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I only follow people who make me laugh, or make me nervous.

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@MexGull @tromano @matthewstoller You thought "the old girl" was respectful? Yikes! @matthewstoller Matt, she suffers from fakeness. She doesn't have a 40 year career saying these same things, unlike…
@EvanMcMullin "Democrats" and "Republicans" are BOTH corrupt. You are included In this, Evan. Bernie's intention i… @AnandWrites It would be seem that there is a disconnect then on HOW exactly we bring about this "systematic change…
@finneyk @krystalball If I say "Karen, you're a hack." Is that a meme?
@jetzotime Is this baby powder? @jonathanchait This post didn't go over like you hoped, did it? @Jennyjinx @CodywHamilton @matthewstoller @swalek His interview with Bernie opened up a lot of people to Bernie's message, so it's a win. @ctanyol @JoshuaWhitecot1 @SwayslandJordan @HardlyTimes That's right, because Bernie is a threat to the elitist pow…
@ilakster @JoeBiden @dawn_switch Joe seems real empathetic, doesn't he? @NaomiAKlein @BernieSanders Its the culture of we-we-we
@AnandWrites Klaus is a human turd#ILikeBernie @BernForBernie20 @TomSteyer @BernieSanders Imagine if Steyer personally funded the start of the Green New Deal, I'd consider forgiving him.
I was super lucky to have been gifted tickets from my loving wife to see one of my favorite bands, Nada Surf, last… @dpakman No no no no no. Honeycrisp or Fuji are the best. @Sticky_Llama @AllAboutJulian @bornferal I'm with you on this. She seems to be more interested in her career, then helping anyone. @SarahSquirm Far too many COWARDS out here existing
I love this man
Retweeted by ■■■■■ If MLK was alive today, he would support Bernie Sanders for president because their vision…
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@SwayslandJordan #trumpbeatsbiden ?? #bidenhidinthelyin ?? @nytdavidbrooks you're a fucking idiot @robrousseau @nytdavidbrooks Ron's right. Dave, you're an asshole.
Sorry Not Sorry I'm a Centrist
@SoCal4Trump @NBCNews Hey Alex, I fixed your tweet for you. Shutting down hate speech, good for you! @lhfang DNC = Centrists Biden = Centrist Klobichar = Centrist Ergo, Warren = Centrist Thank you, @lhfang !
@CalderHolbrook That is entirely too many miles. What in the name of the gods were you thinking?The ‘Bernie is a secret sexist’ story isn’t exactly landing like the Warren campaign predicted
Retweeted by ■■■■■ @UmbrellaSpecter @semelesulo @KyleKulinski Steyer obvy ate the sandwich @StabeFloyd @HardlyTimes @TyrelleSmith @MikePrysner @JordanUhl ^^^^Nailed it, Cap!^^^^
I've seen privilege up close today...and it won't change the status quo...not even a little bit.
@PolyamorousCat @SarahSquirm Hey Sex Cat, That's sort of the point, don't you know...the media would prefer Trump… means you’re going to lose.
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@GOJOEFROMLA you got brain damage? @PHendryca8 @EvanMcMullin "Want someone more moderate"? Sounds to me like you know a lot of people who don't have a… @ChrisLynnHedges I felt this watching the Golden Globes. @Jscott1145 @BernieSanders Nearly 47 y.o., and YES, I'm all in with Bernie. He is the only candidate fighting for R… @DCVito There are a LOT of people and companies who fall in this same category, churning out garbage, day after day… @atriaventrica @BillionMagazine They probably taste like shit. @karlhess It would be interesting to note how affected this landlord would be...are we talking that he's just barel…
@mattknudsen Wait! Hold up! Travel + Leisure is playing fucking mind games. Which is it? + or & Your website and… @mattknudsen It appears to be only magazines in which the title has an ampersand [&] And it's a sponsored by Ford… @mattknudsen And yet there are still more suits @ArabellaC03 I'm conflicted, bc on the one hand, she has chosen to support Pete who I view as a Centrist, thus keep… @progressiveReb1 gas for my car @progressiveReb1 rent @progressiveReb1 groceriesIf you choose not to break down how you are manipulated on a daily basis then you can't break out of your status qu… @heathercampbell Let's pound some doors and make some calls for Bernie! I'm canvassing in Redondo on Sunday afternoon.
