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Stephen Volk @Stevevolkwriter Bradford-on-Avon, England

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@AntBit @JohnsonGerard @CavanClerkin @craigfairbrass @VODzillaMag So looking forward to this one.This 👇 don't understand how SNL can do a parody of this week's Rudy Giuliani hearings. The parody was the hearing itself
Retweeted by Stephen Volk @The_Matt_Shaw @Mo_Farah @bbceastenders I thought he was wonderful! More Mo! Just a sweet quiet guy. @UndertowPubs @AbramsWriter Hurrah!Patricia has such a beautiful sculpture in this show
Retweeted by Stephen Volk @brooligan Happy new Yeux! @Rich_B_Bush @Peculiar @brooligan @garethlpowell @lavietidhar That is immensely gratifying! Thank you so much. @mwesterholm Thank you - I did eventually track it down and ordered the book! @brooligan But be sure to be prepared! For what........we're not sure.Clearly you are not a psychiatrist. first, Tommy Robinson and Mark Collett all exploit Emily Jones and paint the narrative that she was killed…
Retweeted by Stephen VolkAlways keep spinning those plates. looking forward to this film by the brilliant @JohnsonGerard news from a great author (and some Smith bloke). @Chadbourn That synopsis sounds brilliant. @Chadbourn Fucktastic! Great news mate. @GurneySlade Confirmation bias. They like politicians who confirm their world view.Stunning sky over B on A @SwanRiverPress Spoof. Sorry. @DMinghella Gus and them. @brooligan As you were. I'll delete. Phew. I like Lammy so I was having an epi. @timlebbon @The_Matt_Shaw If it's this government, they couldn't find their balls in their Y-fronts. @DMinghella Well that's fucking useful.Two two most duisturbing things about politics are: a) Politicians lie because they know by the time the truth come… @TheSomnambulis2 Unislipper? @ramseycampbell1 @robjlloyd Precisely. @mwesterholm Please could you tell me the source of this wonderful quote? I cannot find it online. Thank you. @BritflicksP There's a reason why we have Hugh Grant and they have Tom Cruise. @stacey_guthrie I agree it's distracting. In America they hate the concept of growing old. You never see a person l… @DMinghella VAX ROMANA surely😉 @adamshapiro Barton Fink! @OnlyManWhoCan @HorrifiedMag The laugh is, they advertise that they are knobs. Reminds me of those conceited arseholes on The Appr… @KJudgeMental Hahaha. Belgium. And stopped at the Channel Tunnel.When will the British film industry finally reach peak Queen Victoria?"Because we are a better country." @HorrifiedMag Oh, fuck off. Twats.MUKMA - Make the UK Mediocre Again. Hats? @robbiereviews Brilliant film.TONIGHT"I'd be scared if I wasn't scared." The wonderful Jeff Bridges is 71 today. Dude abides. a kid of 5 or 6, I lined up with other little people to get the Polio Vaccine. As a man of 73, I’ll line up for…
Retweeted by Stephen Volk @KateWoodWrites Are you up to date? It just gets better. @alistairwriter Thanks, A. I've moved on already. But the rant did me good! @BarryForshaw3 @AnnoDracula @WstoneIslington @OscardeMuriel @DrMaggieHamand @KateAGriffin @SGriffinEsq @Bang2write I particularly like: "Blimey, look how old Actress X looks!" (happens to be twenty, thirty years after… @TimLees2 @Bang2write I try not to comment on the physical appearance of any gender - with the notable exception of Anne Widdicombe.Wait. If Britain is so fucking good at everything, why do rich venture capitalists bet AGAINST us doing well, and m… @brooligan Who is more intensely irritating - Robbie Williams or Robin Williams? I always wondered. @brooligan @stealexanderuk Gary Barlow is their Des O'Connor.Why do people delight in taking the piss out of actresses who have had surgery, but never joke about actors who have clearly had the same? @brooligan Did you never see 2001?
"You don't have to make art that makes people happy, you have to make art that makes people feel." Tracey Emin bein…
Retweeted by Stephen VolkIt's the UN's International Day of Persons With Disabilities and our producers @HTYTstories & @netflix have launche…
Retweeted by Stephen VolkTime out ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Retweeted by Stephen VolkOne of the #Munch paintings in the ⁦@royalacademy⁩ thoughtfully curated show #Emin/Munch #lonelinessofthesoul which…
Retweeted by Stephen VolkJust found out that the Pan Books logo was designed by Mervyn Peake. I know this doesn't matter to 99.99% of the wo…
Retweeted by Stephen Volk @Peculiar It does to me!!Just incase yr interested this is what I working on
Retweeted by Stephen Volk @ohsinnerman That's why I used it in a story set in the USA. I think I also said "backaways". But I think that's a made up word. :) @SSheil Unprofessional.Marr is an utter prick. No sense of who created the fucking adversity. Sack this arsehole. @alistairwriter I didn't audition. They gave me the fucking book! (sorry)poems wil not return you, here—but they keep you alive, here —Henneh Kyereh Kwaku
Retweeted by Stephen Volk @ohsinnerman I used it twice recently, in a story set in the USA.Professor Challenger and reporter Ed Malone discuss their forthcoming trip to THE LOST WORLD. @Peculiar @robjlloyd @TobyVenables @ScribblerEvans @NetflixFilm Trailer tells me the whole film. Thanks. @ninabake2 I don't think it's malevolent, just lazy. @alistairwriter I don't think there's anything there about being given a book, spending a month on it for free, and… @Peculiar @robjlloyd No idea what you're on about. @SimonGuy64 @Hal_Duncan Superior, condescending, massive ego and dumb. Just like Trumpo. @ninabake2 I don't mind working for free for a pitch. @ak_benedict @HayleyThough I'd like to know how you eat them from the middle out.I am sorry Mo has gone. What a great feller.Bloody love this. Please SIGN! & SHARE! @MarkEWest If you watch without sound you get the measure of her perfectly. Just the sort of person who wants to be… drop brilliance Rudi Giuliani wants to shut you up because you sound crazy, you're in trouble. @Artemisapphire I see it more like a competitive brief to which I was asked to respond. @robjlloyd @Peculiar I get your point. I'm just disagreeing, mate. @steinerdrome @2hrTV Wouldn't that be marvellous, seriously? @Artemisapphire Pitching on spec is fine. Lack of common courtesy isn't. @darrenwhitfield Sadly it is all too common. @cats_cucumbers @Ghostwatch "I am speaking to you from the plumbing system..." @JohnnyRestall @HorrifiedMag That to be is the definition of horror. Not some fucking jump moment. Each to their own. @2hrTV He really won't be there now when you cross the road. 😥 @drdjohnston @HorrifiedMag @JohnnyRestall It wasn't, however, part of the series.Given a fascinating book by producer in Feb. Take a month to read it, get wildly enthusiastic & make extensive note…
@LairdBarron It’s not meaningless. It means they are fools. @HorrifiedMag @JohnnyRestall No it’s not part of the series. I like it but don’t find it scary. @robjlloyd @Peculiar I’d rather watch Nicole with two expressions than most actors.Why has a carrot got a mask on with Santa on it? The culture Secretary should demand that they tell us it’s fiction!! @HorrifiedMag @JohnnyRestall Which is your favourite? @patriciavolk @soundcube Please! Please! @fgcottam Dolly @HorrifiedMag @JohnnyRestall The best, in my opinion. But then, one of the best ghost stories ever written. @tonypaulway @boxdelightspod @lesleyamanning @Ghostwatch Thank you, Tony!