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Comrade/Comrade/Comrade. Fais ce que dois, advienne que pourra. CWW!

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@AndrewYang A spectre is haunting America... @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews A spectre is haunting America...
@Mark_Dubs All of your smuggy smugness. You’ll pay. One day you’ll pay! @mcbyrne @BernieSanders Voting for the Bernanator isn’t enough. You need to move to a swing state, then vote for him.
@FaisalWMohd @PonyGinuwinemp3 @aliffiskandar99 You win! Fuck this made me laugh. @BernieSanders Has to be in the swing states tho bruh. @olejoshieb We do. But the underpinning of that society is private property, not titties and dong. @olejoshieb Look at my shit. I post with my heart not my dick and I gets no love. @ColinHanks Did your dad fly on the Lolita express? Yes or no? @4Awesometweet @RalphNader @Tesla Real question and you can make fun of me if it’s a dumb question: Can the bubble… @HoratioSkald Man, cops are fucking dorks. Ok, say cheese! @MissPavIichenko @USA_Comrade I wonder if he refers to himself as May-o Pete or My-o Pete
@EDRecycler @detachment_red Onions like ogresEveryday every #Walmart throws hundreds of pounds of food in the trash. They have to do this to keep capitalism pro… @Jehwauhn @elektrikhippie @nomad_thought @Say_Yes_2theJes @NicholeGunz I had measles as a child. It wasn’t a big deal. @HillaryClinton Go away @existentialcoms Duh. How else can we know the blood line is divine?This Hillary Clinton endorsement is the best thing that’s ever happened to Bernie Sanders. Plebeians hate Hillary.
@ChelseaFC This team is trash. No creativity and they play stupidly.RT if you like Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton.
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@ClaraSorrenti The change you seek won’t come through the ballot. @SnagASnack @JamesPipear @bornagainAHOLE @maxkellerman If every QB could do it they’d all win. They don’t. I think… @SnagASnack @JamesPipear @bornagainAHOLE @maxkellerman The system is drawing up a gameplan and then counting on Tom Brady to execute it. @WallStCynic U seem mad bro @DonteStallworth The Pelosis rolled that ass @TorreySmithWR Man you lame bro @minakimes It’s Patrick Mahomes vs Kyle Shanahan. None of that shit you just said. @josh_fbi You better bring some help mon frere @KellyScaletta I applaud you for calling it like it is. Especially knowing all the stans will invade your replies. @cheakbones Go get ‘em killer @davidfrum Throw your whole self in the trash @JRubinBlogger Throw your whole self in the trash
@ASegals I support you in your endeavor @HoodlumRIP Don’t take advice from anyone you wouldn’t trade places with. @MikeCoppinger Banana Power! @ErrolSpenceJr Banana Power!
@tedcruz I know who Ted beat his meat to last night. @WadeBowen “If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.” “This too shall pass.” “Gregariousness is the refuge of mediocrities.” @LTrotsky21 Derp derp. Space looks like trees and shit. @StealYoRedBull My head just almost exploded, but in a good way. So much to contemplate here. I mean fuck target, b… @HillaryClinton @hulu Ok boomer @HoratioSkald Smoked meat is smoked meat
@cheakbones Quit eating chocolate. People will say this isn’t true, but I promise you it is.
@johniadarola No he won’t. We live in a plutocracy not a democracy. @anniekarni Series 6 replicant @USA_Comrade Dude is totally a series 6 replicant @MoviesMarvelous Lol. Yeah that movie was terrible. @jawhnngo The Golden Band from Tiger Land. Peeerrrmp per per peermp. @MoviesMarvelous Green Lantern I guess. I also like Magneto, but he’s a villain.Is Bernie Sandlers related to Adam Sandlers? @skyw00kie Well damn, now I’m the dumb one. Assault Rifle it is. @RetroKurisu Plato invented hell @skyw00kie And the AR in AR-15 doesn’t stand for assault rifle. It’s actually Adolf’s Rifle. @skyw00kie Tommy gun isn’t short for Thomas. It’s short for Thomastopher. @existentialcoms Can millennials at least be entitled to communism?
@emmaloveselon I’m dying to make a zit joke here. Even googled constellations and still couldn’t come up with anything. :/ @turing_police @guillotineshout HUNGRY(and lonely) MAN @venturecommunis Marky Mark is a racist who beat a poor old Vietnamese man with a stick. @skyw00kie Marky Mark is a racist who beat a poor old Vietnamese man with a stick. @tomwatson Post-war? What dat mean? Which war?
@ScrSports13 @KellyScaletta This makes no sense. If you have carries of 1, -1, 0, -5, 40 then your ypc is 7. You sh… @KellyScaletta No one will applaud you for this... except me. You’re completely right. Smith’s consistent yardage g…
@realDonaldTrump President Donald J. TrollIndia just had the largest general strike in the history of the damn world and even Twitter isn’t talking about it.… @JoeBiden Drop out @_NewSlang She is severely underrated @calebmaupin That is a pretty notable scene from a popular movie tho. “Nietzsche says out of chaos comes order”
@carterforva I once saw a vanity plate that read HUMBLE
@KellyScaletta Because he’s the REAL slim shady @realDonaldTrump He said “Trump Wall.” Lmao. That dude want his name on everything. @ColinHanks I enjoyed this film. I heard a rumor that your dad flew on the Lolita express. Is this true? Can you put an end to these rumors? @SarcasmStardust I expected communist killer dolphins to look more “killer” @SanaSaeed It’s called freedom. And the US is delivering it baby. @dylan_pfox @CRHinCA These responses got me blocked. Legitimate guesses. @CRHinCA Nutsack @CRHinCA Dick @Joe_Hunter It’s only gay to eat breakfast with your wife @KellyScaletta It’s the Currys. I don’t think LeBron and Co will be better. But Shaq’s daughter has the potential to match his career. @existentialcoms French is better. Brown food tastes good. But Cajun cuisine is the pinnacle, French technique with…
@USA_Comrade Astute observationJust saw an Army commercial with a remix of Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4.” That was wild. Propaganda is leveling up. @joeygllghr Fucking dope. Let’s hangout sometime bro. @pawgbertREAL The Autobiography of Malcolm X. If you’ve already read it, read it again. Fuck that’s a good book. @skyw00kie You should switch to Hamm’s. Cheapest swill around, still goes down.
@ineedcontext Did you remind the caller that if it weren’t for you, he/she wouldn’t have that dumb job. You’re creating jobs! @tomhanks I heard that you flew on the Lolita express. Is this true? Can you clear up these rumors? @joncoopertweets Nope. Democrats decided they wanted to be the party of the rich. So there’s two parties that put t… @USA_Comrade I used to be like that. It’s very freeing once you stop. If you’re not enjoying the book, close it. @BillCorbett Stepping green vaginal menudo @TheCumPoster Sitting in a chair is gay if you eat breakfast while doing it @Son_ova_Daddy Appreciate it @Son_ova_Daddy Thanks Comrade. A novel of hers you can recommend?Is there a female James Joyce? Or a female writer even remotely similar to James Joyce? I’d like to read that. @alexcalden Men are succinct @venturecommunis @Mark_Dubs Fuck yeah! @Mark_Dubs Cleaning the lint trap
@calebmaupin Propaganda doesn’t need to be true
@terencecrawford My son was born today. He was conceived the night of your April 20th fight lol.
@PosadistPacman I don’t get it either. Just sounds like whispering to me.
@MuskTillDawn Fancy by Reba