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Looking for a way to fill your Sunday? Is there someone at your #gamedev studio who does tons who you want to shou… @hannahlouisef @pastasauca look at this house
MG is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day. We have organised an amazing event with @MicrosoftStore Saturda…
Retweeted by Stevie WardFor the amount of ‘let’s start a new generation in space’ concepts, there’s a noticeable lack in maternity space cl…
Retweeted by Stevie Ward @WOMGNE @Crazynatlady @WOMGNE Here's that podcast! @x_GemGem @WOMGNE Mainly when I'm about to eat carbs 😆Such a great event with everyone from @womgne today, we're going to need more tables next time! 😆 @WOMGNE Awesome to see everyone!!! LOVED IT. for brunch with @WOMGNE today! Bagels and chatting to women in #gamedev - perfect! #WomenInTech
@Jason_Rubin Thank you for putting the health of the community first! 🙂
@house_house_ @house_house_ House House, did you know that #untitledgoosegame is actually 5 player! Thank you for making a game I… @nickieohara @MyTwoMums @heysareta @winnysharpe @circusmum_ @Reena_Rai @GhenetActually @FLOTUK @Fashionicide @fiveub Me, lol.
Olden time fellas 🗞
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So proud to be a part of this amazing program! 👍 @DevRelCallum
@Robbotron When are you gigging in Newcastle? 🙂 @emilybuckshot @MckKirk Lol if you guys are on a London train arriving at 2 I’m on it 🤪
So glad @PCGamer indulges my love for @CarmenSandiego 💃🔍
@GameDevHeroes There are so so few chances for QA folks to win awards, please do nominate someone you know for that category💛 @BillyShibley Untitled Goose Game: God of War would make for an amazing sequel... 🤣 @willlowther @trekonlinegame Now I want a Star Trek Anniversary Bagel!Massive thanks to the team from @trekonlinegame for my STO Anniversary Badge! 🚀 It will be displayed with pride ne… @strangerwriters Roses are red. Barb is in heaven. Friends don't lie. I love you Eleven.The nominations for @GameDevHeroes are open! Don't forget to nominate the people behind the scenes of #gamedev tha…“I stumbled across your video... and it changed my life.” said Paul, who has a spinal injury. He’s now back in the…
Retweeted by Stevie Ward @DanaSchwartzzz @SouthPark Brooks: "Observe and slightly exaggerate, and you had comedy. Instead of creating a myth… @DanaSchwartzzz @SouthPark As kids, we liked it because it was rude, but as adults we watch it because it is unasha… @DanaSchwartzzz @SouthPark It's inherently uncynical, because with every episode there are new themes the kids deal… @DanaSchwartzzz @SouthPark That's part of why it works so well, because if Stan and Kyle can work out that being ga… @DanaSchwartzzz @SouthPark The first series, which I think you may be referring to definitely relied on shock/toile… @DanaSchwartzzz @SouthPark Again from Mel: "Comedy is a red rubber ball and if you throw it against a soft, funny w… @DanaSchwartzzz @SouthPark To quote Mel Brooks: "Rhetoric does not get you anywhere, because Hitler and Mussolini a… @DanaSchwartzzz The subject of my second year MA thesis was Political Satire, heavily referencing @SouthPark and th… @DanaSchwartzzz South Park is satire. It mirrors cultural issues, and shows HOW earnest attempts at love, life and… @edgarwright Hope he's having a nice cuppa. 😊
@PaulTassi Oh decided to be a bit of a legend this morning huh? 🤣 @icklenellierose
2020 @kovahs_art Right?!? @KharneUK Time to go have a good cry @KharneUK Yeah also incredibly sad and grown up themes! @KharneUK Right?!? @GCorner101 It's not directly inferred anywhere right??!? @kovahs_art Thank god I'm not alone... @beccacaddy ARE.... are the others named after the type of dinosaur they are? I feel like researching this is an im… @PaigeHHarvey @PaigeHHarvey Does everyone know this?OH MY GOD. I just realised that Cera from Land Before Time was called Cera, not Sarah and it's because she's a Tr… @Ajwnicholson @DevRelCallum That's an important step! @DevRelCallum @Ajwnicholson @DevRelCallum @Ajwnicholson That's fine work, good volume and composition....
