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Psalm 23 😇

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Everybody apologize to Dak Prescott.
Retweeted by MikeThis is so awful
Retweeted by MikeRon Rivera’s last cancer treatment was today. He didn’t miss a single game. What a Victory Monday. #FuckCancer
Retweeted by MikeIt be like that...
Retweeted by MikeNooooooooo @bbandaz 😂 well fuckso yall dont try n drive off like Homer Simpson...
Retweeted by Mike @bbandaz Damn, that makes me wanna delete the whole tweetThis game's crazyWowwwww he comes Russell lolFinally got some weed Seahawks vs Cardinals game has to be the best one I’ve watched this season.
Retweeted by Mike @E_Milly_Oh This guy in my league is about to make a comeback with him and he had a bye in lineup and Prescott still qb lol he has 134 😭 @E_Milly_Oh Are you losing???I really gotta stop sharing shit on fb that has the filth of twitter content onlyLmfaooooo she in that sundress
Retweeted by Mike
All talk like the defense smhhhh IT TO YOUR TIDE END @deshaunwatsonJerry Jones — you made a huge mistake and it happens to a everyone — time to blow out the coaching staff and start over.
Retweeted by MikeThis is why I never have a Cowboy player on my fantasy teamsFuck sex... can I come over when the police looking for me
Retweeted by MikeDidnt even consider watching the cowboys. Plus this Titans- Steelers game already pretty goodWhat it looks like to rush the field after a World Series walk-off 🤯 (via @MLB)
Retweeted by MikeThis view from the end of Game 4 is wild 🤯 (via @MLB)
Retweeted by MikeThat's 2.5 meals great ones overcame adversity to achieve glory. (via @arielhelwani)
Retweeted by MikeLol that's so lame shave her head when shes asleep. @pamelann24 @StillRollin_13 That's the motto!
Retweeted by MikeLive fast, eat ass 😂
Retweeted by MikeNever give up was me A. FINISH. 🤯 #WorldSeries
Retweeted by MikeLETS GO RAYSWhat the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by MikeHoly fuckkkkk!!! That was a wild ass game!!! Let’s go Rays 😂 #WorldSeries
Retweeted by MikeThat game had me jumping out of this bed!!!! Lmao I love baseball!!! #WorldSeriespinche perrrrrrooooooIts crazy how many female friends I've lost because of how insecure they're dudes are....if you cant trust your gir… hope the rest of the world series games are like today'sI'm so glad I remembered the game was on #WorldSeriesPretty damn good baseball game #WorldSeries
Retweeted by Mike @BoycinaWatkins @CreoleJoliee_ @mymixtapez @umaria_johnson Tbh construction workers get paid pretty well, no matter… making me emotional and shit.... @OfficialDTexada Keep ya head up brotha
Havent slept in 2 fucking days. At this point my mind is going full speed but without real focusDoggggg lol and theres females thatd bend over for this guy just said we have a stronger border now... my uncle just crossed over last week🤣
Retweeted by Mike"Yall are choosing ass pics over a meal at chipotle" 😂😂Were the only country still going thru a pandemic....the clubs need to open back up i miss standing on the wall and looking at my phone and taking a video every ten min…
Retweeted by MikeCuh 😂😂😂 @BrittTbh 😂 was it jon p?!?!If dez gets signed after AB, its gonna be a bad ass postseason @DlionFTX Ain't no way that's right lolGoals 2nd one is something that's helped me for years cuh!
Retweeted by MikeWhy??? Dude cant even enjoy a titty roll in peace smh is literally what I've been seeing every day at this hotel Bucs undoubtedly have the best offense now
@StillRollin_13 Very very rare
Retweeted by MikeMoney make me feel good, people dont impress meJeezy and Gotti 🔥🔥 @AyeeLayy @Active_1995 @mymixtapez Why I love texasI really need to block this bitch lol @diamondforrest4 @TX214_MALO88 @justinbeltran07 @Brayanidek @duprii3 @2fedsimon @mymixtapez @PaisaTweets_ @kayvonrezaei @diamondforrest4 @TX214_MALO88 @justinbeltran07 @Brayanidek @duprii3 @2fedsimon @mymixtapez“DADDY CHILL” This will forever be funny 🤣
Retweeted by Mike @diamondforrest4 @TX214_MALO88 @justinbeltran07 @Brayanidek @duprii3 @2fedsimon @mymixtapez @PaisaTweets_ I'll spea… @TX214_MALO88 @diamondforrest4 @justinbeltran07 @Brayanidek @duprii3 @2fedsimon @mymixtapez @PaisaTweets_ TRUUUUU d… the way, it’s okay to be human.
Retweeted by MikeSleep is rareHappy birthday Dad ❤I'm actually really glad that I listened to that....cause I feel for my homies. And it sucks seeing them have to ju… focused my life to not be involved in the oilfield because that was one thing my dad never wanted for me....he kn… hope I grow up to be just like Ron @UberFacts "I'm not a monster, I'm just ahead of the curve". - Joker
Retweeted by MikeI’ll be glad when this election is over
Retweeted by MikeI'm walking lmaooook just want whataburgerIdk why but conversations are so much better when I'm drunkThe path I’m going on is super lonely but my sanity is coming back so I can’t complain.
Retweeted by Mike @DlionFTX Chill, I almost voted till the pedos part @coolguyy90 @RamosFam54 Well, they still get paid to just suit up and play @coolguyy90 Now you know how me and @RamosFam54 feelTomi is a dumb ass cunt
Retweeted by MikePeople don’t remember good, they remember different.
Retweeted by Mike @cumdumpsterrr69 You're absolutely Correct!!! @cumdumpsterrr69 It has nothing to do about caring for women in my personal opinion. Just dont ever wanna knife by junk ya knowI want this kind of love posted their "I voted" but had to end it with "raised right" Who TF
Michi hourWhat on earth is going on here 🤣🤣
Retweeted by MikeDez got a deal before Kap
Retweeted by Mike @EJLuna @AdamSchefter I actually just saw the same comment lol better than that red headed FUCK @EJLuna @AdamSchefter He'll be on another team by next year smh @EJLuna @AdamSchefter I was actually rooting for this guy