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Stevey P @steveyp_ Orlando, FL

Not a good person. Trying to be, sometimes. (Eng Mgmt @testdouble, formerly @netflix). he/him.

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@kvlly Kelly we’re not even friends yet. ps: ur it. @flexlibris @aprilaser I could be wrong, I thought this actually worked really well in Taiwan during the SARS thing about 11 years back?
WHY ARE WE ALLOCATING EMERGENCY AID FOR THE ARTS? Screamed by people who have been watching Netflix, reading books…
Retweeted by Stevey PHindsight is 20/20, but kinda wish we had invested heavily in exoskeleton tech. @dmosher @jxpx777 @littlemrsmosher ugh, I need to make my desk nicer too. but it’s Saturday and I don’t want to! 😤 @MylesBorins they've been buggy for awhile now, it seems. @dahartattack neat!💜help me prove a point to @doxidized or make me look dumb (both good outcomes tbh). They’re called:
Retweeted by Stevey P @jasonkarns @chrisdhanaraj Tiff didn’t believe me when I said it was him. Thank goodness for Amazon X-ray! Weaponized against the wife 🎉 @chrisdhanaraj I’ve watched this show too many times how did I miss thisZac Efron is in Firefly what the HECK since WHEN?? @_jayphelps @doxidized jay please unsay that I so I can unhear it. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT REAL
help me prove a point to @doxidized or make me look dumb (both good outcomes tbh). They’re called: @thetnightingale tom I posted this mostly because I thought it was viral potential not because I was late to our me… be fair it’s never been a helpful coping mechanism for anything else but here I am kinda wanting to get crunk it… could you please stop emailing me that my attendees are waiting i'm trying my best okOur consultancy @testdouble is announcing a new grant program to do some good for the world during the #COVID19 cri…
Retweeted by Stevey P @rickhanlonii I take it you didn’t believe my other answer then 😤 @eveporcello best. tweet.are we about to be in the movie surrogate @rickhanlonii tuesdayThis is the kind of content I didn’t know I was living for. @BenLesh thanks, dad ❤️
my dad with literally everything Trump says: spot on, completely accurate, reliable information, couldn't agree mor… @Runspired @BenLesh (mostly just that I then see this type of info taken straight back into “See! Not a big deal!”… @Runspired @BenLesh Sure, but splitting hairs at best and not really helpful information at all currently. It chan… @BenLesh Actually got into a fb argument with someone about how Italy death numbers are fake bc “any death with cor… @troutgirl I've had malaise for about 35 years now.Pro tip from my 5yo on how to destress and refocus today based on her experience in Kindergarten 5yo "We take wig…
Retweeted by Stevey P @ryanflorence @sambreed 100% he's going to be re-elected. Not that I'm happy about it, tho.
@CHERdotdev "wow you really pivoted your business model quick after the pandemic" @CHERdotdev LIVEslayed me. @benmvp @burgessdryan RYAN PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS STAY AT YOUR HOUSE
Orange County mayor issues stay-at-home order
Retweeted by Stevey P @ekp I have a SnapChat memory of he and I playing guitar in Dolores Park a looonng time ago. He really was a great… you know how useless my anxiety is like I catastrophized about a million scenarios yet somehow not this one
Retweeted by Stevey PMental Health Day ✌🏼Not that searching for silver linings is...great. But I wonder how much we’ll get a reset on learning which things…
NEW: Monday 23 March update of our coronavirus mortality trajectories tracker • UK is finally locking down, as its…
Retweeted by Stevey P @JemYoung I like to try to add unnecessary formality to the first name and some numbers following - i.e. instead of… honor of #NationalPuppyDay, please reply with a pic of your puppy (all dogs are puppies). Let’s make the greatest thread of all time ❤️
Retweeted by Stevey PStartups (and others): if you planned on letting folks go this week, please consider doing so April 1 instead. It m…
Retweeted by Stevey P @soniagupta504 That's very fair, and a good reminder for cranky stephen when he gets angsty about bailouts. Thanks :) @troutgirl Yea considering we’ve been watching other countries from before then even and kinda just said...nothing.… @troutgirl I’m still bitter about it like thanks DNC sure I might vote for one of the other losers but only because… @troutgirl fuck me, rightTop 10 movie tributes to fallen actors: 1. Brian in the white Supra at the fork in the road 2. that’s it that’s th… @ericlewis @ken_wheeler ohhh there it is @ericlewis @ken_wheeler I am so confused lol
@ken_wheeler dang I mean whew 😉❤️has anyone heard from @ken_wheeler in a few days I hate to invest precious time on taking apart the atrocious @aginnt article pictured below, but it is getting t…
Retweeted by Stevey P @soniagupta504 I was hoping you were well, even if I didn’t get to hear it on this platform. Things got weird right after you left! 💜
holy crap there is a ~*lot*~ of dsl to learn with @tailwindcss. I appreciate I can get something up and running kin… is something fundamentally wrong when a Wall Street CEO can get a 19% raise while millions of Americans are s…
Retweeted by Stevey PI'm unsure if it would be of help or if it would make any sense at all - but I'm considering sharing my latest entr… @ryanflorence Oh, Ryan. I am so sorry.💔
Members of Congress should not be allowed to own individual stock. We are here to serve the public, not to profite…
Retweeted by Stevey P @viachristinaa I've been remote since Jan, it's growing on me. I don't like having a teenager during the pandemic-y parts.Why doesn't Boeing have money saved up for emergencies? If they're poor, how come they have an iPhone & TV? Maybe t…
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You may have noticed a recent flood of advice and takes about working from home. None of it really resonated with m…
Retweeted by Stevey PPeople: "I want 2020 to be like the roarin' twenties!" Earth: "Alright, infectious disease is spreading." People:…
Retweeted by Stevey PWelp.
