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Jan Stoner @stonemamma Wilmette, IL

My gig is education technology, empowering Ts to leverage tech to enhance S learning. #ISTECertEd #AppleTeacher #GoogleCertifiedEducatorL1

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@SVHSEdTech @iste @ChiCathSchools @tdallen5 @METCedplus Woo-hoo! Hearty Congratulations, Maggie! I know how hard yo…
@AplinTeacher Good luck, @AplinTeacher! I completed my #istecert in fall 2019. Lots of good work, though! #pd4uandme
Great work! We’re right behind you, socially distant, of course! @LoyolaAcademy #Back2School2020
Amazing resource! Thank you, @nmzumpano, for leading this work! #CatholicEdChat @jesuitschools #ISTECert
Really good ideas in here for those of us educators going back to the school building this week. I’ve been in buil…
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It was beginning to look a lot like graduation this morning! Congratulations, #Classof2020. Wonderful way to celebr…
@polonerd @magistrazee @realjodeeblanco @jdferries @ncara @Schoology Yeah, I know. But shouldn’t definition of a “g… @polonerd Sean, hearty congratulations! You’ll b great! Thanks, All, for today’s #CatholicEdChat! @polonerd @magistrazee @realjodeeblanco @jdferries @ncara @Schoology Onboarding new Ts can be a huge catch-up. Not…’ve been playing with @loom too. It’s pretty ez to use. Not much editing capabilty but for quick & dirty clips, s… @polonerd @magistrazee @realjodeeblanco @jdferries @ncara @Schoology So true, Sean. @LaneWalker2 @BarbInNebraska @jdferries I like the phrase 'Assess More, Assess Better'. Do smaller timed assessment…
Retweeted by Jan StonerGood morning, Good Peeps! Just seeing we’re chatting. @Nearpod is one we resurrected in our summer PD too. Many enj…
Saturday's #catholicedchat - Join us at 9 ET with @realjodeeblanco as guest moderator
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Has anyone ever used @parlayideas? It's a discussion-based platform. #CatholicEdChat #edtech #ISTEcert
@ncara Thanks, @ncara, for hosting #CatholicEdChat this week! Make it a good week! didn’t make all the earlier concerns go away. Mostly amplified everything! ;) #CatholicEdChat @jdferries @LaneWalker2 @406scitech Tough for less mature students too. #CatholicEdChat. @ncara @jdferries So important to keep the community. #CatholicEdChat. @stonemamma we have pretty much settled on a parallel model. if it is an event, it will likely be recorded or strea…
Retweeted by Jan Stoner @jdferries @406scitech Our building is closed through June. Hoping to bring summer school in-person in July for fin… @jdferries Virtual baccalaureate Mass! #CatholicEdChat @jdferries We’re hoping we can have in-person graduation with limited family tix. Had a baccalaureate Mass on origi… @jdferries Indeed, JD! #CatholicEdChat @jdferries @speechanddebate Oh, yeah, not to mention all that too! #CatholicEdChat @ncara Good morning, #CatholicEdChat, from a brisk and sunny Chicago! Education Technology Coordinator, secondary.… @gcouros Hearty congratulations, Dad!
@beingcatholic1 @Twitter Jonathan, say it isn't so! @Twitter is a source of very good and evil too. Don't let the…
Great Wednesday webinar with #CDWgetsEDU on #SAMR and Ed-tech. More at #CatholicEdChat #istecert
Thank you, #CatholicEdChat, for today's important chat topic!#CatholicEdChat A6. Going to read this article from Massengale. Listened to podcast from @BustedHalo . this! #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Jan Stoner @Tolerance_org did some institute days a couple of years ago. Read their magazine. Participating in convos with o… on this: Did you students read a book about a black person/by a black author outside of February this school year? #CatholicEdChat
Retweeted by Jan StonerA4 #JustMercy book highlights the inequities of our criminal justice system, a huge part of our systemic structures… @Kevin_Cacabelos @mocovington I teach Modern US history. My Ss are given a choice of videos to watch for each unit…
Retweeted by Jan Stoner @historywithmsoc Great point about small businesses. Why help amazon when you can actually make a bigger differenc…
Retweeted by Jan StonerTook a required course in college on diversity from Loyola University Chicago. Read Racism without Racists, Bonill… A1 Can't change something you don't understand.Good morning, #CatholicEdChat, from a beautiful summer morning in Chicago. Thankfully humidity and temps down from…
@mgcjusa Michael, thanks for sharing your wisdom. And to @polonerd for the mention! You stay safe & healthy too in… some good, timely resources! #CatholicEdChat @polonerd @ShawnMcCusker @mrhooker @kimdarche @jonbartelt @drorzel @irvspanish @misterwashburn @PaulHamilton8
@RiggJim So sorry for your family’s loss. May God comfort you.
