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If you can't handle me at my best, you don't deserve me at my worst. Youtube channels have gone well beyond the edge for content. Magoo is running for office. @charliekirk11 Here’s the relevant article in case anyone doubts. protesters want the city to pay them to protest. You couldn't make this up.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @katrosenfield He wasn’t part of the show past the first season so I’m not too concerned.Joe Biden is seriously considering a communist to be his running mate.
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongTragic. @thedonalddotwin It’s Girl Meets World.Communists think it’s okay to cheat on individual tests by sharing answers. How that works out is that one person k… say that like it’s a bad thing. Good segment too! Communism sucks. teens with loaded AK-47 jump wall at Mar-a-Lago, police say. is talking about the China virus again.“On July 2nd, I was placed under arrest and my home was torn apart by federal agents to be unrecognizable.” Don’t… pedophilia is just a sexuality, then I guess burying them all is just gardening. 👀
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongBiden accused a black journalist of being a "junkie" when asked if he took a cognitive test. He denied it and accus… that here are some of the things Joe Biden has said: "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented a… voting for Biden because you have no confidence in his ability to lead due to his advanced age and obvious issu… I'm not allowed to criticize Joe Biden, apparently. see the woke brigade is attempting to cancel PewDiePie again and one of the reasons they cite is that he's friends with me? Okay then.Cringe. Far-left congressional candidate Joshua Collins gets fewer votes than a dead man. on the big picture instead of drama. Drama won't get you anything but misery, and misery is not a worthwhile… picture > Personal score setting
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @JackPosobiec Wasted 2 minutes of my life.Sec. Pompeo: "The [UN] Security Council's mission is to maintain int'l peace & security. The council would make an…
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @SomeBitchIKnow Yeah the feds (looked like BATF) rolled up in on the side of 3 trucks.The replies have a bunch of Jake Paul fans losing their minds over the fact that he had the audacity to own guns. Like, okay, settle down.Jake Paul got busted by a massive team of feds for possessing multiple illegal firearms in California that would pr…"Master race" looking a lot like "but mom I don't want to stay with grandma this weekend." protesters want the city to pay them to protest. You couldn't make this up. blast leaves more than 100 dead; port officials under house arrest officials now under house arrest after #BeirutExplosions leave more than 100 dead MORE:…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongIt's almost as if DC journalists are out of touch with reality. for the explainer, Sherlock. don't even use Android. @Cernovich's okay to cancel pedophile artists for illustrating child porn. Just putting that out there for the people who need to hear it.A video showing the before and after of Beirut's main port after Yesterday's explosion, using drone imagery from to…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongWhen someone asks me why I don't post happy things on Twitter. @VJCortese That was last season.This is the greatest sign of Biden's cognitive decline yet. He forgot that he took a test to gauge his mental fitne… criminals are being released without even having to pay bail in New York City and this is the result., floods, riots, politics, and violence. Welcome to my Twitter feed. @PNW_Biker This is Iraq. A market in UAE is also on fire.Fires have broken out in over 20 Najaf warehouses in Iraq said to store food. Would food burn this easily? warehouses are on fire in Najaf, Iraq. night falls, fire crews are struggling to put out the market fire in Ajman, UAE. No word on the cause yet., why does this book exist? massive blaze has consumed a popular market in Ajman, UAE. 5—Ajman, UAE Massive blaze at a popular market.
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongAugust 5—Najaf, S #Iraq Large number of warehouses on fire. Just one day after the #Beirut explosion.
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongSurreal. A wedding photoshoot captured the Beirut explosion. taking Lebanon's early statements at face value when they didn't even have time to clear the streets of bod… Maddow attacked Trump for calling the Beirut explosion an "attack" and a "bomb of some kind." She called him… @NewsPolitics He didn't call it a terror attack.BREAKING: Rand Paul just introduced legislation to fund families directly using existing federal education funding.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @neontaster It’s perfect for the class of people who yell at other people for not wearing a mask while jogging alone in a park.But protesting is fine. are saying "Joe Biden has a stutter." He never did. Why would he develop a "stutter" at an old age? That's…
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @jonathanvswan @brandondarby Your replies are full of deranged liberals who think Biden performed well in this interview.Biden 2020: "Come on man!"BREAKING: Kindergarten Cop has been cancelled in Portland after complaints it is a pro-cop movie
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongNow that the Feds are not engaging outside the courthouse the far left is attacking random people they just have a…
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @Fullarr @cloverfund Delusions of persecution.Joe is angry. He doesn’t look well. I give a shit. series of tweets right here from Bernie Sanders about Donald Trump. Hello, cope department? anyone in Portland even work for a living or are they just living off stimulus checks?Antifa in Portland: "Every city, every town. Burn the precincts to the ground." continues to riot despite the absence of the feds. Fires are being set around the Portland Police Associat… @secupp I think it became the counterculture in the 1970s when corporations started adopting "hip" attitudes in adv… @DavidLCrook @secupp Don't.How you feelin @Joshua4Congress? Wanna walk us through what’s on your mind right now?
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongTwo Nashville arsonists have been charged for setting fire to the Metro Courthouse on May 30. Note the Antifa signs… back grace.
Retweeted by Ian Miles Cheong @wooflr @WiseGreyOwl99 Get off the internet, child.Conservatism is the new counterculture.I hope everyone can see that the old guard of moderate Democrats are all going to lose their seats to the "progress… Tlaib was never going to lose her seat in the primary. Just because Republicans dislike her doesn't mean De… fact-checkers to verify whether Beirut explosion was caused by an alien superweapon from outer space. of like China’s Social Credit System.
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongYou can always use the mute function instead of policing your friends.'m honestly concerned about automaton templates in the simulation. Clones with predetermined personalities and appearances.What a horrendously idiotic and deathly idea: 'hey let's just release violent criminals back into the streets secon…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongThe mob wants your scalp. It doesn't care about your contrition.When was the last time apologizing to the woke mob saved anyone's career? Your apology won't be the first. @Ron4California It won't.Performative activism is a poor substitute for a personality.Contrary to popular belief, subscribing to the cult of wokeness will not save your soul.Do not repent to false gods.When someone is trying to force you onto your knees, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stand up.Become uncancellable. Stop apologizing.Black Lives Matter activists on Twitter bully people into saying "Black Lives Matter" and "ACAB" to prove that they… Carano is being bullied & harassed by SJW trolls. They're calling her a "racist bootlicker" & demanding she "…
Retweeted by Ian Miles CheongYou should never apologize for saying something someone else deliberately misinterpreted. It's not your fault that… @neontaster IDK I think it's OK. @sourpatchlyds @CountDankulaTV @ZubyMusic If I had to count the number of musicians who personally hate me I'd run… still like Aubrey Plaza. DM me.Joe Biden couldn't get more than 140 people to watch his livestream even with Aubrey Plaza's help. Sad.