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El Presidente/3 time Bee Sting survivor. I own a ton of Penn Stock. I’m not a financial advisor. Don’t trust anything I say about stocks. Owner of DDTG Global

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I’m officially inviting the Winklevi twins to my office to explain bitcoin to me. Have to wear the rowing outfits t… 30%. @twitter ban this human Day Trader - August 4, 2020 piece by BSM's @chrissyparadis with @KayceSmith. Kayce discusses her career progression, misconceptions about…
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyBut if we’re being honest it’s not that far off. Too much edemame titties in this drawing are causing controversy.
Somebody tell this guy at #DDTG we don’t care about using big words we only care about making big bucks which we do… Pizza Review - Main Street Pizza Company (Farmingdale, NY) Bonus Watermelon Review #DDTG forecast: The money printer is on until the election. Trust the green hammer. Day Trader at the Closing Bell - August 3, 2020 I the best analyst on the planet? As my friend @jimcramer would say. Yes is why the entire #fintwit world is glued to #DDTG. The only voice on Wall Street that matters. $mara up 12… can I see a bitcoin? Do I need bitcoin goggles? Can I mine it with the green hammer? #DDTG Day Trader - August 3, 2020’m going to say something controversial. I don’t know how anybody is into sports right now. It all seems like preseason fake stuff.Is that Will Munson? 😂😂. No wonder he blocked me. didn’t mean to retweet this. And I don’t know who this Will Munson guy is but I do know I’m blocked by him or he… crack of that bat.
I don’t know how people are getting my address but no more watermelons. People are just showing up with them. Sp… important’m having a hard time telling who is seriousI don’t like using my power and influence like this but desperate times call for desperate measures. I will pay… won? @stoolpresidente Never forget
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyWhat’s your handicap Frank?
CROSS BORDER IS A BEAST! 5-5 @saratoga. Grade 2 winner. Congrats @jordanwycoff @kirkwycoff #threediamondfarmsUnbelievable ricochet shot from the Tank
There is literally nothing more pure on earth than the crack of a bat. Chopra Indian Cuisine Review - Punjabi Rasoi (Somerset, NJ) least shocking horse racing result of all time. Bad Beat Brian suffers a bad beat say this without an ounce of sarcasm. This is the greatest invention of all time. is a ridiculous headline but it made me laugh’m not an I told you so guy. That being said, it appears everything I said yesterday was 100% correct. Day Trader presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 31, 2020 GO TO AND USE PROMO CODE DAVE FOR… BIRDS NEVER ARE WRONG. $pins hope people jumped on $pins like I told them to. The birds are never wrong. Up 30%But if you do do what I do than you’ll probably be very rich. But Jim is right. You don’t have to do what I do.… Ronny him to 4000 to me and my friend @JeffBezos $amzn #DDTG and desist not buying any stock with letters? You’d have to be a total moron. #DDTG
So many jealous watermelon haters out thereMade the stock market my bitch again today. Went out and bought a $2,000 wooden water melon to celebrate. Kings do… Pizza Review - B & B Pizza (Hyannis, MA) love this guy. Does being reviewed by Barstool Sports get you lots of new customers? (Spoiler alert: It does)… game is too easy. @jimcramer #DDTG STOCKS ONLY GO UP win again. I may be able to just buy Amazon outright at some point here. #DDTG Milly of $AMZN into earnings. 4 Randolph necklaces. Nuts on the table. #DDTG it!!!! LFG! #DDTG fucks. Zuckerburg doesn’t. Pretty simple. $AMZN $AMZN $AMZN King is back. We’re turning TNT up to 11 and riding Bezos into earnings $AMZN Day Trader at the Closing Bell presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 30, 2020 GO TO AND USE…’s go eat @JeffBezos'm under attack from the suits. I'm waking up in cold sweats over missing $KODK. Regroup time for #DDTG. Day Trader presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 30, 2020 GO TO AND USE PROMO CODE DAVE FOR… footage of @stoolpresidente's morning routine before taking on the suits on Wall Street.
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyHappy $amzn earnings day!
Barstool Pizza Review - New England Pizza House #1 (Hyannis, MA) presented by @trade0us my huge brain made up for it with $pypl gave me $jakk should dieWe’re at the point we’re I’m mad about $250k days. It’s not enough. I need my scrabble tiles. #DDTG Day Trader at the Closing Bell presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 29, 2020 GO TO AND US… DUH Penn Stock Is Your Best Long-Term Gaming Bet | InvestorPlace wish I randomly decided to buy a shit ton of Kodak at this exact time. #Suits 300% today @rinsana I won again. But you knew that already because you live in the chat. news may come as a shock. BUT MY STOCKS ARE ONLY GOING UP! #DDTG $SHOP Hammer day. Leopard print day. Possible Milly day. #DDTG #STILLHERE Day Trader at the Closing Bell presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 29, 2020 GO TO AND USE… to the world right now. update on how $shop is doing? Any suits out there wanna clue me in?!!!!! #DDTG
The Covid Kid! this cubic zirconium? Pizza Review - Torino Restaurant and Bar (Hyannis, MA)$AMD UP 10% after hours. THATS HOW YOU DO IT! #DDTG.To whoever gets @stoolpresidente next
Retweeted by Dave Portnoy EARNINGS SZN AND ME AND THE GREEN HAMMER ARE IN HEAVY. $SHOP $AMD $EBAY $SPOT’m long on edamame.. everyone knows that. Watch the estrogen though or you’ll end up with titties. #DDTG Day Trader at the Closing Bell presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 28, 2020 GO TO AND USE… chance for peace in Middle East🤫🤫🤫 Heartfelt Apology For Apologizing
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyWould it have killed Don to give me a heads up that Kodak was gonna turn into a drug company and get a billion doll… #DDTG EFFECT. feel like #DDTG clients might not even know about my past history as an award winning rapper. Day Trader at the Closing Bell presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 27, 2020 GO TO AND USE… many bunny rabbits tonight? PEEK: Gambler-turned-trader @stoolpresidente gives us an inside look at his trading tactics and shares his th…
Retweeted by Dave Portnoy
MAN Pizza Review - Pizza Barbone (Hyannis, MA)’ve done all that and yet the only reason anybody knows who you are is because I’ve spoken you into existence.… that what you told the Legend Fund? Not my fault I bankrupted you. Come on Ron. Credibility my friend. Y… at Ron Insana hanging out in #DDTG message board getting stock tips and the chirping the king. I was down 2 m… Day Trader at the Closing Bell presented by @cbdmd_usa - July 27, 2020 GO TO AND USE… the Scenes Footage of My Day at the White House