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I hate you. Yim tried to get me to see Us with her and Keith, but I can smell a plot to jump me because of my tweets a mile… (2019) Director: Jordan Peele
Retweeted by CM™️Fun Fact: The lead roles On HOUSE PARTY were originally written for DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince! WOW!!😀 look…
Retweeted by CM™️why does jonesy hate me in 1994 Above the Rim opens in theaters RIP Bernie Mac! RIP Makaveli!
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2019 pick your battles. Mine is trying to get War Raiders to accept the gospel of Zaxby’s but they aren’t listening. DISRESPECTFUL.Greatest high five in the world. She can page me. @Babatundewwe found a representative in @StokelyHathaway
Retweeted by CM™️Big guys. #NXTTampa on your @WWENXT debut @StokelyHathaway! #NXTTampa He’s going by Court Moore. He’s the representative to…
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Feeling good at NXT Tampa this evening ☺️ #CatCanCatchWrestling
Retweeted by CM™️#NXTTampa - Tonight (3/22) #NXTFortPierce - Tomorrow (3/23) pls. not the same PBS I grew up watching 😱
Retweeted by CM™️Seeing UltraMantis Black vs. Nick Gage is cool as I beat both of them in 2018. Just my monthly reminder of this until I die.
PSA: From #StreetProfits Tonight in #NXTSanford There’s only one mindset From now ‘til forever... WIN.
Retweeted by CM™️Mia is a proud member of the #StokeHive and is subscribed to my newsletter. already have my 75 MB Whitney Houston “hell to the naw” high resolution gif downloaded and ready. @AngeloDawkins I have on a Tapout Kangol hat instead. Trying something new.Back in NY for a day decked in a Tapout tracksuit and some Timbs. Drip.EXCLUSIVE: #UndisputedERA's path to holding ALL the gold in 2019 starts with @AdamColePro's #NXTChampionship opport…
Retweeted by CM™️ @OfficialEGO @GoGoACH You were kicked out of the “Favorite 90s Black Sitcom” group chat weeks ago. Not sure how you…
Any comedians in New York wanna partner up and open a Waffle House in Manhattan? Rent is high and we won't sell eno…
Retweeted by CM™️If you win, I’ll take you to Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem. Grilled chicken and waffles (🚨🚨 healthy version 🚨🚨) on… in 1990 BBD drops Poison
Retweeted by CM™️’m sick of you. FINALS of the @WWE #Cruiserweight Championship #1Contender's tournament will determine @WWE_Murphy's…
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I’ve never lied on this app and don’t ever plan on starting. @RealKeithLee That’s just how I looked today.After 30 days at the PC, I’m going to look like Ronnie Coleman. Thank you Lord for these gains.WOW @StokelyHathaway putting in that Gym Work.....Sweating like a Govt Mule....Bring more Shirts dude. 🥵
Retweeted by CM™️ @JZ_Flair Buy me Bojangles.Lying. the #NXTRoadTrip in four cities the last weekend of April... #NXTOmaha 4/25 #NXTDavenport 4/26 #NXTMilwaukee 4…
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For all my new followers and new members of the #StokeHive, here is a rare photo of me when I was EVOLVE Champion. did you originally tag me in this? I let Paul Wall rent the Dream Team name for 400k (expires 3/11/34). You’re… scrolled by too fast. Thought this was Cole from ‘Martin’
Retweeted by CM™️this has gone too far. love the #StokeHive with all my heart. want to thank everyone at @WWENXT & @WWEPC for having me as a guest coach. They have the healthiest culture & wor…
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Today in 1998 Puff Daddy drops Victory RIP Bigga!
Retweeted by CM™️ no one has added “Mr. New York 1972, bodybuilder of the year” to my Wikipedia bio yet.Don’t ever forget this
Retweeted by CM™️She actually hit me in the face with an En Vogue CD and took this photo. Alerting the proper authorities.
This......again tonight at #NXTOcala #NXT
Retweeted by CM™️Tonight - #NXTOcala need this framed.
Retweeted by CM™️TODAY IN MUSIC HISTORY: #CurtisMayfield was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame during a ceremony at New Yor…
Retweeted by CM™️Looks like Samuel L. Jackson to me.
@MiaYim It’s time. years ago today, we lost the legendary Nate Dogg. Rest in Peace. 🙏🏾
Retweeted by CM™️Need a giant bluetooth speaker and that Batista clip from RAW loaded on my phone the next time I go to Zaxby’s. birthday @The_MJF indestructible @DarbyAllin is entrant number 10 in this year's Super Strong Style 16! 4th-6th May at…
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Ran into an old friend at #NXTStPetersburg. to the #Virtuosa this weekend @WWENXT 👁 3/14: #NXTStPetersburg 3/15: #NXTVenice 3/16: #NXTOcala
Retweeted by CM™️Hiring personal security to protect me from Mia Yim. Must be 6’4” and can name all the members of Dru Hill within 5… @JasonAyersWWE @WWENXT Thank you, Jason. I’ll pay you that $200 back now.
It’s my cheat day. RELAX.😑😑 feel attacked.
Today in 1997 Scarface drops The Untouchable RIP Pac!
Retweeted by CM™️yes, but blocked. is wild. up feeling like Ruben Studdard after he won American Idol.Hear from one of our newest recruits, @StokelyHathaway!
Retweeted by CM™️No. @MiaYim didn’t die.
@FightOwensFight Thank you, Kevin!He said he was going out for a pack of smokes..........
Retweeted by CM™️thank you, dustin., @RobertStrauss, and @StokelyHathaway have touched down at the @WWEPC!
Retweeted by CM™️ want Kofi chants
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lmao this is one of the worst tweets i've ever laid eyes on
Retweeted by CM™️RIP a legend. 57th Birthday to Jasmine Guy 💕
Retweeted by CM™️May become one of those accounts that repost video content. [REMEMBER THE 90s WHEN FAAROOQ HIT STOKELY WITH A CHAI… fan of daylight savings. inaugural @LWMaine World (it’s only a world title because it’s around my waist) Heavyweight CHAMPION!…
Retweeted by CM™️I have the best fans in the world. DREAMTEAM! on your knuckles.