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I never had ice cream, I was aborted (she/her)

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Shocked and appalled every day I open this godforsaken app and people I know are posting Fleets
I sent my favorite fucking beanie through the wash on the hot water setting with oxidized bleach and it shrunk so m… @mmerryteaa I take full responsibility for the Mitski
I will not apologize to my neighbors for singing the same 3 songs all day. Last I checked this was America
@mmerryteaa THAT LINE 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 thanks for punching me straight in the gut PHOEBE @mmerryteaa They could’ve saved us so much time spent spiraling @RebeccaPenny2 Just staying home and not visiting anybody! But thank you, I hope yours is good too and it’s really… Spotify doesn’t have a feature where they reach out to users who have listened to Garden Song 100 times a…
I need an exorcism @mmerryteaa Straightener
@mmerryteaa Bruh yes. Absolutely. Where do I sign up
I have a superpower and it’s knowing when someone has gone through a breakup without them telling me and with absol… decided my forehead is too big and am now legally required to get bangs for the betterment of society
@greenleeves This is such a demented way of thinking @bivocado I almost prefer the gaudy, hideous theme park-esque mansions to the minimalist ones because at least the… am the only person my age that I know (who doesn’t live with their parents) that isn’t traveling to see family fo…
@bivocado Well didn’t you hear? The pandemic was over for the whole summer/early fall! 😒 @bivocado Seriously? 🙄 I really don’t get it. Like did hoarding make your life better back in March? Was it worth it? I hate this @bivocado This happened in WA too and it’s like... sorry, did I miss the part where the gov’t was gonna close all grocery stores??Getting high as shit and making myself cry with a resounding bathroom mirror performance of Kate Bush’s greatest hitsIf I thought everything the democrats did was socialism I'd also hate socialism.
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Do folks realize how batty it is that, 8 months in, we’re still focused on keeping restaurants open during a pandem…
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@mmerryteaa The answer it’s “not safe” but I think they’re just trying to keep you from being successful at home 😏Having a marvelous night
@bivocado This is so fucking sad @glannjamin Definitely remember texting you during this show!! @RebeccaPenny2 Hope you get well soon and get lots of rest! 🙏
@Photonix Some things never change 🙄 @Photonix I don’t see it!!
She's right about all white people looking the same, and yet somehow still extremely wrong in saying I look even th…'t do the "celebrities you've been told you look like" thing because the only person who's ever said I look like… @greenleeves I know so many people traveling for the holidays and I just don’t get itFor all of you planning on getting together with your families on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, might I implore yo… zooted ass decided one of these things was too intimate, too personal, too vulnerable to post on my insta story… it super obvious that I hate this city and miss my friends and need attention or have you not watched my Instagram stories lately
calm down no libertarian has 9 friends
Retweeted by horsewomanCurling irons white person who comes into contact with this video should watch it and really really really consider how we…
Retweeted by horsewoman @sushi_nguyen MLMs looooooove that font 🤢
@sushi_nguyen @sushi_nguyen It reminds me of 2013 and not in a good wayCannot bring myself to write an article about anything in particular because everything is happening all at once and it’s broken meThis would be funnier if republicans weren’t literally attempting a fascist coup rn @SnazzySnezzy @mmerryteaa I’m gonna buy him a color wheel for Christmas @mmerryteaa He thought I was lying when I said yellow was a primary color, if that helpsAllan just asked me, in all seriousness, if continually adding green to the color blue would eventually result in yellowWhat my dog hears when I’m singing with my headphones on the record I am 110% behind abolishing the electoral college, but this logic is absolutely wildNot this Trump supporter from my high school suddenly wanting to abolish the electoral college!! You mean the only…
👀 should be more like michael shannon or just be quiet
Retweeted by horsewomanJoe Biden will win the popular vote by over 4 million votes. The Democratic nominee for president has now won the p…
Retweeted by horsewomanPlease tell me why I cut my hair for 7 years of my life, never once stepping foot in a salon from age 18 until 8 mo…
In Spokane today people are very somber but service workers are peppy af hmmmmm I wonder whyI wish this country was even 1% as afraid of fascism as it is of what it perceives to be socialism.