Happy #WomenInScienceDay! The perfect time to highlight Life's Little Mysteries, the Science Podcast from… @PixelChark @mattpurslow Ahh that looks beautiful! @petitmew @petitmew The Celebrity Category is tough tbh.... Although.... @Ruby_True Morning Ruby! I found her at thought you'd like her! spare a vote for @londongaymers in the @BritLGBTAwards! 🎮🌈🎮 They help LGBT+ gamers in London to find and m… @TechUpWomen @_elena @WomenScienceDay @Dr_Black @IoCoding @durham_uni @edgehill @UniofNottingham @UniOfYork Awww! @TomoeYamagawa @AnimeAjay I always feel like :P instead of :) is rolling charm ;P
@KeaneGames @DevRelCallum Yup, should be standard and even replace full stop.🤣 @TheEricGoldman More of a Dorit-NO am I rite?! @PixelChark 🤣☠️🤣☠️ @PixelChark OK @Meg_Kaylee @DevRelCallum I would actually find the skull and crossbones less threatening then just a full stop. 🤣 Let's meet at lunch. ☠️ @Meg_Kaylee @DevRelCallum I always feel 'kiss blow' is threatening... Like "See you when we get there... 😘" "WHAT… @Lex_mate 🤣😂🪔 @Lex_mate This is like, 100% your fault. 🙂 @sally_field Crying through Steel Magnolias and it's all your fault. 🤣 @felizk @itsTeganM I think it's super common :) @pastasauca That means it likes you @strangerwriters Still freaking out about this: #PCGamingShow is returning to @E3 in 2020. @PCGamer are looking for new games, content, announcements, and tra… @TheZichaelpath 100% that person will need to tell me whatever it is right now or I will literally have to message… @KempPlays Right?!?! @v_nome @Nomaki The dog 100% knows, everyone knows but you. 🤣 @Scourged_Wolf Congrats!! @CK61938 Someone sees me: I feel attacked Someone doesn't see me: I am unworthy of being seen. 🤣 @Nomaki Dog outside office doesn't smile straight away: Dog knows I'm being fired and that I'm unworthy of love. @Nomaki Boss smiles at me in hallway: She's being nice, because shes firing me. @Nomaki Literally any meeting I can see happening that I'm not in: They are talking about firing me.How anxiety sufferers read DM's without emoji: "Let's meet at lunch." God what have I done wrong and what happ… @Kenetor @atomhawk They'd love the signal boost!!! :) Also you @Tyzaa_ and Baby D should come up for the expo :)
@pastasauca @atomhawk 😍🍾🖌️🙂📣Signal boost for the amazing @atomhawk! Imagination is in all of us. You just have to find the spark. Enter the f… @DevRelCallum Introduce the panel to each other beforehand via email so they can give each other a good research... 👍 @leeloo_1337 @TheSims @TheSimCommunity Lol not yet...
@TheMidnightLA I listened to 'sunset' whilst driving into a sunset... Nice music you got here! 🌄💜💙💛 @pastasauca @TheSims @TheSimCommunity Yeah I will, also these may be the prettiest sims I've ever made... wow! 😍 have introduced tiny homes in #TheSims4 and I'm absolutely in love with mine! 😍🏠 #EAGameChangers @lucydoesarts Free all day lol @lucydoesarts stahp i CANT
💜 #NewProfilePic 🍥
Retweeted by Stevie WardA great example of how #gamedev's can support streamers and #influencers by giving them the tools they need to beco… @lucydoesarts 😆😆😆 @lucydoesarts Oh wow this one I feel attacked: @lucydoesarts