@tbranyen @Delta ohhh with a B. Damn that’s even worse they won’t just waive it for ya and give you credit. @rickhanlonii wait do they not have mobile banking where you're from? @jack $sprjr @tbranyen @Delta and they're getting a 58 million dollar bailout, eh?If we're on a Zoom call, I don't care if your kids are in the frame, having a meltdown in the background, or are si…
Retweeted by Stevey P @TatianaTMac weird not gross (subjectively): peanut butter & miracle whip sandwiches
@mjmichellekim I loved this, thank you 🙏🏼“How to Lead When You’re Afraid” by @mjmichellekim Remember people are not machines.
Retweeted by Stevey P @ZackArgyle Any insight what it's doing for the hourly folks?
@sophaskins omg this is the best ideaI'm cautiously optimistic about us coming together to reduce the pandemic effects. I think we could do better, but… Ya Neck against the Coronavirus. We are making a few thousand prints and distributing them across New York…
Retweeted by Stevey PAre you a #womenintech? Want to be a guest mentor (1 hour casual convos) for #womenintech wednesdays hosted by my…
Retweeted by Stevey P @alexvcasillas @kureevalexey @jkup These are also great ^ @jkup Celeste, if you haven't. It's a fun & challenging platformer - 8 bit art, emotional (happy/sad) story. Tiff a…
Folks I’ve been so wrapped up in the chaos, I forgot it was Pi Day 🥧 Tiffy is making a strawberry one with a π on… @McQuinTrix @sarah_edo I spent a very long time looking for the Trojan horse one that was about a shid/a fard/my pa… @atari_zero @sarah_edo But also, some of the content is not actually appropriate or nice. So I eventually nope’d ou… @atari_zero @sarah_edo Well, they aren’t GOOD’s weird funny. r/DeepFriedMemes @sarah_edo 👋🏼 any chance you also enjoy Deep Fried Memes? For whatever reason, after I learned the layers, they really crack me up. @zar_nikolas @ryanyates1990 Perhaps, “public setting” would’ve been a better choice of words. We’re all strangers a… @zar_nikolas @ryanyates1990 @ac1dgoddess I mentioned elsewhere though, it may not be something an internet stranger… @zar_nikolas @ryanyates1990 @ac1dgoddess I thought the topic was vacation vs infosec. Tho comment just came off “wo… @coxy @dmosher well I also like to parlay them with friends so I’m out $500 if my driver loses.
@coxy @dmosher i always lose these! f.have we done this one yet @ryanyates1990 I don’t know your relationship with Allie. If you can make your point without the “men call women… @carltonfwlarson @alilynnet well, you say that, but... @char_bone 🥰 omgAhh I wish I was here in this dream world right now. Isn't my Mum talented 😍
Retweeted by Stevey P @ryanyates1990 @zar_nikolas @ac1dgoddess A bit uncomfortable with the “beautiful” reference. Mostly bc we weren’t o… week's "5 Ally Actions" 1-Pay attention to virtual communication 2-Review remote work expense policy 3-Don’t…
Retweeted by Stevey PI wish all the social media sites would follow Pinterest's lead
Retweeted by Stevey PIf you’re wondering whether it’s an overreaction to cancel large gatherings and public events (and I love basketbal…
Retweeted by Stevey P“If you need to be right before you move, you will never win. Perfection is the enemy of the good.” – @WHO Executiv… phone just autocorrected 'pandemic' to 'Pena Democrats' which...I don't get at ALL.