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I'm vexed, fuming, I've had it up to here! BLM

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@OceanOndulado Awwwwww see how well you know me ❀❀❀❀
@OceanOndulado And you mine. @AndreaDMorgan @shandy_d @blurbette @baronessbree Lmaooo! @shandy_d @blurbette @AndreaDMorgan @baronessbree Misses Roper in the streets! @blurbette @AndreaDMorgan @shandy_d @baronessbree Love y'all! @OceanOndulado 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple Feel by MGMT
@blurbette @shandy_d @AndreaDMorgan @baronessbree Correct @Guare456 πŸ˜‚ manNot y'all though. Well some of y'all. Most.Everything and everybody annoys me.
@RyceJuanton @Codes4Deals I'm starting to think I just can't get them up here. Maybe it's regional?
@RyceJuanton @Codes4Deals Thanks it says $66 now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ @sidc0mbs10x Thankfully no @twice_sifted They sound like bubbleguts. Stay home and eat a burrito.People went to a Chainsmoker's concert on purpose during a pandemic. This virus is never leaving.
@verizonfios'm never surprised when they start reporting shark sightings, since they live in the ocean and shit.If I am on auto pay why are you telling me my bill isn't paid @Verizon Take your monies. @jennyonkingst So you like Toyota's lol. I thank you!! @OceanOndulado I'm trying to buy private or via personal loan. I do have money saved but don't want to whack my savings. @Roof_Chris I agree with the Toyota statement. They are meh to me. I'm definitely looking into hertz. πŸ’œ @DBillz Our car now is a prepush Honda, I love her but I think she's dead. @vivaciousvirgo Thank you Love! @QC19741 Awww I'm not taking your baby, but I appreciate your offer ❀ @indigogloves Folks are telling me to check Hertz because they're bankrupt @sasssyjazzzy Thank you so much @OceanOndulado No!! Please keep me posted. @FleshAnneBone @QC19741 I had an Elantra back in the day, I know they are a better car now @Jaephillz Thank you! @PtheAverageJo You understand! πŸ˜‚ @ColorArousal Funny, my first car was a 71 Dart that was my Papa's lol @QC19741 This is the move! @buddhatheseer Thank you @christifeleciaa Thank you! My guy is leaning toward Honda too. Our Accord just died I think. @QC19741 I like Hyundai's too. I hate car notes. Sigh. @OceanOndulado I am so sorry. I am so happy to hear she's getting better. @executiveschair Was looking at a 3 @Roof_Chris Mainly me and the hubs. Groceries. Small is fine. @ktbentson I love Hondas @jstnwilder Second person who mentioned this thank you @PRYMETYMEJ3 Ohhh thank you! @Pearlofwisdommm Used is fine, preferably lower miles. Clean doesn't need to be fancy.Affordable car recommendations? Mind you I hate bills. @OceanOndulado Oh no! How is she managing???
@FleshAnneBone Awwwww I'm telling you, they remember more and pay attention more than they let on @FleshAnneBone There's no manual, you were present and you did great. He told you so 😘I don't like explaining myself once. @OceanOndulado I'm good honey, stressed as usual but good. You? @FleshAnneBone Yes!! Perfect. You have to rebuild trust, a long process. @FleshAnneBone I never spanked Bry. I wanted to try to do it different than my parents. But he often says he knew h… @OceanOndulado Hi honey! @PRYMETYMEJ3 Lmaooo I hate you!!
Yet, they still have more fans than you do. @Jaephillz Lol because sway bar @terrill @terrill Cousin the whole shit!You were! @twice_sifted He's ok😘 @QC19741 Oh you know @NinjaDuce Yes, he was alone but I am furious!
The axle we just paid to be replaced just snapped. I AM SUING EVERYFUCKINGBODY. @Taa_stee 1. I'm so proud of you ❀ 2. I'm getting one tonight and I am going to fuck it up. @Mo_Rease @AlaskaPatsMom @TyBugsbunny1972 @RachieRach429 @aolisn87 @HeartEyes4Brady @itsfreyawild @ladydog44 @saraturner19… @QC19741 I'm trying to be unfat boo! @BeatrixKiddo_86 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ @TyBugsbunny1972 @RachieRach429 @aolisn87 @HeartEyes4Brady @itsfreyawild @ladydog44 @AlaskaPatsMom @saraturner19… @BeatrixKiddo_86 Listen! I would punch a baby for a fucking biscuit right now! Fuck!
@BeatrixKiddo_86 Baby!!! I need food 🐷Not to brag but I've been eating healthy. And I really want a fucking cheeseburger with bacon and extra calories. Ho. @Adjective_J Since forever honestly @Adjective_J And you can new jack swing on my nuts @Scorp1179 Lmaooo!!! @Scorp1179 Lmaooo I too hide from the world, but my ass isn't getting under this couch πŸ˜‚Found the kitten
Go-Go music and lobstahs @TeetheGem Same. He's obviously a better actor than we thought πŸ˜‚I'm kinda excited @TeetheGem Yeah he surprised me a bit @TeetheGem Yes indeedHim, Dean Cain, James Woods and Antonio Sabato Jr should in a movie no one will watch. Pleasantries. @OceanOndulado I love you my darling neph 😘😘 @Be_ll_adonna πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @BtSquared2 A visionary!!!Visual representation of making a dollar outta 15 cent
Retweeted by My Name Is Not Karen (Thunderpuss Remix) @AshGotThis @__C_A_R_T_E_R__ No idea, it's passed down via DNA at a cellular level. Probably the only ancestral shi…
@ImNotTron Only thing louder than stupid is ignorant @__C_A_R_T_E_R__ Big mad!!! πŸ˜‚ @__C_A_R_T_E_R__ Agreed, I've never ever heard it other than whites honestly. I love the word because it pisses us off so badly πŸ˜‚ @__C_A_R_T_E_R__ Lol, for context I'd be in jailI feel a way about people that equate violence as some upper echelon version of love.Someone pop Draya in the foot so she'll sit her ass down @BubblesNBuns My step mom and Bry's Abuella always say galletas for cookies. That's my only expertise πŸ˜‚ @BubblesNBuns Doesn't it literally mean cookies?estΓΊpidoBut it's happening now, no? @momentoftru Yeah but I might save the favor for the PS5 @momentoftru Really? So am I. I can actually get a discount at BB too 😁