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birdbaths and ballyhoo @Still_Lee_ where my horses run free

nothing but incense in my atmosphere

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@tchotchkele I forgot all about alanis @MoreThanWerds I'd be heated @QC1974 I was accosted! @QC1974 You almost lost me @MoreThanWerds How?Y'all a wind gust just about took me to Oz.
@genoachanel Happy birthday my precious, darling friend. I love you 😘💚💕💕 @Taa_stee My heart is broken, I am so sorry.STEVIE TICKS! please god let there be a Lindsay Barkingham!
Retweeted by birdbaths and ballyhooHerbie's house smelled like purple Fabuloso and a freshly cooked meal was waiting for was a wrapTwinz (Deep Cover 98) (feat. Fat Joe) by Big Pun Rocka by Lords Of The Underground @AlmostDeadInGA Housework playlist98 Freestyle by Big L Delivery - (Remix) Album Version (Explicit) by Keith Murray the Books (feat. Big Pun & Cuban Linx) by The Beatnuts @AlmostDeadInGA Infinite flame emojisThe I.N.C. Ride by Masta Ace Incorporated (What Goes Around) by Grand Puba @_fleurdepeach Nope @raymahl It's complex, I've had to rewatch and tell everyone to hush to follow it. @GuruChillin My second fave. Pablo is my dude! @indigogloves I'm here. I love you. @GuruChillin I have the book but haven't read it yet. But, I imagine him being even more layered in it.Mr. Nancy was the highlight of American Gods. @MeWeFree_ It always did the trick"Money got no owners, just spenders."
Retweeted by birdbaths and ballyhoo @MSMISS301 She was do young singing that bold ass song @MSMISS301 I love this song @sickofSaasha 😍😍😍😍 @MamaLeBrewster Let him pogo up in that thang @BarackOMamba I've been here!!! @swats1963 If you see it, send it home! @SeauxCocoa Enjoy it, I look at mine and get weepy. Too fast. @SeauxCocoa Like, I feel he was just learning to walk. Omg! @SeauxCocoa He's getting so big, y'all 😍 @QC1974 You are appreciated 😁 @ChaunceyB12_ Lmaooo go awayI'm seeing more short man appreciation on the TL. Welcome. @themelaniedione I am a short man stan for a reason @LLCFertco It's tripping me out because I literally googled him last night @LLCFertco Rocky Denmis @indigogloves Absolutely baby. I've come to peace with it.Blunt, flaky, noncommittal @TeetheGem See this is how I know you love me @indigogloves Thank you 💕 it's what killed Bryce's dad. @SoloChills A partner a month is 26k a year @TeetheGem No! I know Tevin was his protege right? @indigogloves I've been clean for 14 years. I'll never forget what detoxing felt like. Bless that man.It's All Coming Back To Me't No Other Man Moon Give Good Love All I Was Your Man @indigogloves Right! @Mxxch_ You got this!!! 14 years for me. I am rooting for you. 💕💕💕 @WhoIsDommie happy birthday!!Alexa and other smart tech. They are the Feds. birthday'm moody does my money go? Please come home. @_katmckinley Lmaooo I am surrounded by you asses
@DianePollock101 Because you're a Gem lol @AndreaDMorgan I do! Which proves I'm a glutton for punishment. @Submarine_Guy 😂😂😘 @wallsjr77 Oh your own version of hell @MsFlowersTweets @DianePollock101 I know his pain! @blurbette You know I agree wholeheartedly @neauxna @shakarasaid No lies told @darlingnicki__ I got the wine @QC1974 Wowww just woww @darlingnicki__ We need to start a fucking support group😂 correct @darlingnicki__ It is purgatory @neauxna You've been gorgeous your whole life @NewtandBean This sounds heavenly @TheSuperNupe 😁😁😁😁 @Submarine_Guy You were almost perfect
I live with 2 moody fucking Geminis and I need one of y'all to adopt me. @MamaLeBrewster my Twin, happy birthday love. You deserve the best of the best. Hugs and kisses! @swats1963 No @MsFlowersTweets I am pissed now my ocd is on.I was reading something and Twitter refreshed. Fuck right off. @swats1963 Pork roast rice and corn
@nffc65 💚. Things are getting better. More smiles than tears. @nffc65 Hi you!!! How are you doing? @blurbette Lmaooo me too @Mo_Rease Lmaooo snowing, showing same thing @swats1963 It ain't stuntin if you got itI go back to work today and it is showing out. Bitch. @swats1963 In French @swats1963 Smh. Scrooge. @PRYMETYMEJ3 Lmaooo love you BB, thank you 😘