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The OFFICIAL Twitter page for Chicago White Sox Color Analyst Steve Stone.

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@asrosen05 @jasonbenetti Happy a Birthday Mark. Hope you get everything you need and a thing or two that you want @Kostner_Chuk @ChuckGarfien You can find the mechanics and analytics guy. The mind guy is a bit more difficult @JamesFox917 I rest my case @Disone10 I don’t bet football or any other of the major sports. I did watch the Bears. Very bad night
@joeysox1952 No. He’d have been on the 3rd base side in line with the throw. The ball got away on the 1st base side
@AntLenza4 McCann by far @williamgalejr No insight what so ever @RadioJoe7 @JamesFox917 You didn’t ask about the Sox taking advantage of the International Market did you. Have you…
@MickeyRat7 @SoxofWhite @jasonbenetti Good luck
@nocrackers30 @SoxofWhite @jasonbenetti No. I can read about it @davesmith3 @jasonbenetti Let’s just say he runs faster @SoxofWhite @jasonbenetti Nice weather. It’s down to 93 here in AZ
@stresney Who he would like is irrelevant. You don’t ever pick a manager to satisfy one players desire @BrettBallantini I’m sorry you decided to bring race into the conversation @76Gordon Do you think a Yankee Dodger Series would have historically low ratings? @arnold_rory @thos3122 Don’t let one incident define his career. He’s actually great for the game for many reasons @starwart1 Who said he was coming to the SoxThe greatest influence on pitching of the last 2 generations may very well be Trevor Bauer. His work ethic and his… evaluation of a complex man with enormous talent WS is down to a best 3 of 5. The season will end soon hopefully never to be duplicated. Which new rules do you… @JPDOFACEP Baseball will meet after the World Series and along with the Players Assoc they will decide what to keep… @wittum_gregg Politics of any sort is a no no @JimKramer3 I have nothing to do with The Brat Haus in Scottsdale. Never did. Glad you had a nice time
@calebbrown89 They don’t. It’s just less drop
@medic2134 And your point @luisnun98086921 One of the best infield coaches in baseball. Responsible for Marcus Semien’s All-Star play
@mikekelly51 It’s sunny and under 100 in AZ. How can I be mad @bighitterfrank1 No @mikekelly51 If you’ve been paying attention, I’ve answered that since the day the Sox parted way. If you don’t und… @tom19075 Last I looked Pedro, Who is a good guy has no major league managing experience. What is it about having m… @FightMeBruhhh @mikekelly51 No profanity or you can tweet to someone else @bgreve1 As much as you have @wsoxfanatic @Sox23Chi @whitesox 8 rt hand hitters. Look at the two WS teams this year. Look at the balance in thei… @mikekelly51 I do like it @Wanda1James Omar won’t be with this team @bigjoshful Let everyone do what they want to do. That’s baseball 2020 @RRTrader1 I was a history major not an English Major @JimKramer3 Like the former not the latter @greg_shot @KaageIrv It’s after the a World Series for everyone @robertwadeholly @whitesox It’s very unlikely @Wanda1James There will be a few candidates. He’ll be one of them @MonkeyBulldogLL No. That’s all on Swanson @bearstown19 Great idea Gabe @KaageIrv As long as it takes
@MichaelCRamos2 PropsConsidering the obstacles and the extraordinary nature of this 2020 season the playoffs have been great. The baseba… @EricMulhair Not the Rays @rickcwik16 Depends on years and dollar amounts @JimG_1967 Actually he’s not the reason I left @pargolf85 I doubt it @bdunn_d203 Yes @ChiShad41 Yes @cubsfan06211966 @Barringtonbill You’re a Cubs fan. How’d you like 2003 @nocrackers30 Dusty along with Gene Mauch are among the best managers never to have won. Check out Dusty’s record i… @guiltybyassoci3 @TomSurber @johnfbrowning37 You broke the no politics rule. Bye @dave_ey Have you checked out where they rank in payroll. They are and have been one of the lowest in MLB. That qua… @FightMeBruhhh @JeffRWLawyer I am not on Ricky. Actually I like him. He’s a very good man but the a Sox need a bett… @mikegaichas The Dodgers are a better team but that doesn’t matter in a short series @vinnyc52 Yes. His contract was already extended @DFSWes Good luck with that @Barringtonbill There were a few people involved, not just one @JeffRWLawyer Amazing how things work out when a manager understands pitching and pitchers @4_20Blaziken @maloneywins They were....By the Rays @johnfbrowning37 Aren’t you the hanging judge. Wow @Josephlhodge He’s back for next yearThe Rays move on. David once again beats Goliath. Dusty Baker got his team to a game 7 which really was a testament… @cubsfan06211966 @SteveBono @thekapman The Rays move on. Dusty goes home @EFCHistProf @SoxMachine @soxmachine_josh Anything is possible
@WButtice @thekapman He had no feel for handling pitching. Zero. Nothing. Zip. If you didn’t notice that I can’t explain it to you @Loch177 We’ll miss you also. Please don’t celebrate when the Sox win it all @WButtice @thekapman Think what you want. It was the right move @hopp_keith Your chances and his are the same @lam314159 You’re wrong. He was skipping off 3rd way early @cubsfan06211966 He has 106 million dollars left on a bad contract. Are you hallucinating? @Loch177 Ricky managing for 4 years. What was so unfair? @mariopasamba I believe Jerry owns the team @EchoPBC @slaphitterer And I thought Lewis Black was funny @HWMNBN1988 You always strive to fill in the gaps. Our boys think they can the World Series. Time to go for it @Marty83461594 @ChiSoxHaze @CornishNJ Always possible @slaphitterer Hang around. I can tell you part of it @CoachSanchez24 @slaphitterer Ah, the essay portion of the test @Loch177 Bye bye @blakkSOX @Kevinwhitesoxf1 The owner is worth 14 billion. That’s with a B. What type of fire sale do you think he’ll go with
@armstrongbcoach You thought wrong @LuisFer29669763 I do that privately. Never here @SteveBono @thekapman You had him first. You should have kept him @Iamsharknado How do you know how they feel? @nocrackers30 Actually it is asking too much @cossman2 @b_morrone @Jerbur33 I guess that was supposed to be funny @soxfangrubb You haven’t been listening @Kevinwhitesoxf1 @blakkSOX Yes, but Springer will want many years and many dollars @VictorJRM1218 Of the 2, Brantley. He however is a left fielder @daveo40 @orgullodemexico @OzzieGuillen No @garyprohaska @Crazyrunner @Tcrich713 You certainly have a definitive opinion @mr_zablocki @Billykidd1973 @whitesox No kidding @slaphitterer Don’t believe everything you read and a lot of what you hear @mpovilaitis1 I gave up so many that I have a lot of practice
@Pisces3681Tb Thanks but no @socmediaisdumb Very good manager. I’ve always liked him. Probably not for this job but stranger things have happened @sochifella1 @whitesox I don’t think that’s a factor