Retweeted by horsewomanYou may not see this in the news headlines, but all across the nation, Native peoples united to turn out the Native…
Retweeted by horsewomanGeorgia residents 17+, Georgia is having a runoff Jan 5 to decide who their 2 new senators will be. If those senato…
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My liver rn vs tomorrow
Retweeted by horsewomanGREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU TO OUR FARM WORKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to all the BIPOC disabled folks who helped make this happen. Who understand more than most what the…
Retweeted by horsewomanI MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! red ass county is dead silent rn so please keep the happy big city party videos comingBitch kick rocks..
Retweeted by horsewomanHoly shit @greenleeves If someone doesn’t believe that certain groups of people deserve the same rights as them then I have n…
Good to see the white boys who went to my high school still suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckBe nice to people who supported a fascist megalomaniac dang it! Spread the love to people who were ready to sell ou… people not from Georgia: Please stop spreading the narrative that Stacey Abrams turned GA blue by herself🤫 T…
Retweeted by horsewomanGEORGIA: Tomorrow, Nov. 6 is the deadline to fix any errors on your provisional or absentee ballot and make sure yo…
Retweeted by horsewomanThis election got me in panic mode I’m out here thinking I’ll give myself bangs tonight
@greenleeves He said he didn’t because I was knowingly “denouncing god” so I deserved whatever I got. It was wildWHY ARE PEOPLE STILL ASKING ME WHAT I'M DOING FOR THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M STAYING HOME BITCH WE'RE IN A PANDEMICBernie Sanders??? Right about things????????? Well I’ll be @greenleeves I laughed and asked him if he still thought I was a good person, to which he said yes. I was like “so… Georgia there are 40k ballots sidelined due to signatures. voters have 3 days to verify their ballot. Biden is o…
Retweeted by horsewomanI used to fight with this guy in high school about gay marriage and religion among other things. One time he said h… I were a Georgia voter with the ability to look up my ballot status online and cure any defect in my ballot if o…
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Retweeted by horsewoman🚨ATTENTION ARIZONA VOTERS! If you voted absentee check the status of your ballot NOW! If it was ha…
Retweeted by horsewoman @Photonix @RebeccaPenny2 Allan could work at a dispo, I could keep working from home, and we’d be closer to you and…“The Black vote in Detroit is the highest it’s ever been, and we will determine the outcome, because we’ve gone fro…
Retweeted by horsewomanInstead of talking about changing White people’s hearts and minds, can we talk about changing the electoral system…
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Let it never be forgotten that Detroit showed up when America needed it. The blackest city in America. Put some res…
Retweeted by horsewomanWhite women Republicans are the biggest pick-me girls throughout all history @RebeccaPenny2 Maybe. Hard to know. I miss King and Whatcom County 😥Blue voters in red states!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!! Even if your state went red I love you please move to Washi… @RebeccaPenny2 Allan swore up and down that Spokane was a blue pocket but boy was he wrong. I think we got too exci… thing’s for certain I have GOT to get my ass out of eastern WA I fucking hate it hereIf you are NV, MI, WI, PA, NC, GA call your election & state offices to check the validity of your ballot and ask/d…
Retweeted by horsewomanAt the very least, Culp lost the gubernatorial race in WA and R-90 for comprehensive sex ed passedI wish Idaho would legalize weed already so Allan wouldn’t have to deal with literal n*zis coming into the dispo all the timeLike, I want to be A norwegian citizen but can’t imagine waking up knowing I have healthcare and don’t live in hellImagine being Norwegian. I can’tPuerto Rico has more people than: Iowa Mississippi Arkansas Kansas Nevada New Mexico West Virginia Nebraska Idaho H…
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Retweeted by horsewoman @RebeccaPenny2 Oat milk is the best!!!I’m texting Allan on his way home from work to ask him to buy oat milk, a few cans of soup, and a gunretweet if you’re on the trending page
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