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i miss him so much it physically hurts @NathanTriska @joao_fernande2 👀someone making a playlist for you is a different kind of love
Retweeted by s the fanynossa menstruação era sincronizada e agora a gente nem se fala mais
Retweeted by s the fanyI miss her the most when we’re together
Retweeted by s the fanyis it nihilism? depression? probably both?
Retweeted by s the fanythis is art eu to cansadasso!
Retweeted by s the fany @reforgetheaven @aristeinfeld96 @lauvshrvy @inesbarny @DreamsofDeyes @siyaaalater @guacablake @prxsciIIx love you, jane 💖
@wutyouknowiknow thank youuua month ago i googled the easiest plant to take care of and bought it and now it’s dead
Retweeted by s the fanywhat if we are the reason why ari doesn’t like twitter anymore @prxsciIIx you still being embarrassing but now as an adulttwo of my favorite photos, taken on the same night.
Retweeted by s the fanythe disrespect smfh perfil foi visto por 6 pessoas nas últimas 2 horas @fxckswiftt tudo certo não ta né, mas 🤡 @fxckswiftt kkkkkkk miga aqui as coisas tão voltando ao normal aos pouquinhosi can’t stop laughing cause this is literally me and @prxsciIIx jakdkdkfkskdnf @NathanTriska do you wanna know what else is powerful? my love for you 💖~crying in brazilian language~ have a feeling jeremy zucker smells like hug @canyonparadise love you too queen 💖 @aristeinfeld96 i’m here if you wanna talko brasilero ai london imagina mora la nublado coffee books *-* brasileiro 3 dia sem sol: estou com depressao profunda
Retweeted by s the fany @itsAlienReborn omg thank you so much 💖🥺 @guacablake thank you, ron. love you so much. so glad for you 💖 @itsAlienReborn thank you 💖 @idkeitherbruv thank you so much babe. ily 🥺💖this is one of the nicest thing someone could’ve done for me. they played modern loneliness by @lauvsongs cause the… weight of everything + being in a country without any family can be so SO hard sometimes. so i just wanna say i… the passing of my mom last weekend i felt like things were going down hill in my life in a way i never though… CERTO KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Retweeted by s the fany don’t deserve any of this @lauvshrvy the way i’m cryingbruh my roommates surprised me with a brazilian dinner and lauv playing because they know i’m having a bad week and…
@manicfalls icarus falls??the tea @tinamarconds @Yzalobatoo jsuhauygdhdsusjk @lauvsongs why is this literally us fam @prxsciIIx sahuhudhuygdwhen i’m sad i like to punish myself with an extra dose of sad with a finishing touch of emotional isolation :))))))
Retweeted by s the fanypessoas que visitaram meu perfil e grupos que sigo no Twitter filmed a short lil video talking about our new EP Sober, go have a watch on our @YouTube -
Retweeted by s the fany @lauvsongs happy sad happy @canyonparadise you’re so pretty @lauvsongs beautiful like everything you doEu falei pra eles que era boomerang:
Retweeted by s the fany @changesrights OH MY GOD. good luck! tell me about it later @thisisLANY i guess i have three @ZaffreLindsay so glad! praying that he recovers well too 💖 @lightsadore love youuu 💖 @idkeitherbruv thank yoj babe 🥺 @kaleuniversity4 no. YOU 🥺 @ZaffreLindsay thank you linds 💖 @prxsciIIx i guess not today lmao 🤡[VIDEO] @lauvsongs cantando “Love Somebody” via TikTok.
Retweeted by s the fanymy whole body hurtsthank god i also use apple musicnormalize not having merch from your favs bc that doesn't even make you less of a fan. some ppl don't have enough money to buy :/
Retweeted by s the fanymy mind is all over the place. helpi hate my life 😙✌🏼 with a chance of depression
Retweeted by s the fany @easyIove same here @easyIove i love you babe 🥺🤍 @siyaaalater @THEG00DSlDE @ZaffreLindsay @kaleuniversity4 @guacablake @aristeinfeld96 @lauvshrvy @inesbarny love you more than you will never know. thank you for everything. like, it meant a lot <3 @prxsciIIxi guess i was born to be alone @joao_fernande2 thanks jo ão 🤍 @CameronWalker the question is: is there a way to get worse?
seu perfil foi visto por 3 pessoas nas últimas 2 horas’m such a sensitive ass bitch
Retweeted by s the fany @lauvsongs look pris, one more member to our club @prxsciIIxgoing on a date today. how do we look? (despite my super dry hair that is screaming for help) @extralois damn that’s deepif love is the answer what is the questionesse vídeo que o will fez de quando o jaden cortou o próprio cabelo quando era criança
Retweeted by s the fanyNo final só vão restar as baratas e Dinho Ouro Preto
Retweeted by s the fany @aquilo thank you for your service @aquilo yes @aquilo damn @aquilo BEAUTIFUL~crying in i’m a broke bitch language~ @thisisLANY @pauljasonklein @mega__yacht de batata me sigam para mais receitas
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Retweeted by s the fanyA dicção de vcs tbm ta ficando uma merda nessa quarentena? Pq eu fui mandar um áudio agora e saiu um ABLUBLUBLE terrível
Retweeted by s the fanyyou’re 21 years old bro, eat the fucking pizza crust
Retweeted by s the fany @prxsciIIx @lauvshrvy def two types of ppl @prxsciIIx @lauvshrvy hajsajskakdkksks i love you twoi’m super ready to buy every piece of lany merch @prxsciIIx ajkskdkdkdkajsjwn love youthat’s how i show my friends i love them @thruthesete4rs YASSS QUEEN. CONGRATS BABE 💖a amiga de vcs tbm guarda mágoas do seu ex? ahhshahshah a minha guarda @prxsciIIx PLS DO @prxsciIIx question: are your cook skills as good as baking @prxsciIIx this thing ahjsjskak @joycstello ai que linda toda profissionalhope today will be better than yesterday. i love you. and a bunch of other people do too. like wow. you’re so loved…