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It's an ad. Jeff even put #ad on there so he wouldn't get fined by the FTC but Brooklyn Dad thinks he's above the l… Juneteenth from Long Beach, New Jersey."Gay people are why I have no friends" is one hell of a take.Fragile masculinity exists. Being afraid of being perceived as 'gay' by people who don't matter because you have m… @bernybelvedere This is also true, you do. I do enjoy your publication.I don't know about you but I don't try to fuck my male friends.'s the quiz if you wanna take it. @bernybelvedere Man's got a point though. All you do is talk shit these days.In honor of Father's Day, the black-led faith organization TakeCharge Minnesota launched an ad campaign looking to… I stand politically, apparently. No surprise there. @jordylancaster Hey, I felt that.Are we allowed or not allowed to jump to conclusions? Pretty obvious that they were attacked for having a Puerto R…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongBiden is about as deeply Catholic as a rain puddle. capital.’s Day message from Southern Utah 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongThese Antifa creatures are liars. They don’t have jobs and they don’t pay taxes. @AjitPai @Doritos Salsa Verde.How it ended: Juneteenth from Oakland. How it started:
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @ElijahSchaffer @sourpatchlyds Got you there.China is trolling us. @AsAbove60 God damn it. @megchan_48 Lots of people watch FMA!Happy Father’s Day.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong"We live in a society" - Nikki Fried @PetkovsekStacy1 Aubrey Huff is based.Blowhard: "You're a threat! You're a threat! Get out of the mall" Security guard: "No, leave her alone."Male Karens are an epidemic. Welcome to Toronto. CRIME DEBUNKED: Driver in fatal Stonewall Pride Parade crash is gay choir member, DeSantis didn't "make it legal to mow down protesters." beats Trump in a new straw poll. The people want DeSantis for 2024. course you are
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @TheM0dalice Is that @CountDankulaTVWhat about sanctuary cities and states where marijuana is legalized in violation of federal law, Eric? is rubbing it in our faces. POTATO: CNN's Brian Stelter destroyed by call-in guests on C-SPAN
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong"Having fled a humanitarian crisis in their homeland, many Venezuelans don’t share the same progressive values that…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongA debate about the double standards of cancel culture is taking place after a 2011 tweet was uncovered in which U.S…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongHappy Father’s Day. is canceled “Lent for liberals”
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongA gay, drunk driver at a Pride parade ran over fellow attendees and everyone on the left jumped to call it a TERROR…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongYou’re so desperate to turn LGBTQ people into victims. It was an accident. @DailyCaller @RealSaavedra Good job @jordylancasterGreat piece @jordylancaster! a guy’s foot got trapped between the brake and the gas pedal and killed someone at a pride parade in Florida. He… hate to alarm you but there are now germ theory denialists. I can’t wait for us to ban science and go back to worshipping pillars.Please be a parody. people taking consecutive Ls on Juneteenth Eve..... First the Suplex now this. And in Texas no less.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong
They were forecasted to lose by their own internal polling. They outperformed every metric. thug said he didn’t wanna help the other thug because the Asian shop keeper was armed with a gun. Another case… “White supremacist” on Asian attack. This time in Dallas, but with a happy ending.
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongDetails here. police officer fires back at man who shot at him. you Chesa Boudin. guy standing right there doing nothing
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @lost_jude I'm saying America shouldn't celebrate Marxism.She needs a diet more than she needs social justice. them fight. you celebrate it you probably hate America and everything it stands for.#Juneteenth is now America's official BLM, pro-Marxist holiday. Just see the logo.Marxism divides people into either oppressors or victims, calls for the overthrow an “evil” system & then seizes co…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongWhy bother with the facts when you can be like Trevor Noah and just make up lies? Maxine Waters claims without evidence that the Jan 6 Capitol riot was 'organized' by the Trump campaign"Health" @neontaster Oh god. @neontaster Wait, you have to jump through all of that just to get to the boss room again? @kaweiiii Instagram is for babies apparentlyThis is America. McCarthy doesn't want Trump to be Speaker of the House. Why though? misleadingly cites study funded by teachers' unions with unsubstantiated claims about job stress chick with the sign just told this octogenarian to “MOVE ALONG!” as she waved that lovely sign at him
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheongwe live in incredibly stupid times, to quote @KenGardner11.
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongChicago alderman criticizes Lightfoot, blames gangs for city's violence—not 'systemic racism' @DavidBowiesCock Hahha @DumpTheDuopoly I prefer more permanent solutions.Why does anyone need to "out argue a pedophile" when other implements exist. @VitoGesualdi 🤷🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️Soros-backed DA takes on Trump donors to save his skin. your kids.How many times is this guy gonna quote tweet me? did I miss seems like the opening to the sequel to 'Get Out 2'
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @KaleiRenay SimpBiden admin's nepotism blasted by Obama's chief ethics official: 'I'm disgusted' they listened to Trump from the start lives could have been saved. triples COVID-19 vaccines shipped to Taiwan, ships 2.5 million doses to @laurenboebert about the anarchist and communists singling her out as they protest the Western Conservativ…
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @thefactualprep Put down.Glenn Greenwald suggests the FBI had a role in Jan. 6 riot, exposes propaganda of CNN, MSNBC' challenger is embarrassing. Juneteenth. militants attack pedestrians, shut down streets outside Denver conservative conference Christ. @kaweiiii Haters will hate.