@imnotlaika @Brotherwags Olives are gross tho @KimKardashian Fuck you! That's not a fridge, you asshole! That's a walk in cooler, that restaurants and hotels hav… @rodney_berry Have you considered starting a Country Music career? @timheidecker @BernieSanders Great job!!!!
@daviddoel Anytime someone rich and/or famous person endorses/supports Bernie, it reaffirms my faith in that person…
Retweeted by ■■■■■I should have called the Joint Queefs
2020 Who made this map? @AnandWrites They must not have read your book @AG4ZL @TurbidTG1 @JZarif I don't think Andre Ethier had anything to do with thisOur asshole President has not come to the American people, nor Congress, to explain himself and the actions of his… @mahmoudkenny98 Do you live in Iran?
@JamesMa96163439 @mackyson @TonyWestside088 I heard from Dr. Adolph Reed on Rising, the Dems are more afraid of San… @MikeBloomberg Bullshit! @RbtLowe777 @ProgressVoice RbtLowe, seems it could be one of two things: 1. He's being super sarcastic, and insid… @TheView "...there was no other voice for me..." $420,000,000.00 is a lot of 🧀 @alanalda @JudgeJudy @ApplePodcasts Hey Alan, what do you think of your friend, Judy, endorsing that Billionaire ha… @JudgeJudy I'd say Have a Great Birthday, but with $420Million, it's a given, isn't it, rich lady? @TheHipsterRebbe @MikeBloomberg Fudge Doody @MikeBloomberg $420Million, you say? Eligible for the wealth tax, I suppose. So sure, pick the billionaire who will… @YesMyNamesABeer @daviddoel Hmmmmmm, I wonder why she wouldn't support's a mystery... I wonder how man…
@googlenest Well that's just the thing, she created a personal playlist, just one, with 4 songs, in Spotify, and th… don’t know what’s more disturbing: this guttural, primal instinct that everything is falling apart everywhere, th…
Retweeted by ■■■■■"Goddamnit if you are reading this and think I’m being overdramatic I NEED YOU TO PAY ATTENTION RIGHT FUCKING NOW b…
Retweeted by ■■■■■at this point, you literally HAVE to vote for bernie because he’s the ONLY candidate who is actively trying to stop…
Retweeted by ■■■■■ @SarahSquirm GO GO FOR @DSA_LosAngeles !!! @googlenest That should and could probably be somewhere in the set up process, so we have some sort of idea. @googlenest Does it only work with Premium Spotify? @LovesTheBern my bad... about The Diabetes Burg! @Gineyda_ This is #bodygoals at 25. At 53, this is straight up #bullshit @Variety OH! I KNOW! GEORGE BUSH!I want to thank Ellen for being a buddy to George W. Because that's what America needs right now, is more influenti… @GoogleHomeUsers anybody here got any advice on how best to utilize Spotify to play music through a Google Nest Min… @GoogleHomeNL We just bought our daughter a Nest Mini for Xmas, and already it's pissing me off. so let's start w… @SarahSquirm It's Crest @SarahSquirm GO GO FOR BERNIE! @SarahSquirm GO FOR BERNIE!!!!!! @oneamyzimmer looks a juicy meaty nonmeaty thing. is it good? @LovesTheBern Introducing, the Zit Burger @jimmy_dore They're a vapid, self-congratulatory, circle jerk for a bunch of Hollywood elitists.
@BlueCatInTheSky @dory_derry @kenvogel @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @axios @SurveyMonkey Ok. I can appreciate that.… @BlueCatInTheSky @dory_derry @kenvogel @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @axios @SurveyMonkey Hey BabyBlueEyes, that's n… @JasonRi04154051 @kenvogel @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @axios @SurveyMonkey Republicans are living out "Idiocracy" right now. @millertime421 @rosemcgowan Get a hold of yourself. Trump is a conman. Any sane person can see that. Have you done… @millertime421 @rosemcgowan And you don't know anything about the situation, and just insist on inserting yourself…
@millertime421 @rosemcgowan *you're“The more incendiary his opinion – that the MeToo movement is a witch hunt; that white men are the real victims; th…
Retweeted by ■■■■■Terry Gilliam: "When you have power, you don’t take responsibility for abusing others. You enjoy the power. That’s…
Retweeted by ■■■■■ @AdityaSatsangi @IlhanMN Oh Christ, cut it out with this stupid shit.
Tell me which part is wrong.