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@lemonwatcher Anything by guns n roses @WindyCOYS @greg_jenner Didn't he play left back in pre season? @tickerscricket @TheCricketerMag Most of the players think it's a bit of a joke that it's a ranking event though an… @Dan_KP He's get splinters with all the fence sitting @Nouriel I'm sure they will just blame it all on Bernie though
@spursblogger @jonoblain @adampowley This is very much my issue @CockOnBallStory Playing to the teams strengths v booting it long to zero strikers whilst playing every centre back…
@legsidelizzy Don't pay your licence fee?? Seems to be all the rage these days @PrimeVideo None, will smith is terrible @SBrogarth @jonoblain You can't blindly support the manager, enough Everton fans (and board) decided koeman wasn't…
@SBrogarth @jonoblain Jose used to win because he had bigger budgets than his competition, let's see how he gets on… @SBrogarth @jonoblain the football was rubbish before kane and son got injured - it has nothing to do with the last… @jonoblain It's not a myth, its what I see with my own eyes. Given time he may get things right, and if West Ham wa… @jonoblain Long ball to Kane....and that still continued when he got injured and is still continuing now @jonoblain I bet we'd actually look like a unit with a plan and a style of play....none of that we are currently seeing from Mourinho @Flav_Bateman @Flav_Bateman Orson wells!! @maxrushden Job share with Cambridge @georgiebingham Would be nice if it was just called equally, at least then you know what is going on! @georgiebingham Finally got a good coach @Nikhil_Saglani Those some serious straws you're clutching @MiguelDelaney Problem is he'd got no idea how to play without one @MiguelDelaney You're the manager....maybe do something about it @BardiTFC Pray for CAS @jonoblain It's not the winning it's the taking part....and there are far too many games we aren't even part of....… @philmcnulty Lucky we weren't still waiting for them to make that decision @mrjakehumphrey @JamesHorncastle @btsport Way to further undermine the system @thespursscout It's almost like they aren't being coached.... @tapper1967 @georgiebingham Too expensive to sack Jose in the summer though @danielstorey85 VAR quick on the Twitter defence of his decision @BainsXIII Agree, just don't believe Jose is even close to the person you want to do that rebuild @YedIin Put Jose in a laundry bin and leave him there @JacobSteinberg Not sure the red is going to be required @sr_collings @standardsport Boys club @cm9798 It's why VAR will never work, it's just someone else's opinion @jonoblain Damn lucky city are getting this ban! @MC_of_A Away from home against a top 4 rival? @MC_of_A Maybe for the last 10 minutes, no way Jose breaks out of the bunker any earlier than that!I understand Poch having to leave but there is nothing so far to even encourage me that mourinho was the right choice the replace him #THFC @greg_jenner That's some low expectations....and I'm not 100% sure it's even true @YedIin That's what happens when you give a 3 year contract to a 30+ player @NathanAClark Not sure we have wingbacks.... @WindyCOYS Now we know why Skipp is on the bench then @robtdaly That is defo 5 at the back @jonoblain @MiguelDelaney Like there isn't space for him on the bench....I do t believe anyone is stupid enough to… @MattDaviesAdams Yeah right, just like Lineker doesn't pick the MotD running order.... @ohlookitswill_ Jose being jose @RishiSunak No way that teapot makes that many cups of tea @DocMelbourne @SHSC1974 @mrjamesob His name is not 'Boris' @BardiTFC No because we'd spend it badly @TheRealJonbass @BardiTFC @Flav_Bateman @alexfrombristol @RickyTFC @TheloniousFilth Anyone mixed this with electric six and the stingray?