Great chat today! I gotta take off early to get my kittie to the vet. Take care, Everyone! #CatholicEdChat @ncara @jdferries @cathyrobey3 @mocovington We started in February with a Podcast PLC so Ts could listen to the sam…
Retweeted by Jan Stoner @21stCenSupKW @NDAcademyGA Congratulations, Ken! #CatholicEdChat @johnhughes1993 @ncara We had our Ramble auction virtually last night. #CatholicEdChat @polonerd @Flipgrid We asked people via Google Form for well wishes for seniors. I love the @Flipgrid idea though! #CatholicEdChat @polonerd Nice job, Sean! #CatholicEdChat @APannie7 Our graduation planned for 7/31, Feast of St. Ignatius. #CatholicEdChatMass can be viewed here: #CatholicEdChat @cathyrobey3 Thank you! Early garden.A1 Drive-up gift box to seniors, online baccalaureate Mass with parents giving out Ignatian medals from gift boxes,… morning from sunny Chicago, #CatholicEdChat. Ed tech coordinator secondary. Institute Day last Tuesday. Class…
Our afternoon storm ends with low hanging rainbow behind Chicago's Hancock Center. #weather #news #ilwx #chicago
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Amen! #CatholicEdChat
Fun little ed-tech quiz from ⁦@ClassTechTips⁩! What ed-tech tool are you most like?! #CatholicEdChat #istecert
@BarbInNebraska Thanks for facilitating, @BarbInNebraska! #CatholicEdChat @ChristineMonge @jdferries @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller @NCEATALK @40ishoracle Hope you'll get a break soon,… @jdferries @ChristineMonge @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller @NCEATALK @40ishoracle Great job on the #educatemagis p… @BarbInNebraska @kpatterson_10 Yes, live-streaming baccalaureate Mass on the day that was supposed tob graduation d… morning from sunny Chicago, #catholicedchat! Ed-tech coordinator, secondary.
@CoopTech05 Great job with today’s @PearDeck webinar with Google Educator Group! Thank you!… @engelworks Doreen, your dad appreciates your time with him when he needs it. Our prayers are with your family. Tak…
Thank you, @ncara! Enjoy Mother’s Day, Moms! #CatholicEdChat @ncara @jdferries Ooh, that actually brings up a good question: since we know this is not going to be magically ove…
Retweeted by Jan Stoner @ncara @realjodeeblanco @NCEATALK Thank you, @ncara!If you're not yet following @realjodeeblanco , follow her. She is sharing tips on her blog and is a regular present…
Retweeted by Jan Stoner @40ishoracle @ConorJPMcDonald I gotta try this! My hubby just retired and needs stronger signaling when I’m #WFH. 😉 @olalibrary I swear when the pols do their daily briefings, it affects wif! Otherwise, remember it’s 5:00 somewhere… @BarbInNebraska @Walmart We miss you, Barb! Have fun at the store! #CatholicEdChatA1 part 2! Yes. I got a new gateway and mesh network Pods from @Xfinity! Hardly ever drop now! #CatholicEdChat @40ishoracle @ncara @jdferries @WeVideo This is awesome! Thanks so much for making available for others! #catholicEdChat @APannie7 @kristinefull This is a huge shift for a lot of people. #CatholicEdChatA1. Being flexible and understanding. We are no longer teaching in a classroom environment that we can control. Our…
Retweeted by Jan StonerLove it! Good luck! #CatholicEdChat Keep your routines as much as possible so you can stay focused on your daily goals. Set up a work space. Get up… @abealarcon My deep condolences, Abraham. So hard to grieve like this, but at least it’s a way for people to pray,… @mocovington Yes, do tell! #CatholiceEdChat @kristinefull What works of art! Such fun! #CatholicEdChat @ncara @olalibrary I also covered garden here. Usually not frost so close to Lake MI.#CatholicEdChat @ncara Good morning from frosty Chicago, #CatholicEdChat. Also a number of fav moments this week! Recovering from…
Great advice for all levels of students! Thanks, @eecastro #ETCoaches
@BarbInNebraska @cupcake_savant Barb, you’re doing great to have all these strategies in your brand-new toolbox! It…
@jdferries @smitty2karen We did something similar with senior package delivery, including their Ignatian medal, whi… @BarbInNebraska Thank you, @BarbInNebraska! Make it a good week! #CatholicEdChat @LaneWalker2 @APannie7 @BarbInNebraska @Seesaw @Flipgrid That's exactly what it was originally designed for and cal… @BarbInNebraska @APannie7 @Seesaw @Flipgrid @explainevrythng I think ExplainEverything has a free COVID-19 subscription too. #CatholicEdChat @ncara @BarbInNebraska @Seesaw Got introduced to Seesaw a few years ago by @brholland and I like it for PD reflecti… @APannie7 @BarbInNebraska @Seesaw @Flipgrid @Seesaw has more ways to express yourself, in our case using native iPa… @BarbInNebraska @Seesaw is great! Love it for all age groups! #CatholicEdChatGreat idea! #CatholicEdChat @jdferries Never doubt you, Oh Great One! #CatholicEdChat @msgunter @406scitech I like Yoga with Adriene. #CatholicEdChat @AbGreer That's great you can bike with your daughter now! Our 4yr granddaughter just learned how to ride two-whee… @406scitech Yes, I forgot yoga, too! A couple times a week. #CatholicEdChat @jdferries @jdferries You doing that virtually this summer?! #CatholicEdChatA1 I’m doing fine. It’s hard tob away from people physically and so glad tech allows remote connections! Outdoor wa… @BarbInNebraska Very cool!