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Eric Stirpe @stirpicus Los Angeles

Writer/Game Developer/Etc. Sr. Narrative Designer @ Squanch Games. Prev: Sr. Writer @ Telltale, Writer for Fortnite, Netflix Anim., others. He/Him

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me: [totally going gentle into that good night] dylan thomas: [just fucking seething]
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@CubanMissileDH @BlueDemonjr @BenjiSamit Dude!!! This is so flippin’ cool!
@kidkoala Still one of my all-time faves! Happy birthday, CTS!! @stephenjmcmanus @kenjisalk Oh damn. This is like the forth hilarious set of ‘caps I’ve seen from this show. What’s the easiest place to check it out? @genegoldstein The source material was *insane* and I spent months trying to condense it into a more digestible ver… lot of my early writing gigs involved developing and writing action/adventure movies for China, including a bunch… @Giancarlo_Volpe I just got the anniversary complete series steelbook of ATLA this week and can’t wait to revisit i… @TAHK0 omg thats so friggin cute
@shandiin thank you!! @JohnRobertMatz @selmaleh I feel like the cast of Homeward Bound would have a bone to pick with that. @shandiin okay yeah imma need a link for these keycaps pleeeeeeeeease @selmaleh Paranoid guess, level 1: They wanted to be able to focus test different looks/breeds of dogs in post. Par… just want what anyone wants: To eat an unlimited supply of Girl Scout cookies without ever getting fat. @XCK3D @And_Rayna bless you @mandybtweeting Saying “let me get them on the horn” is the only redeeming part about calling someone
This is so goddamn cool. @heyhiyakaiya WHAT A GOOD BOYOooh, first look at the next animated feature being produced by Miller & Lord and it sounds like 200% m’jam—! @zacgormania I think it's specifically the fact that the game starts with Tom Nook giving you a loan and starting y… @crypticjordan Oh interesting! I had just assumed she was like Tom Nook and had been around since time immemorial! @crypticjordan New Leaf was my first AC game - Has she not always been a mainstay of the series..? I felt like she… @RBryant2012 Haha that’s what I love about that one!!I unapologetically adore the designs of the Trade Federation’s droid army. @DrJessicaLanger @johnnemann @selmaleh Gurrrrrrl!
EXCITED @A_i @GiantSquidology @dreamfeelx @TheArtfulEscape OH—???WAT @crowsx3 I’m not sure who else this reference is for besides Exactly Me, but you don’t see me complaining, do you @JimZub Congratulations, dude!! Can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for you. @ColourPopCo hey @kessjrause this seems relevant to your interests
@BrandonHoang_ sending..... SENDING..... S E N D I NG--! @EJRTweets I had always loved the idea of Ben Schwartz as Eel, but now I just want your version. @ForrestTheWoods Yeah I wasn't talking awards or accolades - I mean more the fact that tech/games has a nasty habit… @zacgormania Yeah I had a similar reaction - I read it and it didn't feel like it was doing anything in particular…
What a wonderful thread! Williams is a pioneer of interactive storytelling and one of *the* trailblazers of computer games. The fact… entire games industry owes so much to Roberta Williams. What a goddamn boss. @losthiskeysman dID YOU SEE THIS PART WHERE HE TALKS ABOUT SCRATCHING HIS TUMMY:
@JmanDD There’s a paid subscriber-only “vault” that videos go into for a couple months/years. @JmanDD This was from 2018Me: Hey I was thinking it could be fun to show my mom a Studio Ghibli movie while she’s staying with us. @Mografi_Joe I was cleaning out some old journals recently and found one from peak Minecraft: Story Mode when I was…🤯 game devs, want to come work at the most creative company you probably haven’t heard of? BUCK is hiring Unity D…
Retweeted by Eric Stirpe @TAHK0 Just what my hobonichi needed!!
@matthewmercer Fuller's 1938 Dymaxion
Retweeted by Eric StirpeFor the record! We have also gotten many sweet and nice comments on the video. This one just stuck out for... obvious reasons.Me: I wonder what the YouTube comments on our GDC talk are like— is all extremely upsetting it’s on now!! (cc @TAHK0) @annesplains Damn what a crazy ride. For 3 months that game was THE hotness on the Stranger Things team at Telltale…
@SquanchGames @aaronlinde'm listening to a playlist of old mystery radio dramas on Spotify while I work today, and goddamn does Basil Rathb… @Ssnyder1835 Oooh, very nice pick. One of my favorite weird spots in town. @TAHK0 There's a billboard here in LA where Sonic is lounging with his feet up and there's a VERY prominent Puma lo… @GriffLightning This was my favorite part of the whole casting announcement. CONGRATULATIONS, DUDE.This cast is selling a tone that I am E X T R E M E L Y vibing with. @aresundnes @hypergames @oleivarrudi @hypergames @oleivarrudi Oh MAN. This is so exciting! If you need any writing support, hit me up!! @BCRowan @Corgiboltz @PlaidKnuckles @GameDev_Cam @maclainediemer This is a good reminder for me to finally play Final Fantasy Tactics.ahhhhhHHHH H H H H ~~ @SamMaggs @meganlogan @DisneyBooks Ayooooo - congrats!!
@DoubleFine God bless you. I needed this. @annlemay Oof yeah I got “Special Thanks’d” on a contract project last year on which I was the solo writer. Doesn’t feel good. @joshscherr @devongiehl Oh my god thank you for bringing this into my life, josh @quadbonus @crystalmmo @YuriLowenthal @blumspew @KariWahlgren @cissyspeaks @JMarnocha @stephaniesheh @MSinter @devongiehl I revisited it this morning and it’s got some medieval proto-cosmic horror vibes for sure! @joshscherr I KNOWOh my god this looks beautiful—! 😱✨ @Mografi_Joe @Llyann @VoiceOfBen Aw thanks so much for the kind words!! Yeah we really wanted to make a talk that c… @Mike_Laidlaw Ooh thanks for sharing - That was a fascinating read!
@kurtruslfanclub Every year we should remember Vegas’ strange effects but, like everything else, that information may not leave.A first-person psychological drama, where you play as a deep-sea diver in 1905. Our new project is a game that wi…
Retweeted by Eric Stirpe @macleodholdfast @serket_88 Aw gosh, thanks so much!! @beakfriends Haha well I hope you enjoy it!! And thank you. Our comments from the GDC survey were an even split of…, our GDC talk is outta the vault! I think I’m gonna like this one.
Tackle today with this energy. @joliemenzel I thought about this all day. Hope you have a good second day.Oh man, what a cool idea!!📦 @joliemenzel @CoalitionGears Oh hellllllll yeah. #
This gif is going around Tumblr and I think this is the most optimistic young generations have been in years
Retweeted by Eric StirpeI was also sorely tempted by this 70s-era Japanese shoulder-strapped shortwave radio. @YuriLowenthal RIGHT @scntfc This shoulder strap one I *almost* bought is even more Oxenfree-ish!! @AsherVo Haha that’s one of my favorite parts too!!Today’s antique store find was this beautiful 1947 Zenith Trans-Oceanic radio receiver. Little dusty and needs some…
@liamesler It’s got SOMEBODY’s soul, that’s for sure!!I had to see this Very Cursed Doll and now so do you. @Gaohmee As someone who played the original Detective Pikachu game, it was especially trippy as the game repeatedly… @ryanqnorth We can sip Brandy Cordials and laugh behind our hands at the saps over at Hayter Farms. @ryanqnorth This is good content, RyanThis baby laughing at mommy fake-sneezing is the Twitter content I’m here for...💪❤️😂❤️
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