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El Presidente/3 time Bee Sting survivor. I own a ton of Penn Stock. I’m not a financial advisor. Don’t trust anything I say about stocks. Owner of DDTG Global

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Also available in podcast form @DavePortnoyShow out now. @Benaskren joins to talk about the Jake Paul fight. #DogeDay2021 @blockfolio Day Trader presented by @Blockfolio - April 20, 2021 the hell out of foul ball guy going after this thing like it’s his first ball. Didnt even think of quitti…
Barstool Pizza Review - PIZZANISTA! (Los Angeles, CA) With Special Guest @dixiedamelio 3 of @thecasepodcast is out now. @kirkmin explores the backyard where some believe Jennifer Fay's remains a… Day Trader presented by @Blockfolio - April 19, 2021
Guys I hope this isn’t related. @GoingParabolic @Benaskren is still no sound that is more pure in the world than this.’ve watched the Jake Paul knockout 100 times. Everytime I watch it I become more impressed with how unprepared…
THE PICK IS IN FROM @loganpaul. Boosted odds only at #barstoolsportsbook YOU OHIO 🤸🏻‍♂️🤸
Ben ate too many bitcoins Pizza Review - Cafe La Buca (Pompano Beach, FL)! Nadoodadoo subtweeting me and tell me what you need tweet has nothing to do with my previous tweet. I had to clarify that is hypothetical about nobody in particular.If a college educated woke white girl who lives in Williamsburg and…'ve helped people trade Dogecoin since 2015. If you're looking for a place to buy and sell $DOGE, we're here for you.
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyOn behalf of Meco Bosco no talking about his taxes or personal life. Basketball only. to clarify I didn’t approve this but I think it’s a good idea. We need numbers to make up for the zags snafu.… am not mad about #doge. Stop saying I’m mad about #doge. In unrelated news, I am now getting in on #doge #doge embarrassing to the #Bitcoin people? #DDTG Day Trader presented by @Blockfolio - April 16, 2021 pesky burnout/working hard thing will get ya everytime. 🥂 is how I feel with Crypto and all the coins👀 not jealous about dogecoin I am not jealous about dogecoin I am not jealous about dogecoin I am not jealous about dogecoin #dogeWhat a steal! available in podcast form @DavePortnoyShow out now. My dad with absolutely zero sense of the moment. @EddieBarstool
Barstool Pizza Review - Zuccarelli (Pompano Beach, FL) Az... see ya soon @ me will volunteer to permanently replace Meco Bosco for team ziti if they want to kick him out for the playoffs so f…“They smuggle drugs in that boat” My Mom got this package. 2 boxes. Raise your hand if you think @welks303 sent more that .5 barstool miami Merch. I…’m glad I was able to fill in for Meco. That’s what real Ryders do. When 1 Ryder is hiding in the foxhole and wo… first @TheDozenTrivia appearance premiering now parents may not be the most observant people of all time, but they are long on $PENN #DDTG Day Trader presented by @Blockfolio - April 15, 2021 charts look decent🤨 mom just told me no parties at my house because people could get drunk and fall into the pool. #factsAs a Ryder I was happy to step in for Rico and save face for all Ryders. Do Your Job. we crashed @youtube. 1 million views on episode premiere today. (But what is Dave doing! He’s doing kin… @UnderdogSpecial @YouTube @BFFsPod You mean minus the million people on each YouTube the last 3 episodes?Is it possible to break @YouTube @BFFsPodAlso available in podcast form @BFFsPod premiering now on YouTube. @JoshRichards reacts to the drama that has taken over the Internet this w… @BFFsPod coming out later tonight. We’re working on it. Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube to be ready for…
Barstool Pizza Review - Big Louie's Pizzeria (Pompano Beach, FL) statement from my mom giving me only trash starburst your mom love you if she brings you this for a snack?, Az, ny, Gambling will be everywhere. $penn 1 billion of them me. #bitcoin and #dogecoin all these crypto people are gonna be so rich they’ll buy all my houses before I move… just won’t stop going up. I get it, I wish I bought it @blockfolio Day Trader presented by @Blockfolio - April 14, 2021 made me do it @BFFsPod @JoshRichards @stoolpresidente
Retweeted by Dave PortnoySooo excited 😍🔥 @BFFsPod @stoolpresidente @JoshRichards Oh and umm #TeamJosh
Retweeted by Dave Portnoyyes besties go besties !!! @JoshRichards @stoolpresidente
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyLimited edition @BFFsPod Merch. First drop sold out in an hour. Let’s go!!!
Meanwhile in Mets land Pizza Review - Little Italian Pizza (Pompano Beach, FL) rt and we hitting a merch drop tonight! @BFFsPod
Retweeted by Dave Portnoy @BullTradeBuyer @SMF1CEO @Aaronwh35933852 Anything happen in 2020 we should be aware of that effected sports and casino industry?I know it’s a filter but @RiggsBarstool, yikes #DDTG Day Trader at the Closing Bell presented by @Blockfolio - April 13, 2021’s go!!!! @jadenhossler lets settle this at #RnR15 ill even walk out to your dog water song then hit the renegade on your…
Retweeted by Dave Portnoy @stoolpresidente And you have to most important weapon of all. The Tank @NjTank99
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyEssentially WWIII is happening to acquire customers. We are watching everybody kill each other and when that war… telling me I don’t get the industry Im dominating? Somebody tell this doofus anybody can spend to acquire… @BullTradeBuyer Show of hands. How many people built 400+ million businesses and took 2 billion market cap to 20… @jimbo1677 @DavePortnoyShow @EddieBarstool There was no belt. Find a new slant @BullTradeBuyer I have green light to spend whatever I want. Literally. We make money. They don’t. We have 15%…’m about to mold some young minds @UF"DraftKings spent $475 million on sales and marketing last year. " We are on sale $PennI have officially banned @jadenhossler from purchase any 1-Of-1 #BuddhasBuds NFTs on the Blockchain #blockchain
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyOh my god! It’s over! @Vindog56. Time to teach this backstabbing piece of shit @jadenhossler a lesson. Attack!Welcome to the mud kid @jadenhosslerEmergency Pod? @BFFsPod honor of @Edelman11 retirement... Barstool Pizza Review - Santarpios (Boston)
Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick on Julian Edelman:
Retweeted by Dave PortnoyBarstool Pizza Review - Banchero Miami (Miami Beach, FL) to see @Edelman11 go. Patriot HofEpisode 2 of @thecasepodcast out now. @kirkmin goes looking for answers in Walhalla, SC. Subscribe and listen her… filed a protest @MLB, you’re too stupid to use instant replay. Get rid of it #DDTG Day Trader presented by @Blockfolio - April 12, 2021