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How is this claim disputed? Twitter did in fact suspend Doug's account. lockdown in Melbourne is NOT a success story, no matter what the mainstream media try to sell you. This is wha…
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @ScottAdamsSays @Talkmaster @Munchensenton I like people who make claims without numbers to back it up and when you… @AlexMinder4 @Talkmaster Where are his stats? @brooksieo44 @jetcupcake @ScottAdamsSays @Talkmaster @Munchensenton Do you have data to support this claim? @Talkmaster @Munchensenton I don’t think that passes the fact check.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @Talkmaster Pretty sure that's bullshit, bud.What the hell. @ykahan @joemakemelaugh Nailed it.HILARIOUS: #ThanksgivingDay dinner according to New York #COVID19 color zones. #LaughterIsTheBestMedicine Credi…
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Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongTrying to keep reading and can’t.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @YesThatAnna Trump has just called for the immediate termination of Big Tech's Section 230 liability protections for "…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongThank you, Big Man Tyrone! Very cool!
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @YesThatAnna @avocotter Adolf. @GavinWax I don't know what I was expecting.This is him and I am not surprised at all.
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongHaha! being this guy, though. In the future dystospian police state run by Kamala Harris and Mark Zuckerberg, peo… Thanksgiving to everyone, except for the losers and haters who were born fucked up (sorry!)Apparently, I'm not allowed to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day OR thankful I have friends I care about. The left wa… @avocotter You shouldn’t be making fun of anybody with that haircut, Donald Jfc
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongLike sailors arguing over which dockside prostitute has fewer diseases. have a sense of humor. for this turkey of a tweet, Pocahontas. Day, also known as the day woke white people virtue signal about the Indians.Give the land back then. Or else it’s just empty words. @draginol There is no place for sanity in the left.Dumbass. you want to tweet that sums up the frivolous and childish nature of leftism, here you go.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong“i usually like your tweets, but you posted one opinion that i disagree with. unfollowed.”
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongContext: is really something else. @lydon_hank Not in China they aren’t. @breitpede Communism decultured them.Trump unloads on media and big tech’s China. Don’t buy made in China products. @iamFmily @PETAUK @mikeroweworks This is how they do it in China. @GiancarloSopo Yeah always use synthetic down. It’s better anyway.What a dumb analysis
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongI had no idea. That’s actually fucked up. checks are “free” from the government much like Obama’s bombs were free for Afghan weddings. @realhannahcarl In that case, sure. @realhannahcarl You wouldn’t be able to afford your bills and a dog on $2000 if they gave it to everyone.LIVE in Toronto: Indigenous rights protestors have taken over the busy intersection at Yonge and Dundas in solidari…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongSony doesn’t owe you reparations sweetheart.’d you wanna get legitimately annoyed go watch some police brutality videos from Spain. Those fuckers are bred different.Spanish police are the worst. @3Sellers Your timeline is literal AIDS.You aren’t entitled to popularity. Either meet the market’s demands or carve out your own niche.
I’m shocked PETA hasn’t run a “Turkey Lives Matter” campaign.I’m calling the police. @subaru_steve Take the L for what you mook?Congratulations on doing your jobs? @willchamberlain Good god man.Remember when we could travel the world? Go out to restaurants with friends? Sit in a coffee shop and watch the wor…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongLeftist morons: “Wow Ian I can’t imagine why anyone would care about the politics and culture of the world’s most i… don’t even follow me so why are you so obsessed with what I tweet? Weirdo. @draginol It’s very woke white people in colleges, raised by wealthy parents, who got a DNA test that found them 2 percent Cherokee.Sherman did nothing wrong. Happy Thanksgiving. @KevinWFarrell4 @willchamberlain It wasn’t a function of war on their part. This was how they were. They were doing… @Pratyekabuddha1 Raping and killing other people as a matter of culture. I’m all for cultural diversity but that is a bit much.The Comanche raided other tribes and settler caravans to rape (and torture and kill) women, with whom they’d procre… @KevinWFarrell4 @willchamberlain They raided other tribes (and settlers) and kidnapped women to rape and procreate… @Pratyekabuddha1 The Comanche were bad people.Some years from now, MS-13 will be held in as high a regard as the Comanche are today as woke pseudohistorians paint their actions as noble. @willchamberlain There’s a reason they were called savages. They’d like to erase this history, as is par for the course.Winners shouldn’t have to apologize to the losers for winning.The natives tried to make war with America and lost. America won. Happy Thanksgiving.This thanksgiving I am thankful that the United States defeated the Comanches and ended their reign of terror
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongLosing wars has consequences 🤷🏼‍♂️
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @Unclesa91623885 Haha @nasbenu Yeah some retard started it as a trend to “punish” the GOP until Trump Jr. told him to knock it off and he… you’re writing in Trump in the Senate race for GA you’re an imbecile. Trump isn’t running for Senate and this fo… @guillotinez2021 @MayorTarantino Um, no. Don’t do this. @stillgray There's also thousands of accounts pushing people to boycott voting in Georgia, handing the Senate to th…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongJust surprised they didn’t think of it sooner.Chinese Communist Party accounts are now masquerading as MAGA supporters and trolling Trump supporters to sow divis… @Sumerian0 You are a Chinese account.Fucking idiot.I’m not allowed to share a clip of Trump because he said it on Fox? @it_skittles Because Fox sucks.Trump will hold a rally in Georgia on Saturday. Trump to hold rally in Georgia on Saturday
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongI’m surprised nobody on my timeline seems to know or care. Some supporters... is having a rally in Georgia on Saturday!
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongFor all the cries of cultural appropriation they seem to have no problem celebrating Halloween or Christmas.How long before leftist progressives make a genuine effort to cancel Thanksgiving over the nonsense about “stolen land”? @DougArmstrong24 @tarafwatch @UrbanAchievr Tara is not a real account.UBI proponents are a special kind of financially illiterate.Hyperinflation and the devaluation of everyone's existing wealth. @shanermurph @MrAndyNgo She looks better with the mask on I'll tell you what.Stunning and brave. Lives Matter activists who support the Democrats condemn, split off from Antifa in Portland is Ron Perlman's deal? FRAUD: Wisconsin woman charged with falsifying ballot for dead partner @RebelNewsOnline @lincolnmjay Is this Canada or a police state?RAW FOOTAGE: Adam Skelly being arrested! SIGN THE PETITION: Footage by @lincolnmjay
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongBREAKING: Statement of director Amanda Milius on the Twitter suspension of @PATPmovie
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