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Talking bunny who runs @ShelfdustSite. Bylines at @comicsMNT @ComicsAlliance @comicsBeat @CBR etc. He/him. Comics are well tidy isn't it. You're lucky I'm here

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@KielPhegley You’d think the Archie approach should work for DC Thomson! @danthemcmahon @j_partridgeIII @Ethan1097 don’t hype up my own writing on Shelfdust as much as I could, considering I’m the all-time greatest no takesie-ba… @KielPhegley I don’t think they collect the old stories in any kind of archive collection or anything like that!This is great news for my “What If? The X-Men all moved to a remote island” pitch @MattLune Yes, it’s fascinatingProbably the first time Dennis The Menace was defeated at the end of a Beano story? It amazed my tiny mind that the… year the Shelfdust podcast has already welcomed Mairghread Scott, Ardo Omer and Caitlin Rosberg! Best podcast… what you want about the X-Men, but personally I will not feel SAFE in my own HOME until we hunt down that MAS… we’re covering comics again we’re sorryWhy does everyone think billionaire socialite Bruce Wayne has a dark secret? @GregSilber looks deep into the myster…!! @joegrunenwald @GregSilber @heyalexdaily Think it’s called a Baja Blast @tomshaps Ohhhh I’m tired, I didn’t get it sorry @tomshaps Same thing, isn’t it?The impression I get from people is that Future State has been an unruly mess, with some very good bits - but a lot… is like a Jim Steranko comic @heyalexdaily Same 😢 @heyalexdaily I really want a taco bell now @heyalexdaily @ronchronchronch @heyalexdaily THIS IS INCREDIBLE @stevewmorris
Retweeted by Steve MorrisInfinite Crisis with @GregSilber: Bruce Wayne... Murderer?
Retweeted by Steve Morris @imkellyrichards Same!Can someone edit this page so Batman is unveiling a delicious Taco Bell feast
It’s @tomshaps after reading another one of my great tweets @HenryBarajas Yesss! But WHAT ISSUE??I wish we could do a new episode of the podcast every day, there are so many great comics people around @housetoastonish my GRAND tradition of comparing comics to various types of pie.
Retweeted by Steve MorrisNext week @MattLune welcomes @therightram to the Shelfdust podcast - and he’s brought a very special issue to talk…
Retweeted by Steve MorrisHow does James Stokoe’s “Sobek” compare to a lemon meringue pie? Let @crosberg count the ways.... attention, this is major news conversation was a total delight and I was so glad to learn I'm not alone in my utter reverence both for Sobek…
Retweeted by Steve MorrisBreaking news!! @sbcomicsfair @BigDadEnergy_ I’m glad you did, I paused the podcast to go celebrateNobody told me Rain Boy had come back to X-Men comics. Why does nobody love me??CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! CROCS! @KetracelBlack this was the plot of Burn After ReadingShelfdust Presents: Sobek by James Stokoe, with @crosberg
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Semiregular reminder: I am available for part or full-time work. Writer, editor, podcaster, journalist; four years…
Retweeted by Steve MorrisTomorrow on the site.....
@JamesEnda1 They both rule! But neither of them @cnevett That run isn’t totally bad... @RhiannonOlivaw you have other people you should be championing.... @GregSilber theoretically speaking you don't exist @RhiannonOlivaw Beast is the all time worst mutant @GregSilber there are no Broo fans"this is the best mutant" "....I will prove it using this awful comic"Someone has pitched an issue to Shelfdust on my all-time least favourite comics run @IMCJasonD Good!!I’m watching WandaVision with my parents and they are LOVING IT because they know what it’s homaging @KellyKanayama I'm going to eat a Dairylea Dunker in celebration of masculinityI have a lot of critical writing about comics to read today, but I've been completely blown away by the very first… @AlexJaySpencer Reggie!Offended by how few likes that objectively perfect picture of a happy dog received @i_am_ste That is.... an excellent point!Chicken you say
@riteshwriter @GregSilber For this particular feature it’d require there to be Black creators involved in the series? I don’t kno… Black Comics History feature may be able start opening up submissions for people to write about comics from the… @bdclarke Do rad skateboards count @quizlacey @JenniferLMeyer YessssssDonny why is SO WEIRD that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles advertise car insurance on British telly. But it’s even weirde… @adityab Never apologise for nailing it! @stevewmorris Vision falls through the bar.
Retweeted by Steve Morris @adityab You beat me to tweeting it!!I hope there’s an episode of WandaVision based on Only Fools and Horses @uzionmain @bigredrobot Dylan can I recommend Iron Fist on Netflix @bigredrobot Will probably be more entertaining as a binge-watch @nolapfau A cuckoo in the vulture’s nest @nolapfau They let you write about good comics??R U NORMAL? On the Attempt to Normalize the Outsider in Vision #1 – Shelfdust @explodingarrow @shelfdustsiteIncidentally... if you like the annotations, did you know that the Shelfdust Patreon page runs TEN MONTHS AHEAD of… end of the Steve Era of Annotations! It’s on to the new faculty members from here!! @deathchrist2000 Women Watch The Watchmen
@CoriMarie21 haven’t slept in two days time to announce everything planned for the siteNew writing from @riteshwriter coming to Shelfdust soon. He says that he’s “going long” for it, which is ominous @graceofaeons remember this from a year ago? It’s finally happening!HEAVY DUTY ZOE THOUGHTS COMING FEB 2021 to win an Eisner this year. Next week we’re going to focus on Nightwing’s butt for a bitThe Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards are NOW accepting submissions for 2021! Visit our website for more informatio…
Retweeted by Steve MorrisAnd so it was that I asked respected comic book journalist Heidi MacDonald (@Comixace) what Simpsons creator Matt G… Days Annotations on the site tomorrow, and they’re the last ones I’ve annotated! After this it’s all down to the new faculty! @imkellyrichards We love you Kelly!!!I'm fighting 60% of you (ง'̀-'́)ง
Retweeted by Steve MorrisInfinite Crisis with @Comixace: Who is Matt Groening?
Retweeted by Steve Morris“Peter let me show you how to use your army of military drones. You see, with great power comes great resp...”Captain America’s probably going to show up on the new Spider-Man movie and give Peter directions to the nuclear bunker @kylepinion I was waiting for this one @tomshaps An incredible intervieweeIs @CoriMarie21 right? Is POLARIS the Best Mutant??
Retweeted by Steve MorrisThank you SO MUCH, I needed this. A fascinatingly meaningful read, full of deep, deft, & discerning insight, to enl…
Retweeted by Steve Morris @GregSilber @PunkRokMomJeans Greg, may I introduce you to Chloe Maveal
How do you get from Frasier back to “comics”? Find out tomorrow as I rope someone (who should know better) into my Infinite Crisis featureNot the first time “Armie Hammer” and “impeachment” are both trendingAha, a new writer to email about Darkstar showing up in The Champions, excellent