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It's a shame isn't it? be told, I don't feel like I have a city. the truth kid. saw '#KenyanDrake' was trending and boy did I have the wrong idea.Robert De Niro called Trump a "nasty little bitch". 2019 can now end.Robert De Niro blasts Trump as a "nasty little bitch," says he would never play the president…
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDi hope i NEVER say "you know who i am?" ever.
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDYet you sell sht in our communities and act like we're not loyal consumers worthy of polite customer service.
This is the cutest stalk I’ve ever seen. The ear scratching is just the best 👀
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDWaiting to see who works with 6ix9ine first.Lol @Kehlani Cutie pieAt the same time, recording a person in a private moment is rude.One thing about Tupac Shakur, he'd stop and give an autograph, take a picture with fans regardless. Of course if he… some people don't play that shit., but he's still from Marcy. Howard won a whole Oscar for Hustle and Flow soundtrack mayne. As a rapper mayne.🤘🏿 Hustle & Flow. I forgot it was so good.HatersI paid my miserable New York & Chicago winter dues. I'm over it.That fact it's sunny and 65°F in December makes me ignore all complaints people have about Los Angeles. I'm glad I moved here.Artists were paying a million dollars per video from Hype Williams.Hype Williams got everybody's money.Skinny Busta Rhymes was an absolute problem. He had the airwaves on lock with innovative sounds.I didn't appreciate this era enough. Creativity was buzzing high. woman gave her sound opinion on prosperity doctrine and Joel Osteen blocked her. I personally believe one has… Baker was that thing. Police officers recorded running into pedestrians with their bikes on crowded sidewalks and then arresting…
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDLearning this. Rapper Awarded $2.7M in Katy Perry Copyright Infringement Case
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDI want to boycott China but it makes everything. @otaku_youth Man. I've embraced people I don't fuck with anymore off the strength of avoiding awkwardness. @stopbeingfamous My daddy told me off rip that if a white man came down our chimney he would shoot his ass. I was t…
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDThey should question religion. That's intelligent. trust adults, and you mislead them? That's not cute.Why not have the child imagine owning a business of their choosing (a chocolate factory for example), Or making a w… can handle the truth. It's insulting to their intelligence to assume they're so fragile they must be lied to.Lying to children is especially wrong. a fat bearded white man ain't giving them shit in this life? Because deception is wrong? y'all tell kids the truth about Santa?White supremacy in action! Not one cop around, not one of these jabronis arrested.
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDBlack Panther volunteer still serving hungry kids breakfast, 50 years later via @sfchronicleSteve Jobs interview in 1995: “Half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from non-successful ones is pure pe…
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDLol, they're standing in front of Kerry James Marshall's "Past Times" (1997), which sold to Diddy for $21M last year.We've seen this look before. language was cleared by his employer. put a warning up on a video of a full clothed belly dancer doing coin tricks with her belly, yet Trump can… 😍
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDInflation. Impending fiat bubble pop. @Ms_Lee_yah Sexual misconduct allegationsA lawyer can't help if you're dead. @bigphabe The “idk who to call” really hit because damn who DO you call 🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDStill proud of you. Next time @BrotherMobScarface Loses Election for Houston City Council, Gets an Impressive 40% of Vote
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDAsk about the allegations. away.'s little Nazi MAGA bitch got served piping hot Jollof was fighting for something bigger.
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDThat awkward moment. was hoping he won. are no rules for celebrating.Diddy's birthday was November 4th but he celebrated it December 15th?Also the reason I don't feel safe with my money in a bank. One flip of the switch and everything I have is gone.Banks keep doing this. It's cruel. At least compensate the person for fucking with their head. can't do what artists can do so they're bitter from the jump. is trippingAfraid to put people over profit.'re blending in. feelings of admiration and/or resentment? Maybe a misunderstanding behind the scenes. Maybe she was hac… smell good.Blank canvas before me someone asked Drake "Who Invited You"
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDI would’ve thought i was dead if Kobe was the first person I see after I crash
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDI guess he's too high to remember he's famous and on IG Live.Don't drive under the influence pt. 2't drive under the influence pt. 1 deer scores a goal and then celebrates. Amazing. 🤯
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDWow. The jokes write themselves. breds still icy clean from the last release..... no need to grab em ...
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDLook at this. many times can you be excited about the same sneaker? Spoiler: they'll be released again and again, forever.
We drove all this way for this? to be a semi pro golf hustler - missed his calling @stopbeingfamous: Michelle Obama's bff has reflexes like…
Retweeted by FERRARI SHEPPARDMichelle Obama's bff has reflexes like a squirrel. am I, chopped liver?$88,000 is not worth 40 years in the Fed.Stupid.FBI: Wells Fargo worker stole tens of thousands, posted stacks of cash on social media via @WCNCPac was smoking Newports at the MTV Awards. He truly didnt gaf. is injustice. to Chris Hansen, you're "truly" a pedophile who should be in prison.