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They/She/He, Polyglot Functional Programmer, Buddhist, Anarcha-Feminist, Autistic, Polyam, Trans, Multigender, Settler, Decolonialist, Horny on main

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Good night to aromantics she only aromantics. I think you're all pretty neat.FUCK YES!! THE CISNORMATIVE VOICE ASSISTANT NOW THINKS I’M MY BOYFRIEND!!! FUCK YEAH! I CAN SAY WHATEVER COMMANDS I WANT AGAIN
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Missing: Bread Reward If Found: LunchMy partner reminded me inadvertently that I love french toast, so I guess I'm making myself more for lunch tomorrow.If you face swap Mulder & Scully they look like a great Synth Pop band.
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧3) What’s more, the number of active #COVID19 cases (20,636) should not be considered accurate because authorities…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧1) Some observers are already suggesting Quebec may be turning a corner in the #pandemic by noting the province has…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @Spac3Gh0s7_ That'll do it.
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧My anti-depressants I think I've been noticing now are definitely, hands down, the most effective anxiety management tool I've ever had.Meditation and going on walks have also helped, actually, but on their own have been insufficient. Walks are a wri…, and I still do it knowing it doesn't work. Only things that have helped: Antidepressants Aromatherapy Immens…
fuck trying to look cis, dismantling your internalized transphobia is the REAL hot girl shit
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @dad_person Thanks! @dad_person Any example you could give so I have a lead on researching? @dad_person What is it called specifically? @0IQOnlyFeels @roguecogue Yikesi am incapable of searching the name of the twitter comedian who did the "go vote so we can get back to brunch amirite" video
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @roguecogue WhoI know it's been said over and over again but could you IMAGINE if this was a Black person or a leftist?
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧“Any chance I could get you guys to leave the Senate wing?”
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧i wrote a post for $4+ patrons abt writing your own save system in unity!!! it took me ages to figure out on my own…
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Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧The heck is this I'm hearing about trans women using topical testosterone gel as a penis size thingy??!?!?!?! What… @dad_person I wonder how they even get access to it O.o @dad_person I'd be curious if there was something I could read about it honestly. Or just someone to learn from. W… Apple Cider 😍😍😍 @dour I like that my balls shrunk though. They're cute as heck now!There are jobs that require little skill. There are no unskilled workers.
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @dad_person Sounds like a dangerous game. Since those gels usually get into the blood stream, and are intended to.… cat answer
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Fun fact: Once upon a time I was a boy with a big dick. Now I'm a girl with a medium dick. HRT is like that. @dad_person Follow-up Hard question: Do you think that if humans had a bone in their penis, the penis size would reduce less when on HRT? 🤔you sad? i offer you this
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @FeiKhal YesOkay this is ridiculousThe fact that Willem Dafoe never played the Joker is a crime tbh
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧I have sympathy for anyone who actually reads all the shit I put on here. You poor things.
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Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @Jenavieve_Rose 👀👀Raising minimum wage debate in America
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧we cannot get to “solidarity” so long as non-black people refuse to confront their antiblackness. period.
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Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Post hole. @dog_vote Spookie @MadSocialWerker Okay. I'll talk to landlord people I guess to figure out details 🤷‍♀️ @MadSocialWerker I guess I should look at booking movers soonish then if I plan to move this July? @MadSocialWerker I just meant the logistics of moving day. Since the new place would be valid the day after the pre… I've never done the like move from one apartment to another as the lease expires thing and don't really get ho… if I wanted to hire movers how far in advance would I have to hire them for July 1 in Montreal 🤔 I'm new here a… wish I had a list of my best brain worm tweets for sharing with people to explain just how trashbaby I am"Crushing Blow Me Daddy" is a phrase in my head and I felt it was a brain worm the world desired. Sincrely, a warr…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Can you gentrify a memory? 🤔
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧What form does they rent take. How long are their leases? If they miss payments do they become forgotten? How do…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧The idea that something lives rent free in one's brain implies the idea that other things pay rent for their home i…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Too much cheesethis is really how it be
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧😂😂 Hey Siri, what is OPSec?
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧The DC coup attempt was *proof* that the cops are happy to step aside and let fascists try and violently seize our…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧trans guy who:
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧I live on cumin and cheese.When you have a really funny tweet idea but you're worried it will just get weaponized by terfs -_-I’ve had it with white trans twitter
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Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧You want to feel old? There are people born after y2k that can legally drink in the USA.Tomorrow I will stop procrastinating
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧When the SSRIs seem to be increasing my sex drive instead of decreasing 😱 During a pandemic when I can't be a slut. Ohno 😰Oh god... I'm watching Agents of SHIELD.... That's a suck name. :)
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Bed rest struggle while I fight my infection bs wheeee. Was supposed to be working over the weekend but I'm wiped… @hikikomorigf Timpano as in like, a kind of baked pasta pie thingy? Google took me in that direction, which sounds cool!do you ever think about how there are houses in new england with like walls just full of razorblades bc some maniac…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Bean Dice! The perfect gift for... people who like beans, I guess.
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧In ID/IR, it’s tempting to only respond to events that are obvious or easily detectable... ...but that means you m…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Mushroom Dragons are in da place !! #AppreciateADragonDay #dragons #mushroomdragons
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Had a really weird post apocalyptic nightmare that our planet became an ice world and I was trying to find some place to survive.Not that I'm complaining. Girls 😍😍🥵On the rare occasion that I'm into a guy I basically never end up with his romantic or sexual interest anyway lol.For a bisexual I sure do mostly end up with girl adjacent people 🤷‍♀️ Haven't fucked a dude in like 7 years lolDatemate 🥺❤️seasonal endless depression lockdowns…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Good night to asexuals and only asexuals. I love you all.nobody cared who i was until i sharpied on the mask
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Query: if humans in the WoW universe were descended from Titan constructs who were inflicted with the Curse of Fles…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @goatihilator @FeiKhal @dki22 Oh noI guess my gender is a cute butch lesbian. cleanse. “He takes a pet, like, no problem!”
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧summary: if you make under $37k/year, hospitals legally have to forgive your medical bills. video has more info ✌️
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧Fillin' out my grocery survey every week just to give the delivery driver 10s @born2bvile
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Groceries dealt with. Probably for a couple weeks 😱🥵Woke up with my hair doing a thing I like.
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧If you call anyone who works in fast food “just a burger flipper” or they just “pour coffee” you can’t use those se…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧happy #settlersaturday! my first paycheck won't cover my rent, and i only have $19 until i get paid on the 26th. an…
Retweeted by Alexa, #1 Blanket Fan☸️⚧ @celechii I tend not to like cut flowers though, because it feels somehow kinda... evil? to destroy them for a brief enjoyment. @celechii I like flowers too. I really like just stopping and looking at them sometimes when I go for walks. I thin… @dki22 @FeiKhal Ah, gotcha, sorry. Dunno. @dki22 @FeiKhal (A youtube channel called Unnatural Vegan. The video is entitled "Anti-Capitalism Is Anti-Vegan)