell You don't want a mobile operator's app for sure but there have been some African success stories… is free on 9mobile #zerorating Maybe net neutrality is not enough. Perhaps regu…
So there's been a fair amount of scrutiny as to whether Jumia really is an 'African startup' after this news broke…
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Cool explainer video from CSquared Uganda on their demand aggregation process for FTTH @ISED_CA Serious lack of good faith on the part of the government. Opportunity for a class action suit by manufacturers?The Canadian regulator seems determined to kill off a nascent TV White Space industry with a combination of extreme… a break with previous administrations, Ethiopia's new Prime Minister has declared that he favors free market cap…
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@sendgoodcheers @kathoh“In our NREN world, it is in your national interest to share your national resources - as all other NRENs around yo…
Retweeted by Steve SongSo, what happens when Facebook and Instagram go down? People get their news sites. In an analysis of mo…
Retweeted by Steve SongHoly Free Basics Batman!
Do you have experience as a grant writer and are passionate about social justice, human rights and development wit…
Retweeted by Steve Song @gregorytaylor1 And they are doing their level best to kill off its successor, TV White Space technology.Is it time to rethink affordable internet access? Guest blog by @stevesong asks critical questions about what it wi…
Retweeted by Steve SongTelOne in Zimbabwe commissions new fibre optic backbone connecting Beitbridge, Masvingo, Bulawayo, and Harare… happy couple gracing the Hungarian government’s campaign advertising its new family policy is already famous on…
Retweeted by Steve SongFacebook launches telecom subsidiary offering wholesale and potentially retail access to their fibre optic infrastr… thread is killing me 🤣
Retweeted by Steve SongGot to love headlines like this. Africa: '5G delivery will depend on satellite networks' Nobody said that, ever.… government shutdown delayed needed fixes to the software for the 737 MAX.
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As the web turns 30 tomorrow, half the world's population is connected. We must make sure it doesn't take us anothe…
Retweeted by Steve Song @gregorytaylor1 @ISED Wow, 50% population coverage for Pembroke and Arnprior after 20 years . . . 20 years. And the…
Retweeted by Steve SongSummary of the upcoming Canadian 600MHz auction Unlike South African operators, no one seem…, SpaceX's LEO broadband satellite constellation initiative, is hiring @CreyM Latin America’s Next Generation of Feminist Leaders via @opensocietyIs 5G all mouth and no trousers? TLDR; yes and noNamibia Power launches The Grid Online, a national fibre optic Open Access backbone #AfTerFibre
@kheimerl Me, I'm betting on the 9th industrial revolution from outer space aka Plan 9How the Internet Travels Across Oceans (via Chad Allen)A meditation on the open web from @wordpress @internetthought @PaulSweeney @disruptivedean @profgalloway This does not appear to be true of Microsoft, who see t… down the Internet doesn’t work – but governments keep doing it came across this handy guide to all the things that DuckDuckGo can do Which led me to tr… many phases of development and precious feedback from #CommunityNetworks, the #netCommons PD methodology for…
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We @privacyint recently issued an open letter to Facebook, asking them what's going on:
Retweeted by Steve SongA terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to family and friends of flight ET302
@thegreghansen @bmlyon Listening.The term '4th industrial revolution' tells you more about the person using it than it does about anything that is a… last I have completed my short critique of the notion of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here it is:…
Retweeted by Steve Song @kdiga the irony is that Pinboard founder, @baconmeteor, ended up buying delicious after Yahoo neglected it to death
I've been collecting links to news articles on African telecoms for years. Here's how to access them. to Mine My Africa Telecom News Data to launch ‘WeChat of Africa’ 🤣😂🤣 Because operator-owned apps have worked out so well in the past. @nsrcworld @stevesong Such great partners @nsrcworld Thank you for doing what you do to train pipl, build nets, and connect!!
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For three decades the NSRC has worked across the globe with Research & Education networks and partners to help buil…
Retweeted by Steve Song @philbony @bcmerchant @Gizmodo Ha, I think it WAS Houston.Central African Backbone fibre network - Cameroon Govt to Complete Component This Year @bcmerchant @Gizmodo Please do this one. Worst airport innovation ever.'m starting a new recurring feature for Automaton at @Gizmodo I'm just going to go ahead & call 'Shitty Automation…
Retweeted by Steve SongThe New Scramble for Africa Welle Profiles Community Networks Around the World Namibia links WACS cable to Lusaka, Zambia via Trans-Kalahari Fibre Project #AfTerFibreMTN Group's net profits nearly doubled in 2018
IRL Podcast: What if women built the internet? w/ @Mozilla & @Manoushz @wayan_vota @ckreutz Bien sûr. No need to be complicit though is there?Updated Facebook/EIU connectivity index and GSMA Global Mobile Economy to 2019 version in the awesome list of conne… Stalling on Closing the Digital Divide: Insights From the 2019 Inclusive Internet Index @rmpepper at MWCHow Amazon's Algorithms Curated a Dystopian Bookstore stop using "Artificial Intelligence" to grab headlines. It's irresponsible, and typically inaccurate.…