@Super70sSports @bendirs1 There won't be half that number of punches thrown the whole fight @standardsport The only player under the age of 25 anywhere near the first team squad....he's absolutely priceless to palace! @jonoblain He'll probably still be playing European football longer than we will this season @legsidelizzy Malan in denly out, we have more than enough bowling cover than he's not needed for that and malan is a far superior batsman @Teddy35713502 @1Mr_Extra @Lilywhite_Rose Not really, matching spurs is a tiny part of my life, if it's not enjoyable I won't do it @charlieparrish But Charlie there is no obvious plan or structure to the team. Joining mid season doesn’t hold wate…
Retweeted by Stuart Tyrer @Teddy35713502 @1Mr_Extra @Lilywhite_Rose Like I said if you are happy great for you, when I see something beyond a… @Teddy35713502 @1Mr_Extra @Lilywhite_Rose Villa not especially - they are going to be in the championship next seas… @Teddy35713502 @1Mr_Extra @Lilywhite_Rose Honestly if you are enjoying spurs at the moment great for you but I hone… @Teddy35713502 @1Mr_Extra @Lilywhite_Rose Football is about enjoyment and spurs aren't giving me any at the moment,… @1Mr_Extra @Lilywhite_Rose Fine, but it's not sustainable @Lilywhite_Rose How it was only 1 in at least 3 of those games is a miracle @F365 @SebSB Really good piece Seb, I'm surprised so many spurs fans are accepting the aimlessness of the football,…
@MiguelDelaney Didn't take long for the mask to slip did it? @WindyCOYS Did he with Kane and son? @ODonnellDale @MiguelDelaney Depressing @MiguelDelaney And Jose's seems to be defend and hope for the best @JamesMu58826022 @HotspurRelated @RBLeipzig_EN Why would you want sissoko?
@NathanAClark @BenPearceSpurs And then not use those either @CockOnBallStory It at least appreciates that there is an element doubt in the current rule, although it probably… @unfitforpurpose Peak age player for peak age price don't really shout Levy deal does it @unfitforpurpose So your saying there's a chance?? @unfitforpurpose Apparently has a £50mill buyout clause..... @TiagoEstv Jose's or Nathan's hair? @RowdenJRSG @unfitforpurpose Good to see we learnt from KWP how well he's developed @CDEccleshare Love to see where to long balls are going to go now @Dan_KP Ali up top and sess on the left wing is an option @Dan_KP If only there was something we could have done about this.... spurs aren't cursed, they're just shit at squad building @parker_nigel @SpursOfficial @troyparrott9 Isn't it concerning that a club like spurs has no striker around the clu… @unfitforpurpose You hire the devil what do you expect
@WindyCOYS @jantalipinski @bankruptspurs Jose has given up on NDombele. He'd rather play a loaner tells you everything you need to know @ohlookitswill_ Just some fan @TheBarmyArmy Should have send Alli in to attack the spinner @footcene @bankruptspurs Amazing! @WindyCOYS And it means Lucas won't be a regular and that can only be a good thingHow on earth did we end up with a press that does more to scrutinise the lives of people like Caroline Flack and Me…
Retweeted by Stuart Tyrer @sturdyAlex Isn't RLB holding her pen upside down?
@Lilywhite_Rose Glad we are trusting QPR with the development of our youngsters.... @GraceOnFootball Not sure what he does.... doesn't seem suited to the role he plays at city and didn't see enough o…
@sistoney67 @TelegraphDucker And the debts at Barca? Real Madrids state funding (council buying training ground and… @timl_85 @Cricket_Ali Wasted at 7 @ohlookitswill_ I think he should quit the IPL and give count cricket a real go..... @legsidelizzy He doesn't want the scrutiny of that - he's perfectly happy with Johnson as his front man/fall guy @Brandon_Downes @BBCSport With his punching power he isn't going to get it
@DawnHFoster @greg_jenner Don't worry, Dom's already done it @bendirs1 Twitter gives stupid people a much louder voice than they deserve! @fwildecricket I don't get what they see in him as a 50 over or test player either but they keep picking him @bbclaurak Please stop repeating whatever Dom feeds you...the BBC is better than this @Steven_Swinford @keiranpedley He may as well have appointed himself as chancellor...but I guess at some point he's…